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A few weeks ago I hosted a baby shower for my good friend Meg. Her baby girl is due any day and her name will be Rose! Thus, I knew a rose theme would be perfect!


Here are a few tips that I took away from a fun and festive baby shower!

1. Bunches of Brunches. This is the second brunch baby shower I have hosted, and both have been wonderful occasions. Brunch is such a nice time for a ladies’ morning, and it’s a good time of day for a menu that is delicious but doesn’t require hours of preparation. I served egg casserole, bacon, three kinds of fruit salad, raspberry crumble bars, raspberry cupcakes, punch, wine and coffee. My girlfriends made the crumble bars and cupcakes (their specialties!), and I prepared the rest. Since everything was hands off once it was prepared, I was able to completely enjoy the party with my guests.

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2. Put some prep in your step. I have entertained guests enough to know that the hour before they arrive will be a hectic one. Since my shower was in the morning and I knew I had to take my son to his play date beforehand, I had to be as organized as possible. The night before I set the table, picked out my serving dishes, prepped anything that wouldn’t get mushy overnight, rolled napkins, filled the coffeepot, put flowers in vases, washed my dishes, planned for the game and wrapped the gift. The morning of I just had to assemble and bake the casserole, fry the bacon, put the finishing touches on the fruit salads, make the punch and flip the coffeepot to ON.

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3. Keep it glassy. I am a believer that a beautiful event doesn’t need over-the-top decorations. I could have spent hours making paper roses or sewing garlands, but what guests enjoy most is good food and good company. To make the shower feel fancy, I brought out my grandmother’s vintage champagne glasses (along with my own from my wedding), a crystal punch bowl, real plates and cloth napkins rolled and secured with washi tape.

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4. Punch it up. Man oh man, was the punch a hit!! I called my mom the week before and asked if she had any punch recipes. She told me about a cranberry punch that was equal parts 100% cranberry juice, ginger ale and lemonade. Sherbet floats on top to form a layer of sweet foam. The punch was a HUGE hit! Those women who were pregnant didn’t miss out on the fun of a champagne glass, and those of us who wanted a bit more fun mixed in some rosé wine, which added to the rose theme and tasted delicious!


5. Guessing games (that people actually like). Candy-bars-melted-in-diapers game, I’m looking at you! I decided since all of the ladies in attendance were already moms we’d have a little “Price Is Right” game with some of the baby items we all love and use. We should all be familiar with the cost of things, right?! I picked up the follow items at Target the week before:


Everyone got an index card, and as I pulled out and named each item the ladies had to guess the price and organize them from least to most expensive. The person who got the order right and guessed the closest price without going over won a prize! (Chocolate and jam!)


And of course the mom-to-be got to keep all the items as a gift.


As one shower does not fit all, I’d love to hear some of your favorite tips from showers you have attended, hosted or been given!


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