15 Months


15 months has passed us already and my little man is just growing up so fast. He understands so much these days “Let’s go ride your bike!” or “Time for a bath” and he knows exactly what to do. He is starting to talk more too, and we get so excited when he learns a new word you would think he had learned to multiply already! His sign language is outstanding, and he has learned more and more signs lately. Especially thanks to these two books.


  1. All done
  2. More
  3. Eat
  4. Water
  5. Milk
  6. Bib
  7. Cereal
  8. Bread
  9. Cheese
  10. Ice cream
  11. Hot
  12. Apple
  13. Banana
  14. Orange
  15. Moon
  16. Sleepy
  17. Blanket
  18. Book
  19. Stars
  20. Bath
  21. Toothbrush
  22. Quiet
  23. Hug/Love
  24. Fish
  25. Bunny (Cheddar Bunnies!)
  26. Up
  27. Stretch
  28. Hat
  29. Please
  30. Thank you


  1. Mama
  2. Dada
  3. Mmmmm (=hungry, does that count!?)
  4. At (cat and all animals)
  5. Isth (this)
  6. Dath (bath)
  7. Outside (out. siiiiiide)
  8. Nano (no)
  9. Nana (banana)
  10. Frwog (frog)
  11. Foot (fruit)
  12. Bawl (ball)
  13. Hat
  14. Hi
  15. Hide
  16. Sit

Animal Sounds

  1. Cow
  2. Bird
  3. Pig
  4. Duck
  5. Elephant (spits!)
  6. Lion/bear (growls)
  7. Dinosaur ( roars <—hilarious)
  8. Cat (nyow, only once)
  9. Dog (woo, only once)


He has also gotten good at stacking blocks! He impressed some friends of ours by stacking 7 in a row at a party recently. Although I’ll say that was the one and only time he’s done that many.


Other news….

-He can now kiss on command with little puckered lips and it’s the sweetest thing ever.

-When asked to do his “Happy Feet” he stomps his feet around


-He has figured out how to climb on things like our ottoman, couch and chairs which have introduced a whole new set of dangers. I can’t really child proof by taking out the couch, so we’ll just have to do our best to teach him not to fall.

-He LOVES apples and eats them whole. Sometimes seeds, core and all. Tell me apple seeds aren’t really bad…


-HE HAS A MOLAR!! We were laughing one day and I saw a big white blob in there. I knew he was teething (as evidenced by his super rosy cheeks and finger in mouth) but I didn’t know it was molar time! I was very relieved because he handled it without too much grumpiness, so I’m hopefully that molar teething won’t be the Worst Thing Ever. We are working really hard on brushing teeth, but that continues to be a struggle.

-He knows how to tickle back!

-Like every toddler we have our moments. We’ve struggled with tantrums and throwing food. I recently read Harvey Karp’s Happiest Toddler on the Block and highly recommend it. Great back to basics tips and advice. The Toddler-ese language he recommends seems to be helping a bit.


-M has gotten really good about reading books. We read twice a day before nap and bedtime for 15 minutes or so and he loves the activity. The Llama Llama books are one of our favorites and M can do all the motions in Llama Llama Hoppity Hop. He’s started reading to himself some too, which is so darling. You know when they sneak away and are quiet it can’t be good news, but I found him with his door closed reading one day recently! We also put a book in his crib for naptime if he’s having a hard time wanting to go to sleep and it works like a charm to settle him down and get sleepy.


-He still loves being outside, and I try to have play time in our yard or a park everyday for at least 15 minutes, hopefully longer (but the cold limits our time these days). I can’t wait for spring!


-He has learned to knock on doors that are closed and close doors himself.

-We still have quite a picky eater, but I think that’s just par for the course right now. He has learned to use a spoon much better so we’ve done a ton more meals with spoons. This little sweet potato pack dates back to when he was on purees and I bought some to have in case I couldn’t make my own, and he played with it for months in his drawer in the kitchen before I finally thought – maybe he should get to eat it! He loved it.



Sadly some of the foods I have been really excited for him to try he hasn’t really liked: chili, minestrone soup, mac and cheese ( <—what the heck!?)


-He is big on saying MAMA all the time now, and he’s definitely started having some separation anxiety. I am honored he likes me so much : )

  • Weight: 29 pounds 4 ounces
  • Height: 31.5 inches
  • Teeth: 8.5
  • Naps: 1 at noon, about 2 hours
  • Nightime sleep: 11-12 hours straight through
  • Totally weaned.

Totally cute!


29 thoughts on “15 Months”

  1. The best part is the 11-12 hours night time sleep!!! The words will start flying out now that he has such a good base! One of the cutest babies/almost toddlers ever! Happy New Year to you all! x

  2. Have you tried dipping a toothbrush in applesauce? We let our little guy ” play” with it for a few days and now brushing teeth is easy peasy! You can put the toothbrush in the dishwasher to clean off any applesauce.

  3. Kath he is so cute and very smart. Apple seeds are supposedly posiness to humans. Look it up to be sure but I have heard they are. But if he eats them all the time and is fine they must not be too bad.

  4. Enjoying your baby tips! I have a 5 month old and used your sleep training post for encouragement to get through it! Pretty successful overall but naps are still not the greatest. Hoping one day it clicks more!

    When did you start doing sign language and when was he able to really start picking it up? I would love to do this with my son.

    1. Start signing when they are born! The earlier the better! Just like talking to your baby…you don’t wait until they are 9 months to start talking to them. You start the day they are born. It’s just another form of communication, like speaking.

      1. I was really hard for us to remember so we just picked two to work on earlier (more and all done)and when he got those we did a lot more. But if you can remember then I agree!

    2. Baby Signing Time is an excellent resource. The videos are fun to watch with lots of music and are calming. My almost 3 year old has about 75 signs. Since I’ve been back to work he doesn’t use them as consistently as I would like but he uses them. He has also seen a lot of sign in his life, I’m fluent in sign, with Deaf friends, and am hard of hearing myself. I’ve gotten a hard time about his signing though because many claim it delays speech, in my opinion it doesn’t, it develops speech, when one language forms so with the other. I work with severely handicapped teenagers and have seen the introduction of sign change their lives, so kudos to you for teaching your child, it’s a wonderful benefit to him in the long run. Teach them early, you would be amazed at 6mo olds being able to sign, but I also know what’s it’s like to have a 6 mo old and without a supportive environment it’s hard to take care of anything extra like signing.

      1. It absolutely does NOT delay speech (as a speech pathologist it annoys me to no end when people say it delays speech!). I wish I was fluent in sign like you, but alas I’m only semi-proficient.

    1. We had a private lesson but you can really just get started by googling common baby signs. Those books on baby signs were great too. Going to do a post about it

  5. I’m so torn on what to do with baby teeth! Our son is 7 1/2 months old and he has almost four teeth (his cheeks get rosy too when he is teething, so we always know it is coming!) I just wash his mouth out with a baby wash cloth when I feed him his evening solids. I hope that’s good enough. Our ped wasn’t very concerned but I’ve read elsewhere about using a toothbrush and maybe toothpaste. Do we do fluoride or not? so confusing 🙂 Mazen is adorable.

  6. Charlie doesn’t like macaroni and cheese either! I was shocked, because he loves cheese, and pasta, but…I guess not together?

  7. Our little ones are a day apart in age and I read about your labor on Twitter while recovering from mine – so fun to follow Mazen’s growth. Quite an impressive list of signs he knows – wow! Love seeing his happy feet. All the best in 2014!

  8. Thanks for a great post kath! What is mazens bedtime and wakeup time? Also could you share how you knew to make the 2-1 nap transition? Thanks for your time!!!

    1. He goes to bed at 7 and gets up around 6:30-7. I just dropped the naps and tried to push the remaining one up so he would compromise on the wake time. He did really well.

  9. Hey Kath .. your son is really adorable . he is really cute .. many of my friends have son who are of same age but they are very naughty but i found your’s very cute and sensible

  10. I just love catching up on your little guy! I’m just now catching up on blog reading (and trying to write one of my own) as my baby is 5.5 months and I am getting the hang of things. We are just starting sleep training, and I love reading your previous posts about that topic.

  11. Wow, your son is doing so many amazing things! My little boy just turned 14 months and just made a bunch of breakthroughs in the last 2 weeks (walking everywhere, stacking his rings, able to use his play piggy bank, started insisting on using his spoon himself but isn’t really great at it yet), but nowhere near what Mazen is doing – sign language, interested in books on his own (mine loves to turn the pages as fast as he can, hah), eating a whole apple?! My son can’t even handle raw apple cut in bites hah. I love reading your posts for inspiration on what to try with him and see what he is really capable of. You have one darling little guy.

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