Until Next Time

October 13, 2014

I’ve been trying to find a time to write this post for a few weeks now. Somebody has been keeping me very busy : )


It’s been a great 3 years writing Baby KERF, but I’m ready for a hiatus – until the next baby comes along!


I’ve enjoyed writing about motherhood (even though I said I wasn’t going to!) and most of all I love having this blog as a digital baby book.


When someone asks me a question about Mazen as a baby, I know where to look. Because of course my memory is all one big blur!


I know many of you have written that you have gotten pregnant and ran here to read for the first time. I’m thankful that it’s been a good resource!


Because of that, I’m leaving the archives up and running. Plus there might be a sequel in the coming years…


While I’d like to write about our parenting adventures moving forward, I do believe there is an age where only cute photos should be shared and developmental details remain behind the scenes.


For us, that age is 2.



Our baby is a little boy now, and for the sake of his privacy, I’m ending my written story here.


But of course you’ll continue to see snapshots on Instagram and KERF.


Because of course he’s a huge part of my life! 


And I can’t promise I won’t have a random post or two here and there. 


I’m leaving the whole blog as it is for your reference and mine.


I do hope that when we’re ready to get pregnant again that I’ll return to this space and will find the urge (and the time!) to document another pregnancy and the baby years, even if it’s a lot less detailed the second time through.


Maybe someday I can turn the blog into one big printed baby book : )


I can’t wait to show Mazen all of these photos and tell him about his first words someday.


Thank you for all of your comments…


…your tips


….your advice


…and your friendship.


Looking back at these photos makes it seem so long ago. I really can barely remember him being so small!


I had no idea then what Mazen would be like when he could walk, talk, jump and laugh.


But when I do look back at these newborn shots, I can see the same personality, smiles and mischievous grins that I see now.


Especially when he is asleep!


Thank you all for sharing our journey!


Until next time?!

37 weeks (6)

(And no that was not an ‘I’m pregnant” announcement. Ha. I know some of you were probably hoping that’s how the post would end! I’m still not convinced I could handle two kiddos yet : ) )


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