18 Months Old

Indulge me in a little cliché:



Here is everything that is going on with sweet Mazen Duke!


Words – so many words are popping out! I’ve been looking forward to this stage for….a really long time…and I’m glad it’s here!

Here are the new ones (I apologize if some are repeats from my last list!)

  1. Water {wawa}
  2. Apple sauce {app sass}
  3. Eye
  4. Baby {be be}
  5. Rice {ice}
  6. Snow {so}
  7. Ice cream {ice}
  8. Elmo!
  9. Juice {uce}
  10. Truck
  11. Gorilla {owa}
  12. Star
  13. Sky {sigh}
  14. All done {a-done}
  15. Eggs {eh-eh}
  16. Beep beep {a horn}
  17. Boom
  18. Bok bok chicken sound
  19. Diaper {biapey}
  20. Shoes
  21. Socks
  22. Tree {tee}
  23. Cheese {chees}
  24. Salad {sayad}
  25. Yummy {amy}
  26. Bye bye {dye dye}
  27. Choo choo

He also has said a few sentences…like “More apples” and “More water” and I swear he said “I don’t want to” a few times.

A couple new signs:

  1. Swim
  2. Strawberry
  3. Yes
  4. Hurt
  5. Help

Signs are still in use, but his words have now surpassed them. As you might guess, we Googled and then taught him yes, hurt and help as useful signs. They have actually been great!

He really understands how to say hurt now and if he hurts himself he does the sign. We’re hoping this might translate into “my tooth hurts” so we can get a better idea if he is teething or uncomfortable. If we say “OW!” ourselves he turns and looks concerned and does the hurt sign. So cute!


I feel like M went through a developmental leap recently. All of a sudden (after our Key West trip, really) he seemed to just be more mature and understand more. He can follow directions now pretty well. He recognizes locations (he knows to say Dada when we drive into Great Harvest) and he knows how to get to the park at the end of our street. Matt said he seemed to know what “going home” meant too. He’ll also point out babies when we’re in public. I guess that means he’s doesn’t think he is one anymore!


Another development: separation anxiety. We’ve experienced a little more of it lately and he has unexpectedly cried when I’ve left the room. He also went through a week when everything was “DADA” all the time. He wanted to be in Matt’s arms and seemed to ignore me. But since I went to New Orleans and back, he’s been all about Mama again and he’s been extra snuggly in my arms. He is also obsessed with my ponytail. I think it’s a comfort for him, and he runs his fingers through it when I’m swaying him to sleep or when he’s upset. He loves my hair in general. I think he would be traumatized if I cut it.


Matt invented a new game called Boom on the couch where we sit with our backs to him and smush him into the cushions. He LOVES this but it means he won’t let us face him! He also likes to drive his trucks on my head which was all fun and games until he clobbered me with a truck unexpectedly. Man that hurt! {Sign for hurt…}

He’s gotten so good at independent play, as I knew would come with age. He will study his trucks on the couch for a good 20-30 minutes now while I tidy up or assemble a meal.


He’s been working on this teeth FOR-EV-ER! Seriously – maybe 2 months? His upper molars are in. His upper canines are pointy and moving down. One lower molar is 3/4 of the way in and the lower canines are working their way up. I’ll be SO happy when teething slows down for a bit! One molar to go!


We had a period of 2-3 hour naps that lasted about a month and recently they shrunk down to 1-1.5 hours. BUMMER. It’s amazing how much I get accomplished in that last hour and we are both so much more refreshed for the afternoon. Well after a few long weeks of short naps, we seem to be dipping back into the 2-2.5 hour range. Teething related? Probably.


We head to the doctor soon, but I can tell he is definitely taller.


He calls all letters A” now and he’s learning to count. He doesn’t know numbers yet, but if I tell him to count he can point his finger over things like he’s counting in his head.

New food: salad!!! I attribute this entirely to we parents modeling eating it. While he won’t eat a bowl of salad at all, he wants to try my leaves all the time. He’ll eat one or two and toss the rest.



11 thoughts on “18 Months Old”

  1. Separation anxiety can be so tough! Ours peaked a couple weeks ago and at 19 months our son seems to be slowly getting better. I don’t blame him for wanting his momma…. their brains are growing SO fast it must be a little scary,

      1. I also love your grey jacket with your pink shorts! Where is it from?

        Seriously can’t believe he’s 18 months. Crazy!

  2. oh i love this…my little guy is 18 months, too…he’s my 2nd though. my daughter is 4. but it’s funny b/c i always say, 9 months of pregnancy, 12 hours of labor is nothing compared to 2 years of teething!! my daughter..man, it took forever!! i remember those days of saying, come on teeth!!!! so far with little man, he’s been SO much better about his teeth and i’m SO grateful for that…but we still have to get those lovely sharp ones…so we will see how that will go. isn’t it fun hearing all those fun words come out!! love it!! mazen’s a cutie!! love that you took him to the keys too…hubs and i married down there…the best place ever!! hoping to take my kiddos one day! 🙂

  3. New words are so fun! The sentence “I don’t want to” and things like “I don’t know” are normally stored in the brain as one single cohesive unit (basically they are stored as one word) so it’s very likely he was saying “I don’t want to”!

  4. He’s so darn cute! I’m expecting my first baby (August 26!), and I’ve been reading berf since the beginning but I’m having a lot of fun going back and reading what you were going through at my stage. Hearing what I have to look forward to is also fun! It’s amazing when toddlers are able to better express themselves and their little personalities really shine.
    PS That Albion Fit swimsuit is really fantastic!

  5. Gosh, he is such a cutie. Where did your baby go? He is a big boy now! 🙂
    I love reading these milestone posts. So fun to see how much he changes! I keep thinking he looks just like you, then I’ll see another picture and think he looks just like Matt. Give him another 6 months and who know who he will look more like. 🙂

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