19 Weeks: Saturday Snapshots



Somebody wants to move in…


Adorable onesie gift from KERF reader Sarah’s Etsy store, Chickadee Station!
Can’t wait to meet my little eggplant.


Totally bought this lotion at a baby store for ME because I just love the smell so much!
I like to smell like a baby : )


I can’t believe how much my bump changes throughout the day! On this morning it was nearly flat when I woke up and much more rounded and poking out in the afternoon! I know the difference doesn’t look like much to you, but it was huge difference to me that day!

18 weeks AM (2) IMG_8478Blog

Happy Saturday!

34 thoughts on “19 Weeks: Saturday Snapshots”

  1. I LOVE your crib/rug combo. Our nursery has carpet but the wall and floor are similar colors and I’d kind of like a rug to give the room some contrast with a bit floor rug.

    Yeah, until the actually mega pop (for me it happened around 18wks but can be as late as 23wks) my belly would be flat in the morning and look super preg at night. Bloat!!! Actually it didn’t happen to me at all my first pregnancy but this time it was the weirdest thing and lasted longer than I thought possible.

  2. I went through a phase where I was literally OBSESSED with Johnsons & Johnsons Lavender Nighttime lotion and I would buy it by the bucketful. SO good 🙂

    LOVE the crib and the colors! And the little eggplant onesie!

  3. Is it weird that I kind of want to live in your nursery?
    Love the bear with the bear hat 😉 I’ve already decided that my baby nursery is going to be vintage Winnie the Pooh…but that is a loooong way off!

  4. I’m one day overdue (!!) and my belly still does that. Smaller in the morning and bigger at night. I attribute it to slower digestion, so food just sits in your stomach longer because I can definitely tell after a big meal that my belly looks disproportionately huge. Like I’m carrying triplets. LoL

  5. Kath the crib and the rug are PERFECT together! Wow…I knew you would be able to pull off the designing of this room from a variety of places. I remember when you said that it could be a bit of a gamble and the fact that the crib was routinely sold out, but the stars aligned. It just came together beautifully!!!

  6. Kath,
    I am huge fan of your blog. it has been a while since I checked your website and I found your baby bump from your picture!
    Congratuation! Can’t believe I am 19 weeks along just like you!

  7. LOVE the crib and rug this room is going to look so cute when your all done. Have you gotten a rocking chair yet?

      1. Kath, what about a hanging porch swing that you could use to rock your baby? Coolest porch and a swing would be perfect when your baby needs that rocking/swinging motion?

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