13 Going On 14

In just a few more days Mazen will be 14 months old!


Of course children are always learning, but lately Mazen has been showing us that he is taking in and processing information. He has learned the signs for “eat” and “water” and when I do “cheese” he imitates my hand movements (although he doesn’t do them back yet).


The cutest processing tale is a bit of confusion that we have caused about cats and pumpkins!

Pumpkin = our neighbor’s real orange cat

Pumpkin = Mazen’s stuffed puppet orange cat

Pumpkin = the big round gourds all over in the fall

So Mazen has started pointing to real pumpkins and saying “At at at!!” {Cat} So very cute, but I feel bad for making the words cat and pumpkin so confusing!


He has learned the word for “egg” and I cannot make him a scrambled egg fast enough in the morning! He’ll dance around the room shouting “eh eh eh!” until it comes off the skillet and we spend a few minutes blowing on it together until it’s cool enough to eat.

He is much better on his feet now and falls less than he used to. He’s getting better at climbing too, and keeping him off stairs continues to be my #1 challenge when out in public. He wants to climb them all day long! I can barely wash his high chair tray without him climbing up the steps of the chair, so I have to be very careful I don’t turn my back at the sink or he’ll be standing up high off the ground before I know it. He is inches from being able to climb up on the couch all by himself, which will be a problem because he lacks awareness of how not to fall off backwards.


The other day when it was nearly naptime I said “Mazen are you ready for night night?” He responded by saying “Night night night” a few times and started to walk toward his room and crib. Once in his room he went to the crib, asked to get in and laid down to sleep. These moments are likely fleeting, but never have I seen him that willing to take a nap! It was like a motherhood dream world. His naps continue to be about an hour and a half (with the occasional 1 hour or 3 hour day!) from 12:30 to 2 these days.


Our mornings start at 6:30 or so with breakfast for us both followed by playing at home. Around 8:30 we head to the gym where he has his snack and jumps around with other kids for an hour while I workout. We heart our gym!!

11/11:30am-ish is lunchtime followed by some playing while I clean up and then his nap.

We try to get out of the house again in the afternoon around 2:30 or 3. This is the time I usually run an errand or go over to a friend’s house.

By 5 we’re back home for M’s dinner. Bath is usually around 6 and bedtime wind down starts at 7. He’s usually asleep by 7:30pm.


We’re still nursing once a day. Matt asked me the other night why I haven’t stopped completely. I’m just not ready! First thing in the morning is so easy and convenient. If I can, I want to know it’s the last day when it comes, and that makes me even more sappy and I don’t want it to come. M still asks for milk as soon as he’s up, so I’m waiting to see if it loses its appeal in the coming weeks. There sure doesn’t seem to be much milk in there, but he will nurse for 10 – sometimes 20 – minutes each morning. I think he’s holding onto the routine as much as I am and just staying on for comfort.

I have started giving M cow’s milk at lunch and dinner. He usually sips a few ounces, but he doesn’t chug it down. For the first month I gave it (maybe a few times a week) he just let it dribble back down his chin, but lately he’s actually been taking sips. One time last week he drank the whole cup and asked for more. I’d love for him to drink a 4-6 ounce cup at both meals.

That’s about all I can remember that our little guy has going on!!

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  1. Question on transitioning to milk and off bottle/nursing, do you just do the three meals and snacks a day now with the milk offered while he has those and then the one morning nursing session?

    My guy just turned one and he’s doing great with a sippy cup, but still wants bottles as well with his formula (we started bottle feeding formula full time at seven months when it was discovered he had a dairy intolerance). That said, I’m anxious to get him off the alimentum formula he uses because it’s expensive, and it stinks, and get him to just enjoy milk with his meals and have those meals sustain him, but having trouble figuring out how when we’ve had such an established eat, play, sleep routine since he was about ten weeks old and he is very used to getting a bottle within five minutes of waking up from either his nap, or nighttime sleep.

    So, long story for that one question at the top!

    1. I offer milk at lunch and dinner as well as snacks. He is rather picky on when he wants it – sometimes he loves it and other times he doesn’t. I’d talk to your doctor about the formula because she/he will have the best advice for your situation.

    2. Alexa, my son was on Alimentum as well for a dairy intolerance. At 1 year, we slowly transitioned him to milk, and found out he was able to tolerate it just fine. I am not sure if he outgrew the intolerance or if it was just the formula he had trouble with. We are still working on getting rid of the bottles, but right now he has one in the morning and one at night, with water or milk offered at meal and snack times in a cup.

  2. Just thinking that I should have posted more updates on my Blog about my children! I keep a journal which I DO keep up with on a consistent basis, however, adding pictures to the words does make such a difference! I should write some and not even post (seeing that it’s after the fact) just for myself, lol! 😉

  3. He’s so adorable. I know I’m going to have a hard time weaning too. I know that I want to around the same time you are for similar reasons, but it’s still going to be emotional. Do you have to give kids milk when they are finished with breastmilk (or weaning) at this age?

  4. You might try offering the cow’s milk slightly warmed up, and even try only offering it with snacks or on it’s own between meals to encourage him to drink more. Sometimes there are a lot of things (foods) going on at mealtimes and milk gets overlooked, but if it’s offered on it’s own or with a small snack they are more likely to drink more of it. I’m a pediatric dietitian, and these are ideas that parents have shared that have worked well for them.

    1. I was just thinking this so I’m glad to hear there is some validation behind it. My LO is 11mos and when I start weaning I plan to give him milk at the same times I would’ve nursed. So for us that is after naps which is about 30mins-1hr before meal time. So essentially milk at snack time. My LO drinks water from a straw up multiple times a day but after meals he tends to choke/spit it out/let it dribble and I think it is b/c he is already full of food.

  5. It took Edie a little bit to fully make the move to milk. And then, all of a sudden, that was it, she was going through a few gallons a week, especially when she was in a growth spurt.

    She also learned the hard way to not play on the stairs. I watched it happen in slow motion and just. could.not.move.fast. enough. Thankfully, she was fine, just mad because her shoe fell off (which her two year old self proceeded to pick up and throw at me).

  6. I just wanted to point out that I’ve heard it’s advisable to continue nursing through the flu season and not to wean during winter time. Any BM you give him offers immunity protection from the antibodies your body manufactures. Even if it’s just a small amount in the morning, it’s helping him to stay healthy. I say keep up with the morning nursing if you both still enjoy it. It’s still benefiting your little man! 🙂

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