12 Weeks: A Second Peek Inside

After what felt like an eternity of waiting, our first official ultrasound finally arrived! This was Matt’s first time seeing the baby in person since he wasn’t able to go with me to my emergency one a month prior. I was excited to see how the baby had grown, but also very excited to see his reaction.

This ultrasound was both vaginal and stomach-ical. The technician had me undress and started with the probe. Inside we found a tiny little baby! One by one, she went through the body parts – stomach, bladder, ribs, spine, hands, feet, heart, brain. They were all there in full!

13 weeks (4)

Matt and I couldn’t believe how much the baby was moving. We both expected it to move, but I thought it would be more like tiny little jerks or hand movements. But no, the baby was moving like you’d expect a full-term baby to move. Arms up and down, legs kicking and crossing, flips, turns. During my first ultrasound when all you could see was a kidney bean with a flickering heart, I thought “That’s cool.” But this time it was like “THAT IS MY CHILD!” I still can’t believe it grew from a sperm and egg without some scientist telling the cells what to do.

13 weeks (5)

For the down syndrome test, which we elected to have to get all the knowledge we could, the baby had to be in a specific position: lying on its back in a profile. However, our baby decided to entertain us for a while and went into every position but the desired one! The technician tried all methods of jiggling and shaking me to try to get the baby to settle down on the bottom of my uterus. It was actually quite violent! My grandmother is always telling me “Don’t exercise too much – you’ll jiggle the baby.” She would have been horrified at all the jiggling going on during this appointment : ) But I guess with all the fluid in there, they don’t feel too as much as we do on the outside. Finally, after about 30 minutes of jiggling, the baby spent about 30 seconds in the right position and she quickly snapped the photos she needed, although they were less than ideal.

Check out this crazy photo from above!

13 weeks (7)

Next came a blood test. Oh how I loathe needles!! I have heightened senses of taste and smell, so maybe my sense of touch is also extra sensitive. Because man that hurt! Matt knows how much I hate needles and reached for my hand to hold. Can I take him to all of my doctor’s appointments from now on?

The last bit of our appointment was meeting with the doctor. He said everything in the ultrasound photos looked great and that I looked great (thanks doc!). My blood pressure was 108/70, which is about 10 points higher on the top and bottom than normal! However, he said it was perfectly low. I asked him about weight gain too – was I on track? He said yes, that he recommends 2 pounds a month on average (which if you multiply that by 10 months, is about 20 pounds : ) ) I’m at about 5 pounds gained, so I’m right on track.

13 weeks (3)

I felt a little silly bringing this up, but they say women should discuss their birth plans with their doctors early in case there is incompatibility. You definitely want to know sooner rather than later your doctor’s views on childbirth.

So I told him I hoped to have a natural birth and asked “….was he… cool with that?” "[How else are you supposed to ask this question?!]

He told me that about 45% of women in their practice go without epidurals referenced against other hospitals having rates of epidurals closer to 95%. And he said about 20% labor without any meds what-so-ever. (I’m guessing the other 20% have some kind of IV or oral drug?) He also explained that he job was to act on an emergency and deliver a healthy baby rather than dictate how I labor. I felt really good about his responses. He’s very laid back and cool for a doctor, and I like that a lot!

We ended the appointment with a listen to the heartbeat, loud and clear!


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  1. Beautiful ultrasound pics! I always cried during my ultrasounds. I wanted to have natural births as well, but I had to be induced, which included pitocin so my plans went out the window. Oh well – we ended up with beautiful, perfect children and I couldn’t ask for more than that!

  2. Oh, I felt the same way when I had my first ultrasound. How was she moving around so much without me feeling it!? It all happens in due time though. I felt my little girl on the inside at 15 weeks, on the outside around 18 and my husband could VISIBLY see my belly move around week 20. Everyone’s different of course but once that happens, all you do is stare at your belly. I have so many videos of my belly moving, haha… most people aren’t nearly as entertained by that though. Even my husband was creeped out by it which was a little unnerving but the moment she was born, he was wrapped around her finger and the father I knew he always would be. Anyways, I’m guessing the other drugs he were talking about may have included induction drugs like Cervadil (which isn’t really a drug, it’s a gel put on your cervix to soften it), Pitocin (artificial hormone to induce contractions if you’re induced OR if you’re laboring slow — which is unlikely if you haven’t had an induction, you’ll labor just the way your body intended), and maybe Demerol (which is a narcotic pain reliever). It seems like you’ve opened up communication with your doctor which is great but it’s a good idea to find out the hospitals policies directly, in case someone else has to deliver, and just to avoid any surprises.

  3. Kath….you’re having a baby! Of course I knew this, but the pictures make it so real.

    So happy for you guys! Lucky baby to have the two of you as parents!

    Be well

  4. The baby looks healthy from the pics. 🙂

    I wish I could have had natural childbirth with our first child, but I was not able to. I was very disappointed that I had to have a C-section. So, for this baby, I asked if I am able to have it vaginally, and the doctor said that I could, but that it has to be at another hospital–other than the local hospital–due to liability issues of having a C-section then vaginal birth. We will see what will happen.


  5. I remember at our 9 week ultra sound our little one was moving around so much too!

    Now at 21 weeks, I can FEEL him moving and it is the most incredible thing in the world. <3

  6. My only comment about weight gain is that 20 lbs total isn’t realistic, and I’ve always heard 25-35 lbs. your body will do what it wants no matter what you do in my opinion. And two pounds a month near the end isn’t realistic either. Nothing you can do about it!

    1. Definitely agree with this comment. 20 pounds is not realistic unless you are starting out very overweight. 25-35 is the recommended amount. If you’re eating somewhat healthy and staying active you will gain the right amount for you and your baby.

    2. I was told by my midwife that often by the third trimester your body needs to gain a pound a week… so I didn’t understand the two pounds a month either. Also, most women, even when they gain a good total amount, often have a couple spikes of weight gain and also a couple times where they gain nothing. I just think trying to predict weight loss when each woman is so different is useless, and makes women feel more pressure than necessary.

      1. He didn’t make a big deal about 2 pounds a month – and he said some months it might be more. I just asked him if I was on track and he used that as a first tri guideline.

        1. Just wondering – how do you figure you’re pregnant for 10 months? Pregnancy is generally said to last 40 weeks, or nine months and one week. Conception doesn’t usually happen until two weeks into the 40 weeks of pregnancy. So gaining two pounds/month for nine months would allow for half of the weight gain recommended by most doctors. You weem really fit and healthy, so I’m kind of shocked your doctor would recommend such a small gain.

          1. I just said 40 weeks / 4 weeks per month = 10. Guess those first two don’t count, but I think they should for bonus!

      2. I was wondering the same thing as my Dr said a pound a week is normal towards the end of the pregnancy. I have gained 22 pounds thus far and I am 32 weeks 3 days. 🙂

        Isn’t it amazing how much the baby grows from ultrasound to ultrasound. Totally a God thing in my opinion!

        1. I gained 25 and I was 10 lbs overweight before becoming pregnant. For someone as small and fit as you, Kath, I would think 20 lbs wouldn’t even be healthy … more like 30-35!! The thing is, our bodies know what to do. My OB recommended me not gain more than 25 and guess what? The day I delivered, I had gained EXACTLY 25 .. .even though I had only gained 1 lb in the first trimester, 10 by the second. I made up for it with 15 in the third — and that was with exercising and eating healthy (mostly ;)) You will do just fine … trust your body.

          1. He didn’t tell ME to gain 20 – just that’s his general recommendation for most women. I’ll have to ask him about me next time, but 25-35 is the recommendation for healthy BMI women, so that’s what I’m shooting for. I’m not worried!

  7. It’s so amazing that you can see the baby and that much detail. My grandmother was telling me that back in her day, you got pregnant and waited 9 months for a baby. There was no such thing as ultrasounds and all of our medical advancements which seem to take for granted nowadays.

    Quick question : how many weeks are you now in real time?

  8. Don’t know if you have answered this before, but what do yall plan to do about the baby’s last name? I kept my maiden name but think I might end up changing when babies come into the picture for simplicity. If anyone has a unique solution I know its you!

  9. My friend Amy told me I had to check out her friend’s blog (yours) because I’m just a couple of weeks behind you in this pregnancy adventure. (13 weeks 4 days). I’m really enjoying all your posts! It’s so nice to read an honest, funny account about pregnancy. Thanks for sharing. It has certainly made me feel better to know that other people have had trouble with vegetables in the first trimester. I’ve always loved vegetables, and salad. Your past craving for mac & cheese also made me laugh, because I had to eat Rice-A-Roni, which led to many comments by my husband “that is not food.” Glad your ultrasounds were great! We were suprised how much our “blip” was moving around on ours too!

  10. I had a natural childbirth and loved the experience. Look forward to chatting with you about labor and birth 🙂 I have a couple great books to recommend if you’d like some inspiring stories. Of course you can’t “plan” how your birth will go, but you can prepare for what you’d like, then go with the flow as things pop up.

  11. I asked the doctor my very first visit about a birth plan and he didn’t want to discuss it at all – said it was too soon. We switched doctors right away and our new doctor listened to everything I had to say and talked to me about anything I wanted. The new doctor was very on-board with what I wanted (natrual, med-free birth) and said he was only there for the 2% chance of something going wrong… unfortunately we ended up being in that 2% and I wasn’t prepared at all for not going with my birth plan. So, have a plan but realize that it can change at any minute.

  12. Was Matt excited to see the baby for the first time? Have you thought about names yet or are you waiting until you know the sex? I’m always fascinated by the names people choose.

    1. Yes!!!

      And we have started talking names, but just not sure. We want something non-traditional. I’ll do a post on names soon!

      1. ooh can’t wait for that one! my bf is obsessed with this trinket on his iphone – it says what are the most popular names of 2012 to the most common names 100s of years ago to how many millions of people on earth are named you! the 2012 fads are jacob, isabella, olivia, sophie, jayden, etc. what an exciting task!! Good luck!! Thanks for all of these wonderful posts.

  13. So glad you are going to try for natural childbirth! I did so with my first, and intend to do the same with my second – i am 24 weeks along. I will just say (though i’m sure you already know this) that to have a natural childbirth i think you really have to prepare for it!! It doesnt come naturally….surprisingly!! You really need to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the whole thing – but SO worth it! Makes you appreciate your body so much when you can give birth and feel every single minute of it!! We did the Bradley Method birthing classes which focus on relaxation techniques and the husband acting as the coach. It worked tremendously well for us and I don’t have enough good things to say about it!! But there are so many out there – its obviously most important to find the one that works best for you.

    So excited for you! 🙂

    1. I was worried about preparation because we don’t have many (any?) natural classes in the area like Bradley. But after meeting the new moms on Sunday, they all told me that their doulas made up for a lack of a 12 week program and they felt more than prepared. I think 4 of them had done it naturally and none had taken any long class. So that makes me feel better. I’m going to try to read a book or two and I’ll take the 1-day class at our hospital.

      1. Kath– I took the Bradley classes. Just reading the book “Husband Coached Childbirth” was really informative for me. I think the 12 week class was a bit much for me.

  14. Hey kath–
    Seem doulas also give a condensed childbirth series, so you could ask them in the interview.

    Wish you lived closer…I teach Bradley in Alexandria and just got trained as a doula.

    I’m 18 weeks now…following along… 🙂

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