10 Months + Getting Smart

Mazen is just 2 days away from his 10 month birthday. I guess it’s time to start thinking about O.N.E.! I do want to have a party, but I’m not sure how/when/what. I’m thinking a Mazen Jar theme would be fun : )


My sweet boy is doing all kinds of hilarious things. I absolutely can’t wait for him to start talking!!

Here are some funny things he has done lately:

-He loves animals and makes this breathy squeal followed by a laugh whenever he sees one. Most often this is a dog or cat during our walks, but recently we were at the pool and he made the noise. I couldn’t figure out what animal he spotted until I followed his gaze down to a teeny tiny ant crawling on the pavement. My mom said she when she babysat that he stared at a fly on the couch for 10 minutes with joy!

-I am always impressed with how much babies know when they have so little life experience. M can pick out all of the meat on his tray and leave the broccoli. He clearly likes the meat more than veggies. Could this be human instinct?


-Also on the high chair front he has learned to finger paint. This is OK if he only has a little bit left, but not OK when he sends most of his lunch flying onto the floor. We have started giving him little bits at a time to prevent too much waste.

Foodblog-175003 Foodblog-180350

-The other night I was teaching him the parts of his face – “Eyes, Mouth, Nose” and I said “Nose” with such gusto that he burst into tears thinking I had said “NO!” Poor little guy.


-He has started loving the game of peek-a-boo and plays it with his hands and with the curtains in our house. He also plays peek-a-boo around corners at home. He’ll speed out of a room and then peek back to see if I’m following him.

-Did I mention he knows how to crawl up stairs? He doesn’t seem interested in the stairs in our house because they are tucked so far out of the way, but he made a beeline to Karen’s stairs and climbed all the way to the top in one swoop!

Foodblog-7422 Maze-7415

-When we’re side-by-side nursing sometimes he stands up so he’s almost doing downward facing dog. He’s come a long way from the days he just laid there as a tiny newborn. *Tear*

-If music plays, he dances!! Just a little bounce, but the start of cute toddler dancing.


-His favorite word is “Ah Da.” We have no idea what it means, but it’s a happy word!


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  1. Does he pick things out of his snack cup? Our 9 month old refuses to pick his food up and put it in his mouth. He just plays with it until it’s on the floor so we are definitely working on it and being patient as we let him figure it out but he just loves to be spoon fed. Crazy guy. But I have a snack cup and was wondering how early they like to use them.

  2. The image of Mazen doing downwards-facing dog while nursing did make me laugh!

    These little moments are so precious. The other night, when I was telling my 6 month old daughter her bedtime story, she grabbed hold of my chin in one hand, and my glasses in the other and giggled. Couldn’t finish the story after that, I was laughing too much!

  3. My 11.5 month old is the exact opposite… he only eats meat once in awhile but will wolf down veggies.

  4. Wow, time is flying! Did you ever follow up on Elimination Communication? And how about baby signs? We’re starting signs and I’m so anxious for the day I get a sign back!

    1. Decided elimination communication was more effort than changing dirty diapers, but I hope to do something similar when potty training time comes. I keep forgetting to sign, but I do “more” the most. Need to work on it more but my hands are always full : )

  5. A mason jar bday party doesn’t sound very baby-friendly, but you could do a time capsule in one! We used a shoebox for my daughter’s first bday time capsule and asked guests to bring notes, photos, or anything else they’d want to put in it–some guests included election materials and boy band magazines, ha! We also asked guests to not bring a gift but suggested they donate to their favorite children’s charity; we already have so much! Just some suggestions–hope they help!

  6. My goodness if he doesn’t look like Matt in that high chair pic! Maybe it’s the Duke T shirt. He’s got your features but he’s channeling Matt energy.

  7. Oh. Time flies! Our little baby is 8 months old and I feel he was just born. FYI – I have the same bibs for Ari (not many choices for boys) and if you flip the pocket over it catches more food! It creates a little basket 🙂

  8. How cute, all the things he is doing. That’s really interesting that he eats all the meat first and leaves the veggies. I wonder if that is some sort of primal instinct.

  9. Could “Ah da” be “all done”? I ask because of the photo you posted looks like he’s all done eating-also because that’s something my kids all said. 🙂

      1. Funny – “Ahh dah” (all Done) was my son’s first real word, haha! he would say it about everything, not just eating. We have video of him saying it while handing me a tube of lotion and I think at the time I didn’t even realize he was saying all done!

  10. lol!! My 10 month old daughter did the same thing when I showed her ‘nose’. I always say ‘no nosss’ so it sounds like nose.

  11. Jackson took his first steps today; it was amazing and completely crazy- overwhelming and exciting. *tear* Where has the time gone?!?!!!
    I love seeing Mazen’s updates. Every little one is so different but is so fun to see what other little ones like and are up to 🙂 My little 10 month old is a climber of stairs as well and a thrower of all things and a banger of pots and pans. I love him.
    O.N.E. is right around the corner! Ahhhh!

  12. “Ah-dah” for us means “water,” which was our little guy’s first word. He’s 13 months now and uses it all the time when he’s thirsty.

  13. Kath, he is scrumptious!
    And I think a “maze ” jar theme is awesome!!! Absolutely adorable and so so much you could do with it. Here are some of my random ideas… Take Em or leave Em. 😉

    Serve sweet tea and lemonade from them with cute lemon rings on the side
    You could stick with yellow and brown as color theme!
    You could do a game where you set up a group of mason jars together and have kids toss colored ping long balls i them for a prize (number in the bottom of each jar could decide what prize they win)
    You could fill jars with m&m’s and candy and other fun things as decorations and treats!
    You Could make dirt pudding cups for dessert (besides a little cake for maze of course!) and they could have gummy worms hanging out of them and all lined up with spoons would
    Be adorable!

    Take home treats could be mason jars filled with rolled up color pages, a few colored markers, fruit snacks, toys, etc and tie a yellow ribbon round each!!!! Cute!!!

    Out utensils and napkins and such items for the meal in mason jars!

    Kids could have a painting station set up with brushes and us h in jars and plain white paper.

    You could use a biiiig mason jar and count the gimbals or something in it and have the adults guess the number and the winner gets a prize.

    You could also use them to make jello! You could do blue jello and put gummy fish inside to make it look like little ponds!

    Phew! That is all I can think of for now! ❤
    Oh!!! You could also get the jars with handles and serve soup if its a cool evening.


  14. He is so adorable! I remember we were pregnant together and I can’t believe they are almost one now!! My little guy is 11 months old next week and his favorite word is also “ah da!” or “da” and I’m pretty sure it means “what’s that” because he points at stuff while saying it over and over again haha it’s so cute when they are starting to understand and “talk”
    The Mazen Jar theme would be super cute!
    Also have the same snack cup and right now he’s scared to put his hand in it so he just tries to dump the cheerios out. I’m sure he will get it soon though!

  15. I wonder if “ah da” could be ta-da!!! I remember my little girl would do something she seemed to be proud of (like climbing the stairs, etc) and say something similar we interpreted as her saying, “Ta-da!!!” He is soooo cute, by the way!

  16. The first thing I thought of when I read “ah da” was “ta da!” Does someone say that to him often?

    Such a cutie!

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