20 Months


The 2s!!! We’re almost there – 20 months feels so much bigger than 19 and so close to 24.


As expected, talking has taken off. I lost track of new words! I’m sure he’s over 100 words by now, and he knows several sentences: “Mommy eats crackers” is our favorite. I watched this video about 100 times!

Notable new words this month include play, bacon, bunny, glasses, cake, leaf, bike, soup, surprise, nice, cracker, fall, dinosaur, raisin and happy. After Grammie and Pea left I asked him: “Mazen do you miss Grammie and Pea?” And he said: “Yes.” I think he really understood!


We had a rough month sickness-wise. M had his first ear infection when I noticed his ear was draining (ew). He did a round of amoxicillin. I have to say I was excited to see the prescription – my first whiff of that stuff brought brought back tons of memories of childhood! What flavor is in there that makes it so marshmallowy good?

The day after he finished his last drop he woke up with a fever at 5:30 in the morning. I took him to the doctor and she saw more ear infection. We weren’t sure if it was a new one or the old one not yet healed, so we had round of antibiotics part 2 – a stronger one this time. The next morning Mazen woke up with a coupe cough, so we went back to the doctor and came home with steroids. I hated him being on all that medicine, but I wanted him to be as comfortable as possible and get well soon.

The steroids were awful – M had a really weird couple of days. His cough was long better, but the medicine made him really cranky and fussy. He’s normally a pretty happy guy, so it was hard to see him so mad. As soon as he was done with the 3 days, he was back to normal. Hope we don’t have to go through that again.

Mazen used to be great at taking medicine from a syringe, but after the gross tasting steroids he started refusing it. I’m patting myself on the back for thinking of the idea to let him sip it from the little medicine cup. He LOVED being allowed to take it that way and luckily the medicine was going down easily again.


In more exciting news, M got his third haircut. Matt cut it at home, and it didn’t go so well despite all kinds of treats. But once we found the first combination of cookie and Sesame Street, he sat relatively still for the last little bit. We don’t want to take him to a real barber until we know he won’t scream his way through! I love his little haircuts though – so cute!


I know some of you think M is a great eater, but other than select healthy foods, he’s gotten really picky (as is to be expected).

Loves: PIZZA, all breakfast foods, apples/bananas/pears/strawberries/watermelon/oranges, bread of all kinds, yogurt, milk, ice cream, sweet potatoes, sunflower butter, noodles, mac and cheese, broccoli, green beans, juice, ketchup, tomato sauce, smoothies (green ones too), cheddar bunnies, pretzels, any kind of squeeze pouch.

Used to love but now hates: Cheese (sad), most fish (although he ate sardines and smoked trout randomly recently), lots of meats.

Won’t touch: everything else.

I find myself automatically defaulting to his favorites because I know he likes them instead of continuing to come up with creative ideas. I do offer him new foods from our Cook Smarts dinners almost every day, but I feel so defeated when 9 times out of 10 he rejects them immediately. I’m going to try harder this month to figure out creative ways to get him to eat well. And just like with us adults, the key is being organized and prepared with healthy food ready to go.


A big change that happened this month is that Mazen has started to tell us when his diaper is dirty. This is the first time he’s shown any awareness that he is even wearing a diaper! I’m sure some would say that this is also the first step to potty training, but we are really in no rush for that. Plus he tells us after, not before, he goes.

I did buy the two potty books and he is fascinated with them, but when I suggest he sit on the potty he refuses, so I’m not pushing it.

For a few weeks diaper changes FINALLY got calmer, but then a little diaper rash turned the tables again and he fights every change. I’m talking thrashing and trying as hard as he can to get away. Ugh – this is such an issue right now. I have changed him standing up (which we are quite good at now) and on all fours but he hates it every which way.


Also to note on the hygiene front, M has started to want to wipe his nose when it runs. He often tries to use his shirt, which is thoughtful but gross, so I’ve tried showing him where the tissues are. Half the time he goes for one! He has also wiped his mouth after eating a few times. I’m so impressed by this awareness!


Mazen tends to nap in waves – for a few weeks he’ll wake up after only an hour and a half or so. But suddenly he does a week of 2+ hour naps. It’s totally unpredictable and I can’t think of anything that correlates with this other than what goes on in his little brain.

One really cute thing he has been doing is backing up into my lap. When it’s time to put on shoes or socks or read a book he sticks his little bum out and backs up – beep beep beeeeep – until he falls in. The cutest! Matt also taught him to walk backwards. And speaking of beep beep beeeeps, he loves anything that beeps, including the dishwasher, alarm clocks, phones and more. If he hears one beep he responds with a BEEP himself!


We’ve been doing a ton of playing outside and running around. M running is just the cutest thing – he runs with his arms flopping in the wind. He loves the new slide I bought at Target and has grown really attached to his Elmo and George dolls, which he carries everywhere.

At bedtime Mazen often whispers “ni-night” to his friends unprompted: “Ni-night Saya, ni-night El-nor, ni-night outside.” He also loves it when I sing, and if I stop humming he lifts his head up and says “MO!” I think that’s the first anyone has every requested that ; )

He loves making silly faces and any kind of excitement – if a room of people clap he lights up with joy and claps too!


Xoxo to my little pumpkin! He’s such a mama’s boy and I love him so much!


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  1. Mazen is a cutie!

    Thank goodness for squeeze pouches of fruits/veggies! It’s the only way I can get my 16 month old to eat veggies outside of sweet potatoes. It’s hard when they are super picky. Both of my boys are in the stage where they like carbs, cheese, and fruits…and nothing else. I always offer what we’re having, but the majority of the time they are just not into it.

    I will say when my oldest figured out how to blow his nose it was a very happy day in our house. Of course, now he’s three and wants to show everyone its contents and discuss what’s in there, but at least he can go get the tissues, blow, and throw it away all by himself! We’re still working on what’s appropriate to share about the experience! 😉

  2. He’s so cute!! Love all your information. Aiden had to do the steroids for croup last month and I agree, they were horrid!! I hope we don’t have to do those again for a long time.

  3. This is such a lovely and happy update.

    I sweated the food thing big time, but now I don’t let it offend me or stress me out. R doesn’t eat meat of any kind. Maybbbbbe once a month he will eat a big bowl of rotisserie chicken, but other than that – nada. Meanwhile, A will eat anything you put in front of her. I still offer them both the same dinners, and neither gets something else if they don’t eat it (except fruit). Sometimes he surprises me and eats something I never would have thought he would like. For example, he’s currently obsessed with kale chips and will eat a whole batch if I let him.

  4. So glad to hear that other mamas of toddlers are going through the same stuff eating-wise. My guy will be 2 this month and we struggle with him eating anything other than his list of 10-15 favorite things (most of which no longer includes meat or veggies, but lots of fruit and dairy). I try to offer him the healthy stuff I make for our meals every day, but often am rejected. It is hard to take, but I realize that it is not just us! Sounds like you are doing a great job with it all!

  5. Our son is 2-1/2 and has had croup two times. Both times I took him to the doctor but all he said to do was a steam room and get lots of cool fresh air. We didn’t do medicine either time and it cleared up quickly just by doing those two things. We also have a warm air humidifier run in his room at night and it seems to help a lot too.

    We have a super picky eater too and it gets frustrating but I just have to remind myself he’ll eat if and when he’s hungry and all we can do is offer it to them.

  6. My 18 month old has a lot in common with Mazen! You say he likes all kinds of bread…will he eat muffins? This is a really simple recipe that my kiddo ate THREE of in one day and it’s packed full of carrots (shhh…):


    When I make it, I use all whole wheat flour and exclude wheat germ, since I never have it on hand.

    How wonderful he is telling you about his diapers! It’s really neat watching them become more aware. If I wasn’t due with number #2 in July, I’d think about introducing potty training (or at least buying some books like you have) because we have to wrangle mine for changes too. So rough!

  7. During potty training, a friend of mine suggested having the child touch his/her toes to make sure everything is wiped away and clean. Since you often do standing diaper changes, maybe Mazen would be into that sort of “game”? If he’s pretty regular, maybe you can even get him to poop on the potty?

    1. Cool idea! I’m actually surprised he’s not into it, but I’m trying not to push it so it doesn’t backfire! A game might be the ticket

  8. He might do better at the barber than at home! I’ve taken my son twice now to a salon that specializes in kids’ cuts. There is so much to look at and everything’s so different that he’s distracted and just takes it all in. Plus the stylists are used to working on wiggly kids and they’re super fast! Isn’t it crazy how a haircut makes them go from baby to little boy so quickly?

  9. his expression in that video is so cute! Sounds like after you guys started clapping he congratulated himself by saying “I said the crackers!”

  10. Don’t be discouraged by the food refusal! They say it takes a kid TEN tries of a food before he or she will like it. So keep it up with the Cook Smart samples 🙂

    Love his neon green shirt!

  11. I remember when my boy first got a prescription for amoxicillin and that smell just brought me back to me being a kid. I love it!

    I also make healthy muffins. Last night I made some that had cooked onions, spinach and cheese with a little bit of cayenne. My guy loves them and I like that it’s more savory than sweet. I got the recipe from The Baby-Led Weaning Cookbook, which is great no matter what age or even if you’ve followed baby-led weaning.

  12. A mommy to mommy tip. Any medicine that my guys won’t take, which is basically anything but Amoxicillin, I mix in with a little bit of yogurt. They eat the yogurt and have no idea that the medicine is mixed in! I only do about two or three little bites of yogurt though, so that way I know they’ll get all their medicine in their tummy. 🙂

  13. I loved reading this update, and the video had me grinning from ear-to-ear. I might have even chuckled a couple times. It was adorable!

  14. I love how Mazen is talking so much already…my son was the same! My 17 month old daughter on the other hand rambles on and on and on but doesn’t actually say words…she’s kind of lazy that way, lol!

  15. I love his videos! Keep them coming, please. Is there a story behind his first sentence “Mommy eats crackers”? It just seems like there might be a cute anecdote behind that!

    Poor fella with his ear infections! 🙁 When he was sick, did he continue to play as usual? Or did he slow himself down? As adults, we generally know to take it easy so we can heal faster, but some kids just keep up their play as usual!

    1. I was just eating a cracker one day and he said it!

      He did slow down for the second one – the croup + ear infection one. But the first one I didn’t even know he was sick.

  16. Try taking Mazen to Snippets for a haircut when you’re ready to give it a try. They have tv’s at all of the stations and are experts at dealing with kids that fuss. They do a great job!!

  17. Hi Kath!
    Your little guy is so cute and getting so big! My daughter Maeve is about 4 days younger than Mazen. We sleep trained months ago, and she was doing great, but just like Mazen, had a horrible month of the stomach bug and croupe recently. After that, the nighttime routine was shot. Does Mazen ever resist going to bed? I find myself rocking her to sleep most nights recently, which can take 30-45min, where she used to just dive into bed. She freaks out if I put her down awake, and cries so hard she makes herself thrown up. SHe has steady 2 hour naps daily. She has also been waking up at night asking to eat, around 3am. At first I thought it was a ploy to hang out with us, but she actually eats..a lot. Just seeing if you had run into any scenarios like this. It sounds like Mazen is a wonderful sleeper and doesnt give you any trouble at bedtime. Your guy and my lady seem to be on very similar milestone/talking/eating etc paths, so thought I would ask. Thanks!

    1. We have definitely had troubles with bedtime, but as long as I am SURE he is sleepy, sometimes I just have to leave the room and let him cry. He only cries for about a MINUTE which is why I feel comfortable doing it. Then he settles down and goes to sleep. I think it’s separation anxiety or just wanting to stay up and play/snuggle with me.

  18. Hi Kath,
    Mazen is a little powerhouse of knowledge and learning! Love it!
    We too have hit a snag in our food acceptance. Peyton eats oatmeal, yogurt, watermelon/pears/apples/mandarins/bananas, kale/spinach but only in green smoothies, anything with peanut butter, Dave’s good seed bread, pancakes/waffles (We started making blueberry/spinach and sweet potato ones), graham crackers, dry cereal, cinnamon rolls, applesauce and tortilla chips.
    No cheese, no meat and no real veggies. 🙁
    We have been so discouraged when she automatically refuses anything “foreign” without even trying it first. She is especially anti-warm food. Weirdo.
    She use to love pizza and chicken and then at 2 years old has refused.
    Twice she has put something in her mouth and then acted like it was the most disgusting thing ever!

    When does it end?

  19. My 18 month old used to be such a good eater, and now he pretty much eats yogurt for dinner every night. He eats well all day until dinner. Refuses most everything. It’s a little upsetting, but like everyone else is saying, I know it’s normal. One of the only ways to get veggies in him is a green smoothie. I also make pancakes with grated zucchini and carrots, from Daily Garnish. We keep leftover pancakes in the fridge and he has them for snacks, like he would a muffin or whatever. One thing that we’ve found is that he eats so much better for his dad, who is with him during the day, so for lunch he usually eats some of the leftovers from the night before. Dada can sneak the broccoli and peas and stuff in. Our staples though are breakfast food, fruit, yogurt, apple sauce, hummus, and still the fave – paneer tikka masala from Tradre Joe’s! hahaha

  20. This video is ADORABLE! I love how he sort of whispers “cracker”; he reminds me so much of my little boy who is just a bit younger than Mazen. Thanks for the cute update!

  21. Such a cute Video! I love how he says “happy” in the beginning!
    And “Mummy eats Cracker” – so cute and smart, your
    little guy!

  22. Your child looks adorable, he is definitely getting smarter with each year! Are you giving him any books to read? And props to you for always coming up with creative ideas to circumvent potential road blocks.

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