12 Weeks: Kerthump, Part II

One of the most exciting things that happened this week was attending Sarah’s baby shower!

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I can see how motherhood is such a bond – even before babies are born. Sarah’s family threw her a beautiful shower, and I enjoyed watching her open her gifts very much.

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After the guests had gone home, Sarah invited me to use her Angel Sounds fetal heart detector to listen to the baby’s heartbeat.


She was able to find the beat immediately, and of course I felt the same joy I had 2 weeks prior. Little, cute, whooshas filled the room. We were able to capture this video to share!

Sarah borrowed the detector from Jessica, who said I was welcome to borrow it for a month so I could let my family and friends listen. I unfortunately don’t know where she bought it. It comes with headphones and a few packs of gel. You can also plug it into computer speakers like we did in the video above. The sound is pretty clear!


When I got home, I had much more trouble finding the heartbeat on my own! Clearly I am not a doctor!! Luckily I had just listened, so I wasn’t concerned, but if it had been my first time using it I probably would have been scared. I found that using a lot of gel and lying flat on my back was the best. [And trying to do this with family in the room is even harder].

It’s a bit of a process to do (with the gel and all) so I haven’t done it too much since, but I’ve enjoyed knowing I have the option. And it certainly made me less nervous for our 12.6 week ultrasound. The last time I listened, the heartbeat would go from loud to quiet and loud again and I’m pretty sure that’s the baby swimming to and fro inside!


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16 thoughts on “12 Weeks: Kerthump, Part II”

  1. Wow, I didn’t know there was something which would let you listen to the fetal heartbeat at home. How fun! And really neat that you got to capture it in a video. I love baby showers, too – watching the expecting mom open all the precious baby gifts is the best!

  2. I got the same fetal monitor when I was living abroad in the UK (amazon.co.uk). I don’t think they sell them on the regular amazon unfortunately! It definitely helped ease my mind in the early weeks when I was over 10 weeks and you can spot the heartbeat so much better when you’re in the later stages of your pregnancy. I always heard my boy’s heartbeat very low, really close to my pelvic bone and it helped to slowly move the doppler over my lower belly.

  3. Best sound in the world!! I remember my doctor having to chase the heartbeat around in those early weeks when the baby was moving back and forth. So cute! It’s so interesting to get a glimpse into what’s going on in there!

  4. Cute cupcakes! When will you find out the gender? Have you heard of the intelligender tests? They sell them at drug stores like Walgreens, CVS. These are fun tests that you can take from about 10 weeks on that predict the gender based on your urine. While not entirely accurate, they are fun to take! Mine was right!

  5. I rarely comment but I would like you to know how much I’m enjoying these posts! Keep
    ’em coming! You have brought me to tears several times (in a good way!) You make me so excited to get pregnant some day.

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