14 Months!


Mazen has been so much fun lately! He has gotten to be so affectionate and loves to run into my arms. I am loving how much he gives now! He sure is a mama’s boy.


His language is also exploding – in all ways.

New spoken words:

  • Outside (said all the time as “side!” “side!” “side!”)
  • Uh-oh (also uttered 100 times a day)
  • No, which he uses to answer questions most of the time. In fact, I over heard his talking puppy say “Will you hug me?” and Mazen said “No.” Ha!!!
  • Hi
  • Sit, which he learned after too much standing in his rocking chair
  • Hide when his dad plays hide and seek
  • “Stays” for stairs
  • Roar (what does a dinosaur say!?)

He has questionably said “yes,” “OK” and “I do it” but only once or twice so we’re not totally sure.

Other older words include:

  • Mama (love!)
  • Dada
  • “At” for all animals
  • “ish” for this
  • “Mmmmm” for eat
  • “Ni-ni” for night night
  • “Rerow” for hello

Sign language is also expanding with new words apple, cheese and water. I taught him please and he picked it up so fast – probably because he knew he could get whatever it is he wanted if he said it first!

Lastly, his language comprehension has really taken off. We can tell he understands so much of what we say “Are you hungry?” “Do you want to go outside?” “Sit down in that chair!”

What impressed me most is he was able to point to different pictures in a book. We have a book of baby words and if I ask him “Where is the X?” he can point to the slide, stairs, bathtub, cat, ball and more. It was shocking how much he knew on the first try! I took his hand in mine and showed him how to point.


Other than talking, he’s doing other cute things too : )

At the end of his bath Matt always sends him in naked to see me while I’m cleaning the kitchen to give me a good laugh. After a few weeks of this, when Matt pulls him out of the tub he starts saying “Mama! Mama!” It’s one of my favorite parts of the day.

Matt and Mazen play hide and seek now. They both say “hide hide hide!” and one hides while the other seeks around the house, particularly around the dining room table.

After learning the word “outside” we been spending a ton of time in our backyard. It is quite exhausting, but good exercise I guess! I think all this time playing has led to better napes too (either that or we’re just lucky). We have not had a nap less than 2 hours it the past 2 weeks, and I am holding my breath hoping that it continues. He goes down at about 12:30 without too much of a protest. Some days he dives into his crib! He’s been sleeping for 2-3 hours from there. I. am. so. happy.

We have had some trouble at bedtime – he has given us some protest, but it hasn’t been all that much.


Eating has been all over the place. His current favorite food is apple! I’m quite surprised he can eat it in hand and just bite right in. Only problem is that apple gets dropped more than I’d like to admit. Now that he knows the sign for apple it’s easier to give him what he wants.

He loved grapes 2 weeks ago but now won’t touch them. He has also rejected chicken, French toast sticks, ravioli (all pasta) and sweet potato fries. I have no idea what to feed him each day!! So unpredictable.


Our nursing session in the morning has taken a turn for the …long. When we were nursing 4 times a day his morning session was less than 5 minutes and then he’d crawl off the bed, but now he wants to linger for 20+ minutes. He’s not getting a steady stream of milk this whole time, but he is cute and snuggly and he can stay on as he wants in those early morning sessions when we both just want to stay in bed a little longer.


Also – my baby can run! When did he learn to do that?

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  1. Mazen is so cute! We have hit a few bumps in the road with eating, it makes it challenging and to get veggies in I’ve been sending him to day care with a veggie puree for lunch.

    How do you address night time protests? I know you did sleep training so I’m curious how you approach the protests. I’m finally giving in to sleep training at 13 mo, I love rocking my baby to sleep, but it still takes over an hour and that just isn’t practical. I hope it will also reduce night time wake ups with him looking for me.

    1. If I am sure he is ready for bed I will just do our routine of singing and snuggling and then put him in the crib crying. Most of the time he is quite and asleep within 5-10 minutes.

  2. Love these little boys! My son is 19 months old and he is just the best right now. Super cuddly and a total mama’s boy, too. His favorite sentence is “I did it! I just did it!” Ha!

  3. Ahh cuteness overload! I laughed out loud at the thought of a naked baby running out every night! Nothing cuter than a little naked babe 🙂 I’m so impressed with his sign language. I know some babies who know some but it’s usually only please, more and milk. He knows a lot! 🙂 I really like the idea of utilizing the sign language, it seems like it makes a huge difference!

  4. That’s awesome that he can do “baby” sign language…in ever thought to do that with my kids!! It’s funny (and I realize how paranoid I am) but I started giving my son food in such large chunks when he was two!!! I’m paranoid but he also devours everything and doesn’t even bother chewing, lol!

  5. He is SO adorable! Every time I see pictures of him, I feel like our babies look similar for some reason.

    Figuring out what to feed them is enough to drive me crazy sometimes. One thing Quinn will ALWAYS eat is a wrap or pita dipped in a pile of hummus. He loves all kinds of flavors of hummus!! He also loves quinoa (weird thing to be a fav) but I’ve made quinoa and spinach patties, broccoli and cheese quinoa bites and quinoa pizza bites and he will always eat them all up, every single time! I find it a good way to sneak in those veggies too.

  6. Love those signing videos! I need to try and teach more words to my son. Problem is, when he’s hungry he has very little patience for signing!

    I was going to mention that doing a wider variety of activities may help Mazen nap longer but looks like you figured that out! On days when we stay close to home my LO is generally fussier and seemingly “bored.” Have you been doing any baby activities? Library, indoor play, etc?

    1. We play at the gym, with our friends at the playground and things. I’ve done a few classes like The Little Gym and baby yoga too.

  7. Such a cute little man! What a fun age he is at! It’s truly amazing how much they actually comprehend at that stage and we saw the same thing with a picture book that our little loved! It also made us realize we needed to be more careful with what we said around him! Love reading your posts!

  8. I hate that feeling, of not knowing what to feed the kiddo! My little girl has rejected all meat since she started solids. And several old stand-bys are not cutting it either. I’m at a loss!

    The signing is awesome! It looks like you get out to do so many fun things with Mazen!

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