16 Weeks: Nursery Underway

As I mentioned in this post, we are clearing out the nursery to start with a blank slate.


One question I’m having a hard time answering is: Do I want to create my dream nursery and spend more money and/or time or do I just dress up the room with the essentials and leave it at that. Find some of my preliminary ideas on Pinterest here: http://pinterest.com/katheats/baby/

Perhaps you guys could give me some feedback on nursery decisions or regrets you have.


I’ve been wanting to use gray + yellow + white together in our house for a while, and I think the nursery is my perfect opportunity. I’d love something as an end result like I mentioned in this post, and I absolutely love what Ashley did with Baby Ada’s room – modern and somewhat minimalist and beautifully decorated.

The green walls are staying green. We just had them painted in September and I don’t love the color. But it’s gender neutral and baby friendly, so I don’t think it’s worth the energy to re-paint, even if it would make the room slightly better.


I also love Chevron as a pattern, so I hunted high and low for a gray and white chevron rug and found one at Urban Outfitters – for only $75! It has yet to arrive in the mail, but I’m really hoping the quality and size are what I need for the space. If it works, that’s a huge cost savings and design plus! Results TBA : )



I have a white duvet cover and this pretty quilt. But the quilt doesn’t really go with my theme or colors, so I’m considering getting new bedding. The white is perfectly neutral, but wouldn’t it get dirty in a heartbeat? I might end up nursing a lot in this bed, so I wonder if something more colorful – in our yellow/gray colors or a complementary color or a chevron pattern (one that matches the rug or a contrasting color?) would be better? I love the pillow, so that’s staying!



The closet in the room is an off white and very scuffed. I’d love do what Young House Love did and paint the inside. We have leftover paint from when we painted when we moved in. This can be a total DIY project, but should pregnant women be painting? The paint is low-VOC, but still, should I delegate this to Matt? The closet in general is pretty empty. I’m wondering also if I should get a tallboy dresser to fit inside for more drawer space?



The room has plantation blinds already, which I love. I’m wondering if these need to come down because of the cords? I know that’s a safety concern, but so long as the crib/changing table are no where close by, do you think it’s OK to keep the blinds?

I’d like to do curtains because they make a room cozy, but my modern side says to keep the windows simple with clean lines and save the effort of buying or making some. Thoughts!?



I hate the ugly brown ceiling fan in this room.


I want something pretty and bright. I’ve thought about spray painting the fan white or another fun color or adding a pattern, but I’m already thinking about resale of our house! Won’t that go against the neutrals that a realtor recommends? Should I even be worried about 5 years down the road right now?

Yellow Chevron Lampshade – only $80 from Nest Emporium!


I could also hunt for a nice replacement fixture. I’m leaning towards doing this, as paint will only improve the light so much. And I think a new fixture would really change the room’s mood. Maybe a drum pendant like the above, or one that is more neutral? Matt proved his electrician skills by hanging our dining room light, so I know this would be an easy change if we could just find the right one.

Shelves + Décor

Beautiful nurseries I have seen have lots of attention to detail, but I’m such a clutter-phobe that I worry about adding too much. This room isn’t big! But we probably could use a few more pieces of artwork or décor to fill in the furniture. But I think I’ll worry about this detail once the furniture is in place.


Ahhh the biggest decision to make.

Necessary items include:

  • A crib
  • A dresser with changing table on top
  • A nightstand

Optional items include:

  • A chair or glider (which the room is really too small for and is so expensive that I want to skip this altogether)
  • Bookshelves, wall shelves and/or toy storage boxes or bench [if there is room after necessary stuff is in place?]
  • Dresser/storage system to go in closet

And the options are so overwhelming! I know I want a really modern and simple lines crib. Nothing with curves. My new favorite is this lighter grey Baby Mod crib from Wal-Mart of all places. It’s the same brand that Young House Love bought (thanks for the research!) and got great reviews. AND it’s only $199, but it’s OUT OF STOCK! Otherwise I would have bought it today!  YAY IT’S BACK AND I JUST BOUGHT IT!  Ugggg nevermind it says it’s NOT AVAILABLE. So frustrating.


I know I want a white low dresser with several small drawers and several larger ones that I can put a changing area on top and have more space to the right for baskets/lamp/etc. I’ve thought about searching vintage stores for something with tons of character, but after playing with my friend Holly’s new IKEA dresser, I realized how important smooth gliding drawers are when you quickly need to get out a diaper with one hand. So I think unless I can find an older dresser with awesome gliding drawers, we will look for this new.

IKEA has a great inexpensive option. So does Target [=much shorter drive]

image image

Decisions, decisions!


Too Short, Too Tight

Stroller Stalker


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  1. The one item I could not live with out is our glider. I got the most modern dutalier glider I could find, but its still not my favorite. After all, it is a glider. I can tell you I have spent hours and hours in this glider. When my daughter was a newborn, there were nights I fell asleep with her in that chair. If you don’t have room for it in the nursery, you may want to put it somewhere else in the house. In the beginning it was also much easier to nurse in the glider vs. the bed. Now at 15 months, I still rock her every night before bed. It’s calming and relaxing for both of us, and one of my favorite times of the day. Every baby needs some sort of glider/rocking chair.

    1. We have an arm chair right around the corner in the living room. Do you think the glide feature is reaaaaaly important?

      1. Yes, I really do. It’s really helpful to be able to rock your baby. One of the most challenging aspects of a baby is learning how to settle them down and getting them to sleep. Rocking the baby is usually a winner at some point. And like I said, after a long day and there are some really long days with babies it is relaxing for me and the baby to be able to just sit and rock.

      2. this is the glider we chose. it doesn’t actually look like a glider but it has the gliding motion and you can pop out the foot rest and it reclines in a few different positions! We tried it out at the store yesterday and it’s so comfy! I’ve heard recliners are really important and useful too that’s why we chose this one that was less “recliner” looking. I’m not sure if it comes in any other colours besides Mocha.


        1. also some of the gliders were $599.99 or $699.99!!! I couldn’t believe it. This one was a nice balance at $399.99

      3. YES! I got a glider with a nursing stool and I lived in it for the first 3 months. I still rock her to sleep in it every night.

        1. From my experience you will be MUCH more comfortable nursing in the glider than on the bed. It is so good for nursing, rocking and most likely the place that you will spend the wee hours of the night. We got a wide(er) one and my husband reads to my 2 year old and 10 month old (as long as she lasts) in it every night. In my book it is a must have. The dresser in the closet is a good move too! My 2 year olds clothes still hang above the dresser we have in ours. I would also recommend keeping the fan. Babies LOVE fans. It has kept both of ours occupied (i.e. not trying to roll over or grap a handful of poop!) during diaper changes. It is also a built in noise machine…that nice low hum of the fan is soothing. I love the yellow and grey and all the chevron…very cool! My advice would be to make the nursery what you dream of but spend the money on all the things that can grow with your babies. This is my first post after a year of reading KERF, and now BERF, and I am so happy for you and Matt! Have fun!

          1. Thanks for your first post!!

            Thinking about painting the fan white and the bulb holders oil rubbed bronze

      4. I will chime in and say yes. I have three daughters and some of my favorite memories are rocking with each child. I have never met anyone that regrets buying a chair with the glider/rocker feature.

        1. You don’t really need the bed in there, but you HAVE to have a glider. Maybe even look for one on Craigs List or garage sales if you are worried about the price. Babies LOVE to be rocked.

          1. My big regret with my 1st baby was no glider! I made sure I had one for my 2nd and 3rd babies. You will literally spend all night in it sometimes so get one you love. It’s worth every penny!

          2. Get the glider! As an O.T. – vestibular movement is so important and will allow you to soothe your baby much faster!

            1. I’ll chime in here with a negative for the glider…just to be difficult. My first did not like to be rocked, glided or bounced. She loved to be walked…hours and hours of walking. If we ever sat down she would wake up. She was like this from the first night she was born…I thought she’d grow out of it…or we could ‘train’ it out of her…nope. 11 years later she still has particular sleep habits. On the other hand my second couldn’t care less where she slept or whether we rocked, glided or bounced. So I would have been really ticked if I’d spent that much on something we didn’t really use.

              For our baby stuff we just got the basics to start and then as we needed things we made purchases. There is so much out there that is marketed as ‘must haves’ but really babies only need mommy and daddy. And remember they quickly grow up and you may want the room to suit their personalities and tastes. Make the room enjoyable for you! But don’t go crazy with spending money: they don’t need it and you’ll need it when you’ve put them in soccer or dance. Oh my!

              It’s easy for me to say this because my youngest is 9 and I don’t have the temptations of pretty bedding and colours. Good Luck!

      5. I had always heard this advice about the glider as well, and we bought a nice one from Babies R Us before my daughter was born, but she ended up HATING to be rocked. I did nurse in the chair (which I will agree, as a previous poster said, was much more comfortable for me than on the bed), but unless she was eating, she hated for me to sit. To calm her down or to get her to sleep, all she would tolerate was walking. Endless walking.

        That being said, since you don’t know how your child will react, and it seems that most babies do like rocking, it might be something that is high on your “optional” list, if not a necessity.

      6. I have a recliner, a really really comfy one and I can’t count the hours I have spent in it. It also rocks, that’s very important. I needed a place where I could sit with the baby and sleep sometimes so that we wouldn’t disturb my working husband 🙂 Also I ended up with a surprise c section and there was no way I could get up and down from the bed and nurse the baby for the first couple of weeks. Now it’s nice to rock him to sleep and then put him in his crib. With the chair in his room, it’s easy!

      7. Yes yes and yes. We spent the money and got one that reclines and glides and I would have easily traded every single piece of my nursery for that. Those long nights when baby wants to nurse all the time or sleep in your arms, the fact that you can recline and doze a little while rocking is the best.

  2. take it one step at a time. And I like the dresser on the left it looks nicer and like you could store other items in the top row and clothes in the lower ones. Congrats and happy hunting

  3. I personally love the green walls! Love chevron and the rug is perfect! Maybe have your colors be green, yellow, white and grey– gender neutral and super chic! I think the windows are fine (we have blinds too but childproofed them), but if you want it ‘cute’ maybe add a valance? And paint the ceiling fan– will save you so much money and from watching all those home improvement shows, no one seems to like ceiling fans anyway– even though I love them!:) Can’t wait to see the finished room!

      1. Personally, I don’t think yellow looks good together with the green of the walls. I think a green, white, fawn brown or grey combination would look much better. Either that or paint the walls. Just a suggestion though…

  4. I’m loving your colors and ideas! Great for a boy or girl! I’m all for decorating on a budget. I don’t understand spending a fortune on the “perfect” baby room. The babies couldn’t care less…plus it’s fun to get what you want and save money at the same time! 🙂

  5. I saw this nursery post on another blog just yesterday, and it sounds a lot like what you are describing as your ideal final product. http://iheartorganizing.blogspot.com/2012/03/reader-space-nursery-to-heart.html

    I too spent a lot of time in our rocker/ glider, but unlike most folks we put ours in the living room so that when my husband or I were using it we weren’t quarantined to the nursery. I fondly recall rocking my son while my husband and I caught up on our days. It was great family time. We put a small antique rocking chair in the nursery but it rarely got used and as soon as my son started climbing we had to pull it out of there lest he use it as a surf board…

  6. I think you have a lot of great ideas! My opinion on the room is…go all out and do what your dream nursery! you only have your first baby once! I’m going all out in the nursery (within reason of course) and buying a few things that may not be essentials but I love them and think they’re adorable.
    I think you should paint the fan or do whatever you want with it and I wouldn’t be worried about resale down the road. New buyers can easily switch out a ceiling fan if they didn’t like it.
    I love all your decor ideas! I also saw a cool idea on Pinterest where they covered the back closet wall with a pretty wallpaper! That might be a better idea if you don’t want to paint. It looked really cute with some storage cubes and baskets in the bottom for storage plus the hanging room for little clothes 🙂
    I’m so excited to get the nursery pulled together…we found out yesterday we’re having a BOY! (which I’ve had strong feelings that it was a boy for almost the whole pregnancy!!) so we are thrilled and I’m ready to move ahead on the nursery like NOW. haha Maybe with all of our similar cravings you are having a boy too 🙂 It was the most exciting and thrilling moment to find out the gender!

    1. Congrats in your little man! I’d love to see some of your nursery pics if you don’t mind sharing 🙂

      1. I’d love to share! I’m going a little less modern and a little more whimsical with adorable woodland animal bedding, colourful accents and a cute tree decal for the wall with owls and squirrels.. I also don’t want the room to be too cluttered either though so I’m going to try and avoid that as well lol I also love the modern clean lines look and have tons pinned on Pinterest but decided to go the other way this time. We also have green walls but they are lighter and more olive green I think. So far all we have is the room painted and cleared out but I will share when it’s all put together 🙂

  7. How big is your room? Our nursery is 8×10, and we fit a crib, long dresser, and glider. I agree with #1 – a glider is essential! I don’t rock my baby to sleep (weissbluth style), but I do read her stories and nurse her there. In the middle of the night, feedings go the best when baby is disrupted as little as possible! The less steps the better!

    1. I don’t know the exact dimensions, but it’s not huge. The bed is the problem – without the bed a glider would fit no biggie. But we don’t really want to put the bed in the attic because we might need to use it

      1. We got our glider at Target, and it was a gift. From my experience, the grandparents bought almost all of our big furniture pieces. And I recommend getting a glider that you wouldn’t mind moving to a living room post-babies. Then you see it as an investment in furniture, instead of just baby gear.

        And others definitely don’t approve of this, but I refinished our basement steps (polyurethane and stain! gasp!) when I was preggo. No one else could do it, or would do it right, so it was easier to just do it myself. From what I researched, as long as it is well-ventilated and/or you wear a fume mask, and take breaks, you’ll be fine painting!

          1. Grandparents love gliders or rockers. There must be something that says grandmothers must rock their grandkids whenever they get a chance. Whenever they came to visit you could find them in the glider and the baby.

      2. We ditched the bed when our spare room became a nursery but kept the mattress. We store it under our bed so it’s easy to get at when we have visitors and no one minds if it’s just for a night or two – could you do something like that? Also I’d just go with Green, grey and white and forget the yellow

  8. It looks like your blinds are too tall for the window anyway, due to how much is left at the bottom of the window. Blinds can easily be shortened (Taking out extra slats) so they look better and you can then shorten the strings at the top as well. They shouldn’t be more than a few inches!

      1. Thanks so much for the love for Wilhelmina’s nursery. We had so much fun putting it together and now that she’s here she LOVES all the bright colors! 🙂

  9. Check out consumer reports for crib safety before you purchase one. No problem making a nice investment if you plan to have more children and the child is safe.

    I think the color theme you chose is lovely and the green is complementary. I would add a valance or some dummy panels to the window to carry the theme up the walls.

    And I didn’t find a glider necessary. We had one I never used. I found a comfortable chair and boppy or breast friend pillow and any comfortable place was great for nursing.

      1. Carseats are required to meet the same safety standards, but like cribs, there are some that have increased safety measures beyond what the government regulates. Ease of use is another thing to consider as it doesn’t matter how safe something is if it’s difficult to use the way it is intended.

  10. Hi Kath. I think I’m a few days ahead of you (expecting my fourth – I have 3 girls, 5 year old and 3 year old twins…this pregnancy was an unexpected, but happy surprise and it’s been fun to follow along with you since we are at similar stages.)

    Anyway, I have a few thoughts only b/c you asked – I think you really need a glider. I borrowed one from my sister who is now using hers again and I definitely plan to purchase one, even though this is absolutely my last baby – that’s how important I think it is, even in a small space.

    As for bedding, I recently bought a shabby chic white duvet from Target for my 5 year old and I love it. It’s machine washable, very vintagey and super budget friendly so you might check that out for the bed. Finally, even though you said you aren’t planning to paint, I think you’ll be so happy if you change the green. Considering you don’t love it and you really do love the yellow, gray, white theme, I think you’ll be able to pull it off much better by using one of those colors on the wall. There are paints that are completely safe for pregnant moms but hiring it out isn’t all that much money for the happy return. You will be spending a lot of time in this room and if you don’t like the color now, I think it will really bother you down the road. Just my thought though. Paint is one of the most inexpensive ways to make a huge impact on a space. I saw Genevieve doing a really sweet nursery with this color theme on HGTV so you should check it out. There are some great bumblebee fabrics in that color family (your mom would love that!) and I think a valance on the window that is simple and cleaned lined will warm up the room without taking away from the aesthetic you are going for. Good luck!

  11. I spend way less time in the nursery than I ever thought I would. I would save your money and spend it one other things that you “use” more and that make day to day life with a baby so much better (stroller, carrier, good nursing pillow, etc.)…but that’s just me. I bought a cheap used glider which was nice, but I literally used it twice – I preferred nursing while sitting on the bed, and we decided from day one that we would not rock her to sleep so that we didn’t have a bad habit to break later on, so we didn’t need it.

    It’s the way it is with babies though…things that are indispensable to one mom go unused by others!

  12. I got a rocking chair when my son was born and barely ever used it! If we were home, I was much more comfortable breastfeeding laying down.

    1. With the amount of time you have before baby is here, you can find one very reasonably priced, in my opinion. We got ours for $50 used from a friend. Keep your eyes peeled!

  13. While I had a lot of fun dreaming up ideas for my daughter’s nursery, now that she is 7 months, I kinda feel like it was somewhat of a waste of time. She spends so little time in there because we also have a fairly small room for her! Like some others, a glider ended up being a must have for me and one of the most used items in her nursery. It was really uncomfortable to nurse in bed (back support is just bad unless you spend alot of time arranging pillows which you won’t want to do in the middle of the night!). I hemmed and hawed over the glider and getting the matching ottoman because of the expense, but that is one purchase I do not regret. In terms of basics, I was also happy we spent time organizing her closet with some shelving etc and we ended up getting an Ikea shelving unit and put the changing table on top. It also worked well and was CHEAP!

    For lighting, I’d think about what low level lighting you plan to use when you nurse at night time. You won’t want to wake the baby up completely by having the overhead light on.

  14. I think you should change the paint color if you dont love it. If you don’t love it now, you might regret it as you probably won’t love it later. And speaking of YHL, they would just cut their losses and change a paint color before they continued decorating a room. I think the white, gray, yellow theme you are looking for won’t be as nice and cohesive with those walls. Best of luck.

  15. Re. painting while pregnant: They actually make paint with no VOCs, even better than just low, so you could look into that (though that would be buying something new rather than using what you already have). Whatever type of paint you choose, pick a time when you can open the windows wide while painting, and, ideally, for a day or so after as well.

    I would not invest a lot of money in a “dream nursery,” but I like being frugal and avoiding unnecessary purchases, both for the $ cost and the environmental impact. We’ve made it through our little guy’s first eight months in a 1-bedroom apartment, so there is not a nursery at all.

    1. We have lots of leftover paint from our house move-in, so I’d like to use that. Maybe I can just open all the windows and do it fast?

      1. Hi Kath – my sister and I painted her baby’s nursery while she was pregnant, and she just used low VOC paint, kept the window open, and also wore a mask to help avoid inhaling too many fumes.

        I love your ideas! I have no doubt that it will be a sweet space for the baby. I do have to agree with other comments, however, that the walls would look better in one of your color scheme shades – yellow, white or gray. I just can’t see that shade of green going well with your palette.

        Have fun with the planning!

        1. My doctor just told me (at 29 weeks) its okay as long as I open windows and ventilate the room well. But he also said of course, there aren’t really any conclusive studies out there. This was one thing my husband said that i won’t be doing and he and our friend tackled it in one day. If you have the supplies and a friend to help, I say paint away! We also painted our closet and I recommend that because it looks SO much better! Who knew?!

          Oh and I am with you on the glider. We have a small room, and someone gave us a rocking chair, but i know the glider is the best bet. Esp. reading all of the ladies replies here. I am getting the furniture together in the next week and we are hoping to find a way to get one in there. Check out Walmart, Target and Jcpenny, they have decent prices.

  16. A few things:
    Glider- nice but not essential. I found it great for before the baby was born (my husband would find me in the nursery gliding away while I thought about decorations/ wishing the baby would hurry up and get here). I will say that if you do get one, make sure you get one that you can rest your head comfortably (especially because your husband looks tall). Ours was a smaller/compact glider and so was not comfortable to really rest in because you had no place to rest your head. I would have LOVED one of the big/comfy/fall asleep in types.

    Ceiling Fan- I’d keep it, it’s an easy way to regulate the temperature of baby’s room, even if it’s not attractive. I think fans are recommended for babies rooms.

    Blinds- keep them, and put curtains over. Being able to make it dark in baby’s room at night will make such a huge difference when you’re trying to put them to bed at 7 and it doesn’t get dark till 9. The darkness really helps my baby fall asleep.

    Have fun! and just remember, the baby will be a toddler soon and you’ll want to redecorate into a “big boy/girl” room 🙂

  17. We got that white IKEA dresser for our daughter’s nursery over a year ago. It is perfect! It is a little higher than most dressers (which we like) and it doubles as our changing table (at a nice height). The drawers are nice and deep and we got the appropriately sized drawer dividers/bins at IKEA as well. Everything has its place and is organized. We use one of the small top drawers for diapers, wipes and butt paste (best stuff ever!).

    Regardless, I like the idea of a dresser that can be used as a changing table. Once you’re done with diapers, what do you do with a changing table?!

  18. A glider is definitely a necessity in my opinion. We had twin girls and I spent a lot of time in that glider. As far as the nursery, we went very basic. I wanted to wait until the girls were old enough to enjoy their room. They are 5 now and we just went all out with decorating their room and they were so excited and LOVE it! I think it’s a personal choice, though, and some people really do want to create a “dream nursery”.

  19. SO many choices! It’s good that you are looking already and getting things done- you’re inspiring me to get off my booty and get some stuff done!! ….First step, moving the elliptical out of the nursery. (bummer, I’m sad about this one, I don’t know where we are going to put it…) But the baby needs a place to sleep more than mommy needs a place to run! 🙂

  20. Gliders are $$$ and can be cumbersome, but from what I’ve heard, they really ARE worth it. Our glider was one of our most expensive items, but we got it in a soft gray color so that it could easily be used in years to come in a living room or bedroom. I’ve been doing my work in it since it got to our house– it’s super comfy!!

    We started with a gray and yellow color scheme, and added in more colors from there. Here’s a link to our nursery pics (sorry…I know it’s obnoxious to link to your blog on another person’s blog, but it’s easier than describing all the details!!): http://onannasplate.com/2012/02/29/at-long-last-the-nursery-reveal/

    1. Nooo this is the place to plug your links!! Thanks so much for sharing – your nursery is gorgeous!! I actually really like your glider – it would match our colors perfectly. Can you share where you found it?

      1. Thanks! We got the glider at a local shop here in Huntsville (which I think is also why it was pretty pricey). I can’t remember the glider brand name, but I’m sure we’ll be back in that shop soon enough (they sell EVERYTHING to do with baby). I’ll shoot you an e-mail when I find out!

  21. I wouldn’t stress about the nursey. None of my kids had one (we coslept) and I loved not feeling guilty about spending money on the room. I put the money toward redoing a room once they were toddlers and could help pick things out. Right now my 3 year old has the coolest purple, pink and white room. We never had a glider either, I just don’t like them. Plus I’m lazy and love nursing lying down,

    1. Ha, you sound like my sister! They still do family bed and just have the kids room as a place to play, with beds for them when they feel like sleeping in there.

      Kath, my sister painted while pregnant and she’s a super-cautious nurse. They had just bought a house. She just kept the windows open and it was fine.

  22. All these decisions will drive you nuts! Not only finding it, making sure it’s available, making sure it matches with everything else and you never know it til you see it in person…that’s why I said a few posts ago, I wish that I had just bought it all from one place! I can’t wait to see how it all turns out for you…you’re the master of creating rooms & pulling it all together.

    I LOVE that Urban Outfitters rug!

  23. I don’t know that you have to have a glider. I used ours all the time with both kids. There is no question that it got plenty of use. And it is also true that nursing on a bed is not particularly easy or comfortable. It is much better to be in a chair (or glider) with arms. But that said, I always wished that our glider could recline. My husband even mentioned that recently. I could never sleep in the glider and sometimes I was desperate to just be able to lean back a little and close my eyes. I think there are probably other chair options out there that will serve the purpose.

  24. New mom here — baby girl is almost 4 months old. Hang on — you’re in for the best year of your life. I’m so excited for all you have ahead of you. I can tell by your posts that you are already filled with joy. In my opinion, you should create a nursery that makes you very happy – a room you love. You will spend a lot of time in there. Don’t worry about five years down the road. We did not know the gender so we kept our room very neutral – tan and white – after she arrived we got to work making it perfect for her. So, really, you can do a lot after the baby arrives. However, you need a glider. You do. We shopped and used coupons etc, etc and ordered one. They are worth the investment. I think two dressers or at least one with some shelving in the closet is essential. Babies have so much stuff! We’re very organized and minimalistic – we have a small home – so (your great organizational skills are going to come into play) I know the challenges you’re going to face with space. Set aside an area somewhere else in your home where you can store the items you’re not using and then rotate things in and out as the baby uses them. Love BERF – great job!

  25. With my first I went crazy on the nursery and then I felt like he was being moved into a big bed and were starting over 2 years later. I had to move him because I had another on the way. I think I would have tried to think about the big picture down the road….like maybe make it a nursery that could easily be changed into a big boy room without much extra money.
    Also….I have that Ikea dresser in the light wood color and it is awesome. It has moved with us and everything. The drawers slide great and it’s very roomy!

  26. You have to stop posting multiple points in posts, it causes me to leave marathon length comments!

    Re:Nursery Colors-I say, either paint the walls, or find a color scheme that you love that does include the green, IF you will always be bothered by the fact that you don’t love the walls. In our rental house, the walls are yellow (which, I don’t like). We are now planning on painting them blue, but prior to that decision, I had decided on a color scheme of Yellow, Navy and Turquoise, which I really liked, and caused the yellow walls to become ok for me.
    Now of course, we are changing everything! We are painting this weekend, and got the No-VOC paint from Sherwin Williams so I can help, and so it’s better for the baby in the long run (in theory).
    As far as dream nursery vs. making due and liking it enough, I think it’s a toss up. I am not creating my dream nursery, cause it’s a Rental, and there is a high probabilty we will get moved by my husbands company before the baby is a year old.

    Re: the glider- I wasn’t going to get one. We have an old arm chair recliner that was my grandfathers, so it’s his cool red vintage chair (which fits with the new nursery theme) and I was going to move it into the nursery. My mom and I were talking about it, and she has a comfy cushiony rocker that she wasn’t to replace, so she and my dad will be bringing it when they come for the birth. I am going to try out both chairs and if the rocker from my mom doesn’t work, then they will take it to goodwill on their way out of town.
    Re: the dresser. I think the 6 drawer Hemnes from Ikea will be big enough that you won’t need another dresser in the closet, at least, based on my experience with baby stuff that i have so far, although, I haven’t yet found a place for all the clothes that the baby doesn’t fit into yet that I have. We got the three draw hemnes, after much debate, and it’s really a sizeable dresser. Also, again since we will be moving again in the near furture, the 3 drawer made more sense, as it was one less “huge” piece of furniture we would need to move. Also, bonus? The Hemnes comes in gray! We got gray. Anyway, you also might want to think about the height of the dresser for changing. I am 5’7″ and it seems to be a good height for me, but maybe might be a bit tall for you?

  27. Don’t get the ikea dresser. The only reason I say this is because we have it in our kids room and it doesn’t withstand a lot of wear and tear. The drawers on ours have already broke and I wish I would have just spend extra money and invested in a nice, solidly built set. Also, I would look for a lazy boy type of chair for nursing. It is super comfortable and easier to nurse in (and also to sleep in).

      1. I have to agree with Kellie – I don’t have kids, but we have this ikea dresser in our apartment and it just isn’t well-made. The drawers started breaking after only a few months. It is very cute, but I wish I had spent a little more money and bought something a little more solid. Good luck shopping!

      2. I actually have to disagree. I have the same Ikea dresser in espresso (the dark brown that’s pretty much black). I’ve had it for 5 years now and moved with it across the country several times (from MD to NC back to MD to FL to TX back to MD, etc). It’s seen a lot of use as my husband and I both use it for our clothes and that man has A LOT of clothes (and heavy ones at 6’2″). It’s withstood all of our use AND our moves which is more than we can say for some of our more expensive pieces. Not to mention baby clothes and kids clothes are a LOT lighter than adult ones. In our experience it’s not only been durable but we LOVE the inside of the drawers because they are already lined which is really neat. You do have to assemble the furniture yourself so perhaps that’s where other people have had issues with it. It’s a very sleek piece (we actually have the entire bedroom set) and LOVE it.

  28. Kath, here is the same lamp shade on Etsy for $65… http://www.etsy.com/listing/82103695/drum-lamp-shade-in-yellow-and-white. I was going to buy it, but instead bought the fabric on Etsy for $13, and two white lamp shades from IKEA for $7 and am making them on my own. So simple!

    Also, I have the white IKEA dresser you are looking at, and I love it! My husband and I are actually buying another one for a separate room. We get complements on it all the time. It’s inexpensive, has deep drawers (impossible to find anymore!), and it glides really well. Only bummer is it takes forever to set up, but that’s what husbands are for 🙂

  29. First off – Congrats to you! I have followed your blog for years, rarely commented but I have been a faithful follower. You will be great parents. About the nursery, I would suggest a good comfy rocker. I bought a recliner and I used it tons with both my babies – to nurse, sleep, to just sit and stare at the baby. And it doesn’t necessarily have to go in the nursery. But that’s one item I never regretted buying. I agree with “m” – invest in things that will help you in your daily life. Not that the nursery items won’t but you’ll find you don’t care about that stuff near as much as you thought you would and the baby doesn’t either. And they’re only babies for a short time. Best of luck for a happy, healthy pregnancy.

  30. We didn’t use a changing table with either of our boys and just put a changing pad on the single bed we kept in the nursery, to save both space and $. I think it worked out very well, as after a few months, we stopped changing diapers at night to encourage good night sleeping and during the day, we changed on the bathroom floors elsewhere in the house. We put the bed on extra risers for a while to make it comfortable changing height. So that might be another option to free up some space for a glider? Good luck with all of your decisions!

  31. I can see the look you’re going for. I loved putting the nursery together it was so much fun. As you introduce pieces and colors you’ll get an idea of what you want. I personally could not have done without my chair, it was tough to learn how to breastfeed and I may have given up if I didn’t have it. I don’t think its necessary to have it glide but something to sit up in with a pillow or bobby is necessary in my opinion. Can’t wait to see the nursery come together!

  32. For what it’s worth, I never thought I would need a rocker/glider – too expensive, takes up too much room, and won’t the living room sofa work just fine? On Day 4 with our little one, I sent my husband out shopping and he wasn’t allowed to return unless he brought back a glider. Best investment ever. Well, actually, the My Brest Friend nursing pillow was the best investment ever, but the glider runs a close second 🙂

  33. I think you should repaint the whole nursery. I don’t love the green paint either and I can’t really see it going with your yellow and gray theme, but I am no decorator, so I could be wrong! 🙂 I painted our whole nursery at 25 weeks by myself. I used low VOC paint and just tried to keep the room ventilated. My doctor said painting was totally fine and didn’t even say I needed low or no VOC, but I felt better using low VOC at least. I painted the room a light gray color and took the doors off the closet and painted it a bright green color as an “accent”. I love how it looks. Painting is a pain (literally-my low back was sad when I was done…), but it makes a huge difference! I would keep the fan at least until you have every thing else done to see how everything comes together and then make a decision on painting it or getting something new. I would keep the blinds too, but take the bottom slats out and make the cords shorter. Make sure that you don’t have the cords tied together too. I think that is why blinds are considered a safety hazard. You might want to put blackout curtains over the blinds though to help the baby sleep in or are putting the baby to sleep before dark and during naps for that matter. I decided to get a glider. I’m still pregnant so I don’t know how important it is yet, but Walmart has some gliders that are on the cheaper side, so you could check there to see if you like any or craigslist, and then keep it in another room… I think if I were you I would just try to get by without one and then decide once the baby comes. I kind of think it’s one of those things that you don’t need, but love it if you have one.

    1. I was thinking something similar re: paint. If you are planning on doing the closet anyway and the room isn’t very big it doesn’t seem like a big deal to do the whole thing given how much better it will look with the color combo you’ve chosen. I just have a hard time imagining the green walls working well with the yellow and gray theme. Not to mention if it is a spare bedroom you may not have been spending much time there but you will be when the baby is born so you will probably want something you won’t just tolerate, but love.

      As far as resale value goes, I wouldn’t worry about something like a ceiling fan. They are relatively easy to change out or paint so it is not such a big deal. Plus by the looks of that one it doesn’t look like it is very new so it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to paint it a fun color to match the room and then upgrade to something more updated and resale friendly once you are ready to move or your child outgrows the color scheme.

      Having owned, I think it’s always a balance of doing things you’re going to enjoy with what won’t have a negative impact later on. But I think it’s bigger issue say when you’re doing an entire kitchen or bathroom remodel vs. a ceiling fan.

  34. hi kath! congratulations!! i have the chevron rug from urban in black and white. i was a little disapointed with the thickness of the rug. that being said, if you buy a good, thick underlay, it makes the rug much better. you will also need it with your wood floors as it really doesn’t add much cushion and will slide around. urban’s chevron duvet comforters are great and cheap as well! they are a little thin, but i think that will be nice in the summer.

    i have two rugs from west elm and i absolutely love them (they have some really cute patterns one of which i have in grey / white – http://www.westelm.com/products/lattice-dhurrie-b856/?pkey=crugs-flooring). they also have a chevron pattern. they are nice and thick and stay in place. they are also a little more expensive, but i think they are worth it.

    1. Hey Mary! I got the Urban one and like it a lot – but you’re right that it needs a pad underneath. Just ordered that from Amazon today too 🙂

  35. I wouldn’t worry at all about painting the ceiling fan. It’s such a small detail, I can’t believe that it would affect the resale value of your house in any way. You could either paint it again before you try to sell or the buyers could change it if they didn’t like it. And you still have a long way to go before the baby gets here…if you really want that Wal-Mart crib I would wait awhile and see if it gets restocked. I wouldn’t worry about the blinds yet either. Unless you put the crib or the changing table right in front of them (which I’m sure you wouldn’t do!), there is no way a baby could reach them. Fix them before he/she gets to be a toddler, but it sounds like you could be selling your house again before that happens anyways! Relax!

  36. I was also going to post the link to the I Heart Organizing blog. I have a lot if ideas – ready?

    1. Systems for keeping diapering materials handy. You don’t want to be rooting around in drawers or deep baskets when you are clutching a baby with a blowout. We fit a basket with the key items on top of the dresser next to the changing pad but you could also suspend a shelf or something over the changing area. Bonus: when baby gets a little older you can hang a toy over the changing pad to keep them engaged while you are doing the hard work down below. Less squirming!
    2. You don’t need a changing table when you can just put a pad down on the dresser. Don’t bother with a nice changing pad cover either – it will be stained with yellow poo in no time.
    3. I love the method of storing different size clothing in the closet but I would rather just have the stuff that fits NOW handy. In the first year you have to sit down multiple times and sort the clothes that don’t fit, that are starting to fit, that you want to save or that are too stained or worn to keep.
    4. On the subject of the glider, as a breastfeeding mom i think it is important to have a very comfortable chair somewhere where you can nurse in private. When babies get older, they need a quiet place to nurse or else they get distracted too easily. Your friend Emily from Daily Garnish is learning about this now! I got my glider second hand and didn’t use the gliding footstool but instead used the medela breastfeeding footrest (which now goes under my desk!), which took up much less space.
    5. Re: window treatments, whatever you decide, make sure there are good quality blackout curtains involved. Babies are affected by light and find it stimulating just as much as we do as adults. When you put Baby down at 1pm and the day is bright, you will be grateful for those curtains!
    6. I dont’ think you mentioned a light but it is great to have a very low light that you can turn on to check on baby or nurse overnight without making the room too bright or fumbling around in the dark.
    7. Re: decor. I think a few small art pieces are lovely and agree that many nursery photos online seem overdecorated. Babies like simplicity too (see: Montessori from the start). My sister made her own mobile and it was super cheap. You can also decorate with books! You may have seen those Ikea spice racks re-puposed as kid book shelves. Use them to display all the baby books you’ll soon be getting.
    8: Crib: everyone I know loves their Ikea crib – save space and money! Spend on the crib mattress which you can just put on the floor when baby starts to climb out.

    Love, B

  37. We actually purchased a glider and ottoman off of craigslist for $90 (versus what? $200 or $300) It was in beautiful condition. My only complaint is that if I sit a certain way in it, it creaks. Hopefully my hubby will fix that 🙂

  38. I just looked at that gorgeous crib on the Wal-mart website and it said in stock?!?! I added it to my cart and it still said it. I’d try again!

  39. I’ve had the same thoughts regarding a dresser! I really wanted to get one that was solid wood (no off-gasing!) and had more character than something mass-produced. But after visiting a couple antique stores it became clear to me that though the older pieces had more charm- they wouldn’t be very functional for a baby dresser. The one from Ikea you pictured is the exact one we’re thinking about and that I’ve had a number of friends purchase for the same purpose. Sigh- too bad about the antiques though!

    Good luck on the decisions!

  40. About the blind safety issue…. When I used to approve homes for babies/children in foster care placements, this was one of the items on our safety inspection . As long as you wrap up the blind cords and loop it tightly around the top of the blinds (or tie them up high up out of reach), you would pass inspection. I think the concern was strangulation with the cords more so than the blinds themselves.

    Also, I LOVE the green!! But I think you should paint it if you think it will be something you have to look at and hate everyday.

      1. Ha! I totally could. Let me poke around in my old e-files to see if I still have the safety check list and I can inspect or you and Matt can 😉

        1. AHAH – I didn’t even realize this comment was from YOU!!!! Of course you can because you’re here all the time! I figured you were a reader in another state. Hahahha.

  41. You probably shouldn’t trust me on this because my nearly-three-year-old is still sleeping in our room (she has her own toddler bed near ours, but she still moves to our bed about half the time) and our spare bedroom STILL isn’t ready for her to sleep in, but I would put in the essentials and wait. One of the really cool things about designing Charlotte’s “nursery” now is that I get to do it with HER in mind – colors that are complimentary with her, prints she enjoys, etc. When she was born, we didn’t have the money to fix up the spare room or to buy a crib, which is why she ended up in our room for such a long time. Now that we do, I’m glad we waited. She wouldn’t have enjoyed the process as an infant but she is LOVING the process now.

  42. Hi Kathy,
    I know for me, our changing table was a waste of money, I didn’t touch it with my first kid, and when I had my twins I didn’t use it, I just changed them on a recieving blanket on either the bed or couch, or even floor as they got older, I thought it was much more convenient.

    I love the colors and the style you are choosing, it’s going to look so great, I can’t wait to see the final pics.

    Enjoy!! I love remodeling/decorating

  43. I’d either ditch the gray/yellow/green color scheme, or paint the walls. Green, especially on walls, is a very pronounced and dominating color. Adding yellow to it, a primary color and one that’s right next to green on the color wheel, could make the room look like a confusing, yellow-green paint chip. Adding grey will muddy things up further. Just something I picked up from my years as an art student. 🙂 Pairing colors is tough!

    IMO, go with a gray/white/green if you don’t want to paint, or a gray/white/yellow if you do.

  44. I agree with most that a glider is awesome. I resisted because of the price too but hands down best thing I bought. We went with a Best one with no ottoman because we don’t have the room and it comes in a grey that matches well. We didn’t find out the sex so we did a neutral grey, yellow, white and tiffany blue and then we our BOY was born in November, added orange and green in some accents.

    Also, I would keep the ceiling fan for three reasons
    1) It helps you to not have to turn the air on as high. Our 4 month old is still swaddled because he prefers it and we live in St. Louis and have had 80 degree weather for two weeks. I resisted the air conditioning but he just wasn’t sleeping well because he was too hot so I turned the air on but the ceiling fan in his room helps move that air around so it isn’t set very low at all (I think I have it at 75).

    2) I have heard it can help prevent SIDS. It keeps the air moving so that if baby were to ever get in a jam, it could help.

    3) The noise is helpful and soothing.

    Hope that helps!

  45. Hi Kath! Long time reader, first time commenter. 🙂 First, (a delayed) congrats to you on your pregnancy! I’m curious, did you find any specific sites helpful in making decisions on the nursery furniture? Other readers are welcome to chime in here too! I’m about two weeks behind you, expecting our first child…and I’m completely overwhelmed by the thought of picking out the right (aka safe) crib. Same goes for a stroller! SO. MANY. DECISIONS. Thanks 🙂

        1. ALSO the book Baby Bargains – it’s like Consumer Reports for Baby Stuff. It rates items such as cribs, strollers, high chairs, all of it and then a nice summary. I was about to buy a Crib from Target, and it was the ONLY crib on a list of 25 or so that got an F rating. The ONLY ONE! So, we didn’t get it and I am grateful to have had that knowledge. It too a bit daunting, but when you narrow down your searches and then compare with this book, its very useful.

  46. i really love the yellow/grey decor your going for. and LOVE that rug. just pinned it 🙂 and the chevron bedding too (which i think you should get because you will be spending A LOT of time in the nursery once baby comes).

    my advice is to keep the nursery simple yet cozy. it will look beautiful while you’re pregnant but once the baby comes functional will be key. and nothing will be in it’s place; especially as baby grows up.

    i love the idea of painting inside the closet. maybe a yellow color to tie in the yellow/grey? and definitely do the curtains. black-out curtains. you will be very happy you did this come nap time and early morning. definitely keep the ceiling fan. it will help to regulate the temperature and air flow and helps to prevent SIDS. that’s the main reason i would keep it.

    as for furniture, we got a crib that turns into a full-size bed which will save money down the road. i LOVE my dresser with changing table on top. we decided against a glider for money purposes but i would have given anything for one back when i was nursing every hour and a half. my son nurse for 30-45 minutes too so a relaxing, comfy chair would have been awesome!

    but this is all just my own experience. really, as long as you have a place for baby to sleep, diapers and a few clothes, you will see what works for you when baby comes. when it comes to babies, things never turn out like you envision. i can’t wait to see the results!

  47. The theme of my babies’ nurseries has always been “Stuff I Got For Free.” I took more care in ‘designing’ their rooms as they got older, according to their personalities and interests. But it seems like decor is a passion of yours…and I love the yellow/gray theme! Classic and out of the gender box. Love it.

  48. I know you are getting tons of advice but I wanted to add mine too… I highly recommend a reclining glider with ottoman. We got ours at Babies R Us and I love it! I also personally don’t think a changing table on top of the dresser is necessary. The baby will start rolling around early enough to not make it worth it and also most of your diaper changes probably won’t be done in the nursery (at least ours aren’t). I painted several things during my pregnancy – I think the paint today is much safer than it was 30 years ago – just make sure you have good ventalzation. Painting the ceiling fan sounds fun and you could get so creative with it – don’t worry about resale already! We painted our nursery before the baby was born but since we didn’t find out what we were having I waited until after he was born to decorate – he was in our room the first two months anyways.

  49. I think you should paint the walls…I LOVE the idea of a white/grey color scheme and think the green walls throw it way off. I thinking painting is fine if you are using a low VOC paint and keep the windows open.

    We actually used that baby mod crib…LOVE it and have that same hemmes dresser from Ikea. It is awesome. There are little drawers which are perfect for all those bitty baby things (we also purchased dividers from ikea) and we also used the top for changing, which works out great because there is plenty of room for a changing pad as well as other wipes, etc. you may need.

    We didn’t do a glider but instead used the poang chair (also from ikea) with the ottoman. I wanted something I could use later on either in that room or somewhere else in the house instead of a big clunky chair. 🙂

  50. Hi Kath

    Love BERF! As you can see, different things work for different moms. 🙂 Here is what worked for me.

    We added a dimmer to our ceiling fan/light combo, and it was perfect at night to nurse or change a diaper. I am in the pro-glider camp, as a breastfeeding mom to both my kids (my son is 20 months and daughter is 2 months), the glider is great for good positioning and also being in a separate room so that my husband could get uninterrupted sleep.

    We put our changing pad on top of the dresser, great way to save space. We get by with 1/2 a closet (the other side has our stuff in it!) and a small dresser in my daughter’s room, the key is to stay organized, which you definitely are! We have an Ikea MALM dresser in my son’s room and it is working out great, so I am an IKEA fan, at least for the short term, when kids may ruin furniture. 🙂

    Love your color choices – My vote is to paint the walls one of the colors in your color scheme, you will be glad you did. And no issues w/ painting, just pick a nice day and keep the window open!! Good luck, and can’t wait to see it completed!

  51. When we did our child’s room (gender unknown at that time), I went with a theme/style that would grow with him because I didn’t want to re-do it for several years. We did a mural in yellow on his already blue walls: http://elephantsonthewall.com/smsilsafari and I love it! I did help paint it but we used the right (low/no VOC) paint with the windows open and it only took 2-3 hours start-to-finish. We bought a crib, made our own changing table, re-used an old dresser, etc.

    I love your green and I’d go with yellow as a complimentary color. LOVE your pillow.

    There’s a group that will send you free tie-ups for your blind cords. If you want I’ll look up the group because they sent me like a dozen! So easy and SAFE!

    Personally I like curtains and we have them (in yellow) around our dark-out shades. I happen to love your ceiling fan and am sad you think it is ugly but I would not recommend replacing it. Good air circulation is really important to me. (Especially in a room you’ll probably have dirty diapers, even if they are in a hamper of some sort) So maybe paint it?

    And I definitely vote for findind a glider or rocking chair. I used my husband’s rocking chair he’s had since before we were married. Wish I had taken my grandmother’s glider when it was offered to me, but I used the rocking chair Every Night! An arm chair is not even close, so even if you find someone else’s cast-off, I would never do it again without a glider/rocker.

    Also, we later bought a toddler bed that came with a fun toy storage rack. Once he’s out of the toddler bed he’ll move to the crib-cum-single-bed.

    1. And by the way, don’t plan your future too far. He’s 2.5 years old and we are moving in a few weeks.

  52. I’m pregnant with baby #3 (due in 6 weeks). We’ve never decorated a nursery for the baby. I enjoy looking at rooms online, but personally I think it’s a waste of money. Decorating a nursery from top to bottom is cute and fun but for the parents – not for the baby. The baby doesn’t need anything like that, and before you know it he/she will have outgrown the nursery, and then what? It seems that many people are then setting themselves up for big decorating projects for the rest of their children’s lives.

  53. It has been so long since I commented on BabyKerf! I had my baby last week! But I’ve been keeping up during feedings. I would recommend splurging on the nursery furniture, and I do think some kind of rocking/gliding chair is important. In the one week we’ve been home, I spend a lot of time in the baby’s room. I love the colors I chose and know it’s mostly functional for me right now! We did a color scheme of grey, white and green. I have a crib photo on my blog but haven’t shown off the rest yet. I liked Pottery Barn Kids for dresser and chair.

  54. Are you going to have the baby in the room with you to start? My daughter didn’t sleep in her room till she was 5 months old, and then only for naps. I used the Arm’s Reach Mini Cosleeper, but she really just was in our bed. It makes nursing easier to at least have them in the room with you.

    1. I’m not sure yet. I’m thinking I might sleep in the nursery in the twin bed so Matt can get a good night’s rest.

  55. I never decorated a “nursery” room for any of my kids. The time just goes by so quickly that you’ll be redoing it a year or so after they are born. My suggestion is go with a decoration that will last for a few years. Also, and this is just my personal opinion, skip the changing table. I never bought one and was so glad I didn’t. I would find myself changing the kids wherever and not having to continue hauling them back into the room for every diaper change. That’s just how it worked for me, though. 🙂 You may find that you will use it more so if so, maybe find something that is a dresser/changing table combo. With both of my boys, we had just a regular crib but with my daughter we bought a combo so it converted to a toddler bed and then into a full size bed, which she uses now. Great deal!!! It was nice not having to buy the crib, then buy the toddler bed and then buy the regular size bed. So, those are my suggestions. Things work differently for everyone so you’ll just have to take all of your suggestions and find what works best for you. 🙂 I’m sure whatever you decide it will be beautiful.

  56. My first bedroom was yellow and gray. The walls were a pale yellow and the trim and doors were gray. I believe the cushions on the changing table and in the crib were a very, very pale yellow with tiny sheep all over them. Totally gender neutral for when I had a brother two years later. I have such a nostalgic fondness for that color scheme, so I totally recommend it 🙂

  57. I would say keep the blinds, just make sure to secure the cords up high ( that is what I did anyway) and I would also recommend a dresser in the closet, or a really good organization system. To keep clothes you have that you are not currently using (either too big or small) and for so many other things- blankets, extra diapers, etc.
    Good luck, planning this stuff out is always fun.

  58. A glider is non-negotiable, in my opinion. You need a good chair for nursing and you can use it for years. The nursery itself is not really that important for a young baby. He/she should sleep with you for the first few months anyway.

  59. I would agree that a glider is a non-negotiable. I have a 3 1/2 month old and you wouldn’t believe the amount of time you spend nursing (especially in the beginning). Poor nursing posture for mom can mean all sorts of back issues. I still can’t imagine nursing on/in a bed. Occasionally we have sidelined in bed but that is definitely the exception and not the norm. You won’t regret this purchase! I knew Dutailer was the way to go but didn’t want to spend the $$ so I found a used one (exact model I wanted with foot stool) off Craigslist in great condition. Also, it lives in our living room vs nursery so mom and dad can use it for rocking.Good luck!

  60. I know everyone else has said it, but the single most important thing in the nurseries for both my boys was a rocking chair!!!

  61. I almost bought that grey crib, too! But it was also sold out when I wanted it. AND the crib we bought was sold out when I wanted it, so I set an email alert to let me know when it was in stock and I got it. GOOD LUCK. I remember that was the most critical point for me — the crib. I absolutely love the plans you have and can’t wait to see it come together.

  62. hehe talk about #firstworldproblems!! we were/are not all that well off so we just got the very basics, mostly handed down from friends for our first baby. Second baby I didn’t even bother with a nursery, just put all the baby things in a large wardrobe, set up the crib sidecar-styles next to our bed. Babies dont’ need much!!

    SIDS risk is reduced significantly by baby sleeping in close proximity to mom for the first 6mths (I can provide links if you need them), so either having baby in your room, or sleeping in the bed in the nursery is wise.

    But I have faith your nursery will look lovely no matter how you work it out..

  63. Agree with the others on the glider being essential. We spent many cozy hours there, even though I stopped rocking her to sleep around 4 months to have her learn to sleep on her own. I hated the pricey baby ones, so I bought a glider/rocker chair at a discount furniture store. I debated using it in another room later as her room is quite small, but ended up selling it 2 years later on Craigslist along with the changing table for not much less than the original cost. Baby gear resells very well. Don’t compromise on the chair! That peanut will get very heavy to hold and soothe on a bed.

    You will look back in a few years and realize that babyhood goes by in a flash, so save some money for the little boy/ girl room later!

  64. I never used a changing table. I always changed them on a pad on the floor. We bought a Dutalier glider, and I loved it, although it isn’t the most beautiful piece of furniture to look at.

  65. Hi Kath. I haven’t commented in a while, so congratulations! I have been following along with your pregnancy–how exciting! I just wanted to throw in a quick couple of “what worked for me” things–but like a pp mentioned, different things work for different mamas. First of all, I have always really enjoyed our la z boy chair for nursing. Super comfy, and the baby seemed to fit with me better than in any gliders I’ve tried. Second of all, everyone keeps saying that nursing in the bed will be super uncomfortable, etc. and I just want to throw out there that nursing in bed is what always saved me as a new mom, and I LOVE it. It takes a lot of experimentation for what is comfy/works for you and baby (I always needed a pillow for back support, a pillow between my knees, and two pillows for my head) but when you are exhausted from lack of sleep and recovering from your birth, it can be a lifesaver. Good luck! (I have no nursery advice, as I’m a crazy co-sleeping hippy, so my kids never have their own rooms until they are 2 or 3.)

  66. 1.) I would keep the blinds (after wrapping the cords up high) and add curtains so baby can nap/sleep better.
    2.) Get a reclining comfortable rocker (not glider) and use it in another room after you’re done nursing/rocking baby. We have a faux leather recliner. Check out HEAB’s post, too. I also would take the bed out for now if it’s a choice between the two. When first learning to nurse, sitting is SO much more comfortable!
    3.) Also, I believe fans are recommended for babies (lowers SIDS risk) so you could keep for now and always change out later!

    1. We have both a glider and a reclining rocker. The reclining rocker is fantastic for when I want a nap too. Rock baby to sleep, then kick out the foot part and take a snooze myself. It worked well until I had babies # 2 and 3 I had to be awake for 🙂

  67. New mom of a 5.5 month old baby girl here 🙂 I just wanted to chime in in favor of a glider/rocker in the nursery. (I would totally choose a glider over having a bed in the nursery…) Or, if not in the nursery, somewhere easily accessible in your house where you can feed your little one. Our baby’s nursery is right across from our room, and even though she slept in the pack n play in our room until last night (her first night in her own room!), I would still walk across the hall to the glider in her nursery to breastfeed her in the middle of the night. We didn’t get a fancy “baby” glider- we just got one from the local furniture store to match the finish of the crib and dresser we ordered. I can’t remember exactly how much it was, but certainly not more than $300. During the day, I often feed her in the lazyboy or on the couch with a pillow behind my back, but my favorite place to feed her is in her nursery in the glider 🙂

    I’m over the mountain (on the Polyface side!), but I came over to bend yoga (on the downtown mall) every week for their prenatal class. I know you are really good at yoga and have very high standards for your classes, and prenatal yoga in general is not as fancy/hard as regular practice, but I loved the atmosphere there- it was so neat to get to know the other moms who were at the same points in their pregnancies. I still keep in touch with moms from my class!! So I totally recommend them 🙂

  68. Keep the blinds and I highly recommend blackout curtains as well. Makes a huge difference for nap time. Dark room is key! Love the IKEA dresser. 🙂

  69. P.s. love love LOVED having a recliner in the nursery. It was a rocker as well and it was so nice to recline back and nap with baby. Also big enough to accommodate a nursing pillow.

  70. We have that same Ikea dresser, both in our littlest girls’ room and also in our own room (my hubby has the shorter one and I have the taller one). We LOVE them. We actually had them first, and then decided to get the one for her room and what I ended up doing was attaching a changing pad (you can attach them to a regular dresser top) and then I had a basket next to it with diapers, and quick grab things like wipes and extra outfits and socks and whatnot. I pinned it so you could kind of see it in that sort of “environment” even though ours is the darker wood.. But it’s VERY ‘nursery’ friendly. All the little drawers are perfect for ‘teeny’ items! http://pinterest.com/pin/135741376238764122/

  71. Nursery planning is so much fun! But the choices can get overwhelming. Two things- Target has some super cute inexpensive gray and yellow bedding right now (I am in love with that color combo!) and if you are looking to do some cute curtains, check IKEA! They are so much cheaper, and the quality is still great. I just bought some yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised with the different pattern choices 🙂 Happy hunting!

  72. We have a hand-me-down rocker (small rocking chair) in the room and its fine. I nursed both my boys and then they went to sleep. I didn’t rock mine to sleep. We also didn’t have room for a glider and I agree that a bed in there is nice if you have guests.

    Both mine slept at 12 weeks from 8pm-7am so we didn’t need to rock. I agree on waiting to see if your baby likes to rock before you invest in a huge/large piece of furniture!

    Also, don’t get a diaper pail. They are a waste of money and i haven’t found one that blocks the smell.

    P.S. i love both your blogs!

  73. I never understood why you needed a fancy $600 glider when you can get a rocking chair and paint it to complement your decor, throw a pillow or a sheepskin on it and you’re set!

    And yes, paint the walls.

  74. Baby stuff is really expensive, so maybe you could look at second hand/renting/borrowing. There is an organisation in NZ called Plunket, and they rent out baby gear to parents. I had a rented pushchair, cot, you name it, it was rented (really cheap, like $10 for 6 months). Once I grew out of something (which happens quick!) it was given back and my parents rented something more suitable!

  75. SO many great questions. I am excited to read all the comments so that I can learn too. We have 6 weeks to go before our little girl arrives and we are JUST NOW painting the nursery. Nothing is set up at all. All that to say, you are so ahead of the game!

    I was told that pregnant women should stay away from oil based paint but other than that just make sure the room is well ventilated if you are there. We have the same closet issue and I too think we need additional storage in the closet. Excited to see what you decide.

  76. I’d have to put in a negative for the glider. Our daughter hated it! The ONLY way we could get her to sleep was to swaddle and (gently) bounce with her on an exercise ball of all things. I’ll never forget the first time we did it watching her peacefully drift off to sleep- weird, but it works. If anything, I’d hold off on a glider until you figure out what sleep method works best for your baby.

  77. In terms of white sheets – I have had white sheets on all my beds since high school and I don’t find they get dirty. The only thing is I have long dark hair, so that shows up on the sheets, but i honestly don’t find them more work than any other colour (as long as the pets don’t get on them)

  78. Have you thought about grey+green+navy? It would work really well with the wall color you already have. Keeping it modern would still keep it gender neutral (though, it may not matter as much now! congrats!)

  79. Paint those walls! Dove gray or crisp white. The green just doesn’t jive. One of the best things about owning a home is that you aren’t stuck with colors that don’t make your heart sing…and that green ain’t singing. *lol*

  80. I have that Hemnes dresser and love it. Plus as a bonus: the drawers came lined in white and yellow stripes, which would totally go with your motif! I do recommend having someone who is patient with putting stuff together to help assemble it though. It took about 2 hours to put together with the help of my very handy father.

    ps- I don’t even have a baby (or a husband) yet but this nursery design/inspiration blog is in my regular list of reads. I even stole some of the decor ideas for my own bedroom! http://laybabylay.com/

    Maybe it will give you some good leads. Happy decorating!

  81. I noticed a couple re-sale comments about your house…I feel like just last week “we” were on the search for the perfect city, then perfect house! =) Are you guys not planning on making C-Ville home? I thought you guys rented until you found a house to buy? I can’t imagine the work + time+ money of buying just to do it all over again! (just curious because I HATE home ownership, so no way will I ever buy again unless I plan to die in that house! )

    1. No, we’ll be here a long time. I’m just thinking re-sale before we make any major changes that we’d have to un-do. We probably won’t spend the rest of our lives here.

  82. We looked at gliders when I was pregnant but never could justify the cost. I nursed my daughter using a Boppy on the couch and never had any problems. She wasn’t a fussy baby so that was a blessing. Maybe wait on the glider till after the baby is born and then if you feel you need it, get one. Suggestion on the fan….if you are worried about resale… why not buy a cheap set of replacement blades if they are available and paint them/decorate them however you want? If you resell in a few years just switch out the blades 🙂

  83. I am so excited for you and Matt that you are having a boy. I have two boys (15, and 13 now) and a 4 year old little princess. It is true what they say, little boys are such fun. I can’t wait to watch him grow up through BERF and KERF. You are truly blessed. Moving on to why I am posting on this post: I know you have have plenty of people giving you advice and suggestions, but I just wanted to throw my two cents in on two really quick things. First, if you do curtains you should consider blackout curtains. You may already be familiar with these, but if not you should look into them. They are relatively cheap and come in all sorts of fabrics and colors. Or you could probably make your own, if you are crafty, I am not. We actually found ours at Lowe’s of all places. They have a heavier backing on them and keep the sun (and the heat in the summer) out of the room. They are wonderful for when the baby needs to nap during the day, and especially when they get a little older and realize that they aren’t ‘suppose’ to sleep during the day. With these curtains they really don’t know the difference between day and night, and they can also cut down on babies/children waking up really early in the morning if their bedroom faces the rising sun. 🙂 Just a thought for you. One more thing, we did the crib to college for our daughter and have loved it. She stayed in the crib until she was 2 and then we converted the crib into the toddler bed, where she stayed until she turned four this past September, and then it converted into a full size bed. We probably paid a little more in the beginning for this crib compared to traditional or normal cribs, but considering the cost of 3 good quality beds, we certainly feel it was worth it now. The only ‘extra’ thing we have ever had to buy for it is the mattress, and of course bedding, but for the toddler bed you could still use the bedding you use for the crib since you still use the same crib mattress. Anyway, I just wanted to mention it to you because we really have been very pleased with it. It has held up very well, better then I ever thought it might. We chose the cherry wood, but they have many different finishes. Can’t wait to see the final nursery, I love the colors you are thinking about. I am so excited for you and Matt, what a blessing you are going to have with your son. I hope you continue to feel better and can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. Take care!

  84. Hi Kath,

    Just caught up completely on BERF! I’m around 6 weeks ahead of you but still going through a lot of the same dilemmas.

    I have to say that my entire adult life (just turned 30 – wahoo.) I’ve wanted a glider and now that our first is on the way, I see this as a perfect excuse to get it! I also think way ahead and do lots of surfing for “different” ideas and saw a great idea for a rocking couch (http://www.allmodern.com/Nurseryworks-Storytime-Rocker-NWK1090.html). I love the idea of a special place for story time, and wanted to incorporate the glider idea in there too so found a few options online for a glider and a half or a double glider!



    Each have 300lb weight capacity so may go with glider and a half so us three are not all tempted to sit together and potentially break it!

    I read comments where you probably want something with a head rest though so am taking that into consideration since we haven’t bought anything yet. So to sum it up, I am definitely getting a glider, not sure of kind, but wanted to let you know some other options out there too!

    As far as coloring goes, maybe try to think about if you didn’t have anything stopping you, what you would prefer. From what I understand, you will have a lot more energy now than after the baby comes! For the bedding, that is something we’ve changed many times over the years so getting something that will make you happy right now I think will be best, keeping in mind the room might be dark a lot more of the time!

    Okay, this being my second comment on BERF/KERF ever, I just wanted to give kudos to you for all the lovely ladies who you attract with your amazing blogs! Kudos to all the ladies commenting for being so thoroughly helpful and articulate about it as well! It makes the comments a must read as well. This definitely is my go-to baby blog, even if I’m ahead!


      1. My pleasure! 🙂

        Ya, sometimes that kind of stuff makes me want to fast forward to a later time, but really I am extremely happy now so just tryin’ to live in the now. 🙂

  85. I was pretty skeptical about using ‘low voc paint’. All of the paint store guys kept telling me everything was ‘low voc’, they even told me oil based paint was low voc and safe to use, which has a SUPER strong smell. I did a little research and we spent a little extra money and bought the ‘Benjamin More Natura’ paint with no VOCs for Brantley’s crib and the walls and it has NO smell at all!! We didn’t even need to open the windows!! Its about $25 for a pint and $50 for a gallon, but it gave us peace of mind…. But if you are just painting the inside of a closet it probably doesn’t matter that much.

    For our rocker/glider, we bought a comfy recliner/rocker that we thought we could use in the living room later down the road. I didn’t want to spend money on something like a glider that wouldn’t transfer to other living spaces once she is bigger. I bought it from Value City for $299.00, but they had a few others for a little less that were nice too. I also saw a nice rocker/recliner at Costco awhile back.

    Good luck planning and researching!!

  86. I give our rocking chair credit for saving my life during a particularly sleepless time in the first months.

    On a different note, have you considered repainting the blades of the ceiling fan or the whole thing if need be? Just a thought.

    When you’re done, I hope that you’ll stop by my site and show off your baby’s nursery pictures?

    All the best,


  87. Hey! The ideas you have are great! I didn’t read through the comments but I had a few responses that you might find helpful.

    1) We have a white duvet cover in our master bedroom and I don’t think it gets dingy. We have a black lab (who is not allowed on the bed or anything) and the only thing are some minor black hairs on the bottom from when she walks by. You guys wouldn’t have to worry about that though.

    2) We got the Hemnes 3 drawer dresser for a changing table in our nursery. At first I was worried it would be too tall for me (I’m 5’4″) but it’s the perfect height! It’s great for changing diapers and getting our little one dressed. It’s actually a nice change from trying to swaddle him in the crib or the Pack ‘N Play throughout the day because I have to lean down so much.

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