17 Weeks: Lollipop Shop

We have a few great baby + kid sales here in Charlottesville, and this week I ventured to my first. BOY was it overwhelming!


The former Whole Foods warehouse was just filled with clothes and gear.

I really had no idea what I was looking for. I was hoping to find perhaps a used B.O.B. stroller, baby carriers, cribs, dressers, and maybe a cute outfit for two. Unfortunately most of the stuff there was way more than gently used, too expensive or covered in primary colors and plastic.


I found this changing table in a pretty color, but I don’t really want a changing table (I’m doing a dresser with a changer on top) and the owners were asking $130 for this, which was more than I would have wanted to spend.


I never found any of the specific “modern” items I was hunting for – I think they must be Craigslisted or still being used. But I also just felt unprepared for the event. I really had no idea what I needed!! Even in the clothes world, I just didn’t know what was a good deal and what was overpriced or what I would need. So I ended up leaving empty handed, but I think this sale will be GREAT the next time it comes around and I have specific things on a list to look for.


I decided before I could really know what to buy used, I had to go look at the new stuff and make a list of what I need before I can hunt for bargains. [I did find My Breast Friend pillow on Craigslist for $15!]

Is it too soon for me to be parking in this spot!? I felt awkward without much of a bump, so I went a few spots up a regular one!


Babies R Us was overwhelming too, but at least I got a better idea of what’s out there. I’m hoping to bring a mom friend of mine back to help me consider some of the smaller stuff I might not even know I need.


I’ve also been browsing blog posts for “ Baby Must Haves.” They have been SO helpful! If you have a baby gear “must haves” blog post – please share!!

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  1. I went to my first consignment sale without having done any research, and like your experience, it was SUPER overwhelming! My husband and I went out to Babies R Us to try, feel and look at things, and then I did my research online and made a list of thinngs (and brand options) that we’d like to get. I’ve only come home with a few things after going to 3 sales (a humidifier and a baby carrier), BUT, now that we KNOW that types of swing/cloth diapers/bottles we’re looking for, I can get in and out of a consignment sale quickly!

  2. I took a Mom friend with me to Babies R Us when I registered and it was a huge help!! It’s much easier to decide what to get when you go with someone who already has a baby.

  3. I remember my first baby shopping experience- so overwhelming!! I only recently have begun buying clothes. People like to give clothes, so we got all we needed at first, especially because for the first few weeks Hailey was naked and wrapped in a blanket and then we switched to onesies or sleepers, which were the most practical for multiple diaper changes.
    I’m loving reading about your adventures through pregnancy 🙂

  4. I highly recommend getting the book “Baby Bargains” by Denise and Alan Fields (Alan was on a Pregtastic episode!). This book has helped me immensely as a first time pregnant lady to weed through stuff you need, how to get it inexpensively,what to buy new and what is just total crap. Good luck- I agree- BRU is totally overwhelming, and I’ve been around babies most of my adult life! 🙂

    1. I also really love this book. We use the info from the book and compare it to the info from Consumer Reports and Amazon.com user reviews to find the best products. =)

    2. Yes!!!!! Baby Bargains and Baby 411….the besssst at culling all the important info that can be so overwhelming

  5. I wanted to hit the Lollipop Shop to look for maternity clothes, but I never made it out there. I’ve been once before, shopping for a friend who was preg with twins and looking for good deals on specific items, so I had her list. It was still a bit overwhelming, but yeah – I can’t even imagine going in without knowing what you were looking for!

  6. Baby stuff can be overwhelming but it’s pretty basic. For a newborn, I like following The Happiest Baby on the Block 5 S’s for soothing them! Newborns are tough and that book/DVD/you can google the info is helpful. A swing can save you, swaddling (Aden + Anais blankets are super – yes, they are spendy but they are the only blanket and swaddle you’ll need), white noise (I used our ipad or ipod w/docking station to save money).

    We did a ton of babywearing – I liked the moby wrap in the beginning and now use a backpack Ergo style for my 10 month old. We never got into the stroller – they are bulky, heavy, overpriced. I have a cheap one I use here and there that sits in my trunk.

    Clothes — people will give you stuff. Seriously, you only need like a dozen onesies to get through the first 3 months. Then, you find your style (snaps vs. zippers, layers vs. one piece, etc). Your baby might be in 3 month clothes when he is 6 months or vice versa. It doesn’t help save anything buying too much in advance.

    Diapers — Amazon.com/mom is super cheap. We did disposables for the first 5 months and then switched to cloth (if you are thinking about it, go to your local store for a trial, every diaper fits differently)

    I loved the My Breast Friend for nursing! Maybe find a local lactation consultant and arrange a post birth meeting at your house? that can be helpful.

    Sleeping – nurseries are overrated! I bet that baby will either sleep with you for a few months or sleep in your room. Don’t feel the need to decorate and buy stuff for a space you’ll minimally use. We actually put our baby’s clothes, diapers, etc. in our room a few days after our girl was born to cut back on the need to move around.

  7. I have heard and read that the brightly colored plastic stuff is almost impossible to avoid…even if you want to. Have you read modg? She has a hilarious post about it in one of her “can’t live without” baby posts. She is one of my all time fab baby/mommy/hilarious bloggers. Check her out http://www.modgblog.com

  8. My baby must haves were a moby wrap and an ergo carrier (I used both constantly, so I think it’s worth buying both), a breast friend pillow (I liked this better than the boppy, which never seemed supportive enough), tons of the gerber cloth diapers to use as burp cloths (I never used them as diapers because they’re not absorbant enough – I used other cloth diapers), an avent isis manual breast pump (I also had an electric pump because I had to go back to work when both of my babies were 3 months old and needed something more powerful to pump with each day), an arm’s reach mini co-sleeper, and those long “sleepers” that look like nightgowns but have an elastic opening at the bottom (those were fabulous for middle of the night diaper changes in the first few weeks. Have fun shopping, even though it does get really overwhelming.

    1. I agree with lucieslist! Straight to the point, and funny! I signed up for the emails and really enjoyed them, and her registry list is almost spot on!

  9. I personally wouldn’t let myself use the stork parking regularly until I was in my third trimester. Even then, I only used it when I could find no other parking and or I was feeling especially worn down. Perhaps babies r us is an exception, but I honestly don’t think a healthy pregnancy warrants special parking. Being out and about with a newborn is another story. 😉

    I think in the early days we got the most use out of newborn gowns (lots and lots of gowns), basic white burp cloths (good for cleaning up everything!), and swaddle blankets. Aden and Anais were our favorite-we still use them to cover up our 15 month old at night- and, again, lots of extras since babies are messy. =)

      1. I always wondered about that. I never used the stork parking while pregnant – I figured hell, walking is good for me – but I would have appreciated it when I was newly postpartum, in ridiculous amounts of pain, bleeding, and balancing a newborn. I would have REALLY REALLY appreciated it then.

        Our local health shop has two parking spots for families. Love.

  10. I, too, took a mom friend (her daughter was one at the time, so she had a full year of experience under her belt!) with me to register. So helpful!!! We loved our AngelCare baby monitor, swing, boppy pillow, and glider (I know it was a few posts ago, but you will NOT regret getting a glider! It was a must have for us!!! My son is nearly two and we still rock in it a couple of times a day!). Also, two foodies like you will need a Tiny Diner to use when you go out to eat! It’s dishwasher safe and beyond convenient!!!

  11. It is so overwhelming to shop, but just remember that you don’t have to have EVERYTHING. Once you have your baby you’ll be hitting up Babies R Us a million times and can pick up more of anything you need. 🙂 For us the bouncy seat was key at first! Then the activity mat a few months down the road. I don’t have a post on baby essentials, but a post on what I wish I had known about being a mom (with ideas from other moms too!).

    1. I’m with Amanda, going to the baby stores is SUPER overwhelming at first and remembering that you don’t need everything is really hard! What my daughter needed when she came home from the hospital compared to what she had was kind of crazy. For example, I have a whole drawer full of receiving blankets that we never even used–she was born in August! What was I thinking?? We used the Aden + Anais blankets because they were lightweight and breathable, I have no idea what to do with the rest of them now! Here’s my post of the newborn essentials, someday I’ll write another for the next six months 🙂 http://www.thesplatteredapron.com/the-baby-files-our-favorite-things I also wrote one about breastfeeding gear: http://www.thesplatteredapron.com/the-baby-files-breastfeeding-the-gear Let me know if you have any questions, always happy to share what I’ve learned along the way!

      1. I’m right there with you on the receiving blankets! Although my first daughter was born in December, we live in Florida. We had so many receiving blankets that when #2 came around she had a full stack of brand new ones!

  12. I think the Expectant Mom parking is so controversial. My opinion is if you are comfortable walking from a regular parking spot, please do so. Because I would feel awful if I parked there just because I could, and because I took up that spot, a woman who was 42 weeks and miserable with every step had to walk from a regular spot.
    My necessities are lots of onesies, a swing, stroller, car seat, video baby monitor, multiple nasal aspirators (since I can never find one), and a Boppy.

  13. Believe me I understand exactly how you feel! It can be intimidating! I’ll be honest, we’re only 18.5 weeks in our first pregnancy but the first time we saw a maternity spot (I was only 15 weeks then) we parked in it! It was even further than the regular spots but it was just one of those things that made me smile for the entire 10 minutes we were in it. “Hey! I’m maternal!”

    Here are some of the things we were told we needed and acquired so far:
    -A BOB stroller. One of the best on the market and highly recommended especially for the active lifestyle our family is. We were LUCKY and one of my mom’s coworkers didn’t need hers anymore so we scored it from her for only $50! If we hadn’t we’d have looked high and low on craigslist and consignment stores, etc. Now that we have it, we’ve practiced walking with it (namely for us to get a hang of opening and closing and maneuvering it quickly so once baby boy is here we can do it with practiced ease, and for our very skittish dog to get used to walking with a large rolling object next to her). For the month we’ve had it, we’ve LOVED it! It’s just so easy and hassel-free. I will admit I can’t imagine going up some of these hills around here once there’s an 8lb+ baby in there. I need to work on my arm strength
    -A boppy. Especially if you hope to breast feed. We got ours for free from a family friend but are buying a new cover from Target (the peas in a pod organic one since we’re having a little boy and the current cover is all about girls since the friend had 2 girls).
    -Baby carrier. We have the baby bjorn (gifted) and have the moby wrap on our registry. Both are beneficial in different ways (Bjorn and Ergo have the best reviews for the sturdy carriers). Moby wrap seems to be the best cloth wrap but is “intimidating” so I plan to practice wrapping that prior D-day to have that down pat (it’s supposed to be MUCH easier with youtube video guidance)
    -Monitor. Angelcare had the best reviews from our friends and family. We registered for the one without the video since little one’s crib in our house right now is right next to our bed.
    -Pack n play (registered). We plan to use this when we travel and for whenever we aren’t near the nursery for naps and play time. Namely in the living room or deck when we’re out there.
    -Gas drops and gripe water were recommended by every mother I know.
    -Swaddle wraps
    -A baby swing but one that has a mobile and is able to be plugged in. The batteries die QUICKLY
    -Car seat (obviously). We have the Graco Snugride. It has 5 star reviews and with the BOB infant adapter works with our stroller.
    -Play mat. The ones that are attached to those huge half loops that go overhead for baby to have tummy time on.
    -Lots and lots of onesies. There are sooo many thrift stores that have almost brand new ones for much less than stores. You’ll go through a few a day with puking, changing, etc. It’s worth getting cheap ones. The ones with the feet were highly recommended. I’d stay away from newborn sizes since they fit up to 8lbs and a lot of babies, especially boys (not all but a lot) are already past that at birth. We registered for 0-3months, 3-6months and 9months sizes. We also thought about seasons. You’re due at the end of August like we are and I know here in MD it gets COLD starting in September so our 0-3month clothes are namely long sleeved onesies and our 3-6 are an even split (since it’ll be Fall/Winter/Spring) when he wears those.
    -Burp cloths. Apparently these are utilized often so you want a fair supply.
    -Blankets. Remember, Fall and Winter are right around the corner when wee one is born. But don’t keep them in his crib to prevent SIDS.
    -Pacifier clip. A lifesaver if you’re using Pacis so you don’t have to search in a car for it when he spits it out or clean it if it falls out. It’ll just be attached to him. There are some cheap ($7) CUTE ones on Etsy.
    -Wash cloths for both baths and feeding time.
    -A baby tub!
    -Jumperoo eventually. Also easily found at consignment and thrift stores and probably on Craigslist. Maybe even a friend of yours who’s done having babies.
    -Mittens or long white baby socks for newborns. Babys scratch themselves and it’ll help prevent them from hurting themselves.
    -Nail clippers and a nasal aspirator
    -California Baby Products
    -Breast pump. You’ll want it right away if you are able to breastfeed and if you can’t, many stores have great return policies (obviously not if you used it but, for example, our hospital has a breast pump they supply to mothers in the hospital to use for their babies during their recovery stay. You could see during that time if you’re able to feed and if you are, use your at home breast pump or if not, return it before opening. Just an idea).
    -Diapers! You probably won’t use cloth from the get go so it’s important to have diapers as soon as your baby enters the world. Pampers swaddlers came highly recommended.
    -A diaper bag 🙂
    -A hamper. For all those dirty clothes, wash cloths, burp cloths
    -A night light
    -Wet/dry bags especially when you start cloth diapearing

    Remember that, especially if you’re planning on having more than one child, these are investments. Cheap baby carriers can cause back problems, car seats obviously are important to spend $$ on and I’d advise buying one brand new to ensure no problems, stroller is vital because you’ll most likely use it a lot especially with all the walking/running y’all do and a bad one will just be a pain in the bootay. Diapers as well, if you use disposable before cloth which is most likely. Things that really aren’t worth buying brand new/spending $$$ on would be onesies.

    1. I should edit that we were in and out of the store in under 10 minutes. I wouldn’t have parked there if there weren’t a ton of other maternity and regular spots available and/or if we were there any longer.

      1. I think that’s a great “want” list! But it has a bit more than necessary if you are just talking “essentials.” You can certainly survive with a lot less than you think! I don’t want to argue with the above poster, but I’d like to share my experience.

        We borrowed a swing with batteries only from a friend. We use it daily and have only changed the batteries once (6 months).

        Our pediatrician told us NOT to use gas drops or gripe water. There is no proven medical benefit. If you decide you need them, you can walk to the store and pick some up.

        We’ve never used mittens or socks on the hands. Some of the footed PJs give you the option of folding over the hands…but we never did that either. We just keep the nails clipped.

        We don’t have a monitor, our house is small and the baby slept in a pack n play next to the bed for 3 months. So, this is an item you might not need BEFORE the baby comes (depends on your sleeping plan), which gives you more time to shop around.

        We probably have about 6 burp cloths. You might not need so many if your baby does not spit up a lot.

        I could continue, but maybe you get the point. Different moms end up “needing” different things. I like a more minimalist approach. Get a few real essentials (place to sleep, way to feed/diaper baby) and acquire others items as needed. But many other parents take the approach to get it in case you need it! That’s a fine approach. It just causes too much stress and clutter for me.

        It surprised me how little we used at the beginning. Although, now I think the Bumbo chair is awesome!!! (necessary, no. fun and convenient, yes).

  14. Technically, anyone who is pregnant “can” park there based on the signage, but I would say if you are able to comfortably walk from a normal parking space, you probably should. I think they are really meant for women who have been told by their doctors to limit their activity or for women in the very late stages of pregnancy who are having difficulty being on their feet a lot. Since you seem to be able to take long walks every day and work out, I would say you did the right thing by not parking there!

    Just wondering why you are against plastic and primary colored things for your baby. Is it because they don’t go with your decor or something you found in your research?

      1. It’s what’s going to hold the kid’s attention though. They may be ugly as sin, but your kid will love nothing else like the stupid plastic stacking rings and those primary colored linking rings. My kids have a mix of wood toys and plastic crap and the only thing they use the wood toys for is throwing at each other.

        1. Ha! I think you’re right. My mom got Kath some wooden toys and I’m not sure she ever played with them, although she did like to build steps with the blocks in the church nursery.

  15. Lollipop sale looks fun! Even if you were just browsing. I also suggest getting Baby Bargains and doing lots of online research for checklists. You’ll probably have a shower too, so no need to buy everything yourself.

    Also, please don’t use the expectant mom spot until you need it! I am 35.5 weeks along and had horribly swollen feet with the heat this weekend I needed to use one of those spots. I would have been upset if a 1st tri-er, feeling just fine, took the spot and I had to trek it in from the back. Just being honest! I think it’s great you opted for a different spot and walked a little farther. So, thank you!

  16. You are right when you say that it can be overwhelming. I found that when I had our first child, I ended up taking back items that I did not think that I would ever use, and either exchanged them for stuff I knew that I would use, or got my money back. Word of advice: save all your receipts.


  17. We went to a giant consignment sale like that here in Huntsville last week– TOTALLY overwhelming, but I do think they’re worth it if you know what you want. We left with a bunch of books, a “manly” diaper bag for my husband, a moby wrap, and lots of cute summer clothes. We also used the same market last fall (they have it twice a year) to get a jumparoo and a swing. I bet you’ll have better luck as you get further along in your pregnancy and have a stronger idea of what it is you want and need.

    My husband always tries to park in the “expectant mother” parking when they have it, and I tell him not too, haha. For some reason, it seems excessive to me…even though I’m now 39.5 weeks and could use the close spot!!

  18. Buying stuff for baby is such a confusing and crazy process! Having blogs like (never)homemaker, Young House Love, Fitnessista and more have been so helpfully especially since I don’t have very many mom friends.

    One thing that gives me a bit of anxiety is baby shower gifts- such as what are people actually going to buy us! And because I am a crazy planner and our shower is only 5 weeks before the baby arrives I have been stressing over what do we buy and what do we keep on the registry.

    Good luck with your buying for baby!

    1. I know what you mean! Esp. since showers aren’t usually until much later in pregnancy. I’m such a planner I want to buy everything NOW but then there would be nothing left! I don’t know if I’m having a shower yet and hate to make it seem like I’m relying on others for gifts that are totally optional, ya know?

      1. Yeah I totally understand what you mean! We are buying the essentials and leaving the rest for potential shower gifts. I feel like at showers you often find that people love to gift toys, clothes, blankets and burp clothes. So we are avoiding buying much of that until the end.

        My parents gifted us our crib and the crib mattress, so thankful for that and we have purchased our stroller (BOB Revolution SE) and car seat (Chicco Keyfit 30) and are planning to start accumulating cloth diapers over the next few months. We have been picking up clothes here and there when we see them on sale but we are even struggling with that because we have no idea what we are having and you can only buy so many gender neutral outfits, especially when little boy and girl outfits are just calling out to you to buy haha.

          1. Like you ladies, I’m such a planner. I need to know EVERYTHING and make sure I’m well prepared for the future.

            As far as the baby shower goes, I feel the same way (get the essentials and just pray that people get the things that you WANT). I’ve been told to not buy anything because I’ll get it at the shower. But this makes me very anxious. How do you know people will get me the things that I want/need?! I don’t.

            Lindsay, my in-laws bought us the crib/mattress as well. One big item out of the way.
            Another thing that my hubby and I have been doing is buying a big box of diapers every paycheck. My MIL said she was going to start doing the same thing after her house sells. 🙂

            1. If your friends are already moms, they will totally buy necessities off your registry (assuming you choose to register) b/c they know that’s what you need! Also, you can always exchange if they buy at the big stores for the stuff you do need. I It’s usually people who haven’t had a baby yet that want to buy all the cute and cuddly (and often, not very useful) stuff!

            2. I’m having the same problem! Everyone keeps telling me “don’t buy much” but I have the same worry that all we’ll get is clothes, blankets, small stuff (which is still nice, don’t get me wrong!) but we’ll be going out when I’m 38 weeks pregnant trying to get all the neccessities! For this reason I’m buying some of the neccessities now and I guess if we get doubles or too much of something at a shower then we’ll return some stuff? I don’t know what else to do! I’m too much of a planner and want everything organized now lol

      2. Of course you’ll have a shower! You have so many friends, a sweet mom, and a terrific mother in law – you will have a shower. You are only 17 weeks and don’t really need to stress so much yet over what to buy. Register at one or two places for essentials plus a few fun items, and then once your shower is over, you can go ahead and complete your purchases then. And of course your mom and mother-in-law will want to get you something, so maybe just ask them for the larger items you will need i.e. crib, stroller, bedding, etc. Babies really don’t need too much stuff to be happy. It will all work out in the end.

      3. You know, two women I know recently had their baby showers…each about six to eight weeks after the baby had been born. I thought it was freaking AWESOME! They knew what their individual family needed – as compared to people buying them what they had found useful twenty years ago – so they got exactly what they needed, and we all got to love on the baby. Win win.

  19. The easiest thing to do is stick with the basics neccesities you think you’ll need. At my shower I received several outfits, baby gear, bedding, blankets, bears, stroller, carseat. But, what I didn’t get was the baby bottles, baby cleaning supplies for bottles, dishwasher bottle container, baby fever reducer, toothbrush, diapers, wipes. Register for all your necessities plus some wants because people love to shop for new expectant moms and go all out. But, on your end I would think what will you need in the kitchen to feed the baby. Plus clothes 3+ months are good to have on hand too because they grow so quickly out of those newborn clothes. Ah, shopping! Babies are so much fun, a great excuse to get out and shop and research our hearts out!

  20. Kath, I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate your posts. As you know, I’m (well we – hubby and I) are in the same boat as you right now. I’m one week behind you (16 weeks) and have recently started “shopping” for baby items. While we’re not necessarily buying stuff right now, we are looking to get an idea of what we need and how much everything costs. As you know, it is SO OVERWHELMING. We started our baby registry at Babysrus a few weeks ago, and after 4 hours of being there (only 32 items added to the list LOL) we were DEAD tired.

    I feel lost right now. But again, this blog has been helpful. The comments above are much appreciated!!

    Question, have you though about which type of diapers you’re going to use? Cloth or disposable?

    1. Thanks megan!

      We’re going cloth and I got a bunch of hand-me-downs from a blog reader. Check out the post called “Diaper Dance.” No idea which brand I’ll like the most!

  21. Those are the types of things that it’s soooo hard to shop at unless you have a specific goal or need in mind because it just gets overwhelming…so much to choose from, sometimes not the right things to choose from at all, though. Until you know more of what you’re looking for or need or haven’t been given as a gift, you were smart to just sit tight and hold off for a bit.

  22. I definitely wouldn’t park in the Expectant Mother parking unless you really were having trouble walking. I know it’s a convenience because it’s closer, but I say if you’re able to work out then you’re able to park like everyone else.
    I also feel the same way about the Handicap Parking. I have a tag for my car but I don’t park in Handicap just because I can-I only use those parking spaces on days when I’m feeling especially poor.

  23. Definitely too soon for that parking spot! 😀 You can still walk/jog/cycle etc. You’re tummy isn’t big enough to make you waddle or hinder walking at all, your feet aren’t swollen to twice their size, and your exhaustion hasn’t run you into the ground… yet 😉

  24. I’m a few weeks ahead of you at 20 weeks with our first so we’ve been totally lost on what we need and don’t need. I haven’t registered yet, but plan to in the next month, so I’m working on a list to walk into the store with so I’m not so overwhelmed. I’ve found this website really helpful:


    Obviously, it’s only one woman’s opinion, but it has helped me. Oh and the book Baby Bargains is great, too.

  25. I think it’s a good idea to only stock up on the absolute essentials – diapers (we use cloth, but if you use disposables I think you might also need diaper cream), wipes (again, we use cloth, in which case you need a squirt bottle with water for when you’re out and about), a car-seat, a baby carrier (Moby was my favorite for the first six months, but you can really make it yourself for a fraction of the price, and for the next two years I’ve loved the Ergo, but I think just about any mei tai would do), a place to sleep (someone gave us a bouncer, which was wonderful, but besides that the baby just slept in a carrier or on our bed until…well…until she was 18 months or so when my dad built her a toddler bed of her own. Also, a handful of onesies and a couple blankets.

    That’s it.

    Do the rest as it comes up. For example, we ended up with two strollers from friends before the baby was even born. One was never used, not ever, and the other we used maybe four times. I think strollers are generally a waste of money and space as a result – unless you’re a runner, which I’m not, or you have back problems that prevent you from carrying your kid, which I don’t. They’re nice, but I’m just not sold on buying them before a baby is born – wait until you have the baby and see if you still want one and if so, what you really need based on what activities you’re doing with the baby, and then pick one.

    I think that most baby items benefit some families, but not the majority. Most baby items are luxuries, not necessities, and the only way you’ll know what you need is to wait until the baby is here and then assess what would make your life easier. Nothing is more annoying than having a bunch of useless baby crap that you’ll never use that now you have to find time and energy to move out of your home.

      1. I took a bunch of flannel blankets that were on clearance at target and I used pinking shears to cut them into wipe size. I ran them threw the wash a few times (they still frayed with even with the pinking) and they lasted till my daughter was potty trained. I think I cut them in about 9×9 inch squares.

        Here is a place that sells them, but it is so much cheaper to just make them

          1. I got my (hemp and cotton) cloth wipes on Amazon and love them. I use about 24 every one to two days as I used them to wipe down hands, neck etc and not just diaper area. I keep them in my wipes warmer in a solution of water, tea tree oil, and lavendar and sometimes add jojoba oil. http://www.amazon.com/BabyKicks-Baby-Wipes-10-Pack-Ivory/dp/B001NAAQOG that is the link for the brand I use, Baby Kicks. (Maybe not those exact wipes, but you get the idea.)

            I also have my diaper changing area on top of a dresser and it works well. We bought a dresser (cheap!) at an unfinished furniture store, painted it and added glass knobs from Restoration Hardware.

      2. There are tons of cloth wipes on Etsy! You’re often supporting a work-at-home-mom if you buy stuff like that on Etsy, too.

      3. We bought a couple types of cloth wipes through Diaper Swappers (bumgenius and some fleece ones), but the best ones we have by far are the flannel ones we made. They softened quicker (bumgenius were particularly horrid, two years later they are still stiff and uncomfortable for my daughter). The fleece ones are admittedly very nice to have on hand for teething or any other time that the baby has a sensitive bottom, but we experience build up with them faster than the other ones and they retain smells so we have to strip them about once a week. I’m not sure why this is exactly because we use FuzziBunz perfect size (we only needed small and medium – once she started to outgrow medium, she was showing interest in the toilet so she toilet-trained and that was that) diapers which use fleece and we only have to strip those once monthly and they don’t really have a build up or a smell retention problem, but whatever. We have about eighty wipes total which was the perfect number when our daughter was a baby but is a little too many now that she’s toilet-trained.

      4. I use the Diaper Rite brand of cloth wipes….I love them and the price isnt bad. They are from diaper junction

  26. Buying baby stuff is definitely overwhelming! There are many lists available online of “must-haves” that may help you as a starting point. As others have said, you are only 17 weeks! You have lots of time to research baby items and shop for them. It may be helpful for you to create a registry that covers all the items you think you will need, and if you buy something beforehand you can simply take it off your registry. This may help your list-making self feel more in control.

    Regarding the expectant mother parking, I think it is safe to assume that a high percentage of the women in the baby store are also pregnant, and many will be much further along than you. I think it would be in poor taste for you to park there so early in your pregnancy given that you are healthy, fit and working out several times per week. In my opinion those spots are meant for women who are very far along and experiencing the joys of swollen ankles, pelvic pressure while walking, etc. or women who are on modified bedrest or have other restrictions. I am 33 weeks along and (thankfully) do not have any such symptoms, so I have not parked in expectant mother parking despite looking very obviously pregnant.

  27. Yes, pleeeaaaassseee don’t use the Expectant Mother parking yet! I’m 37 weeks and only started using it at my grocery store a couple of weeks ago because the baby has moved down and is giving me a ton of hip/ pelvic pain. Some days every step hurts, and being able to snag a close spot is a lifesaver! Now that I really need it, I can’t tell you how frustrating it is when I see someone who is clearly not pregnant using it (like a guy driving a Hummer. Or a middle-aged woman and her teenaged daughter. I’ve seen both, and it’s seriously rage-inducing.) If you’re still feeling healthy and fit, please use the regular spots for as long as you can, and save the Expectant Mother spots for those that really need them!!

  28. Let me add that the Babies R Us parking lot was COMPLETELY EMPTY when I was there, yet I still didn’t park in the spot. If it had been busy, I definitely would not have parked there! I always go to the back of lots anyways because I’m a bad parker 🙂

  29. Sorry, I had to chuckle a little when you said you didn’t want to have any plastic or primary colored toys/gear. Before kids, I imagined this pristine nursery full of wooden toys and beautiful, handmade stuff for my son to play with. What do I have now? A house full of plastic, primary colored stuff. My sons love it and that is all that matters. It’s not about me anyway! You will get over things having to be perfect when your baby comes. Seriously. Not a criticism, just know from experience that trying to limit that stuff is nearly impossible (and that’s just fine!).

    I wish now that I had held off of some of the big purchases because what we thought we needed vs what we actually needed was very different. I will echo others that the My Brest Friend pillow has been essential – used it for nursing for 15 months with my first son, on month #8 with my second. I have a single Bob Ironman and a double Bob Revolution that are amazing, but I am a pretty hardcore runner. Totally unnecessary for much else due to their bulk. My Medela Pump In Style pump has been a lifesaver, but now I look back and realize I shouldn’t have shelled out $300 for it before I knew if breastfeeding was going to work out for us. It did, of course, but that is a big purchase for something that might not work out for you. The hand pump the hospital gives out really does the job too unless you are going to be pumping a lot.

  30. We were pretty minimalist as far as baby gear goes and live in a small house with a modern asthetic…most people were horrified that we didn’t want all the “necessary” baby gear including a changing table and opted to change diapers on a portable mat on the floor! Some friends of mine who were about to become new moms asked for my advice on I thought were the most helpful “essentials”, so I just pinned them all to a Pinterest board:


    Good luck! It’s all so overwhelming! Start with just the bare essentials because as they get older you will only keep buying more and more stuff. Trust me…with kids and all of their toys and gear, it is a constant struggle to keep clutter from taking over your home, especially when there are excited grandparents and friends who want to spoil your child rotten 🙂

    Also, we have a little sister or brother on the way in about 4 months, so if any readers have advice on a great double jogger, please share! I’m leaning toward a BOB or something equally durable since it will be used at least a few times a week for jogging.

  31. I commented above about cloth wipes…love, love, love my cloth wipes but also wanted to add a comment about Goodwill. Do you have that in C’ville? All children’s clothes there are only $1.99 (at least by the location near me) and I have had great luck! Yes they are pre-used but run them through the wash and you will never know. I have borrowed a swing and bought a used bouncy seat for all 3 of my babies. Definitely not “essentials” but sure are nice things to have. I didn’t realize this until I had kids but seriously…. when your husband is at work and you need to bathe what do you do with an infant?! That is where swings and bouncers etc come in handy! You can see the baby and make eye contact, sing to him, etc and still shower quickly and he has a safe place to sit/snooze/play.

    1. We do have a Goodwill, but I’m not planning to buy ANY clothes until later in the game – in the event that we get lots of clothes as gifts! But I’m totally not opposed to shopping there for whatever we’re still missing near the end.

      1. Yes you are smart to hold off on the clothes. People will give you tons at your shower and then again when they visit you at the hospital and when they come to bring you meals the first few weeks after the baby is born. I guess I tend to forget that my “baby” is 17 months now so we are at a stage where I need more playclothes for her and Goodwill helps out! You may not even need the newborn size at all! I tend to have bigger babies so I didn’t need newborn sizes much but if your baby is 6 or 7 pounds you may end up needing lots of tiny things. Also varies from child to child. I had one child who spit up lots, one who did not spit up and thus didn’t go through many outfits a day, and my 3rd had reflux and leaky diapers so we had it coming out both ends for her and she was always needing to be changed.

  32. I had to keep reminding myself when pregnant, that the shops don’t just magically shut once my baby is born!! You can always get someone to pick up what you realise you need afterwards. My basics are clothes, somewhere for baby to sleep (in my case, next to me), a heap of large muslin wrap-type things to use for mopping up spills/stuffing down bra when one side is leaking etc, a carseat, a baby carrier, and nappies.
    I bought a hand pump but really didnt’ need to. Its easy enough to learn how to hand express for those times you might be engorged, but otherwise, baby is a much more efficient pump!!
    And I applaud you for trying to stay away from plastic. I have 2 kids, and the most interesting things a baby will play with are every day things, containers from my cupboards, a wooden spoon, some interesting shells (washed of course) from the beach. We obviously do have some plastic but I definitely don’t think its necessary.

  33. My MUST for the first 3 months:

    – Burp cloths
    – Cotton blankets X 10 (vomit, burping, always need to have one of those with me at all time in those first few months)
    – Toys that hangs to the car seat (must to minimize crying in the car)
    – Pants with feet to wear over onesie (baby always took his socks off)
    – Playmat and/or – Baby swings (to free your hands for a few minutes!)
    – Pack and Play or Bassinet for co-sleeping

  34. Lots of stores will price match – this saved us so much money! We shopped at Buy Buy Baby, and even though their official policy said that they won’t match online prices, ours does every time! This is great because you can print off an Amazon or Diapers price, take it in the store, they will price match the item, and then you can ALSO use a 20% off coupon to get an even lower deal. We’ve saved SO much money by doing this. I’ve heard Babies R Us price matches too.

  35. While its true that all a baby needs is food, love, and a warm palce to sleep, there are some things that could make YOUR life easier! The things that saved my sanity when my bubba was a newborn were the Miracle Blanket swaddle (little houdini could get out of every other swaddle and was waking up every 2 hours, but the first night we used this she slept for eight hours), and Harvey Karp’s book “The Happiest Baby”. That and the Dunstan Baby Language (which I just looked up on youtube rather than buying) are the things I wish I’d had from day one in the hospital.
    A mirror for the carseat (so she could see herself and I could see her) made car rides MUCH happier times.
    We got given so many clothes and toys that there was no need for us to buy any until she was at least three months old, and I imagine you’ll find the same!

  36. Does your mom sew? I made my sister their cloth diapers for their kids, and made wipes and burp clothes too with the left over fabric. Even if you don’t make the diapers, you can get a couple of yards of flannel and sew some wipes/clothes. I even keep them stashed about my house for spill and sneezes.

    Most toys are primary colors because babies and young children see those better, but you can also get things that a crisp black and white – babies see that well, too.

    1. Not really….but I do have Karen’s old sewing machine in the attic. I sewed once when I was in high school

  37. You must get the Aden + Anais swaddle blankets…not for swaddling per se (get the Summer velcro ones) but b/c they are so big and ridiculously soft. Good to wrap baby, cover up while breastfeeding, cheeing on…just light as air. Get a four pack.

    My brest friend, which you bought, also indispensible.

  38. We live overseas so I did most of my baby shopping online. On the plus side, we definitely didn’t buy as much as we would have with a Target or a Buy Buy Baby around. On the downside, reading that many Amazon reviews can drive a person crazy. None of it actually matters as much as we think it does when we are pregnant I think! I wrote a massive cloth diaper post that’s still pretty current 8 months later: http://hotpotdc.wordpress.com/2011/09/27/adventures-in-baby-cloth-diapering-an-8-week-old/ and a review of our pretty minimalist baby gear that we still like: http://hotpotdc.wordpress.com/2012/03/21/a-minimalists-baby-gear-review/. I looked at Oh Apostrophe’s baby gear list and her links a ton too. We didn’t buy many things but a few of her recommendations, like the veresa diaper bag and the cooshee changing pad are still my favorite gear: http://ohapostrophe.blogspot.com/2011/02/baby-registry-recommendations.html Hope this helps and good luck with everything! We’ll be swinging through Charlottesville in a few weeks, can’t wait to see you guys’ fair city again!

  39. OK…Minimalist here! I got a lot of pressure to get alot of stuff. Alot of people wanted me to register for gifts and have a nursery and all. I kept on thinking…..”Kate, you don’t like stuff. There is no way this baby is going to care one way or another”. So we asked our family and friends who were excited and wanted to give us stuff to instead, put money in a college fund or a trip fund because we want to share adventures and new places with our kid instead of having baby stuff that she will never remember and I want her to go to college (if she chooses!) without having a ton of loans. I also let everyone I knew know that I would welcome the loan of stuff like a crib and dresser with changing table etc. My family bought me car seat, and strolller. I borrowed the rest! People love to share and give hand-me-down clothing and toys. My partner and I refinished a rocking chair so we could rock her and I bought my own breast pump. I bought her a couple of super soft blankets and soft toys knowing she would likely get attached to “a lovey”. And she now has a great college account and we have enough money to travel and experience life with her as she gets older. Beth is now 3 and we have purchased a couple of things but still rely on loans and hand-me-downs and we love passing the stuff on to others if the original owners don’t want them back. We both run a non-profit so we don’t have a lot of money and what we do have, we like to share with those who have even less and we are happy teaching Beth the same. Beth loves fish and the ocean and we are planning our first big trip with her soon. We would not have been able to afford such a trip if we had not asked our generous family and friends to contribute to our “Adventures with Beth” fund or our “Beth Goes to College” fund as an alternative. We are starting the process again (very long and planful process as we are a lesbian couple) and we want to do the same this time around!

  40. That looks like a fun, but totally overwhelming consignment sale. I agree with everyone else who has suggested that you get the essentials and wait to see what else you’ll want. You will likely get tons of gifts, hand-me-downs, etc, so definitely don’t bother with clothes yet, and you’ll probably get a lot of other “essentials” (as well as fun extras) as gifts. Even if you don’t expect a lot of hand-me-downs, people you don’t expect will come out of the woodwork to give you stuff. 🙂

    Also, as someone mentioned, stores (and websites!) don’t cease to exist once you have the baby, and you can always send someone out for whatever you realize you need and don’t have yet. This is not to say that you shouldn’t have fun preparing, just don’t stress about “what if I forget something??” Babies don’t need too much when they are new – a lot of the fun stuff comes later – and at that point, you may very well be looking for excuses to get out of the house, and can just take Baby KERF shopping with you.

    1. Another thing I meant to say last night and forgot… you mentioned at the beginning of your post that one of the things you were hoping to find was a used Bob stroller. It’d be awesome if you could score one somewhere (consignment sale or Craigslist, or whatever) but don’t be too surprised if you can’t find one. They rarely go on sale used, and when they do, they tend to be snapped up very quickly. I’ve also noticed that this is often true for the higher-quality ergonomic soft structured carriers (Ergo, Beco Butterfly, etc) – it’s usually really hard to find them used. As far as I can figure, it’s because these items are awesome quality and really useful for a number of years (through toddler/preschool days, depending on the kid) so people tend to keep using them and just hang on to them.

  41. Yeah I was overwhelmed the first time I went to Babies R Us for a babyshower registry..
    You should definitely get the jogger though, I love running with my little baby girl! 😀

  42. I wrap LilBits Moby style all the time. All a Moby is is 5.5 yards of jersey fabric that has served edges. I couldn’t stomach paying $50 for that! I just bought the fabric and cut it in half lengthwise. I didn’t even finish the edges and I have two in case one needs washing!

    I also loved my ArmsReach Co-sleeper. I got the biggest one that converts to a play yard, in case we ever need one. It holds up to 30 lbs. as a co-sleeper – check the weight limits on many play yard bassinets & changing tables – it is often only 11 lbs!

  43. Our favorite things, not necessarily must haves…
    BOB stroller
    Aden and Anais blankets
    Baby Bjorn carrier- a good handsfree way to keep the little guy close to you
    nursing pillow

  44. When you are looking for maternity clothes, don’t forget you may need a few dresses, as the skin on your tummy can get VERY sensetive and uncomfortable.

  45. I went to a huge consignment sale last Wednesday and much like you (since this is my first pregnancy) I was not sure what all I needed. I walked away with one cute book for the nursery but that is all. I agree that next year this sale might be a lot more helpful to me as a new mom with a definite list of needs for a near one year old child!

    You should totally take advantage of the expectant mother parking! I felt the same way before my bump was really really there but you are growing a baby so you deserve it! 🙂

  46. My friend Gina (http://runningtothekitchen) turned me on to this blog because we’re trying to plan a trip to Sonoma Valley for some wine tasting – but, as it always goes with moms of young kids, as soon as I saw you’re pregnant, I couldn’t help but stay and browse. And now, since you asked, I have to share some posts on baby things with you!

    our favorite car seat: http://livinglikethekings.com/2011/12/the-britax-carseat-and-the-versa-tether/
    this one has links to all my posts on baby things, including items we loved from the registry: http://livinglikethekings.com/2012/03/baby-things-1-year-old/

    And CONGRATS! 🙂

  47. OMG I had the same experience at a HUGE consignment sale in February. After shopping (although, like you, had no idea what I needed/wanted), and then waiting in line for 2.5 hours, I was a mess. I think after the baby comes, these sales will be great! I was looking for same things you were, and sadly no dice. BUT I do recommend getting a breast pump at a sale like this. The hospital will give you all new tubes and you can clean them up/sanitize very easily. It’s a huge cost savings (I got a great brand for $70) and if you don’t use it or need it, its nice to know you have it AND you can always consign it yourself at next years sale.

    Now at 30 weeks, Babies R US is less daunting, but for a while there, it was a very scary place!! 😉

  48. You will get a TON of clothes and blankets as gifts. So try to resist buying unless it is something you really love and must have.

    We love the puj baby bath. We have a double sink so the other baby baths would not fit in them. Plus the puj folds right up and can go in the closet when done.

    Also, it seemed like we didn’t get any toys…things to hange from the car seat and stroller and the activity gym (which is a must have BTW) Something for baby to just look at, and then later to practice grabbing. Primary colors and items that play music are big favorites with our little guy!

  49. Hey Kath –

    This is actually my first time commenting, but strangely enough, we actually met once while you lived in Charlotte! This was way before I ever read healthy living blogs (let alone knew what they were!) and now I have one too! It was so funny when I started to read the blogs and came across yours, and then realized that we had met a few years before! Not sure if you’ll remember, but we were at the Wine Shop at Rivergate. My hubby (fiance at the time) and I were there for the Saturday wine tasting and you and your husband also stopped by. You guys were being filmed for something and then we all chatted for a bit after you were finished.

    Anyway, aside from that, I also just blogged about baby registries yesterday. I’m due July 24 and can’t wait!


      1. ha – yep that was me! and based on the date of your blog post, kevin and i were just a month away from getting engaged at that point!

  50. I’m a new mom and here is a list of everything I found to be a necessity! Serena is 4.5 months and I still continue to discover things I need!
    *Nursing essentials- Medela breast bump- I found mine used on ebay and the hospital gave me all new parts! Boppy pillow-extra cover. I use a nipple shield- life saver. Lamisol breast cream. Breast pads- reusable. Nursing bra and nursing tank tops- I wear everyday. Good nursing cover- found mine at goodwill 🙂 Breast milk storage bags.
    *Bottles- Playtex nurser with the drop in liners- thee only kind I can get my baby to take!
    *Pacifiers- Gumdrop brand. They also make a great teething paci
    *Blankets- Swaddleme brand swaddle blankets- The only way my baby goes to sleep! I love thermal small blankets. She likes to be able to hold a blankie when we nurse! Bigger blankets for cold days in the carseat and floor time. Other then that I dont use them especially due to sids risk.
    *Clothes- Love carters- gerber brand runs really small when it comes to onesies at least. I’d have lots of extra onesies on hand and sleepers. I never used sleep sacks. Gowns are okay but a pain to get on.
    *Toys- Make sure you have a swing and a bouncy chair- both life savers except the swing had to grow on her. Now that she is bigger I have everything literally- jumparoo- at my parents, exersaucer, johny jump in the doorway, rocker, play mat, and tons of easy to hold toys, She loves the doorway jumper! She also loves the books that crinkle.
    *A good diaper bag with a changing pad and lots of pockets
    * A Moby wrap is what I use
    *Carseat stroller combo- your preference 🙂 I love my bundle me this winter,
    *Good bathtub- I use a rainforest one, aveeno baby soap, and lotion, lots of towels and wash cloths.
    All I can think of for now.

  51. Mostly, carseat, boobs, and diapers! Other things that are nice (I’m pretty minimalist when it comes to baby stuff cause a lot of it you don’t use for very long):

    *Aden & anais blankets (or bambinoland – same thing)
    *lansinoh breast pads (I tried to do reusable wool but they were just too bulky)
    *Fisher price rocker (http://www.amazon.com/Fisher-Price-Infant-To-Toddler-Rocker-Blue-Green/dp/B000WUB9O4) Leaps and bounds better than a typical bouncer cause it goes to 35 lbs (my babies get big FAST and this way when you have another, big brother can likely sit in it and not break it!)
    *Changing pad – we just change on the bed/floor
    *Noise maker to muffle house noises while baby is sleeping
    *bath tub sling ($5 at walmart) instead of a big baby bathtub!

  52. My number one favorite baby item was my sling. I actually had 3 of them…a Maya wrap, a peanut shell, and cheapie one that I don’t remember the brand. The cheapie ended up being my favorite. Hated the peanut shell, and used the Maya wrap when the cheapie needed to be laundered. What I loved was that when my little boy was really small it kept nosey strangers from touching him when we were out at the grocery or other places in public. You would be amazed how openly people will just walk up and touch your child in a stroller!

  53. I have heard that a bristled brush is a must, for cleaning out under your finger nails (“stuff” gets under there when changing a diaper).

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