10 Month Ball Of Fire!


Fun things for 10 months:

-M says “La La La” with his tongue out. It’s hilarious! He also says “at” when he sees a cat and “da” when he sees a dog. Could just be babbles, but I think it means something.

-Check out these upper teeth!!


Fish face!


All four upper teeth decided to make an appearance at once, and it has been a bit rough. Fussiness, some night waking, a missed afternoon nap for the first time. I’m ready for these teeth to arrive already.

Also, look what I discovered one day off one of the crib rails. ACK paint! Upper teeth poked through.


We had a Crib Wrap on the front, but we now also have gummi rails on the sides. So far, so good.


-We no longer snuggle in bed in the mornings because somebody just wants to climb off the edge! He’s strong and fast and I miss the days when he would just lie between us and coo.


-He’s also started throwing tantrums if he doesn’t get his way. This one was after I put the vacuum cleaner away. Didn’t want him chewing on the bottom of it :/



-He also knows how to flush a toilet now. What a skill to learn!


-He is quite good at laughing and has a great sense of humor. He’s also great a peek-a-boo and will play with just one eyeball.


-When I say “ready for milk?” he knows what it means. He gets all excited for his favorite snack anytime. We have sort of dropped the ball on baby signing, but I’m trying to remember to do it more.

-He’s getting better at independent play, including reading books on his own. The cutest! I put him in his crib with toys while I shower and he does OK for 15 minutes.


At the same time, though, he’s a mama’s boy and loves to cling and climb on on me.


-Still a great eater. Loves frittata with spinach, shredded cheese and his sippy cup.

Foodblog-7794 Foodblog-7518

-Running errands together has gotten so much easier. He can sit in the carts in stores and is much more predictable. So long as I have an emergency snack on hand, things usually go OK. I’m so glad leaving the house is a bit easier than it used to be.


-We gave him his first haircut this month – a little trim around the ears. He was growing sideburns that would have covered his ears in time!


-Walking doesn’t seem to be too far away:


-The best part of our days? The hugs and kisses! If you say “Give me a kiss!” he makes smacking noises and will plant one on your face and hold it there while giggling. And Karen has taught him how to squeeze out a hug! The best.


23 thoughts on “10 Month Ball Of Fire!”

  1. Love drooly baby kisses! My wee one used to give them all day long, but now at 15 months he’s pretty stingy with them. I got three this afternoon- made my week!

  2. Hi Kath. How are hardwood floors for crawling? I have a 4 month old and it won’t be long before he’s crawling but our house doesn’t have carpet.

  3. lol yup my daughter is 10 months and throws tantrums all of the time. What is with the vacuum? I take mine out and she comes crawling as fast as she can to get to the cords and try to unplug it while I vacuum. Also, I can relate to the bed thing, she wants to climb right off the edge. I wish she knew that would hurt.

  4. Edith is getting her top two teeth right now and let me tell you I can’t wait for them to come in. We have had many sleepless nights this week, all night nurse-a-thons, skipped naps, multiple meltdowns and she is clingier than ever. I know that we both are ready for them to just come through already! I am hoping that things improve a bit before we head to VA next week!

  5. I love Mazen’s cute outfits! Where did you get his little orange and yellow shorts? My little guy needs something different besides blue or gray! Thanks, Kath.

  6. Oh this makes me anxious for baby # 2 to get here already, even though we have a while to wait! I so hope this one is a boy (we have a 4 1/2 year old daughter). I can’t wait to do it all over again!!!

  7. He’s pretty cute. Been following BERF since he beginning and have to say it sounds like you have one EASY baby. My LO is 5 months old now and your description of his teething trouble is a day I could only wish for in my wildest dreams. He sounds like he’s been just so easy to fit into your lifestyle I love following you but wow jealous.

  8. You should submit M’s tantrum pic to Reasons My Son is Crying (http://reasonsmysoniscrying.tumblr.com/) … The site is quite hilarious. To understand the mind of wee ones!

    P.S. Thanks for including product links in your post when you talk about specific items you use. I’m 16 weeks and am SOOOO overwhelmed with all this baby paraphernalia we will need and have been bookmarking and going back over things you’ve mentioned have worked for you. Much appreciated!

  9. Wow my son has a twin! Sounds like a very active little man, similar to someone I know lol I just found your blog/webpage, so I’m excited to explore some more! 🙂

    Thanks fellow momma!

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