19 Weeks: In Da Crib

It’s here! It’s here! It’s here!!!!


Hard to believe since I had so much trouble with this crib being out of stock! I liked all of the cribs in the Baby Mod line, but when I saw this one in cool grey, I knew it would be perfect for us.

Baby Mod Modena 3-in-1


I didn’t do a ton of shopping around because this one just seemed to fit the bill so well off the bat. And the price – at $199 – was rockin’! Matt had it assembled in about 20 minutes one evening!


The stats:

  • Crib converts to a toddler bed (toddler rail included)
  • Remove the toddler rail and the crib converts to a day bed.
  • Fixed-side crib ensures stability
  • No moving parts, all sides are stationary
  • Four mattress-support positions allow the crib to adjust as baby grows
  • Made of sustainable pine wood from New Zealand
  • Beautiful non-toxic finish
  • JPMA Certified
  • Meets or exceeds all U.S. safety standards
  • Uses standard size crib mattress


And it really couldn’t match the rug more perfectly!


At first I felt like it was a little claustrophobic, but I’m totally used to it now.


Beaker has been perched atop our bed for a week [LOST fans, he’s been saying his name is Jacob!]


But he decided to relocate once he found the crib assembled.


We also hung curtains!! The white ones that used to be in our room. We ended up taking down the shutters down for safety and clutter purposes. I know many of you have recommended black out curtains, and we’ll probably add something else later, but one step at a time! 


The room is so much cozier now!


Especially with the matching closet curtain


I also know these curtains are not a decorator’s dream for length. I took out the hem as some of you recommended and it probably will fray in time, but again, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there!


[Argh curtain rods are expensive!!!!]


By luck of the draw, I own this little clock in the perfect grey matching color!


A question to ponder: to paint the fan, remove it and replace it or leave it be to match the brown bed….


Coming along! Karen and I are going to IKEA this week for a dresser!



83 thoughts on “19 Weeks: In Da Crib”

  1. I have an 11 month old and I would recommend changing this room around. Your crib is too close to the closet curtain and the window. You shouldn’t have a baby so close to the window — they are strong and move pretty quick, not to mention drafts and any potential lead paint dust usually comes from window sills.

    Is that picture above the crib bolted to the wall? Seriously, kids bang stuff and that could totally fall into the crib. I’m not paranoid by any means (I’m probably the most lax parent out there) but this stuff does happen.

    Yes, you do want black out curtains. Not in a few months, now — while you have time. I found wal-mart has the least expensive most effective black curtains (I looked everywhere and that was the best option). They are not pretty but when your 3 month old suddenly takes 10 minute naps out of nowhere you’ll be grateful for a dark, quiet room to fix that.

    Our baby girl’s room doesn’t look aesthetically pretty but it’s super functional and safe. I also don’t have a glider since we co-slept for her first 8 months and now I use the cosy couch in her room for nighttime nursing.

    Some things I can’t live without from the beginning until now — I have my old ipod on a docking station that plays ocean waves which seriously helps block out noise. I love my video monitor which has been so helpful for getting her to sleep on her own (I read every hippy book and seriously, only crying it out is what works – you feel less bad the older they are), and I have a standing fan which does help lightly cool the room (leave your fan, you will use it).

    1. I was just going to suggest this. You definitely don’t want the crib anywhere near any window coverings whether it be curtains, shades, etc. I would swap the single bed and the crib to make it more safe.

      1. You might as well move the crib now. But, I don’t think you’ll have to worry until he is more mobile and can crawl/stand in the crib. Then you must move it away from the curtains. My cousin was terrible with this. He would climb up the curtains and sit on the windowsill. He also devised a way to climb onto a kitchen chair, grab onto the door, swing it open and hit the the garage door opener. He was only 2 years old. My aunt found him in the street after taking 5 minutes to go to the bathroom. Some things you can’t plan for…

        1. Strongly recommend moving now while you have the time and energy and can rethink. Even if kiddo isn’t scooting/pulling/reaching yet, caregivers can get tangled (You WILL be sleep-deprived and it’s amazing the fumbling that will occur! Lots of funny things….and sometimes not-so-funny.). I was shocked to find my son could climb in/out of his crib at 18 months to get things he wanted to take back inside.

  2. Nursery updates are at the top of my favorite pregnancy posts to read! I am really loving the grey color and especially the chevron print rug. I am thinking of jumping on the chevron train for my next decorating project. I think you will really love the crib. If you decide not to use bumpers (we don’t) the solids sides will be less areas for him to get his little feet and arms out once he is more mobile. I like the dark color of the fan to match the bed, but if you wanted an update maybe you could change out the bulb covers – the hardware store sells tons of different kinds and you could coordinate with other areas of the room. BTW, we have a bed in our nursery as well and even though I don’t sleep in there anymore, we still use it all the time to read or play. It’s looking really good!!!

  3. I love nursery updates as well! The curtains do look much cozier and I love the colour of the crib. I was thinking some of the same things as your first noter. The crib might not be in a great place with the window right there (drafts, light) and I also see your heater is right beside it (I think) so that might not be the best place for the crib. Just a thought!
    I think the dark brown fan looks fine since it matches the bed and fans are great for nurseries for air flow. We replaced a regular light fixture and put a fan in the nursery too! I should send you pics of our nursery, it’s almost finished because I just love working on it so much lol

  4. Just looking at your pictures again, I would put the crib on the wall when you walk in (that the door is on) Then I’d put the bed under the window the crib is near (like along that longer wall) and then the dresser along the wall where the bed currently is. Not that you asked but thought I’d give an idea since I said the crib wasn’t in a great spot. Then the crib would be on a wall not near any windows, heat vents or anything baby could grab.

  5. Totally your call obviously, but I agree with Anna on the room placement. I wouldn’t put a crib that close to a window either. Drafts and noise and light might interrupt good sleep, and trust me – you don’t want to interrupt sleep if you can avoid it. 😉

  6. I love the crib! Do you have bedding picked out yet? I never bought a matching set and instead just bought separates as I needed them. Which, having co-slept for the first year was not for quite some time. In the beginning I just used sheets, then later added a light blanket. When we transferred her to a toddler bed, I got a crib skirt and pillow… Worked out fine. Speaking of co-sleeping. I think I remember you saying you’re leaving the bed in the nursery for you to sleep on but I’m curious why you don’t invest in a co-sleeper for your own bed.

    1. Hi Nicole,

      You mentioned you co-slept with your daughter for the first year…we are currently co-sleeping with out 6 month old and are being told by everyone we need to break that habit now before he gets any older. Was it hard to transition your daughter into her own bed when she was a year old? Do you have any tips you can give me? We really enjoy co-sleeping with our little one but are afraid that if we wait longer to transition him to his own bed that it will become a nightmare as everyone has said. Does anyone out there have an suggestions or advice? Thank you!

      1. Delores — I co-slept with my LO until she was around 8 1/2 months. I think she might have been ready around 5 or 6 but I wasn’t and ultimately our pediatrician said it’s really when mom is ready that the transition can happen. Every baby is different but for us, we did naps in her room around 7 months and I started putting her in the pack and play at night in our room at 8 months. Two weeks of that she went into her room no problem. There were TEARS (maybe 20 – 30 mins ? The first time was awful) for solo nap time for the first few days but there was really no other way of getting her to do it on her own.

      2. I co slept until about 6-7 months. Maybe I was just lucky…but I had no problems! The first few times I let him cry when I put him down (instead of him breastfeeding until he fell asleep) were a little tough but it was for the best. We both slept so much better alone. I put him in his own room and he did great without anything special to help him go to sleep. He started sleeping great and would wake up around 4:30-5:00am ready to eat.

        1. We co slept for 13 months and had no probs transitioning to her own room. It was harder on us as parents than her. I wish I would have done it for at least a year with my 1st two.

          1. I’ve found this is true for a few things when raising kids, sometimes they’re ready for something WAY before the parent is!

            1. I’m just chiming in here. I co-slept with both of my children and received a lot of comments from people that I would NEVER get them out of my bed. With each, I chose to wait until I saw signs that they were ready. Interestingly, each kid chose to move out of our bed and room right around the age of 2.5. I know this is old for some people, but it worked for us. My son just moved out a few weeks ago and it was because he said he wanted his own room and own bed. So, co-sleeping does not mean that you will never be able to get your little one to sleep in his/her own bed. Quite honestly, as with all things parenting-related, my best advice is to do what works and feels comfortable for you.

      3. Hi Dolores,
        While I disagree with what “everyone” says about co-sleeping, I do understand why you’re worried about transitioning when you’re ready. For about the first week of transitioning, she would cry a little and then drift off to sleep. I really felt like it was harder for me than it was her and I found myself occasionally sleeping on the floor of her room just to be close! Like Anna said, we started with solo naps first and then worked up to nighttime. Eventually, I switched her to a toddler bed because she didn’t seem to like the crib and ever since then everyone’s been incredibly happy.

  7. First of all, I have to say having a bed in the nursery is one of the BEST decisions we ever made. I can’t tell you how many nights my husband has spent sleeping in the nursery because our little guy woke up in the middle of the night. We fondly refer to the nursery as the “boys room” these days. 🙂 Second, I don’t think black out shades are as essential as everyone thinks. We don’t have them and despite having two big windows in the nursery. We just have regular blinds that still allow a lot of light in, but my baby just learned early on how to sleep anywhere – light or dark. That is a GREAT thing. I think your room is looking great!

    1. Oh and the one thing I’ll say about the window being by the crib (which I don’t think is that big of a deal) is that eventually you’ll want different curtains. Trust me. My little man has already pulled down an entire curtain rod because of an ill-placed curtain…oops.

  8. Hey Kath! I love the crib! My only suggestion would be to move the crib away from the wall with the vent. My baby used to wake up every time the air or heat would go on and I later figured out that the air blowing on him bugged him!

  9. Hey Kath, you might want to read about crib safety and windows. We had a hard time arranging my daughter’s nursery thanks to the windows.

    As for the ceiling fan, babies love to stare at them, and leaving it a dark color would probably make the contrast with the light ceiling all the more interesting.

    And since I don’t usually post I’ll just go ahead and add the favorite book I read while preparing for baby, for what it’s worth: Attached at the Heart by Nicholson and Parker.

  10. Like I said in a previous post, it’s surprsing how much “real estate” the crib takes up isn’t it? I won’t repeat what everyone else has already said, but I agree with moving the crib (or the curtains by it, due to grabby little hands). As for the fan, I wouldn’t replace it entirely, circulating air is supposed to help reduce SIDS. I liked the previous commenters idea of changing the globes if you want an update, or painting the blades, or both!

    This is inspiring me to go put the finising touches on our nursery! Just need to clear up the clutter, and then install the wall decals when they arrive! Our nursery turned out much more “baby/kid” than I had expected, but my husband looves it, and my heart just melts when he gets excited picking out things for “his son.”

  11. I found some good prices on curtain rods at Ross. Just bought four decorative ones for $11 bucks each and 2 plain/simple bronze ones for the bedroom for $7 bucks each. I shopped around and these were about 20bucks cheaper than everything else I saw at target, lowes, bed bath and beyond, etc.

  12. What a beautiful crib! I really like the gray and it matches the rug perfectly. I would leave the fan the way it is. Like you said, it matches the bed.

  13. If you ever decide to rehang the blinds, you can always cut the chords. Just lower the blinds down to rest on the window (aka, as low as you’ll ever take them) and cut the strings about 6 inches from the top. I had to do this all over my house becuase my cats play with the chords and tangle them all up. I rarely pull the blinds up, though, I usually just open or close the slats. However, if I do fully open them, I just tuck the chords on the top slat. Easy and kid/cat proof 🙂

  14. I agree with the others. There is no question that you will want black out curtains. I would also swap the bed with the crib, to move it away from the windows. Well, I’d actually take the bed out entirely and put in a glider. I considered a bed in our nursery but my experienced friends talked me out of it. You will all sleep better apart, and I think it’s important for a marriage that my husband and I sleep in the same bed. Post-partum can be emotionally trying (duh) and it’s easy to feel distant from your spouse. Just my two cents!

  15. I believe someone already said this, but I don’t think you need everything that everyone is suggesting. Black out curtains and machines that make noise (ocean sounds, rainforest, etc.) aren’t necessary and will just complicate things when your baby has to take a nap somewhere with out these things. Once babies get use to these things, it’s harder for them to sleep without it, such as at a daycare or at Grandma’s house. If they have never had these things though, then they adjust to sleeping anywhere much easier. Just something to think about!

      1. Some of the stuff everyone is saying makes sense, but I’m pregnant with my second and never heard that it was so important to have black out curtains. I’d say don’t worry about it unless down the road the baby had trouble sleeping–THEN look into other options.

      2. I agree that there are lots of babies that can sleep (at the start anyway!) through noise and light, but some really need a helping hand getting to snoozeville, and I speak from experience here! There are lots and lots of thing that our parents did without when raising us, but that doesn’t mean that us having them isn’t a good thing if it can make our lives a little bit easier. I know for a fact my parents didn’t have a fancy travel system, a lovely boppy pillow, a noise machine etc, but I just would not be without them when raising my child!

      3. Some babies sleep well and anywhere, and some babies don’t. Forrest Gump style, you never know what you’re gonna get. I’d recommend waiting to see if you need the blackouts. Our little girl is ok with light but for the first year was ridiculously sensitive to sound. Oh, and my take on why our mums all claim we were amazing sleepers is that when we were born babies were still allowed to sleep on their fronts. Now it is considered too great a Sids risk, but it really is how many babies prefer to be: like being attached to their monkey mummy’s back or front, I guess.

    1. Ooh, good point. The womb is actually a pretty noisy place so I think making it perfectly dark and quiet wouldn’t be very helpful. My little girl never minded noise from outside or anything, it was when I accidentally sneezed or something that woke her up, lol!

    2. Great advice! When I was a baby/toddler I lived near a fire station with my mom. She decided to use a fan to drown out the noise… now I can’t sleep without one at 27 years old!

  16. Such a cute crib! And the grey is so modern and neutral. I love the rug too.

    Had you considered just changing out the fan blades? I’m not sure just how standardized blades are but I know the big box home stores sell just fan blades. You might also be able to change out the mesh(?) bulb cover things. Gosh I know there’s a name for those… haha.

  17. Kath the room is just gorgeous! You pulled off the mix ‘n match from different places in an amazing way. It just goes so beautifully together! What a great room…I would just want to sit in the room and not leave. It’s so soothing!

  18. It’s fine to start out without the extras like light blocking curtains or ocean/rain sounds. Hopefully your little one won’t have any trouble sleeping. But keep them in mind if you do have trouble. Both my husband and l were great sleepers, but our son fights sleep like its his job. Rain sounds, swaddling, and vibrating places to sleep became our best friends. Just depends on how tired you get what you will do! Do read the safety recommendations though for crib placement and don’t plan on doing things like that “later”. They become mobile overnight and I have read so many horror stories.

  19. LOVE that crib. I bookmarked this, so when the time comes in a couple years I can find it. 🙂 Gray is such a good boy color, too.

  20. Beautiful, Kath! Love the Grey! Have you looked to see if the fan blades are the same color on both sides? Sometimes companies put a darker color on one side and a lighter on the other so you can swap them out (it’s easy to do with a screwdriver!)

    We did decide to go with blackout curtains, but in our Newborn Class, our teacher said that you actually don’t want the room too dark anyways. A lighter room may help prevent SIDS since the baby won’t fall into such a deep sleep maybe. (That being said, we went for them, but something to think about!)

    Nice job! It’s going to be so cute!

  21. Oh my! Between the dangerous placement of my sons bedroom furniture and the poisonous products I used during pregnancy, I’m surprized he’s made it to almost eight years old!

    But really, pregnancy is supposed to be fun and exciting! Not full of worrying and nit picking every tiny issue. All the angst and dread of lurking disasters can’t be good for a growing little fetus and would make any mother to be tired and worn out even before labor is even close!

    1. Agreed! My children are 7 and 5 and these comments are stressing me out! It’s obvious Kath is an intelligent, caring mama-to-be who has her baby’s best interests in mind. I think the nursery looks beautiful.

      1. A friend of a friend’s baby strangled himself in curtains because the crib was underneath a window. So thankfully your children are still happy and well but that isn’t always the case. I’d hate to place a crib in a potentially dangerous location just so the room looked better.

        1. And when Kath was a baby, we had no clue what caused SIDS (or at least it wasn’t in the regular literature yet). I think the much better understanding of SIDS in the last twenty? or so years is a breakthrough of breakthroughs.

        2. Crib and curtain accidents occur far more often than many of the more ‘obvious’ things we worry about. Just ask your doctor! I haven’t seen any concerned comments I would consider to be overkill at all! And really – would you want to go back to the non-car seat (or red bullet car seat) days?

    2. Believe me when I say that I do know that bad things can happen to babies. I feel very lucky considering what my family and I have been through. I guess when you have a child that beats tremendous odds and survives, thrives and LIVES, you tend not to sweat the small details of lotions and diapers and whether or not he has an extra blanket in the bed with him. You just look at him everyday and thank God he’s in your arms and 100% healthy and appreciate that. Because, really, nothing else matters.

  22. I love the nursery so far! I’m very happy you got the crib you fell in love with, I know how it can be heartbreaking to fall in love with an item online and then have it slip away from you. Happened to me with a pair of shoes recently, heh 🙂

    I know it’s a little late now, but I wanted to let you know that Kmart (of all places) has the best selection of cheap (price, not quality) curtain rods! I got a few there for my old apartment, then I realized I could make them work in different spots in our house but I needed a few extras and they had the exact same ones 4 years later! Now I just have to get around to hanging them…

    About the fan, someone above suggested switching out the bulb covers and I think that’s a great idea! I think the dark wood blades might grow on you if you try that first. If you don’t like it you can always return them and then try painting 🙂

  23. The room is looking good!

    Agreed – some of this stuff is not needed – however – when you are 3 or 4 nights in with sleep happening so very little – you will try anything! My mom looks at us like we are nuts for hooking up our iphone to a docking station for white noise purposes – but it works. Amen. (I think she’s just jealous she didn’t have an iphone with white noise in 1973! 🙂

  24. I think the brown fan ties in nicely with the brown bed. Babies seem to really like ceiling fans too so it might be nice to have it in there for him to look at.

  25. Love seeing the clothes hanging in the closet. Glad Beaker is into the excitement of the new baby, Makes me wonder how the other two bears are reacting?

    1. I have been wondering this for months now, but for some reason I never thought to ask. Where did the whole bear thing come from? I imagine they were your childhood stuffed animals?

    2. Kath and Matt got the two smaller bears in college. I found Churton on the side of the road, and luckily, the other bears accepted him into the fold.

      We’ve got some childhood bears and others animals here for Baby to meet, too.

      1. I always thought that was a joke! I didn’t know you really found it on the side of the road. Too funny.

        1. No,he was on the side of the road, and I think I moved him to the sidewalk. I left him out there a few days in case a child had dropped him out the window of a car or from a stroller, and the parents came back looking. But then one day it started to rain and I couldn’t stand it. I went and got him. Shortly after that, I asked Kath and Matt if they would take him to join their two bears, and they kindly said yes. I wonder sometimes where he came from.

  26. LOVE the grey crib, never seen one before! And I love that all sides aren’t moveable. I wish mine was that way. Blackout curtains are AMAZING. With them my kids sleep until 830…without them 7! And the cheap walmart ones didnt cut it. It will be the best money you ever spent. Or maybe just for me because I love my sleep!

  27. Blackout curtains were amazing for us! Our kids slept an extra 1.5 hours the night after we installed them (and continued to do so), and they’re great for naps.

  28. Kath, how do you determine content for BERF? I am impressed that you are able to update daily with different topics.

  29. As a first time mom I know you’ll get tons of advice – you are an incredible woman to put it all out on your blog for others to comment on. I get more than enough helpful critics via Facebook!
    You’ll find out very quickly that you will make decisions on what’s best for your child and if you have questions the people you should trust the most are your mom/mominlaw and your pediatrician.
    Don’t let yourself get sucked in by too much helpful advice or it can drive you to think you are a failure before you even begin!
    All the stuff people said I needed and I could have survived with just a breast pump, a boppy, a swing a Halo sleep swaddle blanket and a white noise maker (especially for noisy neighborhoods).
    You’ll do great – and knowing your need for efficiency and a well used space I do not doubt you’ll change things in the nursery around more than once! Enjoy it before the bump gets so big you are limited in movement! :$

    Ps: I love your moms comments. Wise lady!

  30. 1- curtain rods ARE expensive – who would have ever thought that they would cost more than curtains? Insane. 2- LOVE that crib!!!! 3- LOVE the nursery so far. I love how much thought you are putting into it and how beautiful it is turning out.

  31. I have to chime in about the sleep comments here because it has been such an issue for our little one and there is so much societal pressure to “get it right” with sleep right now. Our baby was 5 weeks early, had to spend 2 weeks in the NICU, had severe reflux, whatever the casue, she was a terrible sleeper. When I was pregnant we’d agreed adamantly that she would sleep in her own bed from day 1. After a few weeks of severe sleep deprivation we decided that we would do anything to get more sleep. We tried everything (except CIO). The only way our girl would sleep until she was about 4 months old was on one of our chests while we were semi-sitting. We wound up taking turns sitting up in a separate bed sleeping with her. From about 4 months to 8 months the only way she would sleep at night was nursing most of the night in our bed, but she started taking great naps in her own crib once we would rock her to sleep.

    People told us we would never get her out of our bed. People told us we were ruining her sense of independence by letting her sleep with us. People told us we shouldn’t let her rock or nurse to sleep because she would never be able to go to sleep later without those things. And most of all people told us the only thing that would work was to let her cry it out.

    I’m sure everybody means well when they tell you these things, and they may be true for some babies and some families, but they simply haven’t been true for us. We’ve found that our little girl is a very light sleeper and although she’s very independent in other ways, it’s hard for her to fall asleep and stay asleep. We’re willing to accept that and try to help her without leaving her to cry it out. I simply can’t believe that crying it out for hours at this young age will “teach” her anything other than that sometimes at night I don’t respond when she calls. I may feel differently when she’s older and we can talk about it. I know that CIO works for some people, and I’m glad for them, but I copletely disagree with the notion that it’s “the ONLY way.”

    I’m sure that you and Matt and your little guy will find a sleeping solution that works for you. Or perhaps a number of sleeping solutions that work best for you at different phases in your baby’s life. At almost 10 months our little girl now wakes only 1 or 2 times most nights to nurse and usually goes back to bed in 15 minutes each time. She usually rocks easily to sleep before bed and we can lie her down in her own crib asleep without much trouble for naps and nighttime (aside from the occasional teething sleep trouble). She wakes happy most of the time and likes her crib. We transitioned her out of our bed over time by keeping on trying every now and then until she was finally ready.

    Things that were helpful for us (but may not mean squat for anybody else):
    -the AskMoxie site’s sleep columns – lots of very supportive comments from folks with a wide range of sleeping problems and solutions, with the emphasis on getting everybody in the house as much qualtiy sleep as possible using whatever means necessary
    -white noise makes a huge difference for our girl as every little household sound wakes her up, she doesn’t need room blackening shades though
    -a swaddle-Me helped a lot when she was 4 months and less, but transitioning away from it did cause us some sleep interruption for a while
    -only walking while bouncing would put her to sleep for months (the car did not work), but she outgrew that too
    -listening to parents who have had more than one child and who thought they’d “done everything right” and could take credit for their good sleepers until they suddenly had another baby and did all the same things but ended up with a “bad sleep” — trying to accept that how she sleeps may just be part of her personality (I was a terrible childhood sleeper too) and her sleep is not necessarily a good or bad reflection of my mothering

    Best of luck! And I hope you have the good fortune to have a little boy who naturally sleeps well and deeply anywhere!

  32. I am also in LOVE with this crib. How did you end up purchasing it with it always being out of stock? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  33. I agree with Brittany Alexander. This crib WAS available before I found out the gender of my baby, and the next week, when I go to buy it, it is out of stock!! Does anyone know if this crib keeps going in and out of stock? I sure hope so! I will check every day!!

  34. I love this rug! Did i miss where you got it from? Can someone point in the right direction? I saw one a Pottery barn but it is gray and cream, and this looks gray and white.

    Thanks so much!

  35. Hey Kath – in hindsight are you glad you picked this crib? Is it hard to lift Maze in and out? Our crib is shot and we’re looking for a good converts-to-toddler-bed option. Thx!

    1. Yes totally happy with it. Sort of wish I had gotten one with a drawer underneath but only because I’m obsessed with storage!

  36. i would love to know what crib mattress you bought for the crib? we just got the same crib and the standard mattress my parents picked up for us seems a bit too small for it! it moves around pretty easily!

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