22 Months


Lots of 2s…..getting soooo close to 2!!! Just 2 2 go!


My sweet baby boy is so talkative these days and is starting to make me laugh out loud on an hourly basis. Recently before naptime he said “Ni-night Mazen!” “Yes” and “no” are now words he has mastered (and the word yes has been so helpful!)


His verbs have really taken off so most of the day is filled with little sentences:

“Mommy taste eggs?”

“Mazen drinks water”

“Mommy gets glasses.”

Sometimes I have a hard time translating. The “Mommy gets glasses” sentence was one of them. We were out on the porch and he started to go to the yard and the sun was bright. He came and took my hand and led me into his room saying over and over “Mommyditglas.” When I finally figured it out I was laughing out loud!


We have been working on saying please and thank you. He has please down pretty well and has used it unprompted a few times (when he realllly wants something!) but most of the time I have to prompt him. Thank you is following right behind. While he has known the sign for thank you for months, he said it for the first time this month: “tank oo mommy” or something like that. I also got an “I’m sorry mommy” out of him too. He is a really sweet boy.


However, another word that has really taken off is MINE! He knows what it means and how to use it! Innocently enough though. We all need our boundaries. But he is quick to tell you what is “Mazen’s broccoli” and “Mommy’s broccoli” and so on. He knows when he wants more independence and will push me out of the way if he wants to do something himself.


Another key word: Hungry! The first time he said it I nearly died of happiness. While he’s been able to sign eat for a while, just being able to say hungry and know what it means is a whole step of communication achieved. The words breakfast and lunch weren’t far behind. Now he will say “Mazen eat breakfast!” right when he gets up.


When we roll through the neighborhood in the stroller he spends his time pointing out all the BIGTRUCKS and BUS!! and P-LICE CAR! He is an fan of any kind of transportation – from fire trucks (his favorite) to airplanes to trains. Every time we pass through the basement he has to say hello to his trains.


We had been working on counting to 3 and have several counting books and one day he surprised me and just counted all the way to 10. I was completely blown away! We’re working on the ABCs a little, but no signs of going past C yet. Although when I sing the ABC song to him he chimes in during specific letter strings (W, X, Y, and Z). No sign of really knowing colors yet either, although I haven’t been working on them too much other than pointing out “red shorts” or “green truck.”


Speaking of singing, his favorite song is Happy Birthday. I started singing it before naps and now it has become quite the singing event. He wants to sing it with me, and while he doesn’t know the whole song by himself, he chimes in and bellows it out while I sing with him… “HAPPY ….DAY….YOU!” He doesn’t want me to sing anything else!

KK Kiss

Naps have been KILLER lately! Last week he slept for 3 hours nearly every day. It’s kind of annoying because we now can’t make any afternoon plans, but it’s also the best thing ever for days when we’re at home. I have been able to get SO much work done!



Favorites: firetrucks, trains, dinosaurs, Curious George, Elmo, putting trucks in trucks, his train table, swimming, slides, running everywhere, bubbles, books, his friend Saya

Major improvements: diaper changes, tooth brushing, naps

Least favorites: being rushed, sharing, most fruit, most meat, most food, actually, occasional tooth brushing

Weight: 31-32 lbs

Height: 32+ inches (was 32 at 18 months)

Clothes: Some 18-24 months but mostly 2T


Guess it’s time to start planning that 2nd birthday party!


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  1. My daughter turns 3 next month and always has me laughing! She always talks about getting bigger AND turning into a baby again (so she can still nurse and wear diapers). Anyway, for colors, what was a tremendous help was wording. Instead of “red truck” use “That truck is red.” Colors really took off after that! There’s an article about it somewhere on the interwebz…

    1. I was going to comment the same thing! I heard a story about it in (I think) an NPR show. It’s because kids don’t have an immediate knowledge of what “red” means, but they probably DO know “truck.” So when prompted with “red truck” they look around and get lost because they can’t get past the first identifier (red). But with “the truck that is red” they identify the trucks, then from there figure out which is the red one. That’s how I’ve approached colors with my daughter who is about a week older than Mazen and she knows all of them now, even the hard ones like gold and silver 🙂 I bet he’ll pick them all up really quick once you start rephrasing!

  2. Gosh, it’s amazing how much he’s grown. I swear Matt’s smile has gotten bigger since Mazen was born. It’s so adorable 🙂

    I heart long nap times. I feel like I’m the tasmanian devil whooshing through the house. And then afterwards, I feel like superwoman and my baby girl is a happy camper from her long nap. It’s a win-win!

  3. Will you be doing another day in the life? I imagine schedules have changed as he’s gotten older, and would love to see all the fun things you guys must do together! Also double score on the naps, that must be so helpful.

  4. Such a sweetie! My daughter is about 8 months older than Mazen and when you do these recaps it totally throws me back to what she was doing just a few short months ago. They grow so fast, don’t they?!

  5. Hi Kathy, I noticed you mentioned most food in Mazen’s least favorite list. Henry is two months behind and boy has food been a tough one. Soooo Picky! What do you recommend? We’ve actually ended up in chicken tenders and potato wedges world, don’t know how we got here but we need out. HELP! Thanks and love reading all about your amazing family =)

    1. Just try try try, offer offer offer offer. Mazen will hate a food one month and love it the next and vice versa, so I just keep offering.

      1. I suggest trying to get him to kiss a food just to taste it. Then you can work to tasting it In the mouth and being all done. If they’re not ready to go there, just having it on their plate or be willing to feed it to mom or dad is great! The repeated exposure will help in the long run.

  6. I can’t believe he’s almost two already! I love when the little ones start putting words together. Especially if they have “mommy” in them.

  7. Oh my gosh, Mazen is insanely adorable. I especially love that picture of you two in the field (2nd last). How do you balance your blog posts to maintain his privacy now and in the future? I don’t have kids, but friends who do have been discussing their kid’s presence on social media and how to manage it. I think this would be a great blog post for BERF and I’d love to hear your thoughts!

    1. I’m probably going to stop monthly updates at 2. In fact, I might stop BERF around then too until it’s time to have another baby. I think by the time Mazen is older EV.ERY.ONE. is going to have been on social media, facebook, instagram, blogs, etc. so it’s not going to be a big deal. I’m careful not to post any naked photos or talk too much about anything he might be embarrassed about. I probably won’t blog about potty training. It’s all happy baby stuff and everyone has those memories.

      1. Great point about how pervasive social media will be in the future! Facebook wasn’t around when I was in high school, it’s scary to think how much time I could have wasted ha ha. Do you ever worry what Mazen would find if he were to google him self, especially with such a unique name? It’s one thing to monitor your own blog, but there are other websites out there that aren’t as tightly controlled. I’d be sad to see this blog put on pause, but would totally understand why 🙂

        1. The Internet is always changing and everything will be different in 5 to 10 years. Yes I worry about it, but it’s the price of fame I suppose. There’s not much I can do beyond my sites. It’s another reason I’ll stop sooner rather than later. Again, baby pictues and comments about them won’t keep him from getting jobs. Employers will probably find his mom’s career interesting.

  8. So sweet! My son is 14 months and I am slacking in the reading department. Can you recommend your favorite books for numbers, colors, alphabet and animals. Any others? We are on a budget so I don’t want to waste money on some books that aren’t as great as others. Thanks so much in advance for any help!!!

    1. If budget is a big concern there’s nothing better than checking out libraries. We use ours in addition to our home supply because our kids are insatiable readers and it has helped us stumble on some great reads I never normally would have shelled out the cash for. We also use it like a book preview system. If we find ourselves not wanting to return one then it’s probably one we should buy for home.

  9. No, No don’t stop BERF at 2 please! I will miss reading about him and admiring his parents. And Grandparents. 😀

  10. That pic with the grandparents is priceless!! Also, that pic of your husband on the swing just reminded of the time I was showing my son how to go on a “big” swing and I ended up feeling nauseous!!!! Seriously?! Has that ever happened to you?! lol!

  11. I would be sad to see Berf discontinued as well. Will you incorporate Mazen more in Kerf then? I’ve told you this before, but my gosh, he is one lovely and lucky child!

    1. He’ll probably get about the same role on KERF as he does now. Just cute kiddo photos : ) And on instagram of course!

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