13 Weeks: Attention Convention

I had a lot of fun talking about all-things-babies at convention with some of the other women there. I’m in that information sponge stage where there is no such thing as unsolicited advice, and I’m enjoying hearing all kinds of perspectives. Our mentor, Amanda, wanted to rub my belly (the first time someone has asked!) and for the first time there was really something there to rub! It’s really starting to round.


Matt had late-night talks with other owners at the bar about fatherhood. (What’s funny is he had the same talk with the GH Lafayette, IN owner a year ago when we were just deciding we’d try later that year!) They had their second annual talk. Jerry has an army of kids, so he probably has loads of advice. I’m not sure what went on at these late-night, beer-filled talks, but I’m pretty sure the men shared some encouraging information. It seems to me that women tend to say things to me like “You just wait!” and “Motherhood is wonderful but SO hard” whereas the men seem to glow over fatherhood and describe it as “The best thing that ever happened to me.” It’s almost the opposite response you would expect! I wonder if that has anything to do with traditional gender roles…hmmm

The next day, we were on a balcony having a few beers (water for me!) when the same owners were around and fatherhood came up again. One owner said the most beautiful things about his two children – about how when they were each born he was instantly changed forever. The other said he shed tears at each of his children’s births. It was really touching to hear them talk so sweetly about their families.

One last thing I noticed at convention: I’ve been in maternity pants for weeks now and love them, but it’s too soon for maternity shirts!! When I wear them they have so much droopy fabric that I just look like a big deflated balloon. I do look more pregnant because they give me a false curve to my stomach with the side rouching, but it’s not so flattering!

Like this:

IMG_6536 (393x590)

I packed mostly maternity shirts on this trip to Convention because I love how long they are, but I think I’ll want to stay in my longer regular shirts for as long as I can before I switch. Although I’m already noticing some of them are too short for my new curves!


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28 thoughts on “13 Weeks: Attention Convention”

    1. I think when people rub my belly without permission, I am just going to rub their face.

      and say “SEE, IT’S ALL SORTS OF WEIRD!”

  1. Hi! I’m normally a lurker, and really only comment when there is a contest. However, since you said you were in the “sponge mode” I thought I would share a link with you that I read the other day which was quite illuminating. Its called 10 things they don’t tell you about after giving birth, and honest to God, it made me change my mind from a natural birth to a C section!


    1. Morgan, it was a good read, but all of those, except for #2 are still applicable after a C-section. Sorry to burst your bubble!

  2. I’m curious how men talk… my hubby is so disinterested in talking about “feelings” and “emotions” and “girly stuff that men don’t have” with me. It makes me laugh, I guess he’s just always trying to project the tough guy image, to let me know I’m protected!

    I’m not wearing any maternity clothes yet, but I have definitely noticed that some of my old shirts are too short for my slight rounding. I’m not eager to wear maternity items though. They kind of scare me.

  3. very sweet! constructive criticism-those sunglasses do not flatter you’re face shape at all. something about the downward tilt of the frames. glasses are just so darn hard to figure out!

    1. Constructive criticism is stuff like, “add more paragraph breaks, use more lists, etc…” (not that these apply to you Kath).

      Saying someone doesn’t look good in sunglasses isn’t constuctive criticism, it’s just plain rude. I cannot believe how many people throw all manners out the window when writing comments.

      1. I disagree. I think people need to be more honest with one another about things like this. Rude would have been “you look ugly in those stupid sunglasses- why don’t you get nicer/cuter ones??” THAT is rude. The commenter politely said that she thought a different style would flatter her face more. I read a blog that has style posts every now and again and people very often say very similar things in the comments. I have never considered it rude. Then again, I’m one of those people who like it when people are honest with me about everything from “you have bad breath, here’s a mint” or “honey, let’s play it straight- don’t get that haircut again” or “yes, you actually do look fat in those pants”.

  4. This isn’t related to this post in particular, but any chance your baby blog will have any RD information on it? I’m getting somewhat confused on pregnancy guidelines…For example, I typically never ate eggs prior, but now have one egg every day… then read that is almost the max cholesterol intake…but then read that pregnant women need more cholesterol. Its somewhat confusing to know how to best fuel during this time (especially earlier on). While I have the obvious list of what not to eat (goodbye sushi & lunch meat), I am less certain of the best way to deal with my changing cravings and what to give in to and what to resist. It’d be great to hear it from a nutritionist standpoint!

    1. I am definitely hoping to add some dietary changes posts to the list. And eggs are a great nutritious food!

    2. Cholesterol in foods has very little affect on blood cholesterol levels. I would not worry at all about how much you’re eating. Like Kath said, eggs are good for you!

  5. So sweet to hear how the men talk – having babies really opens up their emotional, sweet side and it’s so heart warming to hear 🙂

    My sister is a NICU nurse and she said that the aureola part of the nipples gets that larger/darker look so that the baby knows where to suck and zones in on it like a bulls eye – must be what your breasts are preparing for! 😉

    1. P.S. I congratulated you on KERF but not here yet – so congratulations again and I’m so very happy for you and Matt! I also just wanted to let you know how much I have loved following you hear and reading your pregnancy journal. Thank you for allowing us to follow you along and share this experience with you 🙂 My husband and I have been trying and these posts make me all the more excited for what’s to come and I know I’ll be looking back on these posts when it’s my turn!

  6. I know what you mean about clothes! I am 21 weeks and while all my clothes still fit, they fit… oddly. 😛 😀 totally worth it though.

  7. I found maternity dressing to be a real challenge, especially for professional business attire. Like you, I needed some more comfy pants in a hurry, but the maternity shirts mostly just made me look like a sack of potatoes. So I bought a bunch of inexpensive shirts that were styled longer and in just a size bigger than I would normally wear. They fit we well into my third tri and I found that a slightly more fitted (but long) top was more flattering even as by bump got bigger. Bonus… they were also the shirts I wore post-partum when everything was all out of whack and none of my old clothes fit yet and my baby was puking copiously on everything I owned… great double duty wardrobe items IMO.

    My girl is almost 9 months old now, and I’m hoping to have another pretty soon. In the meantime, I’ve been loving following you pregnancy, and reliving my first one along with you. Thanks for sharing so much.

  8. Ah yes, I agree about the maternity pants vs. shirts thing. I am 24 weeks along and some of my shirts are still too large in the belly. I thought I would need sweaters for the winter, but I barely got to wear them! Good thing friends have been so generous lending maternity clothes, so I didn’t have to spend a whole lot.

  9. I LOVE this blog! I Love KERF too!! I usually just read…but this blog is my favorite topic! Babies!!! I have two boys. (7 & 2) With my first pregnancy I did not need maternity clothes until month FIVE!!! Which was slightly disappointing for me! I am tall and have a long torso…I wore maternity clothes with my second child right one hot minute after getting pregnant! I got that belly fast. But to add to your topic of fatherhood and the birth process…my husband cried with both my boys…and told me their gender! He was my biggest cheerleader and I could not have labored with out him! No one can prepare for being a mom…and my biggest pet peeve was EVER one wants to tell you their horrible birth story!! As if that is what you want to hear! There is not one job on this planet more rewarding then being a mom! I am a reader and read every book under the sun to get ready and prepared…but you have to trust your “inner mama”! You have it! You know it!!! I loved every moment of breastfeeding also….just enjoy these beautiful, glorious moments! I am enjoying your blog tremendously! I just wish you had been around seven years ago!!! (also I ran every day with both my boys…well….I wogged…I nice pregnant waddle jog!) You are a tremendous positive, pregnant role model!!!

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