21 Weeks: Saturday Snapshots

Can you tell in this photo that I have pigmentation on my forehead? My doctor says it’s melasma, when the melanin in your body goes a little crazy and makes pigments darker on your face in response to sun. I think the main purpose of the changing pigments all over is to make your nipples darker so the baby can see them when he is born. No comment on the status of those…


Another weird body thing – I have blue veins all over my chest. Like in a scary road map way!! They are so obvious that I can see them across the room in Pump! I tried to take a photo, but the lighting wasn’t totally cooperating. But you can see a few!

2012-04-20 18.13.04

In other news, we have a crib mattress!! After a fair amount of research, I decided on this one by Naturepedic. It cost more than our crib did. Ouch. But it fits the crib well, and I think it was a good purchase.


The swaddled bear loves it.


In other nursery décor news, baby now has a set of bunting flags from Etsy in grey, yellow and blue! I’m hoping to hang them above the crib soon. I could have DIYed this, but by the time I purchased all the materials, hauled Karen’s sewing machine from the attic, butchered half of the flags and found a few hours to do all of this, I decided I would rather support someone else who enjoys sewing and has an Etsy shop. [Note: I am going to make something with the sewing machine soon…but it will be a much more simple project!]



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37 thoughts on “21 Weeks: Saturday Snapshots”

  1. I had those blue veins until I quit nursing! They’re probably much more obvious on fair skinned women like us! That mattress is pretty expensive but at least you’ll be using it a while. The crib mattress is what goes in a toddler bed (I cant remember if yours converts or not) so that helps with the sticker shock, lol. My little girl is three and is still in her toddler bed and I haven’t got plans to buy her something bigger for at least another year. And oh my, I love the bunting flags! I’m not very crafty at all so I would have done the same as you and just bought them.

  2. Adorable flags!! and I agree.. sometimes it’s better to support someone who makes a living doing this and save your spare time for other fun projects! Have a happy Saturday!

  3. I always say that it looks like someone used a blue maker all over my chest when I’m pregnant. Fortunately, that goes away.

    Oh, and so does the dark nipples. A lot of people get the linea negra for the same reason but I never did. I hear that goes away in a few months after delivery.

      1. Not necessarily. I breastfed my first son for 15 months and the LN went away at about six. I am eight months into breastfeeding my second and the LN was gone at four months.

  4. The only thing I can do on a sewing machine is run a simple line….and it usually isn’t straight. I got out my hand-me-down sewing machine last weekend to make cloth wipes, only to recall that I didn’t know how to thread the damn thing (it is olllllld and more complicated than my moms machine). My mom took the cloth wipes home with her, so she can run the seams.

    As for skin changes, I sort of expected to get “the mask of pregnancy” but didn’t. I think maybe due to the majority of my pregnancy being in winter…now my nipples on the other hand…look like they belong on a different person!

  5. I’m happy to say that as a mom still nursing her 7 month old, both the nipples and my face pigmentation are back to normal. The veins however, are still all over & highly visible. And my boobs are always about 5 degrees warmer than my body…

  6. I have both the pigmentation (a small spot on my neck and a few dots on my belly/near my boobs) and also sooooo many viens! Mine aren’t as much on my chest, but all over my belly it’s crazy. Love the flags you got for the crib. And what a good idea swaddling a bear, I’ve gotta try and master that one soon!

  7. IT’s funny your crib is on our top two list (in a different finish). I am curious though, we have a mesh crib bumper and some of the reviews say that this crib does not work well with a bumper, have you tried it? Are you going to use a bumper?

      1. We used a mesh bumber (but on a different crib) mainly to keep the soothers from falling on the floor. When it came to our baby being able to find his (and later, her) soother and put it back in himself, without me having to drag my exhausted butt out of bed, we did whatever it took (shy of duct tape!!!… atlhough have to admit, I did think about it…) 😉

  8. I can explain the veins. Learned it in my lactation educator education program…it’s your body becoming more vascular as it builds the milk pathway. All those milk ducts, and milk-making equipment, requires lots of bloodflow and as your body is laying down the ductwork, it has to lay down lots of veins, too. So that’s why you’re noticing them. Totally normal!

  9. I recently found out that melasma is very common among pregnant women. Fortunately, it normally goes away after birth, but if it doesn’t there are many things to treat it. I often visit this website, SkinTour.com for skin-related stuff – It is by a dermatologist and she has a whole bunch of information on melasma. I hope this helps!

  10. Hi Kath. I have melasma as well. It’s from birth control pills, not pregnancy though. I started getting when I was living in Puerto Rico 2 years ago. Despite changing to a lower dose of BC, it hasn’t went away. Thankfully, nobody notices it!

  11. I have those spots on my forehead and I had no idea they were from pregnancy. Good luck getting rid of them. My baby is two and I still have them. 🙂

  12. I’m with Heidi… that is one impressive swaddle!
    Best to get good at it now… I swear swaddling is the key to a sleeping baby!!!

  13. another person here whose chest got really veiny – boobs, too! They still are, 11.5 months into nursing my son. I thought I would like to see how much bigger my girls got, but I’m too distracted by the veins 😉 Something “the books” didn’t tell me!

    1. I do too! ugh, i just read about it in that link someone posted above and it says it can become permanent if not treated??? I have been on the same BC that caused it for a long time & don’t want to switch.. 🙁

  14. A friend of mine had melasma with her pregnancies and swears by apple cider vinegar (topically) to lighten the spots. A nice, natural solution 🙂 I’m sure most people won’t even notice!

  15. One of my friends just forwarded your blog to me. I am also 21 weeks pregnant and am really enjoying reading through your experience, which in some ways is very similar to mine so far and in some ways different (I’m thankful that I did not experience morning sickness!). I am looking forward to reading more and will update you on how mine is going too. I am freckly naturally and haven’t seen a difference in my coloring yet… however being freckly means I’m also pale so those veins are an unfortunate part of being me even when I’m not pregnant! I love your crib! We just set up our crib and bedding this week. It really makes things more exciting for me. Enjoy your week!

  16. All the weird changes that your body (and emotions) go through is ridiculous! And I think the mattress might be the most important purchase other than the crib anyways – so worth it to spend the $$ there.

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