17 Weeks: In With The Old And Out With The New

Couple of new thing going on!!

First off, our RUG arrived!!


I absolutely love it. And love even more that it was only $75 at Urban Outfitters! Some of the other rugs I was considering were hundreds of dollars that I just didn’t want to spend.


Just like I expected from the reviews, it came folded up and took a few days to get the wrinkles out (they are still leaving..) and it was very thin and slippery, so I purchased an anti-slip pad to go underneath. I bought this one from Amazon for $39, bringing the total cost to about $120. Not bad at all considering the personality and functionality it brings!


We just have one MAJOR problem. I discovered last night that the pad and rug are now too high for the closet door to open!!! This means either sawing down the door (scary) or moving the rug (don’t wanna). I’m puzzled on what to do.


I decided to try out the Urban matching curtains, which were also very budget-friendly at $35 a pop. I bought two and hung them up for a trial to see how I liked them. Upon first glance, they were NOT THE SAME COLOR! The grey in the curtains is more blue and the rug is warmer. Not pleased.

Matt and I agreed they made the room too busy, so I decided to return them. We have 2 sets of white curtains in the attic we used at our old house that I think will give the room a simpler look. Out with the new.


I was thrilled to cross the cost of curtains off my budget list, however, I found a place to repurpose them!! My brain started cranking and they are now hanging in the basement! I’ve been hunting for curtains to replace the ones that came with the house (which I am not fond of) and these work very well! Unfortunately, instead of saving money, I had to buy a third, but I’m still very happy with the project’s outcome : )

2012-03-29 11.03.24Blog

More in-with-the-old! I found a My Breast Friend pillow – gently used – on Craigslist for $15!




And my friend Alex gave us a handful of her little boy clothes and a swaddle blanket! These are a few of them – cuteness! Thanks Alex!


Matt and I are having lots of fun playing with the little bear hat we bought for Baby KERF. Each of the bears have taken a turn wearing it and “spooking” each of us by hiding in funny places – like laundry baskets and drawers!




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49 thoughts on “17 Weeks: In With The Old And Out With The New”

  1. Could you cut the pad on that corner to allow for it to open just over the rug? Not sure if it would affect the overall look. But since you’ll be opening the door often maybe not?

    Or take the closet door off to open the room up some? And maybe later, it could be a reading nook? 🙂

    1. I don’t think it would go over the rug either.

      Taking the door off is an idea….maybe I could even do one of the matching curtains as a cover. Would certainly be easier to get things in and out.

      1. I think a matching curtain or another nursery color would be great! Definitely easier to get in and out of the closet AND quieter if you ever wanted to put stuff up etc while Baby Kerf is sleeping :)!

      1. Don’t be afraid to shave some of the door down! You’ll have to take the door off the put a curtain up anyway which is half the effort of fixing the door. Just take the door down, then depending on how much needs to come off the bottom, use a little bit of sand paper or buy/borrow a hand planer (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00002X1Z8/ref=pd_lpo_k2_dp_sr_1?pf_rd_p=486539851&pf_rd_s=lpo-top-stripe-1&pf_rd_t=201&pf_rd_i=B00002X1ZC&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=1HGEDWJBK3SNSGC3Z9P3) to take a bit off the bottom. This is a very, very easy project. 30 min – 1 hour tops.

  2. Love the rug. Is the white more of a light cream or ivory? I had ordered the aqua one awhile back but had to return since the “white” wasn’t white like I expected.

    1. It is on the cream side, which normally would bother me, but something about it being on the floor made it ok?

  3. I love the rug! If it were me, I would try to keep the door by sawing it like you said. I see a lot of people using the Brest Friend these days but I’m still partial to my Boppy… we’ve been through a lot together 😉 Gotta love a deal though!

  4. Do not trim the door! In my experience,unless you really know what you are doing it will loOk choppy and sloppy. Also depending on the age of the door, most doors have a hollow core so you would end up with an unfinished look. Something you will have to think about should you ever decide to resell or turn your house into a rental. Also….I totally wanted chevron curtains…but my mom wanted to make our nursery curtains as a gift,and we couldn’t find chevron fabric anywhere. Then we ended up buying Dwell Studio curtains anyway!

  5. The rug looks perfect! ….Did you order online or did you buy at the store? I *really* love the look (for a boy or girl since we don’t know yet) I’d use some rough sandpaper and go to work on the door, or I know if you go to Home Depot they should have some easier solutions to take off some extra wood a little easier. I wouldn’t want to move the rug. Happy Friday!

    PS- A little girl in my 3rd grade class said to me today “WOW! I can really tell there is a baby in there today!” while hugging me! HA! 🙂 Cuteness!

  6. I’m loving the chevron pattern. We have a few throw pillows in a brown/white version & I adore them. Grey & white for a nursery is so cute. We have a little girl whose room is lime green & deep purple but for (future) baby #2 I don’t want to find out the sex & our spare room is painted a dark grey color w/white trim so it’s perfect to add in a pop of yellow, turquoise or even fuchsia!

  7. Time for some unsolicited advice: I really think you should consider re-painting the room. The gray/yellow idea is great but just doesn’t look good with the green walls. Everything will look much more put together if you just changed the paint or pick items that work better with the green. I don’t think you’ll regret it. Paint is the easiest change you can make and it makes the room so much more comfortable.

  8. Have you thought about taking the closet door off and replacing it with a curtain? I think that would work really well with the look you are going for in the nursery. It is coming along great, can’t wait to see the finished product 🙂

  9. I love the chevron! I think yellow + grey is such a great color combo for a baby boy. So chic and modern, and something he can also grow into!

  10. I love the rug!

    The curtains look great in the basement–they add color and pop!

    I had a My Breast Friend pillow, but found it easier to breastfeed holding our little girl. The My Breast Friend pillow did work, though.

    The bears are too cute! They show up in the funniest of places 🙂


  11. The rug looks FABULOUS! Far more splurgey than the 75 you paid for it, always an awesome thing!

    “The grey in the curtains is more blue and the rug is warmer. Not pleased.: — GRrrrr. I hate that. Or when you buy a duvet cover and pillow shams separately and they don’t match perfectly or bath towels and hand towels, that kind of stuff that’s slightly “off” in color, just bugs!

    You will LOVE the MBFfriend, especially for when baby is smaller. The firm-ness, being able to adjust it, it was a lifesaver! The boppy is too squishy for really small babies I have found.

  12. Can I be stupid for a minute and ask what the pillow does? Help you hold the baby, maybe? No breast feeders in my family, they all plugged their kids with formula.

    You might be able to take the rug to a carpet store and have them trim it and fix it so it won’t unravel.

    1. I’m not quite sure myself 🙂 but I acts as a shelf so you don’t have to hold the baby weight for an hour

      1. YES!!!! Babies get HEAVY on your arm, esp. at first when you are nursing for longer stretches of time. I used mine for 15 months with my oldest and am on Monday #8 with the second. LOVE it.

      2. One benefit of the Brest Friend (and also the Boppy) I didn’t expect is that it helps you maintain better posture while nursing. When the baby is young you spend so much time in this position that your back and shoulders really start to ache. These pillows do support some of the baby weight but also keep you ergonomically positioned!

  13. I know that your blogs are your profession and therefore contain advertising, but does it bother you that you’re shilling for stuff like Hidden Valley Ranch? I would think that such processed foods would be a little contradictory to your real food theme and not something you would promote on KERF. Just wondering.

    1. I’m not the biggest fan either, but this isn’t a food blog and I don’t choose the ads. I can only opt out of something I feel very strongly about.

  14. That rug is awesome and the nice thing is that it could still be used when baby -> child -> teen. Just wondering if the rug alone would fit under the door (can’t tell from the pic)? As in you could cut off a section of the anti-slip pad though that part of the rug will be uneven.

  15. For the rug….ditch the pad and put parallel lines of caulk adhesive on the back side. It will keep the rug from slipping, but wont’t add a lot of thickness.

  16. Have you considered blackout curtains for the nursery? Just my 2 cents, but the blackout curtains I put in the nursery help with nap time so much, especially when the baby is still trying to figure out nighttime vs. daytime sleep. You can always buy the blackout liner as well (like they have in hotel rooms) and then just put any curtain that you want in front of it.

  17. I would saw the door. The rug seems great for the nursery and I can’t imagine you’d miss half an inch of a closet door. The gap won’t even let more light in as a door to the hallway might.

    I clicked on your friend Alex’s link and she looked familiar. I eventually figured out that we went to Camp Allegheny together when we were about 8! We didn’t know each other but I remember loving her picture in our summer camp yearbook. (I’m one of those freaky folks who remembers everyone’s face, name, and story- it does freak people out when they think I’m a stranger and I remember all kinds of stuff about them. I try not to be creepy with it!). Anyway, that made me day. Have a great weekend!

  18. I absolutely LOVE the rug, Kath. And I agree that the curtains would make the room too busy (well, ours is busy — but with different prints, so I feel like it works). Hmmm. Maybe some type of very subdued yellow print to go with your yellow/grey theme?

  19. Just use a plane to shave off a little of the bottom of the door. It’s very easy and you’ll have it back up quickly.

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