Bites For Babies Cookbook

August 27, 2014

Like most things, when feeding a baby or toddler a little planning goes a looooong way. While I am not nearly as creative and organized with Mazen’s meals as I’d like to be, there are inspiring cookbooks to get one’s creative juices flowing and feed those kiddos well. Digital friend Lisa’s blog and cookbook is one of them!

Lisa started her blog, Bites for Babies, two years ago to share her passion for cooking and providing healthy, interesting meals for her son that she hoped would nurture an adventurous palate and passion for healthy eating in the years to come. Her recipes are both baby and parent friendly and have a global spin thanks to Lisa’s years living and cooking abroad.


Lisa writes:

As a working mom with two kids (3 1/2 and 20 months), I KNOW how busy life can be and can only imagine how frustrating it is for moms to find the time to cook for their family, especially if they don’t enjoy cooking! Many of my recipes can be prepared for the the family and modified for baby (i.e., removing baby’s portion before adding salt, pureeing or mashing, etc). I call my recipes “palate-pleasing” and although they are created for babies, they are actually adult-inspired recipes! I’ve eaten most of them myself ;-)


Lisa’s e-cookbook is an extension of her blog and features 50 healthy recipes for baby and the family inside. You can order it both as a PDF or an iBook. Learn all about it here!

The cookbook features…

  • 50 healthy recipes
  • 50 helpful storage and cooking tips
  • A list of pantry essentials to ensure your kitchen is well-stocked before you start cooking
  • Recipes written with quick tips, serving suggestions, and easy modifications which render the recipes more toddler or adult-friendly.


The charts and tips are great for moms just starting out on baby food. And the recipes are definitely above and beyond steamed and mashed veggies!

Recipes include…

  • Parmesan Parsnip Mash
  • Cheesy Potato & Zucchini Puree
  • Mushroom Thyme Pesto
  • Cheesy Egg Yolk Risotto
  • Pumpkin Pie Breakfast Polenta
  • Coconut-Curried Lentils and Brown Rice
  • Banana Fig Turmeric Milkshake

…and more. Sounds yummy, right?


You can purchase the Baby Bites cookbook here, and enter below for a chance to win one!

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