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      1. You might consider the Beco Gemini — it’s just like the Ergo but has snaps at the bottom so the baby can also face out. Very convenient b/c most babies get restless facing in after 4-5 months and want to see what’s going on around them. The Ergo is limited to facing in. They’re comparably priced and otherwise pretty much the same.

              1. Hey Kath…Just thought, while researching carriers you might want to check out the attachment parenting and general literature on facing in versus facing out (included for strollers at the beginning, too). In-only facing carriers are made that way for a developmental reason not just engineering of the fabric. At 7 months, my son still will go in the Ergo and easily can see everything around him while also have the benefit (according to literature) of seeing his familiar carrier (mom, dad, babysitter, whomever is carrying him). The basic thinking is, they are not developmentally prepared to understand where mom/dad/caregiver is while they are facing away/outward and that the act of being able to look around and also return to meet the gaze of the person who is carrying them helps to form secure attachment to adults/reduce anxiety/etc. Sorry, I am a Psychologist – I am sorry I don’t mean to sound like I am on a soapbox – I just was so surprised to learn all of this myself a year ago. Anyway…the thing is, I got my Ergo as a handmedown and was dissapointed when I found out it was in-facing only. But then I did a little research and learned so much (that made sense to me). Take it or leave it – but it was eye opening for me! My mom happened to also buy a light-weight (out-facing) Baby Bjorn for us which I have carried him in from time to time but I way prefer the Ergo in terms of its feeling on me (no back or shoulder pain) AND for him (gets to see mom, then trees, then mom, then cars – you get the idea). Regarding strollers – I have the Bugaboo and the CityMini and I don’t yet love when he has to be in a stroller facing out (like, as in, can’t see the pusher of the stroller). The car-seat attachment usually solves that problem with most strollers so that you can see your baby (and vice versa) during walks. It is great bonding time, plus for practical reasons helps to know – did they fall asleep, are they happy, are they engaged with a toy, are they fussing. It is harder to see them than I’d think – so glad my current stroller (Bugaboo for now) can have the seat face towards the pusher or out. Okay – another novel! Btw, you look amazing and my bet is you will continue to look so for the rest of the journey!

                  1. My daughter is 17 months and still doesn’t mind in-facing only. Although she doesn’t like me to wear her as much as she used to. I still wear her on occasion though and she seems to like facing me.

                    1. I concur about the Becco Gemini…I researched carriers like CRAZY and am so happy that we got the Becco Gemini. Now that my daughter is 11 months, I carry her facing front, facing in (when she’s sleepy) and on my back (which she LOVES)! AND that best part is that I can carry her for a long time with NO back pain–not possible with the Baby Bjorn, that thing hurt so bad when I tried a friend’s! The Becco Gemini really distributes the weight nicely for a comfortable carry.

  1. Is that an Ergo? I have one and love it. The Moby was great when my baby was tiny but now that she’s a toddler I love my Ergo!

  2. You look great and all of the baby stuff is so exciting! Your belly is making more of an appearance too 🙂

  3. I noticed you mentioned you like to listen to podcasts- I wanted to recommend one to you that has been great for me- I have a 12 week old daughter. The podcast is called “New Moms, New Babies” and its like a Pregtastic but for those who have already given birth. One thing I wish I would have researched more BEFORE my baby was born is baby sleep habits. I was so focused on researching child birth (which by the way, happens how its going to happen no matter what) that I totally neglected to really find out about how my baby should be sleeping at each stage. Anyway, the episode that changed my life is called “How much sleep does my baby need” and with that info I had a baby who slept through the night at 10 wks (breastfed). Anyway, wishing you all the best!

    1. I’ve heard of that one- it’s the same group as Pregtastic and I bet it’s awesome! I’m almost through all of the Pregtastic episodes and can’t wait to dive into this next

  4. Great idea to have some time off over the weekends 🙂 Cute lil bump, and love the carrier pic – we have a similar (Manduca brand, very similar style) and LOVE it!

  5. you look really good, gaining much weight? You dont seem like you are thats for sure. Hope thats not rude of me for asking.

    1. Thanks, I’m right on track. Now that I’m no longer nauseous all day, my eating is much more back to normal so I think I’ve leveled out some.

  6. For years I thought I never wanted to have kids (which is an odd revelation when you’re only 21), but when you started Baby Kerf I have to admit, it got me really excited that maybe one day I would go through all the same stuff. Now Baby Kerf is the first blog I check everyday. Reading about all the changes you’ve gone through, and all the super cute baby bump pictures, finding out the baby’s gender…. well, lets just say I’m a lot more excited about the possibility of becoming a mom one day 🙂

    And I’ve read the same about facing in as opposed to facing out with carriers and strollers and stuff (also a psychology fan), it’s interesting stuff for sure!

  7. super cute bump. That is the best time of pregnancy. when you are showing but not huge and uncomfortable yet!
    Love my ergo, wore my 7 1/2 month old all day today in it. I love my Moby and the Ergo, it will cover infancy sling hold, in facing, out facing, wearing on your back, your hip, etc!

  8. I think resting on the weekend sounds like a fabulous idea. And I want to thank you for introducing me to pregtastic – I listen to their podcasts every morning while getting ready 🙂

  9. I’m aslo going with the Ergo! I’ve heard great things about it, and it has a great infant insert so you can start using it pretty early.

    Like someone said earlier, there is research and information on front facing and momma facing carriers. I don’t think out facing is bad, but I do think there are great benefits to facing towards the mom… one of which was the posture of mom.

  10. I HIGHLY recommend the Becco Gemini! Less bulky and hot than the Ergo. and YES baby can face out witch is a big deal once they hit that age that they want to see everything.
    Whatever you do, just don’t do a Snugli or Baby Bjorn. They are built so weird and we don’t get to have your baby right up next to you like the Becco and Ergo.
    Becco also comes with a sewn-in infant insert so you can use it from day one. Although when they are super newborn I LOOOOOOVE my Moby wrap. I wore my daughter in that thing every single day. Babies adore it.

  11. I can highly recommend the Beco Gemini, like other posters above! It’s much easier to put on with baby in it, because the straps simply cross in the back, as opposed to the horizontal high back strap on the Ergo. One of my friends, who has the Ergo, sometimes can’t reach that strap and needs a hand closing it. I love the Beco, and my son loves the forward facing option (which Ergo is advocating against, but I always take these arguments with a grain of salt, just because one person wrote an article about it 15 years ago. They are a brand and compete with Babybjorn, which has been around for ages, so I’m not really buying their ‘facing out is bad’ theories, but that’s just me…). The Moby is great for the first few weeks, as well!

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