13 weeks: Time Is Speeding Up

13 weeks has flown by! Likely because I spent most of it in San Diego with my mind on Great Harvest instead of the ticking clock. I used to wake up each morning and study my stomach, feel around for my uterus and see if anything had happened overnight. These days I feel like I’m getting used to the fact that I have a permanent curve to my thick midsection that doesn’t really go back in!

13 weeks (2)

I’ve had so many opportunities to overeat this month, and I’ve taken advantage of all of them. Every night at Convention I went to bed stuffed and uncomfortably full. This is not a side effect of pregnancy – this is a side effect of overeating!

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It’s still hard to gauge how much of my thickness is related to my rising uterus and how much is just poor diet for 3 months. I’m sure it’s a combination, and I feel my best in the mornings. I’m hoping when I get back to Cville that now that my appetite is somewhat back to normal I’ll be able to get back into a real food + healthy groove.

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Pushin’ it out and suckin’ it in

13 weeks (9) 13 weeks suck

Despite all the overeating, I don’t seem to have gained a totally unreasonable amount of weight, so it’s no reason to get upset. Just a reason to be a bit more mindful of what is really hunger that needs satisfying with good food and what is just me being a foodie who loves to eat.

I have cut back on my medicine cocktail to once a day in the morning. This seems to be working fine, and my taste for most foods is nearly back to normal. I skipped the dose altogether for the second time during convention and found the familiar feeling of gagginess in the back of my throat. This is how I described it on KERF –

I also didn’t take my morning sickness medicine and felt fine all day until dinnertime when foods just started seeming gaggy again. So weird how it comes on. I wasn’t really nauseous and didn’t have trouble eating, but some foods I just didn’t want to swallow. Chewing would have been fine – it was the swallowing that was off. The point of sickness was almost like a pressure point in my throat that didn’t want to be pushed by certain foods. That’s the best way I can describe it!

So for now, I’m going to go one more week with my medicines. I’ve taken them for so long that there’s no use suffering if I know how to prevent it.


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28 thoughts on “13 weeks: Time Is Speeding Up”

  1. Glad your medicine combo worked for you. I took Zofran (prescription) and it didn’t even put a dent in my nausea. I think you have still been eating very healthy foods considering all your nausea, travel, and growing a baby in there!

  2. I describe the gagginess feeling the exact same way. My complete nausea has finally turned into the gaggy feeling…. but some days I just feel like crud, really awful, but not exactly horrible nausea. I keep waiting for it to let up (I am 26 weeks) and afraid it never will (totally went away by 14 weeks w/ my first pregnancy). I hope yours lets up super soon!

  3. I completely understand the desire not to take unnecessary medications!

    I used the same Unisom/B6 combo during my pregnancy, and was so sick throughout the entire time that I ended up taking the meds up until delivery. Every time I tried to stop them, I couldn’t eat. As I didn’t gain any weight during the first seven months, I knew it was important to keep myself as open to food as possible! All that to say, if you can’t give them up completely, you certainly won’t be alone.

    I am LOVING this new baby blog!!

  4. My gag reflux was horrible the first half of my pregnancy, even after the nausea went away. I would gag a lot when I was brushing my teeth and had a hard time taking my vitamins. I threw up once after taking my vitamins because I gagged when they were going down. I knew I was going to throw up, but I was trying to stop it from happening by drinking some water and all the sudden it just came out and I couldn’t make it to the bathroom. I ended up throwing up in our bedroom in a wicker type garbage can that didn’t even have a bag in it so it leaked out. It was a disgusting mess, but luckily my husband was very sweet about it and cleaned it up. Sorry.. that’s probably not something you want to read about right now…

    1. oh man, when i was pregnant two years ago i totally had the same problem brushing my teeth! i had to tilt my head at a particular angle to not throw up. so annoying!

  5. I’m 13 weeks now and in the same place with weaning off my meds. I’d LIKE to be off them completely, but some mornings are just rough. Although my nausea is overall better, I do seem a little more gaggy than I was before, too!

  6. You’re going to have to start revealing where your maternity clothes are from. What cute pants!

    I’m finding that part of being so full is actually due to less room in your torso for your stomach. It’s one of the great disappointments of pregnancy for me. Ha. I was under the impression that I’d be able to eat like a champ, but instead, I’m stuffed after a sandwich and side! Dang uterus!

    Oh, and the folks at my Bradley class said that 35 lbs. is the average amount to gain, so cut yourself some slack! You’re doing great!

  7. I’ve been noticing newborns and strollers a lot lately, and thinking about you! So many stroller and baby carrier options to choose from…

      1. Yay! I store I can go to in Canada!
        I’m only 6 weeks, but already feeling like I could use some…stretchier…pants! I’m afraid I may have a little of that over-eating syndrome you talk about in your post 😉

  8. I read all of these when you originally posted them, but now that I am pregnant (almost 13 weeks 🙂 I’ve loved going back and re-reading them!

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