21 Months

If there’s a theme this month it’s “talk and play and play and talk!” Mazen has become quite the expert at both.


He wakes up in the morning and says “Pway outside?”

He gets down from his high chair and says “Pway bus!”

He truly understands that play time is the best time.

He is finally really able to mimic words we say too. If we say “Can you say Pumpkin?” He says “Pumpkin” back. (Although at this point it sounds like “Put-tin”!) I even got him to recite the entire alphabet after me!


Speaking of the ABCs, he’s picking up on those a little. He knows the letter A and can point it out. His alphabet puzzle he calls “the ABCs” and before naptime once he said “ABCs in crib!” He can say his friends’ names too, which is super cute.


We’ve also been working on counting and he understands that you move your finger from object to object to count. He knows 1, 2 and 3 but we haven’t really moved past those yet.

Mazen’s word for tissue is “nose” because so many times I grab a tissue and say “wipe your nose!” It’s very cute – he actually goes up to the tissues and says “nose” when he wants to wipe his, which is also something new – caring about hygiene!

He doesn’t like his nose to run AND for the first time he doesn’t like a wet or dirty diaper. When he wants a change he grabs his diaper and says “POOT!” Haha. We’re not really sure how he chose that word, but at least we know what it means. Diaper changes are SO MUCH BETTER than they used to be. I guess because he finally realizes they have a purpose!


We’re working on saying please and thank you as well. While he doesn’t use them all the time, he will say please unprompted if he really wants something. That’s a sign to me that he knows what it means! There’s nothing cuter than a baby saying “Pwease?”


M is absolutely obsessed with little trucks – his fire truck in particular this month. He and Matt make fire truck noises and helicopter noises all day long. M can hear a fire truck siren in the distance hours before I will ever notice it. He also knows when the train is going by our house despite the fact that it never “choo choos” and just chugs quietly in the background. He still loves his Pumpkin, Elmo and George dolls.


This past month I went on my first two-night trip away. Although he cries when I leave him with a babysitter, M was too cool when I left for Miami. He just looked at me and said “Byebye!” and kept playing with his friend Slyvia. When I got back from New Orleans a few months ago he stood up in his crib thrilled to see me with a big “MAMA!”, but this time he just glanced at me and gave me a look like “Oh hi mom. I’m reading now, but I’ll greet you in a minute.” Too cool, I say.

Then we spent the whole day together and I could tell he was really glad to have me home : )


He’s not too cool at bedtime. He still loves to snuggle and asks me to rock him and sing to him every night. He’s actually started singing himself, which is really cute and sweet. He still loves to play with me and on me. Mommy Bounce is one of his favorite games – that’s the one where he jumps on me! He’s 32 pounds and starting to hurt me more when he plays rough. If he steps on my foot with his shoe on it really hurts!

Another first this month was throwing up. Since I was a little girl who threw up a lot, I have been worried about what would happen when I became a mom with a child who threw up. The first time it happened he started to dribble out of his mouth a little. I wondered if he was throwing up and thought it wasn’t so bad. But this is one of those “You’ll know when you know” situations because suddenly there were gallons of vomit erupting from him onto the kitchen floor. It was like an adult amount! He was very scared and I felt horrible for him – horrible enough that I picked him up right after for a hug. The cleaning it up part was soooo gross. Luckily it was a twice-and-done sickness and he was at the playground by dinnertime.


On a more positive note, M loves buttons and things that go beep. Elevator rides are incredible adventures! He learned how to jump and say “Wheee” when it starts to move.

And guess who can say his own name? Cute.


Some stats:

Weight: 32 pounds and counting

Height: No idea

Clothes: 2T, some 18-24

Nap: at 1:30 for about 2 hours

Bedtime: Between 7:30 and 8

Waketime: Between 6:30 and 7

Likes: Playing outside, bread, swingy with dada, couch time with mommy, Kids Zone, Curious George, fire trucks, watering the garden, ice cream

Dislikes: Teeth brushing unless he does it all himself, nap time until he falls asleep, when trucks don’t fit inside other trucks

14 thoughts on “21 Months”

  1. Love these updates, Kath! Makes me so excited for what’s to come with my little girl (8.5 months old). I commented on Instagram when you got sick with Mazen because it happened to me too, and we get sick because we want to comfort them right after and we get their vomit all over us lol! But in that moment you don’t care how gross it is, all you want is for them to feel better. Glad you both survived! I feel like that’s a big mommy milestone! And Mazen – seriously, he is just so darn cute. 🙂

  2. He seems like such a happy little boy, and you are doing a great job! :). Please consider giving your kid 24 hours after a vomiting incident before letting him play in a public area, to cut down on the spread of germs to other kids.

  3. Great update on your little sweetie. I was so afraid the video of him with his truck was going to be him vomiting. Ha, ha.

  4. Mazen is so cute! In the future, please don’t let him play in a public area for at LEAST 24 hours following a stomach bug. It’s not fair to the other kids. No one wants to catch that crap! I’m happy to hear that he’s feeling better. 🙂

  5. wow, he’s gotten so big!! and my fave thing of all time is that his dislikes include “when trucks don’t fit inside other trucks” LOL!

  6. Cute pictures! You obviously have an eye for photography!

    I have to say though, I’m horrified that you took him to a playground the day he threw up! If it was a contagious stomach virus, which obviously it was if he gave it to you, you shouldn’t take him out in public until he’s been well for 24 hours. Think of how many other children may have picked up the virus at that playground!

  7. Big kid puking is a big bummer I’d never thought about until it happened. My 2.5 year old puked for the first time all over herself and me while I was snuggling her in her bed. What a nasty smelly mess!

  8. He’s so cute but I have to add my two cents with the stomach virus thing…were you guys really at the park by dinner time? Perhaps you just meant that in a way like “he was feeling so much better!”…because yikes…I am with the other mom’s who offer the 24 hour rule. Especially when you have more than one child. There is nothing worse than the stomach bug running wild through your house….!!

    1. They just walked to the park and back. And there were no kids there either I’ll add. Everyone was in for the night.

      1. But I’m guessing he still touched things at the playground. Viruses can live on hard surfaces for 24 hours, so it doesn’t matter if kids were there when he was.

        Taking him to the park was irresponsible, in my opinion, and could have inadvertently gotten many families sick. Obviously, you can’t change the past, but please consider this information in the future.

        1. I’m a first time mom, and to be honest I probably wouldn’t have realized that this was a no-no. I wouldn’t call it irresponsible, just a simple “you learn as you go first time mom kind of slip up”. Maybe it seems like common sense in retrospect, or reading about someone else doing this, but in real life, I probably would have just been like “Thank goodness he’s feeling better, let’s get on with normal life!”.

  9. He’s simply adorable!! 🙂 Enjoy this time! It’s a great age. I think it’s a great sign, too, that he asks to be changed. He’s getting ready to potty train. 🙂 That, too, will be a fun time. There are all sorts of methods and rewards to helping them learn.

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