12 Weeks: Husband Aversions

You want to know what one of the weirdest aversions I have experienced? An aversion to my husband’s smell!

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Well, not really his natural smell, but the smell that lingers on a body after a full day of wafting bread baking flavors through the air at the bakery.

I’m not talking about the good ones – Cinnamon Chip or Brownies – I’m talking about Cheddar Garlic, Rosemary Garlic, Oregon Herb, Popeye, and Spinach Feta. Our savory breads have been a real turn off for me lately (garlic grosses me out), and Matt comes home smelling like he rolled around in garlic and herbs (with a dash of onion) all day long.

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As much as I want to, I just can’t muster up the urge to put my arms around him and snuggle into his neck at night. I can smell him from the other side of the couch! I finally [gently + politely!] told him about this problem and asked if maybe he would mind taking a rinse-off shower after work? Maybe at least before getting into bed next to me? But his response was that another shower was too much work on a normal lazy weeknight, so I just tolerated the smell 5 feet away for the past few weeks. [I know you guys think I’m being cruel here, but my nose has its own personality right now!]

I wondered if it was something about HIM more than the bakery lingering that I wasn’t liking. I’ve heard that before pregnancy, women are attracted to pheromones related to immunities the father has, but during pregnancy the appeal of them changes. On the weekends he smells fine, so I think it’s safe to say his pheromones still agree with me : ) Do you think I could sneak some cologne on him while he sleeps!?

A friend was telling me that Kelly Rippa recently shared that she had the same aversion.

Have any of you ever experienced this?!


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  1. Wow! That’s crazy that there is an actual scientific reason behind why you don’t like your husband’s smell right now! Hahah I don’t think your being cruel at all, it’s not like you can help it! I say carry around some febreze and febreze him when he walks in the door 🙂

    1. I was going to say the same thing! Wouldn’t take him too much time to do and hopefully would take care of the problem. I don’t think you’re overreacting or being mean at all! You can’t help your aversions right now and you asked in a nice and polite way. Hopefully you can find a solution that works for both of you.

  2. hahaha this totally cracks me up! When my sister was around 12 weeks as well, one day she picked me up to go shopping, and when I got in the car, she said, “UGH! You smell like your house!” as if it was a bad thing. I didn’t know what to say, so I just said.. umm is that a bad thing? She said no, but she could smell the candle I had been burning because it was lingering on me? Weird.

  3. Haha I had to comment — I’m 9 weeks along and still a secret to the blog world, but the other night I could smell my husband’s deodorant through his shirt. I felt awful but I had to say something! He laughed and changed shirts…. Phew! Not pleasant 😉

  4. I’m not pregnant, but my husband is a line cook. I TOTALLY understand where you are coming from; he needs to shower when he gets home because the smell of all the different foods is too much for me sometimes on a normal day! Also, I decided to make eggs with garlic and herb olive oil and eating it as I read it. You’d HATE me right now for sure! hahaha.

  5. I was chatting with a friend this week who is pregnant and she has the same problem! In addition to the garlic and herbs you mentioned she also hates the smell of her husband’s coffee 🙂

  6. Every person I know that work in bakery/cafe/restaurant shower right after because they cannot smell themselves…

  7. I *totally* understand the nose having a mind of it’s own! It can turn on you in an instant making you run to the bathroom! ….Hearing about your weight gain and thoughts on it is very helpful. Thank you for just being open in this area (throughout all of your posts)!

  8. I’ve never experienced the aversions to smells during my pregnancies but I really wish Week 12 just had one post :/

  9. yes i think this is so normal. i used to work at a sandwich shop in college and i went to home to visit while pregnant, walked in and immediately walked out. that bread baking smell was too much. also, i noticed i was much more easily annoyed while pregnant-even before i got uncomfortable. example, i love my husband and he is wonderful but i could not stand to hear him chew food while i was pregnant. it always annoys me to hear people chewing food but when pregnant it made me angry. ridiculous i know. i had to always have music or some kind of background noise when we were eating.

  10. Oh my goodness… I can totally relate! That is funy that you say that 🙂 I have an aversion to strong scents and fragrances when I am not pregnant–they give me headaches, and sometimes severe ones–let alone when I am pregnant. My husband’s deodorant and cologne are so strong right now, since my senses are heightened, and the smells are hard to tolerate.

    I laughed to myself really hard when I read what you said about Matt rolling around in garlic and herbs with a dash of onion all day long (LOL) I had a visual of him sprinkling it over his shoulder for good luck a couple of times a day 🙂


  11. hahaha awww! I guess if he cared a lot about the aversion he’d just shower but for some reason I’m a little sad about this.

    I never had this sort of aversion as far as husbands go but garlic was a major smell issue for me with my last pregnancy. I’d smell it and have to run to the bathroom to hurl.

  12. Oh, just thinking of my husband aversions during pregnancy make me shudder and it’s been years since then! His cologne that I normally love smelled so, so, gross. And for some reason our normal laundry detergent smelled like cat pee to me! So every time he’d walk up with a clean clothes and cologne on, I’d want to barf. We had to switch detergents and I finally asked him to stop wearing cologne for the time being. I don’t think his natural odor bothered me though, although I would understand if it had. He probably wouldn’t though, lol!

  13. Thanks so much for sharing all these details! I have cleared this with my partner that in due course, should I think he smells, he will definitely shower 😉

  14. I have a scent aversion to sort of a greasy baking smell, too, if that’s what you’re describing. Sweet smells are okay but in general, the smell of grease, basically the smell that lingers in my hair if I walk through the WF’s deli/hot bar section (for some reason their store does it to me more than any other), I hate that smell!

  15. YES!! After I found out and thinking back, that was probably the first sign I had. I even asked him to stop washing his work clothes with anything else, because if a towel or something was in the same laundry load I could still smell it on them! I’ve rewashed so many things because I’ll pick up a ‘clean’ item and it reeks of his work. Even in week 15, my husband knows to not hug me hello when he gets home until he’s showered!

  16. All I’m gonna say is I’ve worked in restaurants before and I can’t IMAGINE not showering after a shift. Even when that meant I was getting home at 11:30pm and just wanted to do homework and/or sleep! Working in a kitchen is soo smelly, even for non-pregnant noses!

  17. I can totally relate. My husband gets up before me in the morning to shower, etc. and the smell of the soap, deoderant, etc. all just turn my stomach. I have to use scent free everything during pregnancy!!!

  18. The same thing happened to me only it was either to my husband’s deodorant or his soap, I can’t remember now. Eventually it didn’t bother me but I do remember that it lasted a bit longer than I expected it to. Aren’t things during pregnancy weird?!

  19. Bahahaha- well, at least the baby’s already made…

    I get it, though- I’m not pregnant, but I can’t hand the smell of seafood. My husband loves it, so when he eats it I can’t get near for awhile.

  20. I have chronic migraines, and strong perfume and cologne scents are one of the triggers that make me worse. I didn’t used to be like that. I had to have my husband change his deodorant and his body wash (to unscented) because when I was near him my head pain got worse 🙁 So I understand your smell aversion!

  21. I remember this too well. My stomach churns remembering what smell aversions were like when preggo! Shame Matt won’t shower though. If he thinks that is too much work for a week night he is going to get a shock when the baby comes!!!!!!!! Hahahaha!

  22. During my first trimester my husband received a new flat screen tv for his birthday and i SWEAR I could smell the new plastic or something and it made me sick! i could barely sleep in our room, lol. You tell Matt from me that smell aversions aversions are no joke and he should totally take the five minutes to rinse off for you and your nose sake. 🙂

  23. YES!!!!! I had this same thing happen around 8-10 weeks!!! I wondered why I was withdrawn from him and finding myself my drawn to hanging out with my sister. It has to do with genetics and pregnancy. Too scientific for me to explain here so try googling it 🙂 but the gist is you and Matt have good genes because they’re not the same so you find yourself draw to ppl related to you.

  24. With both my pregnancies I had an aversion to my husband’s deodorant and our refrigerator. I couldn’t even open our refrigerator without gagging. It made cooking dinner nearly impossible. 😉

    1. I remember that fridge smell too!! And cooking was hard! I could eat certain foods once they were cooked, but somehow the smell and the process of cooking them.. blech!

  25. I had to hold my breath every time I would hug my husband during 1st trimester and early into the 2nd. It was simply the smell of “him” that I could not take – not any cologne or deodarant. And I swear I could smell his breath from across a room, even if it was not “bad” breath. Actually, it was during this time that he began showering before bed, which then became a habit for both of us. Now it grosses me out to think that people climb into their clean beds with all the sweat, grime, and stinky smells from the whole day. Dirty bare feet in my bed? No thanks!

  26. This is cracking me up! I thought I was the only one with extremely heightened sense of smell in the earlier months of pregnancy. My poor husband couldn’t even kiss me goodnight because the smell of his toothpaste made me gag. We would have had problems if he had worked in a bakery as the smell of yeast, even a teeny bit, would make me want to hurl. The smell of the grocery store was overwhelming to me too. As a matter of fact, that’s how I knew I was pregnant with my second child. I hadn’t even missed a period yet but when I walked into the grocery store and wanted to throw up I knew I was pregnant. I remember it getting much better through the second trimester so I hope the same thing happens for you!

  27. When I was pregnant I had to buy my husband different soap, shampoo, deoderant, and toothpaste because the smell of him would make me want to barf. And there were some days I just couldn’t kiss him at all.

  28. Oh, the bloodhound nose! I totally sympathize.

    I couldn’t open our refrigerator for about two months because the nausea that I had that first trimester combined with the fact that I smelled EVERYTHING and it all smelled BAD meant that I couldn’t stand the smell of the inside of the fridge. At first, I thought that some leftovers had gotten pushed to the back and were ripe, so I asked my husband to clean it out and wipe it down. The next day it was just as bad, and I could tell by looking into it that no surprises were lurking.

    I’m so thankful that my husband wasn’t working in a kitchen during that time. He had been a sous-chef in a casino diner, but he got laid off when I was about 4 weeks along. He would come home smelling like a grill/deep fryer regularly. I don’t think my nose could have handled that at all.

  29. My husband is a chef and he has to take a mandatory shower before he gets in bed because the smell of garlic makes me sick — pregnant or not!

  30. No smells from the husband himself but I had huge issues with the foods he ate. If he even put tabasco sauce on anything while I was eating nearby, I couldn’t eat because it was like whatever I was eating was covered in it. And I made him chew gum all the time so I wouldn’t have to smell anything he’d eaten. The tabasco was the worst though, because he put it on EVERYTHING.

  31. Time for Matt to shower after work! He’s gonna have a lot more to do once the baby gets here…might as well get used to not bein lazy at night lol

  32. This happened to me the other day! It was before we knew for sure that I was pregnant (we just found out yesterday). My husband gave me a hug when I got home from work and I immediately recoiled, saying, “Oh my gosh, you stink!!”. At first we were worried I might hate his smell for the next 9 months… But then I figured out it was the mexican food he had for lunch! I swear I could smell the garlic seeping out of his pores!

  33. Ha! that is funny. Know what more mean and crazy than that? I’m not pregnant and make my husband take showers before bed. I was raised that way… being clean for bed- plus your sheets smell fresh and don’t get nasty- think about it- all that you’re exposed to during the day why would you want to bring that to bed? yuk!

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