14 Weeks: The Middle Part

Second trimester is OFFICIAL!!

I was listening to a Pregtastic this morning and one of the panelists compared the trimesters to high school. When you’re just a freshman, the seniors look so cool. I think that makes me about a sophomore right now. Hard to believe that [knock on wood] someday I’ll be a senior too! On the one hand, pregnancy seems like such a long time (almost a year!) but on the other, the days really are going by faster and faster. I wonder if they continue to speed up or if time starts to slow again as one gets nearer to her due date watching the clock.

14 weeks (4)

My bump is getting more and more noticeable. Friends are commenting that it’s definitely there, and I’m also noticing it more as I look down. Of course my poor posture makes it stick out further than it does when I stand up straight!

14 weeks (2)

During the suck-in test, I can tell that a little of it won’t suck all the way in, and when I bend over and press on my abdomen, I can feel my uterus in there. Nice and hard like a small cantaloupe. I cannot WAIT to feel the baby in there too!

14 weeks (6) 14 weeks (3)

Based on my stalking observation of other bloggers’ belly shots, 14 weeks is when bumpage really takes off and over the next 1.5 months, the bump seems to go from curve to pregnant belly in almost everyone. I’m really looking forward to watching my body change!

You know how there are those women who just loved being pregnant? I’m not sure I’m one of them…at least not yet. So far it has been very challenging, mostly due to not feeling well. I guess I didn’t expect to feel this badly for this long (I had a resurgence of nausea this week). I also think more women don’t talk about it! You hear little bits of “ooooh the nausea” but I just had no idea it would be this bad (perhaps because it’s not so horrible for many women). It’s been helpful for me to stay connected online with other bloggers who are going through the same thing, and it’s so comforting to know that I’m not alone.

Food this week varied from bland, simple dinners on a bad night to more colorful, veggie-infused dinners on a good night. My appetite and nausea is so unpredictable. The only thing that is predictable: I do well in the mornings and not-so-good in the evenings. Maybe my body just misses 5:00 cocktail hour : )

IMG_6920Blog IMG_6907Blog

Plus some usual staples!


And some new favorites!


I’m still obsessed with fruit..


Although salads are appearing more and more


Especially in this form!


I went to a Baby Expo this weekend and there were so many cute babies there! Despite the ultrasounds, I’m still in a bit of disbelief that I have one inside of me!


The Expo was actually really helpful. I got information on doulas (I need to start interviewing them soon they say!) and some breastfeeding classes.

I was disappointed that there weren’t more childbirth classes represented. I think there must be a really shortage of them in our small town. I’ve heard of two – one at the hospital (that’s very basic) and one Bradley-style class that’s a 40 minute drive one night a week for 8 weeks, which I’m not sure we could handle. I suppose I can read lots of books, but I had really hoped there would be more in the area. Perhaps I just haven’t looked hard enough – please share if you know of more!

Those of you who attended classes or only read books: I would love your feedback on what was most valuable to you. If I can’t attend a formal class, do you think the book would be a good enough replacement?

I would love some ideas on how to share the gender news with our families (and you guys!) once we find out. We likely will video chat with our long-distance relatives, so something we could do over video would be good. Any ideas?! How did you guys share the news?


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  1. Lol! I did the suck test too…just imagine how odd it looked because I carried VERY low!! Btw, you’re lucky you’re craving fruit…I craved anything salty (but avoided extra calories by eating those rice cake chips-have you ever had them?! They’re delicious!!)

    1. We had a gender reveal last May for our sweet baby girl! It was so much fun seeing the excitement on everyone’s faces and revealing the sex. I’ve also had a friend take the card (not knowing themselves what the gender is) to the baker and having them make the cake. Then, it’s really a surprise!

  2. You could send bibs to people (like parents) that say “Grandma’s little man” or “Grandpa’s girl” or something like that. You could do a baby crossword puzzle when there are highlighted boxes that when put in order say “it’s a girl/boy.” You could do subway art announcements “sugar and spice and everything nice that’s what little girls are made of” or the other for a boy.

    I’d do more but the Mr is yanking me away for a workout! LOL

  3. Good Morning! And Congrats (since I just started reading I am behind on the news)! Food looks awesome. You have inspired me to try new fruits and veggies. Kolorabi is now my favorite! Anyway I was in the Navy when I was pregnant. Man I haven’t been pregnant for 19 years! Man that’s a long time. For my son, I was in San Diego and was so excited that I was having a boy first, that I just called everyone. But you learn as you go, when it comes to being a parent. Being stationed in Hawaii when I was pregnant with mini-me, I did things different.I sent cards with little princess announcements. Almost like Cinderella. The Princess is Coming! LOL. More like the Queen now. But both families really enjoyed the announcements.

    SN: No sodas or twinkies, desserts, sweets going on 3 weeks now! Up to a gallon of water a day. And have added walking to the bus stop to take public transportation to school instead of driving. Got to lose this “extra person” I have been carrying since I retired in 2006. Have a great day!

  4. I took the courses provided by the hospital which were a series of birth classes for a total of 4 weeks with the last class being a tour of the hospital. Each week we watched a video and had a full discussion on different birth methods including natural birth, different options for pain relieve including epidurals and c-sections. I really enjoyed the classes and it provided me with a lot of knowledge about different experiences during childbirth. Ofcourse in the end, everyone’s experience is completely unique but I am very happy with the courses I took at the hospital. I also took one about breastfeeding and general baby care.

  5. I love BERF!! I’ve had two friends do a gender reveal party. One had a cake that they cut in to an the cake color was the baby’s gender. The other were balloons filled with the color confetti of the baby’s gender – and they popped the balloons for their families at a bbq.

    Enjoy this time! 🙂

  6. Re the nausea: I think it is just SO different for every woman. One friend had it for a couple weeks, a.m. only, another had it the entire pregnancy at all times of day. My other friends: everything in between. I think it is like the pain of nursing & the pain of childbirth. Trying to find a “normal” is impossible. Every woman is different & every woman has different pain tolerances.
    As to not enough women talking about it? I have yet to meet a pregnant woman who DIDN’T go on about every symptom. Perhaps your friends are just quiet in general? (this isn’t meant to imply pregnant women whine or to be snark-y, just that I have never spent more than 5 mins with a pregnant woman & walked away without knowing as much about her pregnancy as she does).

    1. “I have never spent more than 5 mins with a pregnant woman & walked away without knowing as much about her pregnancy as she does”

      I greatly hesitate to talk a bunch about my pregnancy, even to people i know or close friends on Facebook… I don’t know if its modesty, or just that I know my husband and I are the only ones who care about every detail, but I am definitely not a pregnant woman who would spew out a ton of personal information to someone. So… we aren’t all like that :). I am a very private person and keep my personal info to myself.

  7. You said yesterday in a post how you actually welcome advice which I find to be rare. Most women who haven’t had children or aren’t pregnant look at women who talk about their pregnancies and childbirth like they are their own mother… you know, eyes rolling, not taking anything seriously. I tend to not tell my friends my “stories” because they seem very uninterested, so I keep it to myself knowing secretly that one day they’ll know! Anyways, I had the sort of nausea you have. I only vomited once the entire time but it was so hard to get food down sometimes. Smells made me gag. Sometimes I could eat nearly a plate of food and then that last bite would make me gag.. Something I normally loved to eat would suddenly sound disgusting and I craved foods that I never normally ate! Despite all that, I still miss being pregnant. I think I “wished-away” time and couldn’t wait for it to be over and I never just fully enjoyed pregnancy, so I regret that. Once my little girl was born, I knew I had to slow down and savor every moment but time still goes way too fast 🙁
    Here’s a blogger that did a really awesome gender reveal (made me tear up!): http://prebabyblog.com/2011/09/gender-reveal/

  8. Awww, I love it when people wait till the birth to find out the gender-
    I was positive you guys would do wait !Ah well.
    Did you consider wiating or what made you want to know in advance?
    (I just love the idea of that natural surprise upon birth !!)

      1. I’m with you Kath, I could NEVER wait! I’m way too type-A, too much of a planner… and besides Marla, it’s the same surprise either way, you just get to find out a little sooner!

  9. Yeah pregnancy isn’t easy, like at all.

    I struggle with nausea too, and headaches, and heartburn and everything. My first pregnancy was easier I think because it was all so new but now I’m on round two and it is definitely trying.

  10. This is why I love your blog! Thank you for being so real. You’re right, I think a lot of women don’t talk about their true feelings. Before reading this I thought nausea meant 15 minutes here or there – I’d have no idea it could be to the extent of what you are describing! Although I’m not ready to have a baby jusssttt yet, I’m loving these updates – real and raw. Thank you!! 🙂

  11. My best friend did a video announcement where she blew up helium pink balloons and put them in a box and then opened it on the video. She hadn’t told her husband so it was cute to see his excitment when the pink balloons were release and floated up!

  12. My husband and I have been attending Bradley Method classes. I highly recommend taking the classes- you learn so much, both from the instructor and the other couples in the class. However, the method also has two books that go along with it (that we have to read for homework) and from those you really can get a good idea of how to practice the method. The books are called “Husband Coached Childbirth” by Dr. Robert Bradley and “Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way” by Susan McCutcheon-Rosegg. Both are very helpful. If you do decide to read them- make sure you read about the “emotional signposts” in the book by McCutcheon- I’ve heard from others that these are one of the best and most helpful things taught by the Bradley Method and for some reason they aren’t included in the book by Dr. Bradley. I do have a friend who used the Bradley Method after only reading the books and not attending classes. She had a successful natural childbirth- even after having to get a little pitocin! Good luck!

    Also- the Bradley Method is taught by individual teachers who have gone through a training. You can search for a teacher in your area at: http://www.bradleybirth.com/Directory.aspx. I’m in NOVA and I did notice that there wasn’t a teacher listed for Charlottesville. I’m surprised! I’d think they’d get a lot of business in C-ville.

  13. As far as finding out the gender, I was positive that I didn’t want to know.
    The day before our ultrasound I changed my mind. I really really wanted to know more about the little life growing inside me. It has made me feel a little more connected to the baby, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

  14. Did you have an implantation dip? If so, what day? Did you have a triphasic pattern on your BBT? Could you tell what day implantation was? Also, many experts say it’s not possible to have symtoms before implantation, although many women disagree. It seemed like you did. Do you believe you had symptoms before implantation?

    1. It looks like I might have had a small one on day 6. I definitely felt changes in my body. Maybe it was just the normal hormone shift, but my symptoms were worse than ever and the cramping was definitely new. It wasn’t obvious cramping – but very, very slight and in waves, so if I hadn’t been paying attention I might not have noticed.

  15. Sorry, I’m still confused on the timing of these posts. Are we caught up to where you are in your pregnancy currently, or are these still back-dated posts? It might be helpful if you included an “originally written on __________” with each of your older posts until we are caught up to where you are currently!

    1. Don’t worry about today! This was originally written at 14 weeks just like the title says. I’ll be caught up be next week

        1. Oh, I thought we were all caught up with all the posts on week 13! So you are really 15 weeks!!!!! Exciting!

  16. Even with [what I think was] relatively mild “morning” sickness, the first trimester or so was pretty blah for me. I remember telling the growing baby, “You had better be REALLY cute and really well-behaved.” I think we got one out of two, which ain’t half bad, as they say 😉

    As far as childbirth prep, I would really recommend taking an actual class, and ideally something more than just the hospital class. I understand how that 8-week 40-minute away Bradley class would be unappealing, but it really might be worth it. Also, the doulas in your area might have some suggestions — it’s possible that some of them even offer childbirth education.

  17. Sorry you are still feeling sick 🙁 that is a bummer. I have to say I am the exact opposite – everyone keeps asking me how I’m feeling and all I can say is GREAT and that I love being pregnant. I am 25 weeks along and still feeling like my old self. I keep wondering when that will change, because I am sure it will be soon!

  18. We chose to do the Bradley method, but there weren’t classes near us either. We read the book and the companion guide, written by a woman, and LOVED it. It prepares you both, and my hubs was the only one that I wanted to help. Both of our girls were born by this method!! Good luck!

  19. Pregnancy is hard. I don’t think all the symptoms, taken individually, are that awful, but it’s the cumulative effect and not knowing when, and if, they’ll end! I do feel better now that it’s second trimester, but it hasn’t been the total revelation like everyone said it would be.

    1. I’m going to say one of those annoying things now, that makes pregnany people roll their eyes.
      Enjoy your second trimester while you can! I am 33 weeks today, and around 31 weeks, everything started to feel “harder.” Working out, getting off the couch, sleep…etc.
      It’s not terrible, but it definitely isn’t as easy as the 2nd tri!

  20. I have download a few of the Pregtastic podcasts after reading all your posts on them but I haven’t had a chance to listen them yet- hoping to listen to one on my walk today!

    Speaking of childbirth classes we are in the process of researching one to sign up for and I am finding it really difficult to find a natural childbirth class in our area- it’s so frustrating!

  21. I’m a local – and had my baby at MJH (the old one, sadly). I took their course, and it was basic, but it was good. As you’ve said before, they are totally okay with natural, no-med birth. I borrowed my friends workbook from the Bradley method class (and btw, they ended up carpooling with another Cville couple to the class), and bought a book at B&N (“Natural Childbirth, the Bradley way”). I think the actual classes would have been better, but I felt fine with the preparation I did (and my husband, the coach!) Honestly, I think we over-prepared for labor…but I guess I’d rather have it that way! Labor was a HUGE focus of mine, but at some point, I felt I needed to focus on parenthood. So I started reading blogs and books about parenting. There are so many parenting philosophies out there – I had no idea!

    1. I took the class through MJH, and felt as prepared as I think you really can be prepared. I think there is probably enough info with books, DVDs, and the internet, that you’ll have more than enough info. I think the bigger challenge is not getting too overwhelmed with all the info that’s out there!

  22. We did a 4-week childbirth class at the hospital where I am giving birth and my husband and I both really enjoyed it. Besides being really informative and giving us a chance to ask lots of questions, it was fun to meet other moms that were about as far along as I was. I still read a ton of stuff, but even if you have read a lot and feel pretty well prepared, I would recommend doing a class for the sake of your husband! 🙂 I know that my husband learned a lot and seeing the videos and being able to ask questions, etc… was really useful for him. We had a fabulous teacher, so I think that makes a big difference. As you start to interview doulas, they may have more information about classes, etc… as well. I have found that our doula is well-connected to the “child birthing community” in the area and they can be very good resources.

  23. I was sure I didn’t want/need a birth class and books would be fine, but hubby really wanted to go to a class so he could “feel prepared”. In the end, we both felt like we got a lot of good medical advice from the class–information about the different kind of pain meds, interventions and methods our hospital used. I would say most of it we could have gotten from books or watching videos, but it was priceless for me to have our class taught by a nurse who worked on the maternity floor in the hospital we were using so that we could ask her what the actual hospital’s policies/practices were for things like when a vaccuum extractor is used, how often they’ll allow you to labor without intervention, what specific pain drugs they offer and what the time window is for when each one is available (I wanted to go natural, but also had no idea beforehand that with some drugs if you don’t have it by X cm dilated, then you lose your option to get it), and what sort of natural assists the hospital offered.

    We also tried a hypobirthing class (as I said, I wanetd to go natural and I’m into yoga, thought hypnoborthing migth be a good fit) and were really dissapointed. It felt to me like a lot of pressure – that if you “thought right” “ate right” and “breathed right” for 9 months you could will yourself a painless, peaceful, screaming-free natural birth without meds. I’m glad I opted out of that pressure (which I got a lot of during my pregnancy… not sure whether you will/have), because in the end my girl was breech and my water broke at 8 months, so we ended up with an emergency C-section. Not at all what I’d hoped for, but thanks to my bare-bones pregnancy clas we at least had an idea of what to expect from a c-section, and we ended up with a healthy baby (after a stint in the NICU) and that’s what really counts!

    Good luck choosing! I found preparing for a birth a bit daunting and read a lot of books about natural birthing. There was a book about preparing for birth by a yogini that I found particularly emotionally satisfying, even though I didn’t do many of the practices.

  24. I’m in Canada, but i found the classes the hospitals offer are quite useless.

    If you are planning on hiring a doula-she will be a wealth of information! I’ve checked out several books on pregnancy from the library for my third pregnancy to see what’s new out there and they are pretty much all the same. I have the standard “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”, one week-by-week pregnancy book and a few apps on my phone-i find that plenty.

  25. Caitlin told me that women who were fit prior to pregnancy will show later than less fit women. Something about firm stomach muscles relaxing at a slower rate than weak stomach muscles. Not sure if this is a fact, but it would explain why your belly may take a little longer to pop!

  26. Cutest way for me so far (what I’ve seen on blogs/pinterest) is to bake a vanilla cake and colour it pink or blue and then you ice it with white icing (or any other icing/method), so that you can’t see the colour of the cake.
    And then when everyone is ready, you cut the cake and reveal the colour (and sex) of the baby 🙂

    Love from South Africa!
    (I envy you your getting-warmer days; it means we’re heading into autumn and winter in the southern hemisphere :/ )

  27. We did a gender reveal cake a few weeks ago when we found out and I HIGHLY recommend it!! I meant to mention this to you earlier – it seems extra fitting for you all, as a baking family 🙂 We went to the ultrasound and got to see our baby for most of the appointment, then looked away whenever the tech had to check things down below. The tech had heard about the cakes before so she knew what to do. Then at the end she printed out a picture of “the goods” while we looked away and put it in a sealed envelope that we took to a bakery. Our appointment was later on a Wed. and we had our cake by Friday afternoon. We had both sets of grandparents over, my sister and brother-in-law drove down for it and we all found out we’re having a little girl together when we cut into the cake to see pink frosting as the filling. (I then also of course ripped open the envelope I’d asked for back to make sure!) The two day wait was a little nerve-wracking but I will say, it was SO worth it! My sister got video – I didn’t think I’d react in a manner that would be worth capturing but I ended up making the most hilarious shocked face (I was SURE it was a boy) then bursting into happy tears while my husband gave me a huge bear hug. I had people I haven’t talked to since HS posting on Facebook how the video made them cry and it was the best thing they’d seen in a long time. The video and lots of pictures are on Facebook – I’ll see if your email is on here so we can connect if you want to see how we did it. SO memorable and fun and such a special family moment!

  28. I love reading your updates. My husband and I are thinking about pregnancy now, so I’m interested in all things pregnancy. Have you tried acupuncture for your nausea?? It can really help!

      1. I would think the needle phobia you talked about in the previous post would prevent acupuncture as a treatment? As someone with a serious problem with needles, the acupuncture ones are just as terrifying. (I would even say worse because blood donation or withdrawal is only ONE needle).

        1. Actually I had it once before and it didn’t hurt at all. I think because the needles were SO small and only on the surface – it wasn’t like medicine being forced in or blood being sucked out

          1. I see. When you used the word “loathe” I associated it with a phobia. As someone with a severe needle phobia – no needle, despite size or depth into your skin is o.k. I only do it once/year at my physical (for the lab work portion) and that takes a lot out of me.
            The feeling/pain & blood don’t bother me – it is just the actual needles. We’re all odd in our own little ways =)

            1. I have a hardcore needle phobia when it comes to needles in my own skin (I’m a nurse and somehow conquered the “needles in other people’s skin” portion in nursing school). I have been doing acupuncture for the last 5 months (it was a part of my own journey to getting pregnant) and I had to have a come to Jesus meeting with the acupuncturist about the panic attacks I was having the night before treatments. We worked out a plan that works for me (less needles, more mobility) and now I am much better 🙂 Sometimes the needles are worth it!

  29. I found the birth class at my hospital to be really useless. It was sort of a class for someone who knew nothing about birth. “Who can tell me how many centimeters you have to be to push?” Uhhh…

    But the breastfeeding class was WELL WORTH the $25 I spent on it. While it’s good to know how to breastfeed, it’s even better to know the common problems because I think that’s where things get dicey, when you start thinking your problem is uncommon. Plus seeing videos on proper latch and different holds was very useful for me. And bring your husband. You will need his support and he should see how challenging this can be.

    As for gender reveal… can’t help you there. I waited until my son was born. Having my husband tell me a few moments after he was born was the best moment of my life. I thought I could never make the 40 weeks, but I was surprised how easy it was.

    And while I totally understand why people find out and don’t judge them, I find gender reveal parties to be soooooo obnoxious. I think a shower is more than enough of a party for the baby, beyond that it just seems self-indulgent.

  30. I was disappointed to find out that I didn’t love being pregnant like I had imagined I would. I thought I would love it but was sick for seven months of it. the medical side of it fascinated me and the growing belly was surreal but the want-to-die nausea was killer. Let’s hope I forget about it and go for number two in the future.

    Hoping the second trimester sends your nausea out the window!

  31. Hi,
    As a mother of three, I can say that I never took birthing classes and was just fine. Your body is going to do what is designed to do. My midwives told me how to breathe and I think the most important part of delivery is going with the flow. I have friends who have done all the classes and had huge elaborate birth plans, yet still had c-sections. I also have friends who didn’t take any classes and had drug free births. If I was going to spend money on anything, I think the breastfeeding classes and lactation consultants are wonderful.

  32. I took classes at my hospital and they were AWFUL, although I loved my hospital. I swear I knew more about childbirth than my instructor. And the other couples in the class made the experience even less enjoyable (snickering like 7th graders, saying “ewwww” etc.). If I had to do it all over again I would hire somebody to come to our home for private lessons. Or, commute to the Bradley classes. You’ll be in much better company (more like-minded couples) at a Bradley class than at a hospital class (IMO).

  33. I live in a smaller town than you, in a MUCH less progressive state, so the only birth class option is the one offered by the hospital. It’s a two part class, 4 hours each on Saturdays. Last Saturday was my first class, and while I didn’t learn anything new about birth itself (already knew labor positions, and pushing positions, and what an episiotomy is etc), it was really nice to learn about my hospitals particular policies, and because it is such a small town (2ob’s and one CNM for everyone) the nurse who taught the class was really knowledgable about what different care providers do during a womans delivery. The other thing I liked about the class, was we got to see some of the “tools” that get used during labor and delivery, what a vaccuum extractor looks like, what the screw that goes into the babies head on an electronic fetal monitor looks like. It was nice to put all of those things in context.

    So, other than that, I am reading to prepare for labor. I just read “Natural Child Birth, the Bradley Method” and am currently one chapter into “Birthing from Within.”

  34. You look so cute. I have been blessed with a very easy pregnancy so the 8ish months have FLOWN by for me. I have wondered though as I near my due date if things will feel much slower as I continue the countdown to May 4th!

    We did a gender reveal by busting a pinata. It was really fun. Here is a link if you want to read more:



  35. Kath I took hypnobabies classes, they have materials you can buy but I wouldn’t have done the work without taking a class…. My husband was very supportive of me even though he is the least hippy dippy person out there, if you know what I mean. I enjoyed my class which was taught by a doula, I live in Baltimore so I don’t know if it was easier to find in a bigger city, but google it and see what comes up!!

  36. There’s that in between time of looking like you’ve been pounding down lots of beer or Krispy Kremes to before you really get the tell tale bump (well, for me it was that way) so I was grateful when I finally did get a bump!

  37. I just I just wanted to say hang in there with the sickness….you really seem to be handling it quite well! When I was pregnant with son, the only thing I could keep in me in the morning was a smoothie! Anything else was up in no time! Every evening at 9pm on the dot I was in the bathroom….so did I have night sickness perhaps?! This lasted until week 14! By week 16 I was feeling completely normal again and all of a sudden had all my energy back! I also had the same feeling about pregnancy, where I want sure I really enjoyed it! I will do it one more time because I don’t want my son to be an only child! Twos a good number to me! Hang in there….the next 14 weeks you’ll feel great!

    1. I also meant to comment on the classes! I took the child birth classes through my insurance. I find them super helpful a far as what to expect and also different laboring techniques to use while laboring through contractions and also methods while pushing! Definitely worth the time, but glad I won’t have to do it again for the second child!

  38. I am SO SICK of being sick! And of people telling me “15 weeks? You should be feeling better by now!” Thanks for that… Yes, I have a lot more energy, but I’m still throwing up randomly and if anything, it is more “violent” than before. I just keep reminding myself that everyone is different and a lot of people who say I should be feeling better have never been pregnant.

    I would love to find a baby expo in Pittsburgh! I didn’t even know they existed.

  39. I can relate, Kath. I LOVE motherhood but not pregnancy. I am amazed by people who feel great while pregnant and get thicker hair and nails etc. I don’t “do” pregnancy well at all but sure do love the end result.

    No advice on gender reveal, I let it be a surprise.

  40. Oh and I second the comment abbount acupuncture. It helped take the edge off the nausea for me and I was soooo nauseous up until the day I delivered. I weighed less the day I delivered than the day I became pregnant, that’s how sick I was for 9 months. The acupuncture left me with a noticeable difference. After about 5 or 6 treatments (I think?) in 1st tri I then went back just a couple more times later in pregnancy because the benefits of it hit a plateau.

    It was worth every penny!

  41. We had no intention of doing a gender reveal but when we found out we were so excited we decided to tell everyone by making cupcakes with blue icing. We took a picture of the cupcake next to the Sonogram pictucre and sent it out. It was a lot of fun!

  42. Second tri is awesome.
    We took Bradley classes and liked it. It was a big commitment but we loved being around other pregnant people, relaxation practice daily is your HOMEWORK (and really helped me in labor), we learned a LOT, especially my husband, and it was crazy to look up at the end of it all and realize how much closer we were to birth. I thought it was well worth it.
    We announced with cupcakes 🙂 It was so fun http://culinarybliss.blogspot.com/2011/05/rhubarb-berry-crisp-plus-gardening-and.html

  43. Kath, I had to drive 45+ minutes each way for my Bradley class and it was WELL worth it. (Even toward the end when I had horrible lower back pain that made even a few minutes in the car unpleasant!) I 100% credit my medication-free birth to having taken that class. I really don’t think you will be as prepared if you just read the books (although they are great books). But, whatever option you end up choosing, I think you have the right attitude – to try your best at going med-free but understanding of the fact that things happen, and the most important thing in the end is a healthy baby! Good luck, and congratulations!

  44. I had a wonderful HypnoBirth. I loved it so much- I took the classes to become an instructor and am working on becoming certified. The philosophy is that birth is a natural process for our bodies and you can have a more comfortable birth by helping your body go into relaxation (instead of going into the fear-tension-pain cycle). I took Hypnobirthing classes over Bradley because I didn’t like that Bradley philosophy was about managing your labor and how to deal with the pain and it was something I needed to be coached in. I believed (and still do!) that birth is a natural, normal process that are bodies are designed to do. It didn’t have to be a horrible experience- my birth was quite the opposite! It was a wonderful, beautiful time. There are classes in your area: http://www.birthingplace.com/Hypnobirthing-.html

    You can see some excellent videos on YouTube if you search for hypnobirth or hypnobirthing. You can also read the book Hypnobirthing by Marie Mongan to get a great idea what it is all about, before you decide to take classes. Good luck! If you want to go natural, all you really need is to believe in yourself and your body. There is no trying, only doing! 🙂

  45. I really like reading this blog! A lot of the bloggers that I follow are quite newly pregnant as well, but they tend to only share the good parts about pregnancy. I like that you’re sharing both the ups and the downs. It makes it a lot more human!

  46. With my first child, all I did was read the Bradley Method book. I wasn’t able to attend a class because my husband was deployed and I didn’t have anyone who would really be my “coach”. The book was really informative for me and taught me a lot. Anyways, I had a completely natural childbirth with just the knowledge from that book. For my other two children, I’ve just reviewed important parts of the book to help me feel prepared and of course those births were natural too.

  47. I don’t mean to be nitpicky, but I don’t like the sound of a “gender” reveal. It’s really the sex of the baby that you’re finding out. The gender part comes after the baby is born and is part of society and gender roles. I’m picky about grammar and semantics, and these get messed up all the time. 🙂

    1. I actually thought this was just some new term. I thought it was sex, but everyone says gender. I thought it was just a softer word (cause of..sex and all).

      1. Technically, sex is biological and gender is identity. For example, someone can look like a male (sex) but identify themselves as a female (gender). For the majority of people, they identify themselves as what they biologically are, but it isn’t always the same. If that makes sense.

        1. I took a class called Gender & Society, so we discussed lots of the different aspects of this in college. It just seemed that using gender was more politically correct or something, but I can see how it’s also inaccurate.

    2. I was just going to comment on that 🙂 You won’t know the gender until your kid grows up and can start figuring things out on his/her own. In the rare cases that sex and gender don’t match up, the less emphasis you put on gender, the happier your kid will be.

  48. Since it seems like you are doing a belly shot picture/post for every day of pregnancy, it would be cool to do a time lapse photo video at the end!

  49. gender reveal: Just in case you don’t want to eat a whole cake — Have the tech put the gender of the baby in a closed envelope, then go to your favorite baby shop. Pick out your favorite blue outfit and your favorite pink one. Hand the envelope to the cashier, have her open it, pick the corresponding outfit, and wrap it without you ever seeing.

    Then open the present in front of your family on Skype 🙂

  50. Hi Kath,

    I don’t know if this is a real issue for you or not, but I feel like you mention alcohol (and how much you miss it) A LOT! You even allude to the fact that your lack of alcohol consumption may have something to do with the fact that you’re not feeling well. I am not saying you are alcoholic or anything close to that, but you should be aware of how much you mention alcohol, and how it comes across. I feel like it is a little much considering your healthy way of life, and more the kind of dialogue I would hear from my college-age roommates!

    Just FYI.

    1. I don’t think I’ve mentioned anything about not feeling well associated with it? As much as I love beer + wine, I didn’t drink that much on a regular basis. I rarely ever get drunk. I don’t feel any biological cravings associated with it. But it’s part of our lifestyle and culture in our household, so it was a big thing (the only thing, really) to have to give up for so long.

      1. “My appetite and nausea is so unpredictable. The only thing that is predictable: I do well in the mornings and not-so-good in the evenings. Maybe my body just misses 5:00 cocktail hour”

        Maybe a joke, but the jokes have been extremely frequent when it comes to drinking lately

    2. It’s interesting that alcohol here in the US can have such a negative connotation at times. In Mexico, for example, where my mother is from, I notice that it is considered a big part of enjoyment and celebration of life. Here, alcohol consumption is much more scrutinized, and it creates a very negative connotation of something that when consumed responsibly, actually brings many people enjoyment and refreshment. I enjoy hearing about Kath’s love of “cocktail hour” – it’s that wonderful time of day when you gather with your family and friends to relax, talk about the events of the day and life in general, and enjoy some interesting conversation and laughs before dinner time. It’s very much a part of my family’s culture, too, and I love it. In no way does her mention of alcohol remind me of college kids – to me it demonstrates a well-balanced, and practical woman who enjoys a healthy, happy, fun life! Cheers!

  51. Don’t feel alone! My 9 months of sickness sure made for one long and grueling pregnancy. Just take one day at a time, that is all you can do! I’ll have a one year old little boy come Sunday! I will tell you this…..I will think long and hard before #2 comes along. I just don’t know if I can be sick for so long again. As far as childbirth classes, I highly recommend taking one with your husband. We took one at the hospital and it was pretty basic, but our instructor was awesome. She was nurturing, yet very honest and informative. If you have questions about the “procedure” or “chain of events” of the whole process, the class will lay it all out. It calmed my fears, explained options to us (from c-sections to medications) and more than anything, the class really helped my husband. I loved how they focused on talking to me as the “Mother” and my husband as the “Partner” and what all he could do to help me and the baby during the process of childbirth. I don’t think a book could give you the same experience. It was nice to see my husband interact with other “Dads” in the class who were also pretty apprehensive about it all!

    1. I second this about the hospital class. I thought the hospital class was good for helping you understand all of the possibilities, so that no decision, intervention, etc was foreign when you walked into the hospital. That was a comfort to me.

  52. I took the classes our local hospital offered. The ‘birthing’ class was very basic. I was disappointed because I had already read everything that was presented. I think I checked out every pregnancy/birthing book at my library:) My husband, having not read any books, enjoyed the information. The breastfeeding class was great though. Not so lecture style like the birthing class– more q&a. I learned so much from that class- more than any book could of provided. So much goes out the window though during delivery to ensure safety for both mother and child, so I feel trusting your dr is key but it doesn’t hurt to be super educated.

  53. I have 3 kids (twins and a singleton). I was on bed rest for my twin pregnancy so I couldn’t take a childbirth class and baby A was breech anyway so I had to have a c-section. Early in my pregnancy my husband and I took a baby care class at our hospital and we rented the Happiest Baby on the Block DVD. Both of those were really helpful for my husband who had never held a baby or changed a diaper before our kids were born. With my son I was set on having a VBAC and thought I might be interested in a drug free delivery after watching the Business of Being Born. I didn’t take a class, but I read two books that were REALLY helpful. Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth and BabyCatcher- by a midwife in Berkeley CA. What I loved about them was the birth stories. I was terrified of childbirth so reading story after story and hearing how each one is different and individual, but all have common markers within them was so interesting and comforting to me. I also read Birthing From Within and Calm Birth and found those less helpful, but with some good info. Last, my friend taught me this pressure point on the shelf of the pelvic bone at the lower spine. If you get on all fours and Matt stands behind you and with the bottom of his palm just above his wrist pushes up on that shelf toward your spine while applying downward pressure, the pain in your back and pelvis disappears. It is MAGIC. My husband did it late in my pregnancy and it took all the pressure off my lower back and pelvis and it was heaven. He also did it during my labor and it worked then too as long as I could stay in a bent position over a birth ball or my bed. Those first two books discussed with my husband and that pressure point helped me have an easy beautiful drug free VBAC. The labor and delivery nurses and my doctor also walked me through each step and my husband did not coach me, he just stood up for me and spoke for me when I was in my own zone and didn’t want to answer hundreds of questions. He was such great supportive partner by being there and holding my hand and taking care of me.

    Breastfeeding classes are worthwhile too and be sure to request a lactation consultant when you are in the hospital just to make sure you and your baby learn the proper latch!

  54. I know you’re friends with Caitlin and just read that she is going to save and eat her placenta!! Wow. Any plans to do the same? I’m sure it makes sense to a lot of people but ugh, I can’t stomach the thought. I have friends who kept theirs to plant but I saw mine being delivered with my second son and was like, TAKE IT AWAY!!!!

    1. YES! I don’t think I could eat it, but I really want to encapsulate. I listened to a Pregtastic about this and the benefits seemed incredibly worth it.

        1. I just read CaitlinHTP’s post about this…very interesting! I knew people did it, but I’ve never really heard the details of how it’s done before.

          Have you given any thought to cord blood banking? Not sure if you can do this if you’re eating/encapsulating the placenta (don’t know if you use the whole thing or not).

            1. Yes, it is very expensive! It used to work at a place that did the storage for cord blood. It’s one of those things that you’re not likely to need, but it’s priceless if you do need it!

              1. My aunt told me that insurance would cover it, which I find hard to believe, but I’m going to look into

      1. It could be, but my doula suggested that since it was a waste organ and the body expels it we might not want to consume it. And I don’t think any studies have conclusively shown it to be helpful (ditto for harmful though!)
        If that’s something you really want be sure it’s in your birth plan. I didn’t even get to see mine!

      2. maybe non-mom dumb moment here, but what do you do with the capsules if you aren’t eating the placenta? Are they saved for something specific? Or just like a keepsake like baby’s teeth (ew!)

        1. You wouldn’t encapsultate unless you were going to ingest them 🙂 You do eat them! But a pill is….easier to swallow…than placenta smoothie. The hormones are very helpful for recovery, PPD, milk production, etc.

          1. I can see the VitaMix video now:
            “And here we are mixing placenta + a handful of kale. Quick whirl of the vitamix & voila! Super human smoothie for super moms everywhere”
            I think there is an advertising deal in there for someone, somewhere. 😉
            (joking, of course)

  55. Your pregnancy is going by super fast for me 🙂 Though when I was pg, sometimes it did drag…I think when I didnt feel well it really moved slowly… I also had some morning sickness, nausea etc. Not every day, all day the entire PG but I certainly did have it and it felt like the most annoying hangover that wouldnt go away! We didnt do a class…we did an orientation at the hospital we were delivering at but not an actual labor class. All turned out fine. Well, the first child, as expected, was a longer labor and much harder, then our second was a breeze and only about 6 hours. I had read a ton, and felt quite ready. I think do what works for you and it will all be great. I also didnt have a lot of expectations – ie, I will not use drugs, I will soak in a hot tub, I will do yoga poses, etc. I just wanted a safe delivery, with a healthy baby and mom at the end, and thats what we got!

  56. For our first child, we wanted to be surprised to know what gender it was going to be, so we did not find out. I thought that I was going to have a boy. But when the baby arrived, they said, “It is a girl!” I was sooo happy! But being on meds and half out of it, I asked the doctors if they were sure it was a girl, since I thought in my mind for so long that it was going to be a boy (LOL) I was happy either way, though 🙂

    For our second child on the way, we are definitely going to find out the gender.


  57. I remember thinking the exact same thing – “why does no one talk about how AWFUL pregnancy nausea is!” and hating being pregnant, which made me sad after wanting a baby for so long. But I can happily say that the sickness went away at 17 weeks and I now LOVE being pregnant.

  58. I HATED pregnancy, but I love being a mom and can’t wait for the second one. (did not feel the same way with the first 3 months of baby however because those months were awful).

    1. look at the bradley website for classes. I think they list some individual instructors and you could even get someone to come to your house for private classes if it came to that.
    2. Your doula will surely be able to help you find a good class
    3. gender reveal- don’t find out at the ultrasound. Have the tech right it on a piece of paper. Go to Janie & Jack or another fun baby clothing store and pick out a boy outfit and a girl outfit. Have the salesperson ONLY look at the piece of paper and wrap the outfit before you look at it. Go home to your family on video skype and open!
    4. The middle of pregnancy will fly, the end will go slow again

  59. Personally I wonder how many women out there actually LOVE being pregnant. Though I have never been, I would imagine it is not as high as people might think. I think a lot of people feel like they should love it because there seems to be this impression that loving being pregnant is in some way superior and being more in touch with your body or more committed to the idea of having a baby. I would wonder if some people who say they love it are in fact exaggerating it.

    I will also say though that I think writing a blog specifically about pregnancy probably makes any emotion (positive or negative) seem stronger because you’re spending much more time focusing on it than you otherwise would. After all, it means spending more time reflecting on things and more opportunity to re-read previous experiences and realize how good/bad they were. I would imagine it makes it harder to keep your mind off these things and could make it really easy to fixate them. (Not saying you are fixating, just that it would make it harder not to.)

  60. hi kath, i’ve been a long time reader on KERF but am i first time commenter. congrats to you and matt!
    i have 2 daughters (2.5 years and 7 months). i highly HIGHLY reccommend a breastfeeding class. (in addition to reading books about it.) breastfeeding can be challenging in the beginning and it really really helps to have a lot of knowledge going in. also, i encourage matt to take it with you as well. i know that sounds wierd at first, but the hospital where i took my class reccommended it and i’m so glad they did! my husband ended up being a huge help and support to me in those first few days.
    i noticed that an above commenter mentioned happiest baby on the block. my husband and i both read the book and it was a lifesaver!

  61. I am due Sept 17 with my second child, so I’m following your journey closely! I had a doula and a natural childbirth in a hospital with my daughter. I read lots of natural childbirth books. Off the top of my head, Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth (what I remember as being most helpful in boosting my confidence in natural childbirth) and Husband Coached Childbirth (Bradley Method) were my favorites from what I can remember. My doula was a Bradley teacher, but I didn’t end up taking any Bradley classes. After doing lots of research on hypnosis for childbirth, I ended up doing the Hypnobabies home study course, and am planning to do the same thing for my second birth. Hypnobabies lived up to what I’d read about it in that it seems to take the best of both Bradley and Hypnobirthing preparations, and combines them. I was somewhat skeptical going into it, but felt that I’d committed myself so I followed through, and I feel that it was very successful for me. I felt very informed of the birth process and what was happening with my body, as well as possible medical situations and interventions that might be offered (and how to make informed choices on them), and how to keep myself relaxed and on track so that the birth had the best chance of progressing in an ideal fashion. I will have a midwife this time so not sure if I’ll also have a doula again or not. But I had a good experience the first time! And yes, definitely don’t wait to interview doulas, it’s an intimidating process, but the really good ones book up fast, and I’m so glad I had one!

  62. oh! also wanted to mention a few cute ideas i have seen for gender reveal. opening a box and having blue or pink balloons come out. cutting a cake and having the cake be pink or blue inside. maybe matt could figure out something along those lines at the bakery?

  63. There is an organization that you may have heard of called Birth Matters VA (they have a facebook page), and they provide some great breastfeeding, childbirth, and parenting resources. I attended a BirthWorks International class to prepare for my natural childbirth (after having one with an induction and epi I really wanted to go natural). The BirthWorks class was fantastic. My husband and I were so well prepared, and so calm about it all- excited YES, but definitely not scared or worried in the least. BirthWorks is http://www.birthworks.org, maybe they have a class around you. One thing that definitely doesn’t (in my humble opinion) help a first time mother, is watching those Birth Story shows on tv. Nearly every woman on the show has something crazy happen, or some kind of intervention…. it brings in good ratings. But normal birth is virtually never shown. You are highly likely to have a normal birth, especially being as healthy, prepared and proactive as you are. Not sure if you are into that sort of show, but just thought I’d warn you! 🙂

  64. I think I really popped at about 16 weeks…. and I’m starting to feel huge even tho I’m only 23 weeks now!

    We found out the sex of our baby right before Valentine’s Day so we sent cards with cute “its a girl” confetti we found at Michaels. Our family and friends loved it despite the mess. we figured it was a preemptive strike for when they buy her noisy toys!!

    And we can’t afford a Bradley class so we are just reading the book.

    And I don’t think you talk about alcohol too much…. I miss it too!!!

  65. Pregnancy IS challenging…even if you have a normal one it’s not easy. But you will hopefully start feeling better soon, and once the bump is more pronounced you feel less self conscious….but it does take awhile before you look very pregnant. Kath, you will probably do such a great job educating yourself that a basic childbirth class would be plenty. I read so much about births and other bloggers birth stories that I felt very prepared for potential scenarios. Just keep yourself healthy and strong. Labor is very physical so just keep moving doing your pregnancy and you will have a great labor and recovery.

  66. We took the basic hospital class, which was just okay. The breastfeeding class through the hospital was awesome though. I spent hours researching natural childbirth and ended up needing to be induced at 42 weeks. I almost wish I hadn’t prepared so much; perhaps I wouldn’t have felt so much like I missed out?

    After the cord stopped pulsing and LilBits had what she needed, we were able to donate the rest of the cord blood and placenta to Leukemia research. Best birth decision I made.

  67. I don’t know much about childbirth (don’t have kids!) but if there is a class where you will get valuble information that you can afford, I really think that 40 minutes once a week isn’t that big a deal. My drive to work in LA is 45 minutes each way – every single weekday! Just hope that you don’t sacrifice what could be an awesome class and information for your baby for a pretty small inconvenience.

    Good luck with everything! Glad to see your nausea is (hopefully) starting to subside!

  68. So helpful to read your blog and everyone’s comments. The only close friend I have who has been pregnant was not sick or tired at all, so it’s nice to read about some other people who were or are like me…Looking at all your pictures on KERF of lovely vegetable filled meals had been filling me with longing to eat that way again and I’ve been thinking about trying your magic medicine. But then, today, TADA..suddenly I was craving and could eat a salad! It had to have shrimp and lots of salty Italian salad dressing on it, but still.

    I remember seeing my science teacher’s wife’s placenta in high school. They froze it for awhile. I am very very grateful to placentas, but I have no desire to see one again. Planting it by a tree does sound nice, but if something happened to the tree then I would worry about something happening to the kid. Hmm…I think I will leave it.

  69. You know, I had a relatively easy pregnancy (aside from constant heartburn, regular constipation, and persistent nerves about miscarrying due to a previous miscarriage), but I can say with certainty that I am not one who enjoys it. Now that my son is here and we’re considering one (or two or three) more, I look at pregnancy as a means to an end!

  70. I have had 2 natural child birth experiences. One in the hospital and one at home (yay!). And what I can say of the classes that helped me the MOST was prenatal yoga! It taught me a lot about controlling my breath and using it as a tool to push through pain. The child birth classes were good for learning about the stages of birth, but I could have gotten this info from a book or online sources. They birth classes also did some breathing technique which I was way past since I had been doing the prenatal yoga. I found that the best and most useful class I took was the breastfeeding class. I highly reccommend that and the prenatal yoga!!

  71. Kath,

    I love reading your posts! It’s great to read about your experiences, as I think we’re only one week apart…I’m 16 weeks :). I am finally getting over the nausea/reflux/fatigue, and just started feeling some kicks. This part of the pregnancy is really fun and I hope you are feeling better too!

    I just started my own blog and have some pregnancy posts on there :). Still trying to figure out the kinks with the website.

    Happy second trimester! Maura

  72. For our “sex” reveal (haha apparently we aren’t supposed to call it gender anymore…), I lied to my family and said the ultrasound was a week later than it really was. We were celebrating my dad’s birthday a couple days after the ultrasound so I offered to make the cake. We got through eating the meal without accidentally blurting it out (I was really scared I was going to!) and while we were eating I had everyone make their official guesses on whether it was a boy or girl. After we ate, I brought the cake out and told them we already had the ultrasound and the inside of the cake would tell them if it was a boy or girl. So we sang happy birthday really quick and cut into the cake. It was so fun! I loved that I could be there when everyone found out and see their reactions, which is something I wouldn’t have been able to see if we waited until birth since my husband would have gone out to the waiting room to tell everyone soon after the birth. It was still a surprise to find out what we were having at the ultrasound. Especially because I thought it was a girl for sure and it’s a boy! And I think finding out the sex has helped me “bond” with the baby because I can say “he” instead of “it” and call him by his name. Just my thoughts on it since I saw some were disappointed that you were finding out 🙂

    I didn’t think I would be so nauseous either. I always thought I would have morning sickness for some reason, but I thought I would feel nauseous in the morning, throw up and then go on with the rest of my day like normal and that it would end at 12 weeks. Not at all! I actually don’t know that many people that were nauseous during pregnancy. Most of the people I talk to say they didn’t have it at all. It’s so strange. I also think that you just kind of start forgetting how horrible it was. I am in my third trimester now and really have to think hard to remember what it was like in the first trimester. I’m sure in a couple years I will barely remember it at all… I think maybe it’s nature’s way of making sure we keep having babies. During the first trimester I thought there was no way I would do this again and now I’m already starting to plan when I want the next one 🙂 (p.s. sorry for the novel…)

  73. I didn’t take any classes, read several books, and was able to give birth to my son naturally and continue to breastfeed exclusively without classes in that either. I knew with all of the reading I did leading up to birth that I had a pretty good base of knowledge. I also knew that I get annoyed in a classroom setting when I feel like I already know most of the material. I think the most helpful book i read was Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth because it included lots of birth stories in addition to advice to help labor move along more easily. The key point i remembered from this book is that when your vocal cords are relaxed and open, your cervix is more likely to relax and open. Making lots of noise (singing, moaning etc.) helped me a lot through the whole process.

  74. Kath, just starting to buy maternity clothes and i can’t find much of a selection. I’ve tried Target, Old Navy, and a Motherhood store. Where have you shopped?

  75. Just tonight I saw a very cute professional shot of a couple opening a big box that said “Boy or Girl” (the appropriate colored balloons popped out). It was very cute.
    I will get back to you on good labor books (I recommended Husband Coached Childbirth on another post). I also read Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, a lot. I wasn’t necessarily going to follow an all natural birth, but I found the stories very inspiring (and educational) to read. http://www.amazon.com/Ina-Mays-Guide-Childbirth-Gaskin/dp/0553381156

  76. I so look forward to see how you and your life would change (positively) after the presence of your baby. I just can’t help but feel so thrilled for you!

  77. For me, in the aftermath of giving birth to my first, etc.. I think I realized the most useful thing about the books and classes is just making me FEEL prepared. Does that make sense? I took all the breastfeeding, childcare, breathing, birthing, etc classes through my local hospital and when I went into labor and actually came to needing all that information I felt very calm because I felt prepared. I think feeling prepared is half the battle, even if you can never really truly be prepared for what is to come, since everyone is different. But, knowledge is power as long as you go into it also being flexible. As your doctor mentioned- his main goal is to deliver your baby safely. So you have to be prepared to be flexible. Best wishes!

  78. I didn’t take classes. I read “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”, which is pretty basic. Two easy deliveries. 1st baby 8 hours (epidural), 2nd baby 2 hours (nothing). I didn’t really want to take classes as I’d already heard enough “horror” stories from “friends” and didn’t want to know any more. I figured the baby was coming regardless of classes or not 🙂 You look adorable. And your positive outlook and sunny disposition is wonderful. I hated being pregnant….

  79. I went to regular basic prenatal class and I don’t think a book could have giving me that much information. Primarily because you get to share with other moms, you talk to a nurse every week, you get to practice breastfeeding with a doll and a fake nipple (I KNOW!), they teach you how to wrap a baby with a blanket, put on a diaper, etc. It’s very hands on. There’s also breathing techniques shown, massages, etc. I LOVED my class and I think it’s a must for every new mothers. Granted, every class is different, but mine was very helpful and informative.

    I felt nauseous the first 20 weeks of my pregnancy. I took diclectin (drug sold in Canada) and it helped a lot. Then, boom, 20th week came and I felt like my old self again. The next 20 weeks were just wonderful and I love every bit of my pregnancy fro then on. The baby started kicking, moving around. I was showing so people were extra nice to me. I think I felt the baby moving around week 14 or 15, it feels like eyelashes brushing your hand. Like a butterfly flying around. It’s so strange yet amazing at the same time.

    During week 17, I felt my very first real kick! I was driving back home from work and BAM! A big kick right in the middle of my stomach! I cried right there! 🙂

  80. Sorry, no help on the childbirth classes! We went to the hospital one and it was veerrryyy basic! But I also didn’t attempt natural childbirth so it was fine for me in that regard.
    For the gender reveal, we set up our family on Skype and then we had two balloons, one blue and one pink. I held one and hubby held one and we popped the one that was NOT the gender. This was easy for everyone to see and share in at the same time. We revealed the baby’s name at the same time.

  81. Classes on DVD! My hubby and I were given the DVD called Laugh and Learn About Childbirth and we loved the classes 🙂 you can order the DVD online…there is a breastfeeding one too!

  82. I had read so much about pregnancy and childbirth before I went to the classes that they were pretty boring. I hope you find a good one in C’ville.

    A lot of things about pregnancy you forget after awhile. Your blog is a good thing so that you can remember. Women forgetting is how god insured the continuation of the species 😉

  83. I won’t be making any recommendations because my pregnancy and childbirth experience was in 1987. Things have changed just a little since then.

  84. Hey!! I didn’t read through all the comments, so I don’t know if anyone has mentioned these DVDs yet or not…. I borrowed the ‘Laugh & Learn about Childbirth’ DVD from a co-worker and we have really enjoyed it so far! The lady talks kind of fast, but it has been REALLY informative and I feel like I am getting about the same info as I would in a live class. We signed up for a baby care class (SUPER basic) and I am taking a breast feeding class next week. Here is the link to the Laugh & Learn DVD–> http://www.laughandlearn.com/sheris-classes

    I wanted to hire a doula, but the ones in this area cost $700 bucks!! So we bought a DSLR camera instead (finally!) 🙂

  85. Hi Kath-

    Even though I am now pregnant with my 5th baby, I LOVE reading these posts. So cool and so informative!! I am now into mid 14th week and I am dying to know what are in your green smoothies pictured above? I know its been a while since this was posted but I am in need of some new ideas and there are still days where I don’t have a great tasted for anything!! Thanks for your help 🙂

    1. I usually make them with banana, baby spinach, oats, milk and almond butter. You can’t taste the spinach at all! Just put in a handful of everything plus a cup or so of milk. Or search the net for “green smoothie” and you’ll find some exact recipes : )

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