16 Weeks: Too Short, Too Tight

There’s definitely a little growth spurt going on inside of me.

16 weeks (2)

Not only is my bump bigger and harder, I’m also super hungry this week!

16 weeks

Not able to suck in nearly as much either! [You can always tell the suck in photos from my expression though Winking smile ] It also seems that my bump is growing upwards. Meaning what started as a pointy pooch is now rounding from the top down.

 16 weeks (4) 16 weeks (6)

I’m not really much of a snacker, but I’m finding myself hungry every 2-3 hours consistently this week. The baby is supposed to quadruple this month (I think), so it’s no wonder I’m so hungry!

2012-03-17 15.43.38

During our beach walk at Bald Head, I felt a little bit like I was wearing a fake bump. It’s almost like my stomach seems more detached from the rest of my core. It feels like it’s styrofoam or something! Perhaps I will feel differently when there’s a wiggly baby moving in there : )

2012-03-16 15.58.45

Also while we were at the beach, I noticed that I have to pee whenever I stand up. Not always, but wayyyy more often than I used to. I used to be able to go without going to the bathroom for a few hours, and now it seems I’m going every hour or so. And standing up makes it worse.

I’m sleeping a bit better, but that might be blamed on the wonderful vacation bed too : )

Lastly, I tried on a few pairs of my old summer shorts before we left for the beach. The biggest pairs – the ones that used to sit low on my hips – were TIGHT! I could button them, but they looked awful around my waist. There is no doubt that I’m growing by leaps and bounds these days. Maternity shorts for the long haul.

It seems my dresses still fit just fine : )


However, my t-shirts are now too short. Just a few inches of outward stomach and I feel like I need a long tank under every single shirt! No longer can I look in my closet and pack for a trip. I had to try several on only to find they went into the “next summer” pile. I have only a few non-maternity shirts that aren’t too short, but my maternity ones are way too long! They make my torso look so strange and bring the bump out even more.


On the eating front, things are pretty much back to normal!! Other than the fact that I’m eating more frequently, I’m craving healthy foods again and most veggies sound OK (not wonderful, but OK) to me. Good news! I actually had a salad for dinner, which was the first time in ages I’ve craved one. It tasted good too!



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31 thoughts on “16 Weeks: Too Short, Too Tight”

  1. Yep, there’s definitely getting to be a more noticeable bump. That’s exciting 🙂 And it’s good to hear that salads taste good to you again – it’s amazing how many changes your body can go through in such a (relatively) short amount of time!

  2. I’m tackling my summer wardrobe this evening and am dreading it! I hope to live out the summer (when I’m not in the office) in maxi dresses. I don’t normally wear them because I’m only 5 feet tall and I think they make me look pregnant, so now that I AM pregnant, I’m not changing out of a maxi dress unless I have to. Lol.

    That bump is definitely growing, Lady! Yay! 🙂

  3. Walking puts the baby to sleep…I rarely feel mine move when I am out for a walk…my stomach feels more like a fake bump on my walks now,than it did at 16 weeks.

  4. Yep, I was definitely peeing all the time at this stage, which seemed strange — I expected it would be an issue once my stomach (and uterus) was huge, but not at this stage.

    I felt ridiculous at the gym. I would use the bathroom when I first arrived and would often have to go again before I completed my 30-35 minutes of weights!

  5. You look great and there’s no way the average person would look at you and think, oh yeah, she’s definitely pregnant. Even though you feel it, unless I knew what your Before pics looked like, I wouldn’t even suspect!

  6. I can definitely see the bump! No denying it! So cute! I also felt like my stomach was detached. haha That really freaked me out until it grew into place a bit more. I felt like I had rocks taped to my belly or something. =)

  7. Hi, I’m an avid reader, but this is my first time commenting. I’m so excited for you and I love your blog…both of them now. I had my first a year and a half ago so I know the “look like you just ate too much lunch belly” I’m sure someone has mentioned, but if not, I used rubber bands on my shorts buttons for a long time to extend that upper part and not be uncomfortable. It’s like you are too little for maternity and too big for your normal clothes. 🙂

  8. you can definitely see a little bump now! and your belly will start feeling weirder and weirder the bigger it grows. until it’s no longer there and you will feel weird without it. 🙂

  9. I hear you on the eating every 2 1/2 hours, that was me, too! All the way through nursing, too. Unfortunately, my first dental appointment after I stopped nursing revealed a whole bunch of cavities. I was shocked! In retrospect, it made sense, though. I had food in my mouth almost constantly for 18 months! I wish someone had given me the advice to rinse my mouth with water after eating, brush my teeth more often (after lunch, too!), be vigilant with flossing, chew sugar free gum, and use a fluoride rinse at bedtime. I haven’t read through your other comments to see if anyone else has passed this advice along, so sorry if it’s a repeat! Take care 🙂

    1. I have heard this is common for nursing mothers and that is has nothing to do wih oral hygiene but more to do with depleted calcium stores…. Who knows!

  10. I can really see a difference in the last picture of you with the purple shirt on.

    I have to say, though, for 16 weeks along you look amazing! 4 more weeks and you’ll be halfway there. 🙂

  11. Yay for baby bumps! You look great. 🙂 Get ready… the “have to pee” feeling only gets worse! ha. I literally go every hour. Maternity shirts do have a way of making your bump look bigger, at any stage.

  12. The picture in the black from the side is the first time I can tell you have a baby bump! How exciting!!!

  13. I just have to comment on the whole clothes thing. You are ahead of me by 2 weeks,but this is my second baby. So I am in the same boat when it comes to clothes. Regular things, I.e. shirts just look and feel too sort and I am SWIMMING in maternity shirts! We’ve had a heat wave here in northern Illinois so my wardrobe is so so small-a few things I have had to pick up and some summer dresses. All of my maternity stuff is both too big and not the right season for this beginning of 2nd trimester. You do look very cute in your maternity wear I must say!

  14. I feel you on the hunger. At about 16-18 weeks my appetite was ferocious. I hadn’t gained any weight up until that point and have definitely gained a few now 🙂

    I am 22w4d now and at about 20/21 weeks my appetite calmed down a bit 🙂

  15. I bought longer cheap old navy tshirts that were not maternity just 1 size up because of the shirt issue. I could finally wear maternity shirts t about 34 weeks so the longer shirts were a lifesaver in making me jot feel frumpy

  16. You can wear pants/shorts a little longer by looping a ponytail holder (skinny kind) through the eye (like a luggage tag) and around the button. Especially helpful when you are in between seasons and don’t want to buy too many maternity things too soon.
    *Your blog is helping me become a runner…love all of the tips. My D’son teammates (vball) and I are training for a 1/2 in Chicago this summer. Some wonderful Wildcats (um, slightly older than yourself) are hitting the pavement and training together on-line. Thanks for the inspiration.

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