18 Weeks: I Got Kicked!


Exciting things happened this weekend!

18 weeks (3)

I ate two kinds of chocolate dessert, and then I got kicked! It was so exciting! It started a wave-like feeling in the front of my stomach. Right up near the top of my uterus. I’m guessing that was the baby rolling around. And then I felt a little bump outwards. It actually felt just like you’d expect a baby kick to feel. It happened about 3 times – and when I rested my hand there, I could feel it on the outside too! I tried to get Matt to feel it, but he reported only feeling my heartbeat on his fingertips. My heartbeat IS really strong there. I’ve felt a few more of these bump-outs this morning too. I hope they stick around!!

The top of my uterus is now just at/above my belly button. I took this photo so you could see what I do when I lie in bed in the mornings to assess the state of things. If you drew a line down from my fingers, you’d see where my stomach wall used to go. That big bump is hard and muscular in there (although it has a thin layer of pleasure smoosh on top).

18 weeks (6)

I can actually put my hands all the way around my uterus, and when I lie down it’s even more pronounced. It’s amazing how big it is! Short torso to thank for it being so big relative to my stomach in general.

18 weeks (8)

18 weeks (14)

Can’t do much sucking in these days! Mostly just the top part of my ribs go in and my bump stays totally put.

18 weeks (1)

12 weeks –> 18 weeks

12-weeks-(5)  18 weeks (14)

People are starting to make comments like: “You’re looking so pregnant now!” Now I realize many of you who are or have lived through the third trimester will chuckle to that, but I think my friends and family just mean relative to before!

I have to say though, as much as I am excited to really look pregnant, I don’t really like having my stomach hang out….yet. Having it tucked in most of my life, either by its general lack of protrusion or by the band of my pants, is what I am used to. Even though it’s out with a purpose now, I don’t really like having it be too free to the world – like when I wore a dress yesterday and there was just a thin, thin layer of fabric between my stomach and the world. Right now, I like layering maternity pants panel + tank top + shirt. I know some people say in a few months you won’t want anything touching it, but for now, the more layers the better. It just feels more supportive to me.


I’m feeling pretty good overall. I’ve actually had a few cravings to run this week! Energy is good. Eating is normal.

Here’s a short list of foods I once craved but no longer care about:

    • Bagels + cream cheese
    • Caesar salads
    • Creamy sauces of any kind
    • Steak/lots of meat
    • Animal crackers
    • Bleu cheese (I’ll eat it – pasteurized of course – but the thought of it grosses me out)
    • Feeling too full

But still on the <3 list:

    • Cheese
    • Ice cream
    • Popsicles
    • Cereal + milk
    • All fruit

Foods I hated in the first tri that are back in moderation:

    • Beans
    • Veggies + salads (90% back)
    • Hummus
    • Sardines

I don’t know if I have ever had acid reflux before (lucky me) but I might be experiencing the start of it. I wouldn’t say that my esophagus is burning or that it feels like acid is coming up, but I’ve noticed that it seems food sits pretty high up in my stomach these days. I can’t really write about this without being totally gross, but sometimes when I burp….it’s not just air! This is definitely a new thing for me, and I’m guessing it’s related to my stomach space getting a little more cramped. I also seem to get full a little more quickly than before.

I’ve also noticed a lot more nose-related blood volume symptoms. Gross ones slightly less severe than a nosebleed. I think it’s so weird and almost funny whenever I experience a symptom I have heard about. Like I’ve just been waiting for it to happen and then it does!

Lastly, thanks to everyone who has said I’m glowing! I don’t really think I look any different, but there seems to be a consensus in the comments that I am, and I have to say it’s a sweet compliment to any pregnant woman : )



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39 thoughts on “18 Weeks: I Got Kicked!”

  1. You’re looking great!!! Glowing I would say. Two types of chocolate dessert gets a kick…it must be a girl 🙂 Your tummy’s still tiny, I’d say you can get away with hiding it, give it another month and you’ll be waddling around with it out in full force, loud and proud!

  2. Awwww, congratulations on feeling a real kick! It is so special to feel that for the first time- towards the end of my pregnancy, it felt more and more like I had a little buddy with me at all times and I loved that feeling! You are definitely glowing- thanks for the great update!

  3. So exciting! Just wait until you can actually SEE the kicks and movements- some days I just sit and stare at my stomach watching.

    I have to say my love for bagels is still around but unfortunately I still can’t eat hummus and I’m 25.5 weeks now. I used to LOVE hummus and now it just makes me turn my nose up. I am hoping that once the baby gets here that I’ll love it again.

  4. What brand shoes are those, the pink ones you are wearing with the ‘spring’ sign? They are CUTE!
    When you have acid reflux, you will know it 🙂 My husband had it is whole life and I never gave him much sympathy. With all 3 of my pregnancies, it kicked in about 26 weeks and I had it nonstop until delivery. I would eat TUMS by the jar. It.was.awful. I am now more sympathetic to my husband.

  5. Hey Kath. Just a question about KERF vs. BERF. On KERF, at the bottom on the page where all your recent posts are featured, you can click on the post, or go right to the comments. I noticed it is not set up like this on BERF. Sometimes I like to go back and just read the comments, and this is easier (well, one click less!) then going to the post and scrolling all the way down. Not. A. Big. Deal. Just curious, since the rest of the two sites seem to mirror each other. Thanks!

  6. I felt my first kick on the outside on Saturday– it blew my socks off! I couldn’t believe what I was feeling! It only happened once and my oh my was it shocking!!!! I can’t wait till I get to feel those regularly! 🙂 So fun!
    YAY for you getting to feel your baby boy regularly- that must be *so* awesome! I can’t wait for my Matt, my hubby, to feel our baby move. I just can’t wait for him to feel what I’m feeling- it’s such an amazing feeling!

  7. Soon you won’t have to assss your uterus each morning….it will be large and in charge. I was about 18 weeks when I noticed my baby would respond to sugar. One time I gave into a root beer float craving and he went crazy! My husband felt a kick from the outside when I was 22 weeks. Also it’s funny how you talk about wanting to lays over the bump… I never really thought about it but just this weekend I found myself walking around my house with my panel flipped down and
    my shirt flipped up be because anything touching the skin on my belly was EXTREMELY annoying.

  8. The sinus headaches I have been having are bothersome! Today, I woke up with a horrible sinus headache, but once I got up and about, it went away. I attribute the sinus headaches to a: dust on the ceiling fan in our bedroom — I need to clean the dust off today — or b. something blooming outside/pollen count.

    You definitely have a beautiful morning glow on in the last picture 🙂


  9. You are definitely showing! And congrats on the kicks! If you want some more good ones, I suggest Marshmallow Peeps. They my my little one going every time. Just wait until you have to take your gestational diabetes test. You have to drink a super sugary drink. My baby went nuts after that. It was the first time my husband got to feel really hard, crazy kicks. Oh the things you have to look forward too… 🙂

  10. It’s funny that you say that about your belly. When I was pregnant, it took me a while to get used to it hanging all out too and in the beginning, I tried to hide it. My husband thought I was ashamed of my little bump but that wasn’t the case, it was just so weird! I think, like you said, having extra support is actually helpful anyways and can lessen back pain. You really are glowing though! Your happiness radiates through your photos and words!

  11. Glass of milk (soy milk for me, lactose intolerant) at night helped curb the little bit of acid reflux.

    My baby was born two weeks ago, and I’ve got to tell you, food tastes different post-birth. I’m sure you’ll find that interesting when you experience it. 🙂 It’s crazy what pregnancy does to your taste buds.

  12. Heartburn/reflux at this early stage has less to do with reduction in stomach capacity and more to do with pregnancy related hormones. Increased levels of these hormones in your body during pregnancy soften the ligaments that normally keep the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) tightly closed. If the LES relaxes at inappropriate times, food and stomach acids can reflux back up into your esophagus and throat. (Nice, I know.) This, other than getting fat, was my only symptom of pregnancy. I literally was chewing on TUMS simultaneously while pushing during my labor. As soon as the baby came out though, it stopped. Crazy, I know.

  13. You definitely are glowing and showing. 🙂 I’m so happy you felt a kick!!! When I read your title it made me smile. It’s definitely the best feeling in the world and one you will never forget.

  14. Literally opened the page and said “AWWWW” outloud in my apartment. This blog always makes me smile Kath!

  15. Isn’t it amazing to feel those first kicks?!! I loved it! Regarding the stomach…just think, you don’t “have” to go around sucking it in anymore! You have an excuse or having a beer gut! (that’s what I think it looks like until the 5th or 6th month! Lol!)

  16. well theres just something about a woman with child, and your tummy is gettin bigger:) Enjoy all those kicks. Do you have his name picked out yet?

  17. Hi, Kath-
    It sounds like you’ve clearly had your dose of acid reflux. I have acid reflux issues (GERD) and burping up what you’ve consumed within the past few hours is a symptom of acid reflux. Are you laying down within 2 hours after eating? If so, this can cause it. Are you eating spicy foods? This too, can be a culprit. Eating 3 big meals a day can really do it as well which is why doctors will tell GERD patients like myself to eat 6 small meals a day instead of 3 large ones because it’s too much in our stomach at one time causing the backward-flow of you-know-what.

    Antacids are great, but they’re known to make it harder for your body to absorb iron, so I’m sure your doc has something better in store for you and the baby for heart burn if there’s even a medication for heartburn during pregnancy…. I really should look that up and see! 😛

    Congrats, Kath…
    Can’t wait to see Baby Kerf! I’m excited for you!

    1. I’m definitely not used to 6 small meals, but I imagine that’s on the horizon as my stomach room gets more compressed

  18. I drank buttermilk (I know EWWWW) for the acid reflux while preggers. It worked better than Tums or any other antacid type product that was doctor approved, and once the esophageal burning kicked in, it was AMAZING at cooling the burn.

  19. Loving your posts and your descriptions. Brings back good memories! One suggestion…the nurse at my OBGYN told me that the way to get over heart burn at night is to sleep on your left side b/c your stomach is not “squished”. I HATE sleeping on my left side b/c I can hear/feel my heart beat. BUT this really helped me a lot. Once I moved through and accepted the feeling (and got all the pillows in the right places!) I slept much better! Just another something to try! Take Care!

  20. The only thing that cured my pregnancy acid reflux/heartburn was Lucy coming out 🙂 During labor I was yelling “oh man, my heartburn is killing me!” in between contractions. The Dr said it was the first time he heard that – ha!

    Eating tiny meals frequently does at least help, thank goodness.

  21. You are glowing! 🙂 I had never once experienced acid reflux prior to getting pregnant. For me it was the worst at the beginning of the 3rd trimester although now (with 4.5 weeks to go!) it seems to be settling down. I also get nosebleeds, especially at night after leaning over to wash my face. Again, probably noticed it the most at the end of the 2nd trimester and beginning of the 3rd but it still happens on occasion.

  22. Get yourself an economy-sized bottle of Tums … it will be your best friend. I do not have any children, but I have had several friends who experienced raging heartburn during pregnancy and swore by Tums. I’ve suffered from acid reflux since my college years, and Tums are a big help. Plus, I believe they are totally safe for pregnant women, and they have calcium — added bonus!

  23. I’ve checked out KERF off and on for a couple of years and always wondered if you would ever have a baby. I was so happy for you last night when I found out you were expecting! Congratulations! I bet your doctor loves that you already have such a healthy lifestyle. That will be one well-fed little baby!

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