21 Weeks: Normalcy

21 weeks (11)

I feel like things are almost a little boring around here I feel so normal. Maybe I’m just used to feeling pregnant! While my stomach continues to protrude, my arms, legs, stomach, hair and brain feel pretty much like my old self. Considering all the symptoms out there, I’m pretty thankful!

21 weeks (4)

My bump is starting to get that nice little round shape to it, especially when I lie in bed in the morning! It’s definitely a mound on a horizontal plane. Very cute and very fun to put my hands around!

21 weeks (5) 21 weeks (6)

Check out this extreme shelf I can make! Old torso vs. new torso! You can really see the space the baby occupies.

21 weeks (3)

Can you even tell I’m sucking in here!?

21 weeks (10)

The baby moves sporadically, some days more, some days less. I feel the movements most when I’m seated after a meal. I suppose because there is less room in there when I’m bent in half. But I almost always feel them when I get in bed at night! The books say that when mom moves, baby sleeps and when mom lies down, baby wakes up to play. I still haven’t had any true interaction – like I push in and he kicks back – but the movements are still so fun to feel. The other morning they were so strong they were almost uncomfortable! He likes to tap dances on my cervix, which isn’t the most pleasant feeling. My doctor said it’s normal and I might just be hypersensitive down there.

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21 weeks:21 weeks (5)

I did a bit of maternity shopping this week at Old Navy. I had a 40% off coupon that was good for one day and came home with $200 worth of clothes for just over $100, mostly tanks, shirts and a pair of shorts. Shopping with a bump is so strange. More than my bump, it’s my boobs that determine whether a shirt is a yay or nay! Also: I tried on a bunch of dresses for the wedding this past weekend, and again, it’s my chest that is preventing them from fitting!! Never would have predicted that, as I hoped to wear my dresses into the third tri!

I also tried on a few bathing suits. I have no problem wearing a bikini that shows my stomach, buttttt….I really need super-duper top support. I don’t know if my old suits are going to be up for that challenge. I tried on a few one pieces, but they were all tummy controlled, so even the size large was too tight on my stomach. I might need to just look into some maternity suits for our Memorial Day beach trip. Or maybe some kind of supportive sports bra two piece?


My only symptom complaints continue to be round ligament soreness and SI joint pain.

My SI hurt pretty badly after a day of standing on my feet at the bakery. I’ve ordered a belly support brace as recommended by my prenatal yoga teacher that will hopefully help me with my posture. I actually read the month 5 chapter of What To Expect and part of it was on back pain. There was a list of things you could be doing wrong (standing with arched back, sitting on non-supportive couches, relaxing abs) and of course I was doing everything wrong! Not intentionally, of course, but it’s just more comfortable to stand with my back arched and abs relaxed! But I’m working on it and am hoping the support helps a lot. I’ve also taken the advice of some of you and have been doing leg lifts during the abs track of Pump. I think they are helping?

The round ligament pain has caused me to cramp there a few times when subconsciously stretching in the mornings, but thankfully it’s not nearly as bad as a leg cramp (although I had half of one of those this week too!)


After holding Lynsie’s baby this week, I pictured my own, wiggling in bed that night, in my arms. I can hardly wait!!!


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39 thoughts on “21 Weeks: Normalcy”

  1. I didn’t know my boobs would get so much bigger either but they certainly didn’t hold back, lol! I bought a couple new bras while I was pregnant because they just kept growing and the support and comfort a bra that fit made was amazing! For swimsuits, I would go with a halter style top, and look for one that’s either made for athletics or has an under wire, for extra support. Love the tops you’re trying on in those pictures, btw!


  2. Try Athleta suits! A little expensive but worth it! They have tops with super duper underwire support and you can mix and match top and bottom. Only down side is you can only order online. I am on the larger side on top and I love the suit I ordered!

      1. I have the Bolinas Border Bra Cup Halter Bikini but that was last year…looks like they don’t carry it any more. The current models/styles look pretty similar though. The quality is great and I highly recommend this brand for swimwear! The performance swimwear and bra cup tops would probably both be good for your purposes. Good luck!!

          1. I definitely agree!! Athleta is the only brand swimsuit I wear. They have multiple styles made for larger busts. Great coverage and support!

  3. I was wondering about Body Pump- we are trying again this month after our m/c earlier this year, and I have gotten into the Body Pump groove and would like to continue if I do get pregnant. Which sections of the class do you modify and which do you sit out completely? I just have no idea what’s safe and what’s not! I know you have mentioned you’ve lightened up your weights for some of the tracks, but am just curious about the rest. Thanks! 🙂

  4. I love those t-shirts from Old Navy….I bought 4 of them and wear them all the time! And all this boob talk…mine haven’t gotten much bigger…that’s the one symptom I’m eagerly anticipating 🙂

  5. I bought a maternity suit at Motherhood. It was a little more $ than I wanted to spend but definitely worth it. My boobs are ginormous! It definitely gave lots of support and is well made. Also, I got a great little goody bag that had coupons, breast pads and a Tommy Tippee bottle in it for “free” with my purchase. 😉

  6. I know all the trite sayings are annoying…but seriously, enjoy feeling “normal” while you can! My pregnancy has been relatively easy and symptom free…but nothing feels normal at the end!
    I remember being 20 to 30 weeks and being annoyed when people asked how I was feeling. I wanted to hang a sign around my neck that said ” yes I am pregnant. I feel fine.” I recognize their are those that aren’t so lucky, that don’t feel fine.
    Also….if you can feel him tap dancing on your cervix now… Get ready for some serious head butting in about 15 weeks!

    1. I walked around with the “yes I am pregnant. I feel fine.” sign for the longest time. I know the feeling. Weeks 36 and 37 were even still great, I wasn’t dying to get the baby out! At 38 weeks it’s like someone hit a switch. Maybe it’s just due to anxiety?! My husband has to ask me multiple times a night if I’m okay, because I himm, hahh and grunt so much when I’m simply trying to turn over! The joy!

      1. Yes me too! 37 weeks when the baby dropped started to get more uncomfortable…but you are right…week 38…switch. I will be 39 weeks tomorrow and just want to know when the baby will be here!

        1. The last few weeks before the baby was born were the worst. The baby dropping was bad b/c I couldn’t sleep well for days because I was up 5 times a night or so to pee. Then there was the crying, mood swings, etc. But enjoy it and try not to be nervous, you’ll miss that time when your baby was always right there with you. Mine is 1 month now :).

          Kath, I also had a lot of lower back pain at about 20 weeks. I remember walking around London on our trip & the discomfort was so bad I had to keep finding places to sit & rest frequently. The pain didn’t last long, only for a week or so. My hips were widening & soon after that point is when the bump starting to grow like crazy.

  7. I had the same issue with swimsuits and clothing in general. Now that I’m breastfeeding the problem is amplified and I didnt even know it was possible! I have never had a larger chest in my life and so this is all new to me. Im going to try Athleta too!

  8. Hi Kath, I have been reading for a while and really enjoy your baby KERF posts. I am only one week ahead of you and can seriously relate to the boobs, not the bump, being the problem. I have grown three sizes, Just nuts! Anyways, I am also having some serious SI discomfort and so I started to see an osteopath regularly which has provided so much relief. It may be something worth considering!

  9. You’re getting a cute round belly! One of my classmates is ~ 24 weeks and literally popped out within the past few weeks, it makes it very exciting to see how she’s changed (and therefore the baby!) each day. I don’t know if you’re at the phase where you love to read birthing stories or not (I can’t get enough) but this one is pretty special: http://www.joyfulabode.com/2012/04/23/francis-josephs-birth-daymy-healing-homebirth/#comment-47490

    Glad you’re feeling so good!

  10. I was in a similiar situation as you- SHOCKED at how fast my breasts grew (esp in relationship to the bump), and how that dictated my clothing options. It’s worth the investment in good supportive bra’s that fit for the 2nd trimester (you’ll wear them again post pregancy (esp if you nurse). During the 3rd trimester (when I thought I was done growing on top) I bought underwire nursing bra’s that I used once during the 3rd trimester, and then about 4 weeks post baby (once my milk supply had stabilized)- those were great. Again- go for the good stuff here- for large chested mom’s it’s so important, and will make you feel much better. As for bathing suites: there are a number of different bathing suit tops that are sold by bra size. High end bra shops sell them (Intimacy in NYC) and many department stores. It’s really important to try these on- and give yourself some room to grow. Good luck.

    1. Echoing the shocked about breast growth comments…but now at 27 weeks my belly is dwarfing the boobs and they look back to normal size in proportion! (although I can tell they are still growing, but the belly is winning)

  11. You look great! And those ON tops are SO CUTE on you! We’re going to Hawaii soon and I’m having a real dilemma with swimsuits as well. Unfortunately, no problems in the boob department…they were small to start with and haven’t grown too much throughout the pregnancy (I’m 19.5 weeks). My body is most certainly changing and growing but the maternity swimsuit tops are too big for me at this point in time. And most of the regular swimsuits/tankini’s just look awkward on this new body shape. I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to sport a bikini. 🙂

  12. I have those same tops! Haha! I guess us prego women only have so many options from which to choose. 😉 Just curious, which support band did you order? I’m researching them now and Gina at The Fitnessista gave me her recommendation, but its always helpful to hear what others have chosen.

  13. I WISH I needed extra support during my pregnancy…even though I doubled in size it didn’t change much!! Lol!

  14. You look great! My bump is just growing like crazy! Everything is so stinking tight in my tummy right now that the cramps are seriously painful. I now understand why pregnant women rub their tummies all the time!
    Have you been able to see him move from the outside yet?! At night when I lay down, I can see the kicks! AMAZING!

  15. Please share if you find a comfortable yet supportive maternity suit. I got refitted for bras around 14 weeks! S depressing but eventually I think my stomach will stick out further than my chest!

  16. I got to hold my best friend’s newly born baby the day we found out we were pregnant and it seriously made my heart wiggle 🙂

  17. Look at that belly! So cute! Just a thought on maternity suits- I know the farther along I got in my pregnancy, the less I wanted to have anything on my belly. Being able to float in the pool with just a two piece was soooo nice. Having something tight and wet on my belly was really uncomfortable, so I didnt use a maternity suit. And maternity suits can be a little pricey, so if you get one and dont use it, that stinks. Just my experience!

  18. Land’s End has some good mix and match tankinis and such for larger-chested ladies. They come in DD and DDD tops and I was able to wear them at 9 months pregnant (my daughter was born in July). The prices are pretty reasonable, especially if you hit a sale or can find something in the overstocks section. 🙂 You look great by the way!

  19. Those old navy tops look great on your prego belly! With that shelf you created it looks like you’re carrying verrrry low, would you agree! Can’t tell if it’s just an odd picture.

  20. I got maternity suits at Motherhood when I was pregnant. But I teach water aerobics and by necessity, I spend a lot of time in a swimming suit, so it was worth it. Now that I’m not pregnant, Athleta suits are the only ones I wear.

  21. Have you suffered the dreaded BSBC? Baby sucking brain cells…I could barely finish a sentence of a thought when I was pregnant!

    When I was pregnant with my second child, I had to lie on my right side every night 1/2 hour after dinner to monitor the movements. Or was it the left side? That was 15 years ago, so I guess it is normal that I cannot remember. After delivering, I missed the movements…but then you can sit and stare at them. 🙂

    So cool to see you changing every week!

  22. I just stumbled across your site and can’t believe how similar our bellies are!! I’m only about 2 weeks ahead of you with my first and am carrying very low… it’s like my little one is chillin on a hammock across my stomach from hip to hip. Anyway good luck with everything & I’m definitely going to take a ride to Old Navy… you look so cute!

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