20 Weeks: Saturday Snapshots


(or less….hopefully not more!)

Feelin’ energized.

2012-04-06 10.02.05

But also feelin’ stiff.


Feelin’ hungry [for vegetables and ice cream equally!]


And feelin’ really excited!


But most of all, feelin’ rounder.



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33 thoughts on “20 Weeks: Saturday Snapshots”

  1. So….I don’t really want to go backwards in my pregnancy, but your bump is making me miss the golden days of the second tri. My baby dropped this week, and while I am happy to be able to breathe again…I sort of feel like I have a bowling ball in my pelvis!

  2. Woooo! Hooray for half way there- as slow as it goes in the moment- it goes fast doesn’t it?! I hear I’ll be singing a different song in August. 🙂
    My tummy is changing daily now- everyone at work noticed how pregnant I looked yesterday. Your bump looks great! 🙂 Congrats again, I send love to you and your little one on being half way through the journey to meeting that little one!

  3. I remember taking my twenty week pic and thinking, “Man, I really look pregnant!!!” You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll grow in the next 5 or 6 weeks…you’ll have a bowling ball before you know it!

  4. I just wanted to comment on the “halfway there – or less… hopefully not more”. I think it’s important to remember that 40 weeks is just the average gestational period and that plenty of babies need to “cook” longer until 42 weeks (or sometimes even longer). While it is definitely not “convenient” to carry a big belly around for an extra couple of weeks it is important to remember that babies still do a lot of important growing in that last month or so. I think advocating for patient acceptance of the baby’s own timeline in terms of delivery is really important. Just my two cents. (My first was born at 39.5 weeks and my second was born at almost 41 weeks and I thought I was going to go crazy waiting but in the end he needed that long in the belly and I’m happy I didn’t push him to come out earlier.)

      1. When would your OB induce? I hope not before at least 41.5 weeks. I would refuse to be induced before 42 weeks.

  5. Hi again Kath! Just wanted to let you know I’m still getting automatic sound from a Resolve ad without hovering over it. The XBox as is working properly, there is no sound until I hover the mouse over it.
    Just thought I’d let you know!

  6. Most first-timers DO go over 40 weeks. I went to 42w3d even though I tried every natural induction in the book. The average pregnancy for a first-time mom is 41w3d!

  7. I cannot believe how “flat” your belly still is at 20 weeks – all that working out is really making a difference, I’m sure. I love the belly shots and I love following along. I can’t wait to read your updates when the baby is born.

  8. Youre going to be SO happy that you’ve worked out throughout your entire pregnancy…I did the same and it helped with the labour (you need abs to push! Lol!) and I bounced back right after the delivery..literally! (the nurse told me not to tell anyone that my stomach was flat right after the delivery!!!) Is it genes or was it the working out???! I’m praying it’s Iike that the second time around!

  9. I’m sure you don’t see these comments any more, but I’m following your blog week by week to coincide with how far along I am in my pregnancy. It’s weird, but in the quest to find out what is and isn’t normal during this crazy pregnancy period, I tried looking for people that physically reminded me of my shape pre pregnancy…hoping their journey would shed some light on what’s to come for us. And then I read a little more into your blog and felt that we are also very similarly wired. As a fellow athletic lady, and also having no other friends currently going through this, I was having a hard time gauging how my body would change through all of this. Constant need to compare, in a positive light.

    I’ve always been of a more muscular build…heavier than I look…type lady. My pre preg weight was around 158 at 5’7”. But I’m a size small shirt and a size 6 (us) pant…with room at my waist but none at my thighs. At 20 weeks my belly is just like yours…but I’ve gained approximately 15-16 pounds! I’m worried about having gained too quickly, but I have nothing to compare it to. Somehow, I’ve never really fit into any weight chart model ever…so I’m still looking for an inkling as to what’s ok and what’s less ok. I’ve not changed how healthy we eat, I’m running more than ever and maintained my lifting, with some reduced intensity (which is why I upped running). I haven’t even been *trying* to add caloried for the peanut…since I’ve been gaining at an ‘alarming’ rate now.

    Any thoughts are appreciated. Thank you for your awesome blog.

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