21 Weeks: Where It’s App

Motherhood, modernized 🙂

Here are some of the Android apps that I have downloaded and used over the past 5 months. I’m sure most are available for the iPhone as well.

Daily Apps


Baby Bump Pregnancy Pro ($2.99) 

My favorite of the bunch for its content. I love that the home screen tells you how many weeks + days you are along loud and clear, so it’s always fun to click on and see this accomplishment as well as a clear countdown to how many days are left. The information included is lengthy and informative with both daily and weekly updates. I don’t use the journal or photos options, but the birth plan checklist was helpful to read through. I don’t use the kick counter or contraction counter….yet…but I hope to. I browsed the baby names a few times and visited the community a few times, but haven’t spent much time there. I mostly just read the daily updates.


Baby Center

Daily tidbits about pregnancy plus longer weekly updates. The content varies from informational scientific facts to fluffy days like “drink more water today!” Favorite part: the videos are great!! And the weekly updates are lengthy – I look forward to them all week. I also love the interactive photos. I don’t really use the checklist feature. And I’ve read some of the forums via my phone and like that there is one for my due date month, but I haven’t spent much time there do to the nature of pregnancy forums in general.


What To Expect

An app version of the popular book, this is my third favorite daily app. The information presented in both weekly and daily formats is helpful. The tracker is nice to get a glimpse of where you are in your pregnancy. I’ve found the updates are often the same ones in the book, so sometimes I feel like I’m re-reading. One pro and con of this app is that there are days just for Dad. Good for dads reading; a bit unnecessary for the moms (except you might want to know what they are recommending to dads, but I’d rather get a foot massage than read about one 🙂 ) Weekly updates are the best part!

Weekly Apps


Happy Pregnancy

This app is a bit cluttered and not as easy to use. There is a lot of potential in this app, but I don’t use most of it. The dates/timeline is nice, but I get that with my daily apps. The weekly illustrations are kind of cool. The weekly updates are very short. There is a random facts section, but they are so short I rarely bother to open it up each day. The weight graph is nice if you’re closely tracking weight.


Pregnancy Assistant

The biggest plus of this app are the cool life-like photos each week. The length and weight are also very easy to see. The weekly updates are short, but they are medical, which I like. That’s about all there is!


Mom 2 Be

This app has a nice list of facts on your due date, weeks, baby’s weight and length. The weekly tips are very short.



My Pregnancy

This app is just a counter and a video each month. The videos are incredibly cheesy, but I still watch them each time and they have mentioned a few useful things (like round ligament pain). Wish it told you if you had already watched it because I have a hard time doing the math to remember which month I’m in and which videos I have already seen!



Baby Connect ($4.99)

My friend Alice showed me this app that tracks all-things-baby digitally. From feedings to sleep to activity. It graphs the data as well. I’m such a digital girl and always have my phone on me that I think this will be incredibly helpful during the first few weeks of motherhood.



Baby ESP

This app looks a lot like Baby Connect, is also $4.99 and has a lot of the same features!


So are there any apps I should be reading/using that I’m not!!?



Saturday Snapshots

On Eating Real Food



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31 thoughts on “21 Weeks: Where It’s App”

  1. I totally thought I’d use an App to track Ada’s diapers and feedings . . . but in the beginning — at least for me — it was much easier to use a pen and paper. Plus, now I have all these scribbles to add to her baby book with my comments like “geez, Ada — twice in an hour? hungry girl!” hahaha

    Nice collection of Apps, though! <3

  2. It’s so crazy how much has changed just since I was pregnant three years ago. I used a little book my doctor gave me that had all sorts of places to keep track of feedings, diapers, doctor appt. notes, things we did that week, etc… I loved it and it’s up in my keepsakes now. No matter what you use though, anything to help track all that is a great tool because Mommy Brain is a beast!

  3. I love the first 2 apps that you posted and read them daily/weekly 🙂 I also downloaded the Baby ESP for future use and think it will be so helpful!
    I just recently found one called Wee Mail but it’s more for fun. Baby sends you funny and sarcastic texts each day from in utero lol some of them are actually really funny and it also includes developmental facts while still being funny. There’s also a countdown to baby and you can put in baby’s gender/name if you want to. If you download it, go back and read the texts you would have missed so far 🙂 I thought it was cute!

      1. I read somewhere about it and it was actually created by a man who wanted to share pregnancy updates with friends while still being “manly” which is why the texts are funny and sarcastic lol

  4. We use Baby ESP for Carson and love it! The only downside about apps is that I feel we are sometimes less likely to look at his clues to see if he is hungry/tired and rely more on what my phone tells us. But I love seeing the graphs of how much his eating and sleeping patterns have changed over time 🙂 When we are out and about the app is definitely a lifesaver because time goes by so quickly that I usually can’t believe it’s time to eat again – and he is definitely like clockwork every 3 hrs!

  5. Those are all great! I can’t suggest anything different because they didn’t have those out a few years ago or I wasn’t aware of them. 🙂

    I really like the last one (Baby ESP). What a great way to keep track of things and not have to write them down.

  6. The baby center boards crack me up. The birth month boards are soooooooo dramatic! I have looked at the cloth diapering board a few times, mostly to find a diaper bag rec.
    As for apps…the only one I have right now is a contraction timer. It’s simple, and I like that. I did have another app that tracked kick counts, but I found i drove myself crazy with it. When you get the point of needing to pay attention, being mindful and observant is enough.

  7. We lived by Baby ESP for the first few weeks. You can set it up to remind you when it’s time to feed (particularly helpful overnight–for the first two weeks our doctor had us waking our daughter every 2 hours to feed her, so this was a lifesaver). It’s also easy to export the data to a spreadsheet. The pediatrician will ask you to track feeding and diapers for the first week so it was great to be able to walk into the office with a print out instead of trying to remember everything that happened.

  8. I like the Baby Bump App quite a bit– I track my weight through the journal on there and the graph is nice to see where I’m falling on weight gain. Plus, the daily info is nice to read through.
    Those ones for after baby seem like they could be super helpful too! Time is really a tickin for each of us!

  9. I loved baby ESP! I used it until my son was a year old mainly to track feeding and diapers. The pediatrician LOVES having this info if there are ever any issues because they can easier pinpoint what’s going on. I’m sure the other apps are great as well.

  10. Sprout Pregnancy! Or just Sprout, something like that. It’s my favorite.
    I plan to buy the Total Baby app when he’s here.

  11. I’m not pregnant & don’t have any children, but the two baby ones (Baby ESP and Baby Connect) look like a great idea! It would be nice to be able to keep track of sleeping/eating patterns, I’m sure. Can’t believe how things have changed in the digital age!

  12. Are you planning to ever do a post from Matt’s perspective? My husband is super supportive of all the decisions we’ve made for our son. I have mentioned some of the less mainstream things you’re thinking about, like the elimination communication and hiring a doula, (and for him, even cloth diapering), and he keeps saying, “has she told her husband about this?” I definitely think “each to their own” and am not judging anything you’re doing – just curious as to Matt’s ideas about all of this – is he planning to participate with the EC and diaper cleaning? What’s his perspective?

    1. I haven’t just told him, we’ve discussed it! He’s more into green things that I am at times, so he’s all for trying new things out. And as for the doula, I think he was relieved to have someone to share the responsibility with, especially someone with experience. He’s nervous about the birth and this eased some of that.

  13. I’m wondering if you plan to post about what child-rearing/feeding/sleeping books you are reading? Most of these apps are really pregnancy-focused but that only lasts for 9 months! 🙂

  14. I went back and forth as to if I wanted to download the apps to track my newborn (i just got a smartphone after I had her so pregnancy apps werent possible). I decided not to so I would not overstress on the smalls things such as oh my gosh she only pooped 5 times today instead of her normal 6. I am such an OCD, organized, type A person that I would have freaked out over little things like that! They seem like a great tool though if you don’t over analyze everything

    1. I mostly found it helpful for keeping up with breast feeding and which side I was up to for each feed. I didn’t stress much about the other stuff

  15. A bit OCD for me!! My first ped. asked how many wet diapers my baby had and I said I had no idea. He said he could tell how uptight the mother was if she counted wet diapers!! Unless something seems out of the norm. I would just relax and enjoy your baby and go with the flow!!

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