17 Weeks: The Shelf

17 weeks (1)

I’m continuing to grow and grow, and my appetite goes from nonexistent to ravenous day by day. It’s so unpredictable!

One thing I’ve noticed is that I’m starting to get a shelf on my bump. There’s a little hollow part between my ribs that is still the same parallel that it used to be pre-pregnancy, but my bump is starting to curve out from the top and I can imagine how it will be a few months from now when I have THE shelf to sit bowls of oatmeal upon : )

17 weeks (6)

Every morning when I wake up, I spent a few minutes poking around and seeing how things have changed during the night. And they always do seem to change! Sometimes it’s probably just my dinner water weight settling, but I swear that my uterus is also growing at record speed these days.

At my latest doctor’s appointment, I asked my doctor to show me exactly where my uterus was. I felt like it was getting really close [a few inches] from my belly button, but that seemed to be a bit higher than one would expect at 16.5 weeks during the appointment. But she confirmed that my guess was correct, and today, the top is just under my belly button. I have a very short torso, so I think that’s why it’s crept up faster on me than a really tall woman’s might.


Larbs is quite a few inches taller than I am, but her height is all torso! Our hipbones are nearly the same height.


Matt says my stomach feels like a big balloon! It’s weird that you just can’t imagine what it will feel like to have this big organ growing out and up like this until it happens. It’s hard like a muscle (with a little mush on top 🙂 ).

17 weeks (3)

Compare the weeks:

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I still can’t feel the baby on demand, but I can feel him when I lie completely still when he’s the only thing moving in a room of stillness. When I’m moving or not concentrating, it’s kind of like trying to feel an earthquake while you’re on a rollercoaster, but in stillness, the slightest movements are detectable. It still feels like a wiggling mouse! I have felt what I think are a few light taps this week, but nothing I’d describe as a kick. I think I have a few more weeks to go before those start.

Now that I’m feeling much better and springtime is here, I can’t help but think of January + February as “The Dark Ages.” Days of darkness, coldness, nausea, gross foods, and just the blahs. I think it was actually a great time for the first trimester! Get it all over at once. I am SO glad to be moving onwards in the second tri and into this beautiful spring!

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33 thoughts on “17 Weeks: The Shelf”

  1. i never had a shelf until the baby dropped a couple of weeks ago 🙂 [good for the lungs + stomach . . . bad for the bladder!] i just felt like my whole upper abdomen was puffed out — guessing that other organs were pushed up as the uterus grew in.

  2. The first signs of movement are so exciting! It’s hard to tell if it’s actually movement you are feeling at first but a co-worker of mine described it perfectly..it feels like a vibrating phone! In a few weeks you’ll be able to see your belly bouncing when the little one kicks, and it is the most amazing feeling in the world! Congratulations!

  3. I really love this blog, Kath! You do a really great job of conveying your fascination and wonderment of pregnancy. It’s neat to read and reminisce, having had my own two babies over 5 years ago. 🙂

    I’m very tall with a long torso, and, at least with the first, I never looked as pregnant as I was. I even had a lady at church ask me if my baby was standing straight up, and I think she was! One of my cousins is even taller than me, and she barely had any belly at all when she was pregnant last year, but had a perfectly healthy, normal size baby. It’s amazing how different our bodies and pregnancies are.

    I went through first trimester with my first in July/August, and it was miserable. For the next couple of years, just the feel of hot, humid weather would make me vaguely queasy!

  4. Love the blossoms in that last photo. And you look great in that color blue!
    That’s funny about you and your sister. I have a long torso and short legs, so even though I’m only 5’2 I always look like an amazon sitting down in pictures! I think that’s the French in me but I don’t know why I think that ha

  5. It’s nice that you can refer to the baby as “him” in this post…knowing the gender is fabulous!

    And I’m digging that teal shirt, vneck & lightly burnt-out. Maternity or not, super cute style and aqua/teal/turquoise are fave colors of mine!

  6. You can really see a difference this week even in comparison to last week.

    I still think you look great! You’ll definitely be able to start feeling him poking at you soon. 🙂

  7. It changes so much day by day- I have a whole lot of room to carry my little one so most people (even the ones that know me very well) have a hard time telling I’m almost 1/2 way there! My husband, sister, mom, and best friend think it’s undeniable but everyone else can’t really tell. ….I’m starting my pregnancy posts soon and we’ll have to compare tummys!

  8. I have long legs too…they are the same length as my dads..and he is six feet tall! That diagram of the uterus is interesting…I am looking forward to 40 weeks and the baby is no longer in my ribs. Damn short torso!

  9. I have 5 inches between my bottom rib and my hip bones.. I think the average is something like 2.5 inches or something. But I think that has a lot to do with when your bump starts appearing.. Yours is looking lovely though!

  10. Kath – you are absolutely beautiful! You are growing and ‘glowing’ more and more each week! I have such baby fever after reading Baby Kerf. My husband and I are planning on starting a family this fall and I can’t wait! I’m so excited to be a mom 🙂 Love all your posts!

    1. Very interesting!! I wonder if she had a reaction to the herbs or even the pill casing? I have a hard time believing it was the placenta itself. But maybe she didn’t need the hormones and it was an overdose of them like a crazy PMS? Very strange. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Interesting! I’ve heard from some sources that it doesn’t really do much either way if you eat encapsulated because everything is denatured by the process used to do it. But I’ve never heard of anyone actually having a bad reaction.

  11. I have a super long torso… even at 25 weeks I was barely showing, just “thick” you know? Also I carried really low the whole way through, and thought I was just having a small baby… I was pretty surprised when my little dude came out at almost 9 pounds! I think the length in my torso helped hide him a LOT 🙂 You’re looking great!

  12. You look great! isn’t the second tri the best!?

    I have a LNG torso (but short legs ) and it took me a really long time to show with #1. With both pregnancies I never had that enormous stick out belly – but it seemed like I really gained weight all over.

    I am jealous your nauseated part is over – I am just in the thick of it, with two kids ages 3 and under and a full time teaching job- not sure how I am going to survive the next weeks of this feeling! Did the unison make you sleepy? I got a new prenatal with B6 and ginger in it (low iron). Dr. Also prescribed me Zofran (which I did take with the last pregnancy ) just cannot remember how much it helped (oh and that caused a different issue!). I am going to fill that prescription today….

  13. You look great! I’m almost 2 weeks ahead of you and I look HUGE in comaprison. You will have a cute little basketball here soon I bet. 🙂

      1. I have to say that this is the best time in pregnancy for me. This is my first and I’m loving it….besides the minor back pain. I can’t wait for my bump to get a little bit bigger.

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