16 Weeks: Stroller Stalker

I have become a supreme stroller stalker! I’m checking out the form and brand of every stroller I pass. It’s so funny to me how I never gave strollers a glance just a few months ago and now they are so relevant to my life. I’m tempting to stop moms and ask them their thoughts on their strollers, but because of the nature of strollers, they are usually on the go.

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[Racing moms, July 2010]

I’m also checking out kids! Little babies in strollers, toddlers in cute outfits (and throwing tantrums!) and elementary school age kids with their cute haircuts. I’m starting to wonder more and more what my baby will be like when its older, and of course as a newborn too.


[Hi Kate, Nate + Liam!]

Lastly, I’ve been checking out other pregnant women. Most of them have big bumps and are clearly in their third trimesters. I wonder if they can tell them my torso is rounding out. When I’m next to a pregnant woman in a line or other stagnant position, I often ask her how far along she is. This starts a conversation when I tell her I’m 16 weeks. I’m new to this though, and is that an appropriate question to ask!? Do you pregnant moms get tired of the conversation from strangers, even if they are other pregnant women sharing excitement?

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I often wonder too if there are women at my gym or my neighbors who have noticed my physical change and are suspecting, or if everything is still way too subtle for anyone else to notice. Because my friends and family sure do!

Growing Pains

I woke up with a little of what I think is round ligament pain this morning. My whole stomach was just sore. Not in an ab workout way, but in a deep all-over way. I’m finding myself rubbing my belly a bit this week, although it’s not so much rubbing a big belly as just cupping a tiny mound!

I’ve also noticed that when I wake up from sleeping, I have this tendency to want to stretch my stomach and arch up into an upward facing dog. But sometimes, when I do this when I’m half asleep, it feels like I’m going to rip my ligaments in half! I’m not quite sure how to stop this.

I’m generally sleeping on my side now, either with a pillow or the snoogle body pillow at home. But something I’ve noticed is that it’s hard for me to roll over. It almost feels like I don’t want to use my ab muscles so I do a lot of scooting my hips around rather than the traditional rolls I used to do that use more core strength. I don’t know if it’s because my stomach/round ligaments are more sore or what, but it’s definitely a change in sleeping pattern.

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  1. You are so very in tune with all the changes your body is going through. You’re making me nostalgic for pregnancy (especially since my youngest is getting ready to turn 5 and starting Kindergarten this year). I hate to say ‘it goes so fast’ but, oh, sometimes it really does!

  2. I just had my daughter 2 1/2 wks ago and I loooove my baby jogger stroller! So lightweight, opens and closes like a breeze and very sturdy w newborn attachment for the carseat. Also wait until the end re:rolling over haha. After 39 weeks I couldn’t roll over without saying “ugggghhhh” haha. I don’t miss that part of pregnancy! I was very lucky though I was only uncomfortable the last 5 days of prenancy the rest was a breeze.

  3. Just be careful about who you’re asking- I get asked if I’m pregnant quite often b/c I’m short and all of my weight just goes to my stomach. So from the side I pretty much look like you do at 16 weeks all the time! It can just be hurtful and embarrasing when people ask me that. I’m sure you are asking people who are obviously pregnant but just be careful! 🙂

  4. I used to rub my belly so much!!! It’s totally fine to talk to other preggos about how far along they are (as long as you are SURE… ;-)). It’s such a bonding thing when you are pregnant and even more so when you’re a mom. We had one of those snap and go strollers at first and I loved it. Pop the carrier in and go. No bulk or heaviness! We also have a baby jogger for walks at home. And now I have a Chicco lightweight stroller for errands which works great. Yes, 3 strollers and it’s not too many! 🙂

  5. Omg kath wait until you try rolling over at 38 weeks!! I thought I would love pregnancy And I reAlly did but I forgot how good it felt tobe able to squat down and pick things up off the ground or bend forward to shave your legs. Now idk if if I ever want to be pregnant again! The post baby body is even weirder thn the pregnant one!
    The only thing I miss is the sweet baby kicking but even that gets uncomfortable at the end. I’m so glad to have my body back. If I ever miss the feeling of th baby in my belly I just look at my sweet boy and it’s so much better that he’s here !

  6. I’m only one week behind you, and I feel myself doing the same thing. Even last week, my husband told me he saw a guy walking his baby in the stroller and said, “Hey, what kind of wheels you have there!?” Thought it was so funny! I love your new blog, expecially because I’m feeling that I’m experiencing most of the same things are you are.

  7. I have been such a stroller stalker as well! Over the past few weeks we have been debating a few different strollers and finally decided that the right fit for us is the BOB Revolution SE, which I just ordered Sunday. It’s such a crazy process because there are so many to choose from!

  8. With my first baby, I attended a 4th of July swim party and no one knew I was pregnant. My first baby was due October 2! I hated the fact that everyone just thought I was fat with a beer gut then pregnant!

  9. i never minder anyone asking me how far along i was with either pregnancy. when you are pregnant, and then when you have a baby, it pretty much consumes your life for awhile so it’s natural to want/need to talk about it.

    everyone i know who is a runner and has a BOB LOVES it. i do think you have to buy the attachment for the carseat separately but i’m not entirely sure if that’s true. i am not runner so we didn’t see the need for that investment. i will say that with both kids i had a snap & go stroller for the first 6 months that is so convenient. they are light weight, easy to use and get in/out of the car and the carseat just pops right in. plus, you can find them at most consignment stores for $30 so you aren’t really spend much.

  10. I think it’s ok to ask a woman how far along she is. But. there’s a fine line with strangers. You want to make absolutely sure that woman is pregnant before asking questions and just pay attention to her body language and cues. If she doesn’t seem like she wants to continue a conversation, then drop it. Otherwise, I think women are fairly open to talking about their pregnancies.

    I think a lot of women think their pregnancy is the specialest of them all and so like to talk about it. It’s a unique experience to each individual even though none of us are even close to being one of the first women to experience it. And, that’s what makes it special. Because it’s yours and so you want to gush about it. And, that’s ok. But, you have to be mindful of the person you’re talking to. I know that I’m a very shy/private person, and while I may be ok with the question of how far along are you, I probably wouldn’t go into much more detail than that with a stranger.

  11. Keep us all updated on the stroller situation!! Please! (and thank you) It is so hard to find the right one, no matter how hard you try. I’m going to want one that packs up well but I also want a jogging stroller, I swear I want an elliptical stroller of some kind, I’m thinking of inventing one 😉
    Are you leaning toward any stroller in particular? And, I don’t think pregnant women mind the conversation, it’s fun!

      1. i just left a comment about these two strollers below. are you thinking the uppa baby vista for everyday and the bob for jogging? a friend of mine has the vista and loves it. i have the uppa g-luxe and LOVE it but it’s not good til baby is about 6 months old. we decided not to get the bob as our jogging stroller to save a little money and i completely regret it.

    1. I would definately say to check craigslist for stuff like this too. Really wanted a BOB and could afford to pay for it full price, but why? when a perfectly good used one is so much cheaper. Found a great one in still very good condition for a little less than half brand new. Still holding up very well with two kids and almost daily walks. (that tiny little tear near the corner is so not a big deal-no one notices and I’m not so vain that I want everyone to notice my brand spankin new perfect ride like it’s super important – rather spend my money on much more important things!)

  12. We got the Baby Jogger City Mini, and I am so excited to use it! I walk everyday, and so I knew I wanted a stroller that was designed for distance, but I didn’t think that I needed one of the heavier duty jogging strollers, and I knew I wasn’t taking the baby on any real “runs.” Just not my life style. I heard so many good things about the City Mini, and, as a bonus the car seat we have (a hand me down from my Sister-in-law, and yeah, you aren’t supposed to use hand me down carseats, but we know it’s never been in a wreck) is one of the ones that you can purchase an adapater for this particular stroller. The car seat is the Chico Keyfit 30. If we hadn’t received the infant car seat for free, I probably would have looked into going straight into a convertible car seat as I plan on also wearing the baby a lot as well.

    As for asking other pregnant women, I think the appropriate thing to ask, to strike up a conversation is how far along they are. I think (and maybe this is just me) most people get offended when assumptions are made about their pregnancy. “You must be getting so close!” “um no, I still have 8 weeks left, but thanks for making me feel huge.” Anyway, as far as how you look, gauging from your pictures, I bet most people can’t tell you are pregnant just by looking. You are def. in that stage where a stranger asking you could be totally awkward if that was just how your body is shaped ya know?

    Annnnd the sleeping. Oh man. I think 16 weeks was when I first started solely sleeping on my side, and noticing that flipping from one side to the other wasn’t a seemless thing that just happened in my sleep. At 34 weeks, rolling over now looks like this: Wake up and realize the hip on whatever side I am sleeping on has gone to sleep/hurts. Lift my knees up and plant my feet on the bed, while squeezing my body pillow (dont have the snoogle, but a similar version from BRU) use my legs to lift my lower body and roll over on my shoulders. Abs are out of the question. What abs?

    ok, so that was a marathon comment.

  13. More advice from me! I got some great advice from my chiropractor about ligament and muscle pain in my belly during pregnancy. As your belly get bigger it’s really important to not let it “hang” in front of you when you are out and about. This puts a lot of strain on the muscles and ligaments and can lead to severe round ligament pain (which I had, felt like I was being ripped in half!), and back pain. Good posture can make all the difference! Actively using your core muscles to hold your belly up and tucking your tailbone down (like in yoga) is a huge help. Ask Dr Tate, I am sure he will have the same advice!

  14. I LOVED everytime someone ask me how far along I was, or if I knew the gender, etc. I wanted to talk about my pregnancy all the time but I didn’t want to bother strangers! Lol. It made me happy everytime someone noticed the bump!

  15. Everyone is going to chime in about their stroller of choice but I bought the Bob Ironman (not the swivel front wheel) and seriously have put thousands and thousands of miles on it over the past 5+ years (and a very tall 5 year old still fits in it and it’s also compatible with a newborn infant car seat…versatile) and it’s never let me down or had a single problem. Even with Heavy Usage!

  16. I never got tired of talking about my pregnancy to other women. It just seemed as though I was part of a big club. I still enjoy talking about my pregnancy experience and my daughter is an adult with a baby of her own.

  17. Oh and btw, my stroller is a Safety 1st (on sale for $100 with the infant carrier) but I really don’t like it. My advice to you is buy used, but buy the model with the features you want. I made the mistake of buying new, but since I was on a budget, I took the cheapest one. The stroller is really poorly made. The sun screen (Is that how it is called? excuse my French..) is too high and doesn’t rotate in front of the baby if the sun is in his face, the seat is too large, my little guy legs cant reach the end of the seat. The straps are very weird, too long around the chest, too short around the waist. The infant carrier weights a TON. (Other carriers were much lighter). It takes ALL the space in my car trunk and I have a big trunk in my Yaris sedan.

    The only thing I liked is the cup holder and the big basket under the seat to put my diaper bag.

  18. I have a peg perego and a jogging stroller and like them both for different purposes. I always loved researching baby gear while pregnant. In general I’m not a gear kind of person but if i am making a purchase i want to know it’s good! And crib mattresses… There are so many options as far as organic etc. It can be overwhelming. But fun!

  19. It’s definitely NOT ok to ask a woman how far along she is unless you know her. Being pregnant is a private, medical condition.

    If you have to ask if it’s an acceptable question, then err on the side of good manners and don’t ask. That’s my advice!

      1. I *hated* it when strangers standing near me in line or in an elevator felt like my pregnant belly suddenly gave us something to talk about. It got really old, really fast. Some people clearly love it, but some don’t, and it’s presumptuous to just assume everyone is in the first group. Nothing bad will happen if you just leave other preggos alone like you would any other stranger.

      2. My tendency to err on the side of not asking that question of a stranger is because it is a leading question. While you may not comment on her size, she doesn’t know that and most horror stories about rude strangers begin with a question like “how far along are you”.

        I am a very private person and don’t want to talk to strangers about anything but the weather. When I begin to show, I will try to politely decline to answer these types of questions from strangers. Of course, I could see a situation like prenatal yoga class being a little different than say, a grocery store.

        1. I would save those types of conversations for places like pre-natal yoga or child birthing class. Or maybe you could find some type of meet up group for pregnant ladies if you really want to talk about your pregnancy more/ask others about theirs…I’m there is something like that out there and you know the people there would love to talk about pregnancy (theirs and yours!). Some people are really private and don’t like strangers asking them questions. I used to work with someone who always asked pregnant ladies in the office lots of question…I’m sure he meant well, but none of the women enjoyed it. And some people do have body types where they might look pregnant, but aren’t! I’m sure you mean well, but I would err on the side of caution.

      1. Hahaha maybe my choice of words didn’t quite convey what I meant there. I just meant to say it’s something personal and private that happens within your body. Something you discuss with your medical provider and loved ones. Like other women have said here, it’s not an excuse to touch or talk inappropriately to a stranger.

    1. Since when was pregnancy a medical condition?! Its just normal human life cycle stuff. Sorry – that sounds more abrupt that I mean it to be – I just find it a really strange concept!!

      Anyway, on the stroller thing – I can count on my fingers the number of times we used the stroller in the first 6mths with both my girls – we used a carrier. Much nicer for baby to be snuggled up close to Mum or Dad. We used a Moby wrap for the early days, and a Manduca (similar to an Ergo – they are also excellent) from about 4mths. Even with 2 under 3 I still only have one very basic single stroller.. these days I carry the 10mth old on my back in the carrier.. So yeah – I’d splash out on the carrier if it were me!!

      Cute kid of your friends by the way 🙂

  20. With my third baby I just got the Britax B-ready stroller and love it! We have the 2011 Britax B-safe Carseat that also fits the stroller. You can use it with carseat, the regular seat can face you or out- perfect too for keeping sun out out of the childs eyes without having to use an extra cover, the seat is high, great space in the bottom for storage, easy break and the handle can be tall- my husband is 6’5″ so it’s easy for him to push. It is similar to the uppababy- just another option for you 🙂

    1. I second the Britax. Similar to the uppababy but less expensive!

      I also think it’s fine to ask how far along someone is- just don’t provide commentary on their answer (you are so big, so small, etc). Not that I think you would do that but the things that some people say shock me!

      1. Also, look for the book Baby Bargains. I found it so helpful in sifting through the massive number of baby products out there.

  21. I like being asked when I’m due, how far along I am, etc. What I DON’T like is when people say things like, “Whoa you’re only having ONE?” Or, “Looks like you’re about to pop!” And I have 7.5 more weeks to go! I remember the urge to stretch out my stomach, and it hurt. Now I focus mainly on stretching my obliques, which doesn’t hurt near as much or feel as unnatural.

  22. Toward the end of my pregnancies, rolling over from one side to the other was such a ordeal that my husband made fun of me calling it my ‘3 point turn’ 🙂 I had to take a break on my back before i could roll over to the other side-and i was all out of breath when i was done-fun stuff!!

  23. I love when strangers strike up conversations. It’s exciting once people start to notice. Just a couple more weeks and I’m sure more people will take notice of your bump!

    I had round ligament pain too. It mostly flared up on long walks or if I had been on my feet all day. They say just to drink some water and lie down and it should go away. Lots of stretching going on in there!

    And I totally have issues rolling over too. It takes so much work! I’m usually out of breath by the time I get comfortable again. HAHA

  24. I used to work at Baby Gap, and learned very early on not to assume anyone was pregnant unless they were SO obviously pregnant. Sounds like that’s what you do, so that’s good!

    A good friend bought the Uppababy (she’s due in June) and was able to get last year’s model on super-sale. She did a lot of research (both online & first-hand) and realized what she thought she wanted (one handed folding mechanism) was not what she really needed. She loves how the Uppababy can be steered with just one finger!

  25. The random questions bothered me so much when I was pregnant because I’m a very shy person and, while I was *so* blessed and happy to be expecting I just didn’t want to talk about it with strangers, at all, no matter how well meaning! Sadly, people lose all boundaries when they see a pregnant woman and offer unsolicited advice, TOUCH YOUR BELLY (haaaaate, I actually started to touch peoples’ bellies back when they did that to me, because seriously – how do they like it? ha), and ask all kinds of inappropriate questions whether you know them or not. Reactions to pregnant women can be trippy to say the least. 😉

    Since then I’ve been asked if we are expecting our second (we are not, yet) because my body changed and I carry my weight in my stomach more… but that is a whole different kind of annoying. 😉 Long story short I personally do not ask unless a woman brings up their pregnancy in some way, first. Once they bring it up it is nice to talk about the fun parts. But I just remember the stress of feeling like I couldn’t just go out and run an errand without a stranger coming and talking to me. Being an introvert was really hard while pregnant.

    Kath, the BOB is a great stroller! A little bulky for every day but perfect for jogging with your baby! (Which seems like something you would love to do when you are ready!) Also, don’t you just love the snoogie? We called it the “cuddle killer” in our house (which… it is, haha) but man, I practically wanted to marry that thing by my 7th month.

    1. Love this! I think I would totally do the same if someone touched my (non-existant for now) pregnant belly! And I think it’s a good rule of thumb to not ask unless it’s brought up first by the other person. I’m guessing I wouldn’t mind most of the time, but sometimes it’s just private.

  26. I am 38.5 weeks right now and I get asked all the time when I’m due, etc. I don’t mind at all! I do mind when people I don’t know well ask more personal questions…when I was pregnant with my first I seriously had people (acquaintances) at work ask me about breastfeeding, if I was dilated yet, and my mucus plug (!!!) Now that was a bit too far.

    I have a Jeep all terrain stroller that I use now for both walking and jogging and it’s tolerable but I don’t love it. We are planning to get a Bob Duallie Revolution soon, with a carseat attachment, so I can take my toddler and newborn out for walks and eventually runs. Everyone I’ve asked about Bob strollers loves them and says they are very much worth the hefty pricetag.

  27. I never really minded when people asked me how far along I was. It’s fun to talk about. But, I did feel really bad one time. I had just had my 3rd baby two weeks prior and someone asked me when I was due. I cried so hard when I got to the van! Looking back now it’s funny, but at the time I was feeling particularly sensitive.

  28. i hated the constant questions when i was pregnant unless they were from another mom or pregnant lady. then i felt like we could talk forever! by 38 weeks i wanted to just stamp all of the pertinent info on my head. ha!

    i researched strollers probably more than anything else because there are so many choices and different things you would need one for. we ended up getting a snap-and-go type stroller for the infant seat which i can’t recommend enough. we could just transfer our sleeping baby everywhere and he never made a peep. once he grew out of that we got an uppa baby g-luxe which is a super light umbrella stroller with a ton of cool features. we use it all. the. time. and our son loves it. it even reclines back! the only stroller we purchased that i wouldn’t recommend is the jeep jogging stroller. it is so stinking heavy and is only good for a run because otherwise it’s hard to maneuver. i wish we would have shelled out a bit more money for a better, lighter jogging stroller but we make due. i’ve heard the B.O.B. stroller is awesome! maybe when we have to buy a double jogging stroller 😉

  29. I have a Britax B-Ready and I love it, except for the fact that it is very heavy! I highly recommend getting a stroller that can convert to a double later on if you plan on having more than one kiddo. They’re pricey, but I think if I had gotten one to start out with it would’ve saved me from having to buy a bunch of different strollers along the way!

    And waking up in the morning/rolling over in bed was when I felt my round ligament pain the most. As time goes on you won’t be able to use your ab muscles at all anymore (at least not in the way you’re used to) so I was really glad I kept lifting to keep my arms strong so I had SOME way of hoisting myself out of chairs when I was in my 3rd trimester!

  30. I think unless you see a head hanging out, don’t ask someone if they are pregnant. I have a friend who looks 8 months pregnant, but isn’t. You really can’t tell. I’d say if you are friends with them and they’ve brought it up – ok to ask. Stranger in line at the bank – just smile and chat about the weather. Also, you never know if a stranger’s unborn baby has a medical condition or has some problem.

  31. My friends and I have a rule: unless the woman’s water is breaking in front of you, don’t ask them how far along they are. My several months postpartum friend was asked how far along she was quite frequently and it hurt her feelings a lot. Plus, not all pregnant women want to talk about their pregnancies. What if the woman was having complications and talking about their pregnancy was a painful subject? I didn’t care if people asked me about mine, but I had a super easy pregnancy. No morning sickness, no complications. Although, I did feel silly talking about my pregnancy. I feel like only my husband or close friends really cared about the bun in my oven.

    1. I do remember being asked when I was due just after my first was born (at the hospital cafeteria) and it hurt my feelings not only because I *wasn’t* pregnant anymore (gee thanks for making me feel good about myself!), but also because my baby was in the NICU for several months (so I didn’t have time to work out and obsess over my body) and I just felt like double whammy.

  32. Get a BOB!!! I love mine. It’s amazing for running, and so light and maneuverable when walking in stores and I love that I can go from the sidewalk to grass and sand and it’s so easy to push! My graco snugride carseat fit on the stroller too with the carseat adapter. It folds up and unfolds easily. Congratulations! Love your new blog.

  33. I absolutely love your blogs! Especially this one since I’m 18 week pregnant with my third one.

    Our first stroller was an Upppa and while I loved it in the beginning (the storage basket underneath is great and so big) I found that my son quickly seemed too big in it. Defiantly not a stroller for an older toddler, but otherwise a really good stroller.

    Our second one was a Pill & Ted Vibe. Bigger and chunkier, but needed for our second child. I thought it was going to be great, but the children “sitting on top of” each other did not work at all. When my youngest one was a new born and my toddler was sitting on top of him, my new born would start to cry and it would be such a hazzle getting him out. Then later, no one wanted the bottom seat.

    Now we got a Mountain Buggy Swift with a standing board and I love it! It is very light and small and not at all as chunky as the Phil & Ted. I guess the only drawback is the small basket under the seat, but we still plan to get the double version of the Swift closer to when baby is due.

    I was debating between getting the Mountain Buggy or the Bob, but ended up with the MB because of the size.

    Good luck with finding a stroller!

  34. I’m sure you’re getting a zillion stroller comments and a zillion different suggestions, but after much research and thought, we decided on a BOB and I LOOOOOOVE it!!! You can push it with one finger, it’s so light and effortless, and we bought a separate attachment so our Graco infant seat snapped right onto it, and we never used any other stroller or travel system. The one we have is not a jogging stroller per se (they do have one I believe), but you can lock the front wheel and convert it as such. It is super easy to collapse and is not heavy (in my opinion.) It was not cheap but we’ve both said many times over the last two years how it was worth every penny and is probably our favorite baby purchase to be honest! We are looking forward to using it with baby #2.

  35. I say get a running stroller is you really plan on running, but otherwise get an Ergo or a Baby Hawk. But then again, I hate seeing babies just parked in the stroller.

  36. I had a bit of ligament pain around 16-20 weeks. It was usually only when I changed positions too quickly or coughed really hard, etc. Oh – I always LOVE people asking me about pregnancy, how far along I am etc. It is so fun (to me) to converse with other mommas to be or just people in general. I never get tired of the questions. 🙂

  37. I didn’t like talking to people about my pregnancy, especially strangers. None of my husband’s friends – men or women – had babies, and so they asked SUPER inappropriate questions (How’s the sex? What does it feel like to have a penis growing inside of you?) that made me angry rather than struck me as funny, which was what they were going for. My friends are almost all going through fertiltiy problems, so we STILL don’t talk about my baby (he’s 1.5). And strangers almost always went WOW SO PREGNANT YOU ARE ABOUT TO POP NO SHUT UP YOU CANT BE ONLY 7 MONTHS. And then I would cry. Every once in a while I would get a person who could say, “Oh, you look lovely! How’d you decorate the nursery?” But it very rarely worked about that way. If you do ask, read the room, and be prepared to retreat.

    Also, we have 3 strollers (2 on semi-permanent loan). One is a Peg Perego, love it; the other an umbrella stroller we use for car trips and places where we need a more streamlined ride, and then a jogging stroller. And we did use a secondhand car seat; my sister has 3, and my baby was the 4th to use it in 6 years – and we are keeping it in case we have a 2nd ourselves.

    1. Oh dear, those are strong questions. The few times I have talked to someone it’s been really lighthearted and friendly – nothing personal!

      1. That’s the way to go! My husband says that I have a face that people love to talk to – which is nice when they aren’t insinuating that I’m a fat cow. 😉

    2. Celeste, Do you know why your friends going through fertility treatments won’t talk about your child? I realize that they may be more sensitive to talk about babies, but they have to understand that although they’re having issues of their own, that you’re incredibly excited about your toddler! We’re going through some fertility issues, and I think I’d be offended if anyone that I have shared this with didn’t feel comfortable talking to me about their own life. [Of course, I’m usually the one asking all the questions about their kids… I’m taking this time to do more “research”! 🙂 ]

  38. It is so inspirational to see those body pump mamas working out to the last minute!! There was a regular at the coffee shop I work at who was definitely a pregnancy runner. She’d come in after a run up to the last days, and it wasn’t long after baby came that she was back on the trails! Great to have such good role models!

  39. A lot of women do not want to discuss their pregnancy with a stranger and feel really uncomfortable with it. All of the details of your pregnancy are documented on the internet so it may be difficult to understand why some women are so private about pregnancy but I think it’s really common. I happen to be one of those people that feels so awkward in that situation even if it’s friendly and non-invasive. Unless you are at a birthing class, pre-natal yoga or among friends I would avoid discussing pregnancy.

    On another note- stroller options are ridiculously overwhelming!

  40. I know I’m an anomaly, but I hate when people ask me how far along I am. I have very large fibroid tumors and measure between 4.5/5 months ahead. I’m less than a week behind you but my bump looks close to nine months. It bums me out every time I have to answer this question.

    Just another perspective.

  41. We love our BOB revolution stroller for running, going to upgrade to the double when #2 arrives! It’s such a smooth ride and turns really well.

  42. I got sooooo tired of strangers asking about my pregnancies. I’m a private person and the questions always felt so intrusive. I love when people ask me about my kids (and tell me how cute they are!) but hated pregnancy talk.

    One thing I noticed is that other pregnant women never started conversations about pregnancy. We just exchanged knowing smiles and went our separate ways. I’m sure they were tired of all the questions too!

  43. I think it’s really inappropriate to ask a stranger how far along they are. It can be hard to be absolutely sure that someone is pregnant, and even if they are, you might put them in an extremely uncomfortable position by asking about it. It’s inconsiderate and presumptuous to comment about something like that. Asking a complete stranger how far along they are assumes that they are pregnant (which they may not be, despite a “huge bump”), assumes that they are happy about being pregnant (which they may not be), and assumes that they want to share fairly personal details with a stranger (which they may not want to do). This question just shows lack of consideration for others and their feelings. If you really want to talk about your pregnancy with someone, find a friend or someone from your prenatal yoga class (or another similar pregnancy-oriented venue), and please leave others be.

  44. As for strollers the BOB would be perfect for your lifestye! We have one and LOVE it and are about to buy the double BOB because we are expecting baby #2. It simply can’t be beat for running, going to the beach and taking it on grassy surfaces. Pus, the sun shade is huge and that was a big plus for me {many strollers have suprisingly small sun shades}. I also love the uppababay and would have gotten that if we lived in a bigger city {we live in Charleston, SC} but the BOB fits our active life here better.

  45. As a mother of 2, and a runner as well as a wife of a runner, we have two BOB strollers in our garage. We bought the BOB single jogger when our son was born 5.5Y ago, and our double BOB revolution 3Y when my baby girl was 6 months old. Love them both. If you like to run, go with a BOB and you will not be disappointed. They make an infant attachment bar that a car seat securely attaches onto which is great for initial walking after delivery with the baby and then you will be ready to roll when you feel good. I imagine that single will be used for at least another 2-3Y as we transition out of the double (as my son gets too big) so keep in mind, if you have more than one kid, this jogger is WORTH the investment since it could be in use many years! BTW – we rarely used any other kind of stroller… just make sure to get a pivot front wheel that can lock and unlock so you have it for different types of walking/running. good luck!

  46. i’m catching up on blog reading and smiled when i saw that picture…liam looks so little! we can help you out with stroller suggestions – we have been through WAY too many!

  47. We also went with the BOB revolution! Found one SLIGHTLY used for less than half price on Craigslist. Ben did a TON of stroller research (hours and hours!) and we were looking at the city mini for a while, but it jut didn’t feel sturdy and ‘all terrain’ enough to me. I also didn’t want to buy 2 strollers (one for ‘day-to-day’ and one for jogging), I wanted one that could be used for both and I *think* we found that with the BOB. Can’t wait to use it!

  48. This is a great post, Kath! I didn’t mind if people asked about my pregnancy, because I felt comfortable with politely evading further questions if I wasn’t in the mood. I must have the “don’t touch my belly” air, though, because I had no problems with unwanted belly touching at all. I did have problems with strangers wanting to touch my infant daughter, which I found harder (but more important) to firmly decline. We have two strollers- one bigger with bells/whistles as part of a carseat system, and one small and light jogging stroller that has been great! I don’t have brand recommendations, but we like having the choice between the two types for different situations. Pretty soon we’ll be looking for a two-seater, I’d love to hear recommendations about those!

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