18 Weeks: Yoga For Two


Today was my second visit to the prenatal yoga class at my gym! I’ve seen women late into their pregnancies go into prenatal yoga since I joined the gym nearly two years ago, but never did I think I would be one of them!

I was really nervous before my first class. Not about the yoga, since I knew it had to be a bit easier than the power vinyasa I had practiced in the past, but I was nervous about the logistics and the women! I just didn’t know how the first class would go.

When I walked into the room with my 16.5 week belly, a woman, who was clearly way more pregnant than I was, said to me:

“Ha! I thought I was in the wrong yoga class for a minute because you don’t look pregnant at all!”

Welcome to yoga, Kath.

“You don’t look pregnant” is the last thing someone in their early second trimester wants to hear!

Luckily, everyone else was nice, and my friend Amy, who is near term and still rockin’ it, was there too!

I was surprised when we started the class going around the room of about 25 women to each introduce ourselves, our pregnancy week and any issues or joys we had experienced that week. I absolutely LOVED this part of the class and wish we had 2 hours so we could spend even longer on the meet and greet! The instructor, Jen, is also a doula, so she had greats of advice and information to help the mamas with their aches and pains as well.

As we went around the room, I was glad to hear there were 3 other women at 16 weeks or less, so I was not the “youngest” in the room.

After introductions, we began the practice, which was much more of a childbirth class than a traditional yoga class. This is totally fine with me because my #1 goal of the class is not exercise for mind or body but preparation for childbirth. I want to open my hips, squat low and prepare my body in any and every way I can for what’s to come. I think of the class more as a great stretch ending with an awesome 10-minute meditation when you’re supposed to focus on your baby (I think! At least this is what I do!)

My second class was similar to the first, and I found myself counting down the days to it. Initially I thought I would hate an evening class (it’s from 5:30-6:45pm) because it’s during dinner hour and means Matt’s the solo cook, but I sort of like unwinding from my day with yoga. It’s much more fun to look forward to than if I had to run 5 miles in the evening!

During the final meditation tonight, I kept talking to the baby [in my head] and urging him to do some awesome roll or kick, but no dice. Maybe next week!

I skipped last week, so today I shared that I was 18.5 weeks along (and still counting half weeks!) and that I had just started to feel movement. The woman beside me was 19 weeks and her bump was much bigger than mine. I know better than to compare apples to oranges, but I felt like my bump disappeared in that class!

When I got home, I passed by a mirror and noticed that I don’t give it as much credit as it might deserve – it is still there!

IMG_8478Blog IMG_8479BlogIMG_8477Blog

Already excited for next week’s class! If there were two a week, I would be there.

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    1. I agree. You seem to be really wanting to rush this pregnancy along–another example would be when you said you thought you felt movement in some of the earlier weeks. Obviously, you realize now you’re just starting to feel it! You will look pregnant soon. For now, just take a step back and enjoy it!

      1. I definitely felt movement in early weeks – these punches/kicks are just different and more pronounced.

        How could I not be excited about the months to come and meeting my baby? Remember you’re reading much more of an analytical perspective than if you were just talking to a girlfriend due to the nature of a blog about pregnancy.

        1. As a mama of 3, I can relate to your excitement, Kath! Babies are such blessings!

          I hope I am able to get accross my thoughts here….being relaxed about comments like the one you got in class is the way to go IMO. Different ladies show differently, and she was probably trying to give you a complement since our culture says thin is the only pretty 🙁 Sounds like she went about it wrong though.

          I think that the average bump of the first-time mom DOES look much like yours! I happen to look 6 months pregnant by week 8, so of course I think you look small! But really it doesn’t matter, does it? On the flip side, I have a hard time taking in stride the comments “You’re huge!” “You must be due any day” “You must be soooo miserable” every time I go out in the last trimester 🙂 Bottom line: you’re pregnant, you know your preganant! Focus on enjoying this time because being a parent to a newborn is life changing…I didn’t do that near as much as I wish I would have with my first!

  1. I have been going to prenatal yoga since week 18 (I missed 2 weeks due to being out of town) but I have been consistently going and it is really amazing. I love connecting with the other women and I although I was nervous at first now I can’t wait to go. There are three per week at our studio but the Thursday one is later in the evening and the other is on Sunday’s and lately we have been really busy on the weekends. I do feel like if I can slow down at all I’d like to go to Sunday morning class.

  2. It could be wayyy worse than the yoga lady’s comment…I have a friend who saw an old classmate the other day and said “oh my goodness, you look great! When are you due??” The lady said “Well, I had my baby 6 weeks ago”.

    yikes. Insert foot in mouth. haha

  3. No worries, I started class at 12 weeks — was definitely the “youngest” one for a few weeks! But I found it super helpful in terms of bonding with the baby and getting used to the idea of being pregnant. I am really going to miss that class!!

  4. I need to find a group or local pregnant women- I feel adrift. My gym doesn’t offer any prenatal classes. Any of the classes I can find are either too far away to go to consistently or super pricey. Does anyone have any recommendations for prenatal workout DVDs?

    1. I bought the a several prenatal yoga “classes” from yogadownload.com. They’ve been great for at home yoga.

    2. On Netflix Instant queue, I found a DVD called Crunch: Yoga Mama. It is 40 minutes and a good, relatively easy practice (compared to my prenatal classes in person). Definitely a nice quick fix when you can’t get to prenatal yoga or want another session that week!

      Best wishes for a good workout!

        1. I was going to recommend yogaglo.com–streaming yoga classes, new ones all the time, and they have quite a few prenatal classes on there. You get access to over a thousand yoga classes (with new ones every day) for $17/month. It’s pretty amazing! I love it!

  5. I think that lady probably meant her comment as a compliment, that you’re so tiny…

    You are on your first baby, you eat well, and you are in shape – your little bump is perfect for you, and don’t worry, it will be large and in charge soon enough!

    Also, that class sounds amazing, I’m jealous!

    1. totally agree! I love your healthy,fit baby bump!!!! I hope mine looks just like it, someday! 🙂

  6. That’s really interesting- how you feel about the bump size. I would always have assumed that women would want to be “petite” pregnant women. And, to be honest, in my particular job, when I do get pregnant the longer I can go without looking it, the better!

    It also probably means that you’re eating healthily and not gaining too much weight!

      1. Of course you do! I hope you know my comment was meant to be respectful, and it was mostly a “huh, never thought about it that way before”. I tend to not say anything to pregnant women (especially about size) because it’s such a personal/intimate thing. But, it’s really nice of you to open up this conversation on pregnancy/bodies/body image/weight/exercise while pregnant/etc. so we can all learn from each other.

  7. Hi there! I was wondering, have you reflected at all about why you are hurt or insulted that someone would say you don’t look pregnant, about why you want so badly for your bump to show, etc? I am at 32 weeks and never felt this way. I knew I was pregnant and knew the baby would grow and that’s it, I never compared myself or felt anything if someone commented that I wasn’t showing yet back in the first trimesters. “You don’t look pregnant.” is truly NOT the last thing every woman wants to hear; why do you think it’s the last thing you want to hear? Just curious if you’ve thought about this, it makes me wonder where the anxiety is coming from.

    1. I would’t call it anxiety. It’s definitely not something I think about all the time or dwell on when I fall asleep at night. Being pregnant is very exciting, and I’m just ready to look the way I feel. You’re right there are worse things I could hear like “Gosh you’ve gained a lot of weight already” or “Pregnancy doesn’t suit you” would be a lot worse!

      1. “Sorry, we can’t find the heartbeat” would be pretty bad, too.
        I know so many women who have lost their babies later on in their pregnancies. That’s not a perspective I’d wish anyone to have to gain on their own, but it sure does change the way you see things.
        I hope you get your big bump soon!

        1. I’m talking in context here. Of course there are much, much worse things that one could hear, but not in a yoga studio

          1. I got what you mean and I love that you’re so excited for the baby, but I did wince a bit from that phrasing. In the last couple of months, my SIL has had a miscarriage in her first tri and a friend has suffered a stillbirth at eight months, so I’m admittedly a bit over-sensitive about pregnancy-related bad news. Totally just enjoy every moment of a healthy pregnancy and birth!

  8. I was surprised at the beginning if my pregnancy to find that non prenatal yoga was hard for me really early on. Much harder than my kettlebell training. I only do a prenatal yoga DVD but I like that it reminds me to squat deep and do my kegels.
    As for belly size…my sister in law started telling me i looked pregnant at 14 weeks…it annoyed me to no end because I felt like it only looked like I had eaten too many cookies! Don’t rush the bump…it will come.

  9. Ha! At least you have a bump to show. I didn’t start showing until the beginning of my third trimester because I’m so tall. Talk about many, many comments about how you don’t “look” pregnant. I just had to not take them personally – everyone is so different!

  10. Sounds like a great class. I was very excited for prenatal yoga, but the class I took was extremely small (i.e., some weeks, I was the only one there), so I missed out on some of that bonding and chatting with other expectant moms.

    Totally understand how you feel when your belly is SO obvious to you, but other people don’t notice it. I think I had to get past the 23 week point before it was really clear to people who didn’t know me — don’t worry, you’ll get there 🙂

  11. I am sorry your feelings got hurt. I found myself needing to get pretty used to that during my pregnancy. Only I had the opposite experience and I promise it hurt just as much – people would comment all the time and even make fun of me (on my walk to the subway, on my way to work, at work, in the grocery store…) commenting that “someone is coming soon…” or “are there three in there…woah nelly?” when I was NO WHERE near due – or even worse – on our babymoon at 20 weeks someone even said a slur about my baby in there that I won’t even repeat on this blog or ever again! I mean people said “you are SO BIG, you’re HUGE” – really? For someone who has always worked hard to keep weight down and health high…it was weird to keep hearing people say how gigantic I was for how for along I was. And I don’t mean – oh you look great, look at the big bump. It was a lot of mean spirited stuff that really didn’t help. FYI – I am 5’4, started at 126, ended 27lbs up from that…and was very active and did have a pretty big belly early on but it all levels out eventually. I popped most from weeks 19-21. So – no matter what – everyone just has SO much to say about our bodies. I found it very interesting how a baby bump (no matter how big or small) makes others feel they no longer have to be socially appropriate with you. If it makes you feel any better, from afar I wish I carried like YOU because I have found women who carry more like you end up having a much easier time bouncing back afterwards! I see the bump and think it is adorable. So there you go 🙂

    1. There are so many “what not to say” lists but people still don’t get it. I had a dentist once comment on my turning-21 junior year weight gain and it was the most offensive physical comment of my life, so it’s not just limited to pregnancy. People should just never comment on appearance without a request!

      1. Interesting you should make this comment, when just a few weeks ago you wrote a post about how you feel it’s okay to ask a woman about her pregnancy when she is certainly showing. In the older post, you said, “When I’m next to a pregnant woman in a line or other stagnant position, I often ask her how far along she is.”. But here, you say, “People should just never comment on appearance without a request!”.

        It seems to me like you are defending your right to ask other women about their pregnancies as long as they are definitely showing, but you don’t want to accept the flip side of this: that other people have an equal right to mention that they don’t think you look pregnant yet.

        1. In my opinion, asking a woman who is blatantly pregnant how far along she is is totally different than analyzing her physical appearance – “you are huge, about to pop, too small.” However, the consensus of that post was not to say anything, so I haven’t since.

      2. OMG, how rude. I gained twenty pounds in my teen years and my doctor asked me if I was happy with my weight; I was completely offended. However, at least that was a DOCTOR. Wtf with personal remarks from a dentist! You should have worked in some kind of insult about his teeth in response.

    2. PS: For someone who is as mindful and thoughtful about pregnancy as you are, I think it makes total sense to want your outsides to match your insides. It is a tremendous shift, and I appreciate your honesty. I used to joke to my exercise instructors that people in the class must think I ate too much lasagna or something…and I eagerly awaited a very clear “bump” not just rolls and lumps.

      1. I TOTALLY get the idea of having your outsides matching your insides. I feel this way a LOT (and often overshare so that people are aware of what’s going on in my life that might not be visible, but is important.)

        I remember that in the months leading up to my engagement to my husband, I said to him several times, “I hate calling you my ‘boyfriend,’ because you’re so much more than that!” Having a ring on my finger, and a FIANCE, made me feel much better about the way other people understood our relationship. Not how I understood it; I knew from three weeks in that he was the one for me–I just wanted OTHERS to know it, too!

  12. This post is an interesting contrast to Emily’s post today about “Being Present” and enjoying what is. Enjoy the way your lungs can get a full breath in, enjoy the way you can still move your body with your small belly, enjoy the way you can full on hug your husband instead of leaning over a giant bump. Be present with whatever size you are, instead of trying to rush it.

  13. Cherish these days when you don’t look “that pregnant!” At 40 weeks, you’ll be pining for them.

  14. Hi Kath! I know what you mean about the belly. I went in to buy my snoogle pillow at a baby store when I was about 20 weeks prego and the sales girl kept asking if it was a gift. I was so upset she couldn’t tell that it was obviously for me! Haha, I didn’t start showing until about 25 weeks. That is when people finally started asking when I was due. And now at 34 weeks, well there is def no mistaking this prego belly! Prenatal yoga sounds fantastic.

  15. I think that woman gave you a HUGE compliment! As a woman who has been pregnant 3 times, I always loved being told I didn’t look pregnant yet. It made my day! I assume she meant it to be nice.

  16. I totally get the belly-size thing. I have three kids and with each pregnancy, I couldn’t wait to get a nice big belly that screamed “I’m pregnant!”
    That is awesome they did an introduce yourself thing at your class. I take several regular exercise classes and I am bummed we dont at least introduce ourselves by name, I think it makes it harder to chat it up with people when I dont know their name or anything about them.

  17. Hey Kath,
    I’m sure you’ve heard this arleady, but don’t worry about when people say “you don’t look pregnant”, take it as a compliment b/c it won’t be long before the way more offensive, “you must be due any day” comments begin. Just take it will a smile! I popped around 16-17 weeks but wasn’t really showing until later in my second tri. If interested, I’ve taken weekly pictures that you can see on my family blog, I’m currently in my 35th week. caseyfamilylifeasweliveit.blogspot.com

  18. I couldn’t wait to see my bump, i think everyone’s like that!! It’s really going to pop overnight and get bigger and bigger every day after that ;)!! Now that I’ve had the baby I can’t wait for my belly bump (FAT) to disappear!!

  19. You look great! I wanted to show more too – and really my “bump” was never huge. But I popped out right around 24 weeks so that was fun, you’ll get there.

  20. Can I ask what workout pants you are wearing? I am almost 11 weeks and my Lululemon crops aren’t as comfy as they used to be. Would love to find something that grows with my bloat/bump!

  21. “You don’t look pregnant at all” is probably the FIRST thing most women in their second trimester would like to hear. Relax. It’s not a race to start showing. Enjoy each stage as it comes, and the current stage includes the fact that you’re not really showing yet. And that’s okay.

      1. Ok, but just remember, the “maybe for you, but not for me!” applies to you as well – so that woman may have been trying to offer you a compliment and make you feel welcome, not the other way around.

      2. I think Juli D. is making an excellent point- you interpreted it as being not welcome because you so very much want a noticeable bump. She may have been trying to compliment you/joke with you, and thus make you feel welcome. I’m just surprised that you took it as far as saying she was actively being mean to you, which is implied in the statement “everyone *else* was nice.” You’re probably just sensitive due to wanting to show so badly. That woman might be terribly jealous of you and looking back to when pregnancy was more comfortable and she felt smaller/more fit.

        1. That might be true – I might just be extra sensitive. I wasn’t mean to her or anything – just laughed and said I was 16 weeks.

  22. I’ve been wanting to take prenantal yoga so bad but my gym doesn’t offer it and I can’t justify spending $15 a class when I already pay a gym membership…maybe later in my pregnancy becauase I’ve heard its awesome!

  23. Glad that you got involved with some prenatal yoga. Yoga of any kind, pregnant or not, does everyone some good I believe! It’s one of those can’t hurt and will probably help things. In your case, just looking forward to the relaxation and zen-time in the evenings sounds like a big success right there!

  24. When I was pregnant with my first, I just felt chubby for the first half of it. I wanted to look pregnant so people knew I wasn’t chubby—just expecting! (Silly to worry about what other people are thinking, but it’s the truth)

  25. Its really not abnormal to not be showing much at your stage. I didn’t show at all until 18-19 weeks and still in most of my clothes no one could tell. Finally now at weeks 23-14 I have popped out but certain jeans/shirts and its still not whoa obvious. 🙂 I actually wish i had gotten gradually bigger.. going from nothing to ‘whoa belly!’ is hard on my body 😛 All worth it though <3

  26. You have an adorable bump and totally look pregnant!

    I don’t usually look pregnant until about 22 weeks… after the baby gets over that 1 pound mark it takes off!

  27. Oh and to add…. absolutely everyone will start commenting on how you carry and how big or small you look for how far along you are. Everyone has a different opinion 😉 It bothered the crud out of me the first time around. Now, I just smile and nod and move on. They don’t get it now and won’t until they go through it.

  28. People just love to comment on our pregnant bodies. Whether it’s “you look small” or “you look huge” or the incessant “how are you feeling?? you look tired” comments, it gets old pretty fast. So, I hear ya! Everyone just loves to give their 2 cents! Sigh…

  29. People seriously never say right thingsa pregnant woman. People always used to tell me I was so small as well and it bothered me thinking ‘is the baby growing enough’. It really bothered me when people said it towards the end of my pregnancy because the doctors were even afriad she was IUGR (intrauterine growth restricted) because I was small. So random strangers thought they were paying me a compliemtn I think but in reality it just freaked me out. She ended up being 7 lbs 1 week early so not small at all! People should just stick to “you look great!” when talking to a pregnant woman. Lie if you have to, haha!

  30. I had a similar experience at the gym – I saw a very pregnant woman in the locker room getting ready to go to a non-prenatal yoga class and I asked her about how she liked it, etc., and she gave me the rudest look and said, “What are you, like, two months along?” Poof, there went my pregnancy high. Trust me, your belly will pop out overnight. On the flip side, I recently had a lady ask when I was due and after I told her she said, “And you’re only having ONE?” Hmm. I wanted to ask her how many SHE was having, but I held my tongue.

  31. I am right there with you girl. I am 6 ft. tall and since its baby #1, I really didn’t really show until almost 22 weeks!! I mean folks who knew I was pregnant could see it, but people who didn’t know couldn’t (and often afraid to say anything) and if I had a sweatshirt on or something loose, you couldn’t really tell. I was the SAME way on ready to look pregnant and not just feel pregnant! It is amazing journey, and while I felt just like you did with not much of a bump at first (compared to others), I knew soon enough I’ll eat those words!! Now well into week 31, baby belly is out there and getting bigger by the week. Enjoy your journey, and enjoy the yoga! I wish we had a class where I am, so I do some at home often.
    PS your bump looks great!!

  32. Hi Kath,
    I found a meditation that talked about connecting with your baby in a way I thought was very interesting! They advocated “listening” to the baby by observing your own breath – just watching your stomach/hands as you take deliberate deep (as you can) breaths. They considered listening to be a language of love. 🙂 I loved that feeling of connection so wanted to share!

  33. I loved doing prenatal yoga!! I also did “regular” yoga until I was 8 1/2 months along…I just made sure to modify some movements (obviously twists) and still got a great workout! I was back at it 10 days after giving birth! 😉

  34. I can totally relate to the “You don’t look pregnant” comments! I went to pilates this morning and at 19 weeks am hearing the same thing! Can be very frustrating!!

  35. What a great class to take. I bet it will really help get things stretched out. Maybe this wasn’t the first pregnancy for the girl that was 19 weeks and showing more. You usually show sooner after your first pregnancy. You should really be proud of how you look because you look fantastic for 18.5 weeks. 🙂

  36. So this comment is unrelated to yoga but I just had to write that after three little girls I just found out today I’m pregnant with a boy!!!! I think I’m just a few days ahead of you so once again, I’m enjoying the parallels of our pregnancy and feeling overwhelmed, shocked, excited (almost like the feelings from a first time pregnancy) b/c I never expected to have a little boy! Looking forward to continuing reading your blog as our pregnancies progress!

  37. I had the same thing happen to me the first yoga class I attended. Some gal actually rolled her eyes at me and I thought, how rude! I’m thinking its because they just didn’t have the foresight to start earlier and wish they had. 😉 I’m glad I started when I did though because now at almost 16 weeks and with 5 weeks of prenatal yoga under my belt, I really feel like I have a leg up. I, too, enjoy hearing what other women are experiencing and relaxation part of it, but the pelvic floor exercises still kinda make me laugh! I just feel awkward! I’m getting to be a good “squatter” now, so I’m hoping that will really aid me when the time comes to give birth. We’re fortunate to have two classes a week, so between that and Jazzercise, I’m feeling pretty well balanced in the exercise arena! You’re lucky your gym offers a class (which I’m assuming is free as part of your membership) because I’m paying more than I ever would for a workout class, but to me its worth it. You look great and your bump is totally adorable!

  38. Just something to think about- I’ve read some comments above about how heavily pregnant/late-term ladies made people feel bad when they were very early and attending pre-natal classes. While it *is* rude to roll one’s eyes, keep in mind that pre-natal yoga is *not* just “you’re pregnant, so here’s your yoga class!” Pre-natal yoga is generally characterized by very specific movements that have been modified to accommodate larger bellies and late term restrictions on certain yoga poses. My friend, a yoga teacher, said that most people don’t even *need* special pre-natal massages, yoga classes, etc. until they are well into their second trimester and/or have a belly that is getting in the way.

    It’s like the conversation a few weeks ago about “Expectant Mother Parking.” Sure, you could park there when you’re 6 weeks pregnant, but it would be ridiculous to do so in a healthy pregnancy. Likewise people might get a little exasperated when someone is 2 months pregnant and already doing a lot of “special” accommodations that are generally not even needed until the later months.

    Again, not an excuse for rudeness, but try and put it into perspective. a 35 week pregnant woman who hasn’t seen her toes or shaved above her knees in weeks, who can barely eat, who is having Braxton-Hicks contractions, and who is peeing a million times a day is, yeah, definitely, probably going to be a *little* over it when dealing with someone who is 2 months along.

    Also? Let’s be honest- most of the super excited 2 months along pregnant ladies who are already chomping at the bit to do X or experience Y are usually first time moms. I’ve seen it happen in all of my friends- the first pregnancy is painstakingly documented/talked about/experienced in technicolor detail. That 35 weeks pregnant mom has been there/done that, and they’re kind of over it. I can’t say I wouldn’t feel the same way after almost a year of being pregnant! 🙂

    1. I agree with you except that I disagree that prenatal yoga is probably better started early – more time for the body to adjust. Maybe not the day after a positive test, but in the second tri for sure.

      And “probably going to be a *little* over it when dealing with someone who is 2 months along.” — I would hate to think she was “dealing” with me!! I was just getting a yoga mat!

      1. Oh, I didn’t mean you in this specific situation, I mean just in general- the way a 35 week pregnant woman is feeling towards pregnancy is just different, I imagine, than someone earlier along. So, in general, late term mamas are probably “over it” in a LOT of ways, from being asked how far along they are, to being touched all the time, to dealing with super excited early termers who they are probably a bit jealous of compared to their present super uncomfortable state 🙂

  39. I’m so jealous of your class and the experience and knowledge that you must be gaining from those classes! ….I’m going to have to look up some of those classes on Netfilx and such. Since I don’t live near anything like that.
    You are doing a great job on your blog. Keep being you! Keep doing what is right for you and saying what is true to you- sometimes some people’s comments make me wonder if they had taken a step back to realize what they said sounded like. You’re doing AWESOME, Kath! You’re going to be such a great mommy! *hugs*

  40. I can imagine feeling how you feel – you’re close to halfway and want the world to know because you’re so excited! I think it’s wonderful. I also think that woman (and many of these commenters-sheesh) are jealous of you. Thanks for sharing your journey Kath!

  41. Hi Kath,
    That is really funny you said that because I only gained 16lbs total and did not even look pregnant. I only bought 2 pair of maturnity pants and really wore all of my regular cloths. I am a hair dresser and when I was only about 4 weeks away from my due date I was having to tell clients I was pregnant. They were shocked… I heard alot of oh my goodness I did not even realize you were pregnant… Good part of that is that I left the hospital in my old jeans…. 🙂

  42. I think you look more pregnant as the weeks have been progressing. You are so generous to share your pregnancy journey with all of us, you really seem to be embracing your pregnancy. We (women) should all take note.

  43. I had a friend who called me in tears at 5 months. I rushed over, went inside and assumed the worst, because her tum was flat as a pancake. Turns out she had a fight with her boyfriend and the baby was fine. BUT she never showed. Ever. She was a size 6 the day she had her baby. I bumped into her a few years later and asked how she was. She said she was due to have her second in 3 days. No bump, nothing.

    You are starting to show now, and get some rounding. By 20 weeks I’m sure you will be all bumped up 🙂

  44. Kath, you look super fit! Seriously!

    And as a yoga teacher myself, I can’t preach the benefits enough! I’ve never given birth, but tons of my students have and practiced through their pregnancies. They ALL have said they feel it made a tremendous difference in labor, because their hips were more flexible and their cores were strong. Keep it up – you’ll be so rockin’ that baby will sprint right outta there! 😉

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