17 Weeks: Live and Jive

If you hadn’t noticed, we’re blogging live now! Well, at least for the week. Running two blogs is even harder than I thought – but mostly because BERF takes a bit more focus and preparation to write. So I’ll probably always be a day or so ahead and will have some topical posts pre-written. I’m really enjoying the new blog though, and am so glad I decided to separate the two!

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I’m also still finding my groove for how I want to organic organize my thoughts each week. For the most part I’m doing 2 posts that are more physical/symptoms/bumps and that leaves 5 more topical posts, which is a lot to fill now that I have 7 slots per week to fill now! I might drop back to 5 posts a week – perhaps I will take off the weekends as I move forward. Or maybe just a photo of the day or something simple : )

So what’s happened since we last spoke?

Bump Update

I am still totally amazed at how it feels to have my body changing like this. It’s unlike any other experience I’ve gone through (obviously!) and I think the science of it all is still my favorite part of being pregnant (which will probably change once I can really interact with my baby from the outside!)

2012-03-27 13.35.33

There are multiple types of movements that I’ve felt….starting [I think] around week 12. I don’t think they’ve really changed much since I started to notice them that early, but I have noticed this week some new sensations that I’m feeling as I’m going throughout my day – a tap in the car, a vibration while I’m typing. Before I had to be completely still to feel them, but I’m starting to notice them more of the time. It’s weird though because if I’m moving too, it’s hard to know if what I felt was the baby or just a GI thing or my mind playing tricks on me!

Different movement feelings have included:

Vibration – A very, very faint vibration. Like I could tell something was moving inside of me but I had no idea how or what it was doing.

Tickling – This was also one of the first sensations I felt. A few times I woke up to tickling and wondered even if I had imagined it.

Taps – These are happening more and more. Just a tap or two taps in a row. Usually to the front of my stomach. They are very faint. I’m guessing these will turn into kicks?

Fishies – I can’t really describe this other than it feels like a bubble or fish is moving through liquid. Perhaps this is a roll or flip?

Stomach Drops – You know the feeling as you descend a roller-coaster when your stomach drops? I’ve felt this a handful of times randomly. I’m assuming it’s baby-related and it’s also the newest sensation.

The movements seem to be strongest at night. When I wake up in the morning, my body seems to be free of the water weight that accumulates during the day and my uterus is RIGHT near my skin and oh-so-huge and hard. I have also noticed that it’s totally lopsided!! I don’t think my little turnip is big enough to be hanging out on one side or another yet like babies do in the later months, so I have no idea. By the time I get up and going, it seems pretty even. Maybe I like to sleep on my right side more than my left and everything shifts!?

So when I wake up, I put my hands all over my belly and see what grew in the night. It changes so much day to day. MANY times I have put my hands there and felt some strong movements – until I realize I’m really just feeling my heartbeat in both my stomach and my fingertips!! Someday it will be a baby… : )


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45 thoughts on “17 Weeks: Live and Jive”

  1. I first felt my first child move at 18 weeks. It felt like someone did a tiny somersault inside my lower stomach, and I had to hold very still to feel it. So I bet that in another week or so there will be no mistake about what you are feeling!

  2. Movement has fascinated me the most during my pregnancy. When I was back where you are now movements mostly felt like tickles down low. I learned at my 20 week ultrasound that he was breech so it made sense. Now I feel all kinds of movement obviously. Just wait until you can press on your belly and feel a foot or knee…total trip. I also think I am to the point where he is big enough that some movement is painful. Sometimes it feels like a pinch and the other night I was cooking dinner and it felt like he head-butted my cervix!

    1. Ouch!

      When you say he was breech at your 20 week, wasn’t he still able to move all around in there? They don’t get “stuck” in that position that early, do they?

      1. Babies don’t get “stuck” that early, so don’t worry! That’s why especially towards the end of your pregnancy if the baby is sunny-side, etc the OB doesn’t worry right away. Babies are active little things!

        1. That’s what i thought 🙂 That it’s only a concern if it’s beyond 35 weeks or so. At my 13 week US our baby was sitting straight up. I hope that doesn’t mean he likes it that way!

          1. both of my babies were “breech” in my 20 weeks ultrasounds. But they are so tiny at that point it doesnt matter at all and means nothing as to if they will be in the end so don’t worry!
            Reading your pregnancy posts makes me miss being pregnant already and my baby is only 7 months!

  3. Right. You don’t need to worry until 34 to 36 weeks. But they do make not of it in your chart. Mine was head up at all of my appointments through 28 weeks. Little guy was making me nervous.

  4. I didn’t feel the baby move until 19/20 weeks.
    I had a really hard time differentiating between baby and GI issues. But the ‘stomach drops’ description is exactly what I felt earlier on, so I guess that was the baby moving too?
    Now I am 26 weeks and feeling her move (a lot!) is still my favorite part of pregnancy so far 🙂

  5. Can I ask why comments on this site are moderated by on KERF they dont seem to be? I just read a nasty one on your KERF post this morning and was curious.

    1. I would moderate kerf if I could… and will if I need to someday. But it’s a lot to manage and generally people are nice about food

  6. According to my OB most women have a uterus that is tilted more on the right side, so it’s normal to feel a bit off center. Mine is too. Just wait until he gets big and balls up on your right side. You will seriously belly laugh at how silly and lopsided you look!

  7. I have been wondering what is my GI and what is my little bun. It is so hard for me to tell. I’m pretty sure I’ve felt a couple of distinct knocks and flips. It does feel like something swimming in your stomach! Soooo cool! I also am loving to see your bump pics.
    The husband and I have a friend who is about 4 weeks behind me and looking WAAAAAY more pregnant than I do. The husband is freaking out thinking I need to be eating more—- so, it is so comforting to see someone carry a child in a way very similar to myself- and only a week apart! 🙂
    PS- I have grown a TON in the past few days!!!

    1. Hi Julie,

      I’m 26 weeks with our first and so I don’t know the final outcome, but everyone I see says I’m “small” and “all belly.” I was worried at first that the baby wasn’t growing enough but after the doc looked at our 20 week ultrasound, she said our boy measured “picture perfect.” Also she confirmed for me and my hubby my weight gain was fine too! Just wanted you to know there was a fellow worrier out there where so far so good! I just try not to compare myself to anyone else since I’m trying to do the best I can with keeping myself and therefore baby healthy. Best wishes!

        1. Haha – I’ve been there too with hubby!! That’s great, though, he is involved and cares about everything! I’ve been trying to balance understanding and addressing my hubby’s fears with researching what is truly best via my doc and the always accurate internet findings! haha Plus what I’m feeling is best for me personally! Honestly I feel like I’ve made a 180 in figuring out how I want to handle this pregnancy (midwife vs. OB, epidural vs. natural, etc.) since doing all my own research over the past Month! So you’ll have time to figure it out.
          My one recommendation to assuage both of your fears is to consider having a doula. She has experience. We do not. She is ready to be supportive through all circumstances. We have no idea what to expect or the options. Why not have someone be pulling for you? 🙂 Just my two cents!

  8. I admit, I’m glad you separated them too. Being pregnant is very time consuming in that it’s all you want to think about so forcing yourself to only blog about food would have been hard. I think 5 posts is plenty per week and I also think it will be great for you to look back on this blog once the baby is here. I cherish my photos and journals from pregnancy and it’s nice to look back and remember things I’ve forgotten or laugh at myself 🙂 I felt my baby for sure at 15 weeks but by 20 weeks she was a dancing queen and there was no mistaking that.

  9. Gotta love the lopsided bump! I almost forgot about that. My son was totally lopsided the whole pregnancy but now on my second and he’s totally symmetrical! So funny.

  10. The words you used to describe the early signs of movement…fishies, tickling, vibration…yes! It’s so faint and a foreign concept that I didn’t know what those things were at the first signs of movement but in retrospect realize that had I clued in, I could have “sensed” movement earlier.

    Take time off and reduce your posts as necessary. Use this time now to catch up on life and get more sleep 🙂

  11. The strangest movements for me were probably in weeks 25-32 or so…the baby is BIG enough to make really big movements, but they aren’t so big that they’re running out of space yet, so you can REALLY see and feel the movements big time– it always looked like there was a crazy alien trying to burst out of my stomach!

  12. Those movements have been my favorite thing about being pregnant. I used to think they would be really weird and creepy and make me feel like a kangaroo… but they are so cool. Just wait until he starts rolling around and kicks so hard it makes your whole upper body move, haha.

  13. It’s so crazy to hear about all the different types of movement. I’m not sure I ever really thought about how it would feel to have someone moving inside you, other than a few kicks here and there but it really makes sense that you’d feel all of his movements. SO cool!

  14. You have to blog seven days a week! I am 9 weeks myself, and I SO look forward to reading your blog every day. It is an awesome distraction. I know the work involved is probably astronomical, but I do hope you will continue blogging daily… 🙂 I find myself so envious of you at 17 weeks. I am still in the lifeless, nausea, moody, no energy stage and I can’t wait to start feeling like someone I recognize again. Good luck and keep posting! 🙂

  15. It’s fascinating, isn’t it? I used to call the early movements: “Flutterflies” because that’s what it felt like to me. I kept waiting for “popcorn” or “bubbles” but I felt “flutterflies.” And then solid kicks around 18/20 weeks … and they didn’t stop!! I felt phantom kicks for weeks after Maya was born. It’s a bizarre sensation that this little baby was once inside of you!! I had to sleep on my left side–I think the OBs recommend that now. It was less natural for me (I’m a right-side sleeper, with hubby spooning me) but we had to switch things up when I was pregnant.

  16. I like the idea of a photo a day or something simple here and there. I read a lot of blogs, and I always like when those short and sweet posts are thrown in there to break it up. But the important thing is not to feel pressure or get burnt out.

    PS. I totally feel the ‘roller coaster’ dropping sensations, those are some my favorites I think!

  17. I love these posts. I can’t wait to be at that point in life and, like you, also find the science behind it all SOOO incredible! Miraculous, really. For me personally, I can’t just think it’s all coincidence, the whole pregnancy process… there’s just gotta be a little “magic” and spirituality involved, too. My two cents. 🙂

  18. I started feeling movements around 18-19 weeks with my daughter. Like you, I thought I felt them much earlier, but when I was postpartum I had the same sensations that I had in those early days…so now I sort of wonder if it was just that I was feeling organs shifting or gas or something and I’d just never paid so much attention before? I don’t know. Anyway, around 18-19 weeks I started noticing that if I ate something sweet – a handful of strawberries, a single hard candy, cranberry juice – and then laid down in a dark, quiet room…I could feel things. Consistently! IT WAS AWESOME!

    I did that pretty much every day for the rest of my pregnancy.

    What I thought was really cool was the end when you could see the baby move from the outside. One time I was sitting at work with my belly pushed against my desk and when my daughter kicked, she pushed me hard enough to push me away from the desk – and a coworker saw the whole thing, saw the poke of her foot and everything. It’s like watching something out of the Matrix lol. It was uncomfortable, but awesome.

    ALSO! Something really cool to look forward to: when you’re super super pregnant and the baby stops moving around as frequently because there isn’t as much space…ask your husband to put his ear to your belly. He’ll be able to hear your heartbeat…and the baby’s =)

  19. Loved this post, Kath! You look so beautiful! I’ve noticed that up until about 20 weeks it’s really easy to feel your uterus first thing in the morning, normally because your bladder is full. It pushes it up and over to one side. Same reason why in early pregnancy ultrasounds they want you to have a full bladder. It makes it a lot easier to view your uterus. Pregnancy is fascinating! Are you planning on using a doula?

  20. My daughter is 18 months and I still miss her movements in my tummy! I loved them.

    I think you could easily just do one or two posts a week on this website. There is no point pushing yourself to come up with content. Quality over quantity wins every time!

  21. I remember missing being pregnant. Little Kath was right in front of us in her infant seat. My husband looked at her and asked how I could miss being pregnant when we had a real baby right in front of us. (But I did.)

  22. My favorite movements are the “alien bumps” that seem to protrude and run across your stomach towards the end (usually an elbow or a heel). THAT is the strangest sensation of them all IMO 🙂

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