22 Weeks: From Head To Toe

Here are all the highlights from our anatomy scan this week! It’s quite amazing how we are able to see parts as small as a nose or fingers from the outside!


I was surprised that the US started with yet another vaginal peek. This time to look at my cervix, which I believe looked normal since there was no concern brought up. I thought I was done with that wand!

Then all the belly goop and poking began!

The first thing the tech said when she put the wand on my lower belly was “This baby is breech!” Of course this panicked me a bit because she said it in such a way that suggested this was a permanent position. No wonder I’ve been feeling kicks down a lot of the time! When I talked to my doctor afterwards, she said there is absolutely no reason to be concerned at this point. I know that babies can turn up to the last few weeks of pregnancy, but I am still worried that he prefers feet down in some way. She said not to worry, but I can’t help but want to do things to encourage him to like the other direction. Hang out in down dog?! I do think he swings his legs around like a pendulum based on the kicks, but I haven’t ever felt any to the ribs…

Love this shot of his legs! So clear and so baby-like!



Our tech started the scan by going up the abdomen and spotting the bladder, stomach, kidneys and heart. I have no idea how she could spot these! Ultrasound techs are very talented conceptually/visually. I was so relieved when these major organs looked healthy. I wasn’t too nervous about this ultrasound until the day before when I realized this could be a major turning point if something were to be wrong, but thankfully everything looked great.

Four chambers to the heart! Valves (?) in the right directions –


His little head! The brain looked normal (she verified that there were spaces in all the right places). I didn’t noticeduntil now that his head is in the 96th percentile for circumference – and that put my estimated due date at August 20-26th! Maybe he won’t be a Labor Day baby after all. Although….let’s hope that head doesn’t cause any troubles coming out either!


The spine is always crazy to see on an US:


The only animal spine I see regularly is a sardine’s, so this is my sardine baby shot : )


We found the boy parts!! Since we’d had our earlier elective US, I wasn’t surprised to hear “It’s a boy!” but for some reason this time it brought tears to my eyes?! I didn’t cry the first time – I think just the shock of knowing and letting it settle in. But this time it was even more special.

Boy parts!

Here’s a nice arm stretch – probably poking my stomach right then!

Extended Arm

A little hand. He still likes to put them in front of his face.


It’s funny to me that women often say when their babies are born “he has 10 fingers and toes!” because we got to actually count them all this day. Guess there could be error though : )



It was about 20 minutes into the US when I started to feel kind of funny. Clammy, a little nauseous. I wondered if maybe it was just all the belly poking that was making me feel sick. Then I started to break out in a sweat and feel tingly all over. I had felt like this before -  I was going to FAINT! I wondered if I was just nervous and needed to breathe more or it was the poking, but finally I said “Can I sit up for a second?” I really thought I might throw up! The tech told me to roll on my left side right away and within 2 minutes I felt much better.

I had been lying flat on my back with my feet lower than my heart in kind of an arched position and we suspect this was a classic case of vena cava compression. When you’re on your back, the uterus, which for most women and definitely for me, is right-side tilted and it presses on the vena cava, which returns blood back to your heart. Generally if you’re not experiencing symptoms like I did then it’s not a problem, but this is why they say to sleep on your sides and not your back or lie on your back in an exercise class. I hadn’t felt anything like this before, but I was also on a really hard surface. It took me a while to get back to normal though (I kept wanting to lie down again) and it wasn’t the most fun way to experience the ultrasound. Not blaming the doctors office at all – I should have spoken up sooner!


Perhaps the most incredible shot is this one of his nose and lips! I think he has my wide nose : ) His little hand is covering his chin. Looks kind of like he has a big white mustache!!


I told the tech I was hoping for a nice profile shot and she was nice to try to get one for me (which was difficult in his position), but this one is pretty good! My mom says he looks like a poet or anthropologist like his dad : ) Funny that so many of our family have said he looks like Matt!


Compared to his 12 week portrait! Growin’ boy!

13 weeks (4)

We’re hoping to do a final ultrasound at 30 weeks or so to get some of those once-in-a-lifetime 3D photos. And then the big day of a real life shot! I can’t WAIT to meet him!


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57 thoughts on “22 Weeks: From Head To Toe”

  1. I loved my 20 week scan seeing all my babies fine details – we decided not to know the sex so we had to keep looking away when they were looking in that region.

    Thank goodness for living in the UK, we only get scans and no vaginal checks – everything is checked on the ultrasound – no one messes until it is time for baby to come out!

    Glad everything is going well with BERF, what is lovely is looking back on the scan when baby is born and seeing how similar they look!

    1. I forgot to mention that my baby appeared breach at my 36 week midwife appointment – i was gutted as i knew that i would most likely be scheduled a C-Section, but in the time it took me to go and have a positioning scan later that day, my little tinker moved back round the right way and the scan showed the head in the right position – phew!!

      So don’t worry too much as baby has plenty of time to move around x

  2. Such neat pictures and such special memories you and your husband (and son) are making!
    I got that faint feeling at one of my ultrasounds too- it was icky and I too had to roll onto my side- I didn’t know the technical reason so thanks for explaining it!

  3. My first thought when seeing his profile…it looks like he has Matt’s nose! Of course, I have only ever seen pictures of Matt!
    I had the same experience with the baby being breech at my ultrasound. My doctor said it so matter-of-factly that it totally freaked me out. He was head down at my 24 week appt, I forgot to ask at my 28 week appt, but by 30 weeks he was head down. At least according to my midwife. Based on some belly mapping i did, I think he is head down, but I haven’t had a 3rd tri ultrasound to confirm. Guess we will find out this weekend!
    Now that I am at the end of my pregnancy, I realize MUCH time there is between 22 weeks and 40. 40 weeks didn’t feel that far away when I was where you are, but now it seems like a life time ago. Plenty of time for baby to turn!

  4. I’ve had 2 babies and only had a vaginal ultrasound with my second at 8 weeks because of a previous miscarriage. I really think my OB just ordered it to calm my nerves. I didn’t realize they were routine.

    These are great pictures!

  5. u/s are amazing, aren’t they!? I felt so silly after our first was born because I was shocked at how little they ‘inspect’ them upon birth. My ped then reminded me that they’ve looked at every single organ multiple times from about 12 weeks on so all they really need to do is check on the outside (when their healthy, of course)— it was like a ‘duh’ moment for me. Also very reassuring that the drs know just how healthy my little one is because they’ve seen their insides! Might just be me, but I think that’s pretty cool!

    And I hear you about getting sick at u/s– I HATE that feeling and for me it gives me a massive headache afterwards.

    3D are the best!! We were AMAZED at how much our baby looked just like the 3D scan!! (and looked so much like her grandfather!!) Can’t wait to have ours done on our newest little one on Monday!

  6. My little guy was breach until 28 weeks or so before he turned. He did it in the middle of the night (of course) and it was VIOLENT, haha. It felt like my insides were turning upside down. Didn’t hurt, just uncomfy. Plenty of time to turn!

  7. both of my babies were breach until close to 30 weeks and flipped. I loved seeing their fingers wiggle around in ultrasounds. Makes everything seem so real! And my second was sucking her thumb in her 20 week US and still sucks it now at 8 months old.

  8. Love it, Kath! What great shots. Congrats again.

    (Also – I remember a few weeks ago some people notified you about some issues with ads popping up – Just wanted to let you know that it happens to me to, everytime I go onto BERF. It’s always a Hidden Valley video that starts playing right away in the upper right corner and without me going near the video [I’ve tried several times, being mindful of staying away from it], a bar comes across the bottom of the screen – also a Hidden Valley ad. I have to physically close both. Just thought I would let you know!)

    1. Thanks for the feedback Kelly. Are you in Canada? I was told this issue was fixed, but I will pass along your problems

      1. Nope, I’m in Nebraska. Also, I realized if I have BERF open in one internet “tab” and then navigate away from it to another tab – when I come back to the BERF tab, the ads come back again as though I’ve just re-opened the page.


  9. Congrats on a great anatomy scan! The same fainty-thing happened to me when I had mine…isn’t it nutty? (and an awful feeling). Also, take comfort in the fact that at 22 weeks there is plenty of flipping around in there that the baby can still do out of breech position, as your doctor said. Also, I have heard many people have success with getting breech babies to turn. My son never turned though. Breech up until delivery morning which was a C section because of it. I know its not what you want (neither did I, but in the end I was still so happy to have my baby!) but don’t give up hope yet 🙂

    1. I heard recently of a woman who had a breech baby and while she knew she was going to have a c-section, she wanted to go into labor naturally first to see what it was like (and make sure her baby was ready). If worst case I do have to schedule a C/S, I am hoping to make the same request. It would kill me not to at least feel what a contraction is like!

      1. I know, I really wanted to feel one too!!!! Every doctor may feel differently, and I requested the same, but my doctor felt strongly that the possibility of C complications increased if you are already in Labor… I don’t regret my decision for a C, but I definitely did go through a period of feeling disappointed. But now looking back the ‘planning’ side of me did appreciate having an ‘appointment’. But still, if there is another baby in my future I am going to try for a VBAC.
        Oh also, we did attempt to have our baby ‘turned’ from the outside (ECV). Based on his position they werent able to do it, and at that point I took it as a sign that he just wasnt up for the spin!

  10. Awesome! It’s amazing how different his profile shot is compared to my baby boy’s. I know, of course, right, but I just figured all babies look kinda the same on the ultrasound. Guess not! Distinct little people!
    I don’t know if the link will work bc it’s fb. You might have to friend me-that’s ok!
    I think it’s also cool to see how different belly sizes can be so different. I wonder if you’re belly is on the smaller size because of his position. When he flips (fingers crossed), your belly will probably change shape. My baby likes to be all curled up on the right side of my stomach, though he doesn’t fit just there anymore. I’m 28 weeks and have a larger belly than *everyone* in our birthing class, including people due the end of this month. Just have to remind myself that the doctor says everything is perfect and all belly sizes are different!
    Take care Kath! Growing babies is awesome!

  11. How exciting! We had ours last week and found out it’s a girl…which I kinda figured since in our family people primarily have girls. It was fun having my husband along because it was his first time hearing/seeing the baby. I get the “fun” wand ultrasound later this month since now it’s a recommended procedure. Glad I didn’t have it last week with him in the room, although I did point the wand out to him, LOL.

  12. The ultrasounds are just so amazing, aren’t they??? I had the exact same thing happen for my anatomy ultrasound where I almost fainted. It took me awhile to feel back to normal and I also should have spoken up sooner!

  13. I had the same problem with Sarah during any US. As soon as I lied on my back I felt faint/nauseous. There were a few instances where the tech needed me on my back to check organs and the such, but they gave me a cold compress for my forehead and did what they had to quickly. Funnily enough, I didn’t experience that at all with Noah!

    These picture’s are amazing! So much different than when I had my kids 10 & (almost) 13 years ago! Technology has come so far….:)

  14. Love these pics. I had the same exact experience with the feeling clammy and almost fainting at our anatomy scan. The tech told me next time to bend my left leg up so my foot is on the “bed.” I hope we get a next ultrasound soon! Your pics made me want to see our little guy again so badly!

  15. He’s adorable:)

    Being breech that early is really no big deal. My current pregnancy has been fraught with breechness but now, at the end, he’s head down. He was breech my entire second trimester and it was UNCOMFORTABLE but once i hit the third trimester he went back to head down and I didn’t even feel pregnant for a while! But at 35wks he went breech again and that’s when my midwife became concerned. I spent a week or two doing inversion positions, sleeping certain ways and doing anything I could and at my 37wk appointment he was head down! Whew.

    We had a couple ultrasounds the past two weeks and I felt so different about them then my earlier one. I got emotional too!

  16. Congrats on a great anatomy scan! He’s so cute!! I always used to think all ultrasounds looked the same too but the profiles of all the babies I’ve seen lately are so different, I love it!
    I was never told if my baby was breech or not and I never got the wand cervix check at my anatomy scan either. It was definitely so amazing hearing that all organs and parts were there and growing properly 🙂
    We are doing our 3D ultrasound at 26 weeks so only a week and a half more to wait. I can’t wait to see him with more fat on him!

  17. Ya know, it’s funny. I felt the SAME way during our anatomy scan last week. I felt hot…. started to sweat…. then felt like I was going to faint. I didn’t say anything either. My mother in law made it worse by looking at me and noticing that I was pale…. She starts freaking out and running over to me asking if I’m okay….. I hate that attention. It makes me feel worse. I ended up just focusing on slowing my breathing and it worked.

    But yesterday, I actually did pass out.. twice!! It was horrible. My husband and I went out to dinner, then went to a movie (The Lucky One). 15 minutes into the movie, I could feel it coming…I got extremely dizzy… nausea started to set in….. I knew I was going to pass out. So I let him know and he suggested leaving the movie. Once we got on the highway to head home, I started to fad in and out. I told Mike to pull over then bam! I passed out right as he was pulling over on the shoulder. I woke up to him yelling (not literally yelling.. more like raising his voice to get my attention). Then I went out again. Finally I woke…. I was still nauseous and sweaty. We sat on the side of the road for a good 15 minutes and a cop pulled up along side of us (my husband is a cop so he knew the deputy checking on us). The deputy asked if everything was okay and my husband just said “Yes. She’s pregnant and is getting nauseous.” lol

    I didn’t want to go to the hospital or anything… I was just more concerned about the baby. I’m going to call the doc today to see if I should come in.

  18. Girl, make Cat/Cow your new best friend! When my mom was pregnant I was breech pretty late in the game and she actually crawled all around the house and before long, I turned!

  19. Don’t worry about the baby being breech for now. It’s still much earlier than most babies turn (according to my OB.) The U/S tech said the same thing to me at the end and when I brought up my concerns with the OB she told me that babies can turn any time before the end of pregnancy but that most do it between 28 and 32 weeks. Congrats on a healthy scan – it’s the best feeling in the world.

  20. My baby was breech at the 19 week a/s, but sometime by the 3rd tri he/she flipped without me knowing. If you are concerned about positioning check out http://www.spinningbabies.com for some good exercises and methods to encourage proper position. Although, I suspect that you do quite a few of these things in yoga. Good luck!

  21. I haven’t read over the comments but there is a site called Spinning Babies that maybe someone has mentioned. Go check it out for tips on how to create more “space” in the pelvic area, i.e sitting on an exercise ball, how to shift and tilt your body to create more space for the baby to turn and to work with gravity and to let it help do the work. But as they said, babies can turn on their own anyway, but just a tip for you.

    And what brilliant images..wow, Kath! You have got to be so excited!

  22. Wow – you sure got a ton of photos! I went in for my anatomy scan at 20.5 weeks (I’m 22 weeks now) but they only gave me two profile print-outs and I only saw the baby a few times. I sure didn’t get to see them measuring anything. And I haven’t an an internal ultrasound at all – both were belly shots. We did find out that we’re having a boy though!

    Glad everything turned out ok!

  23. You got such good pictures!! It’s amazing how much you can tell from some grainy black-and-white sonograms. As soon as I saw my daughter at 21-weeks it was obvious she has her daddy’s nose! Don’t worry about him turning, you’re still early, and when he does you’ll wish he had waited a bit! I’m at 28 weeks now, and she turned head-down at about 24. Having a head bumping your pubic bone and compressing your bladder isn’t fun! Don’t get me wrong, she’d better STAY in this position, but I almost wish she had waited a little 😉

  24. First– congrats on a great u/s! Very cute pictures!
    Second– ug, I totally did the pass out/ throw up/ faint thing at my 20 week u/s w/ my first pregnancy too (I made sure w/ pregnancy#2 that if I ever felt that way again, I would speak up right away, so it hasn’t happened again). It was a totally yucky feeling 🙁 So I can sympathize. I haven’t heard of many other women doing that at an earlier u/s (like you, i’d never felt like that before), so it is comforting to hear someone else did it too.
    Third– My 2nd baby was breech forever too…. I started to get concerned after the 26 week u/s, but she flipped at my 31 week u/s (thank goodness). I researched a bit (spinningbabies.com) and did a bunch of taylor sitting between the 26wk & 31wk u/s. No idea if that is what got her to turn, but I am glad she did. I hope she stays put now!

  25. Wow, cool! His little hands! Little everything!

    I’m a bit of a fainter myself – never fun or pleasant D: ! The vena cava depression sounds scary!!! I’ve never heard of that specifically but it makes total sense.

    It’s amazing the clarity they get with ultrasounds now. What a transformation in 10 weeks wow!! I am loving following your progress I must say 🙂

  26. Exciting!

    The fact that his (96th percentile!) head is up may be why you’re feeling so full when you eat. When/if he turns, I’ll bet it will make a lot more room!

  27. Hate to even tell this but my youngest son, who just turned 39, was born feet first. Well, that’s how the Doctor put it, he said he wasn’t worried because it was a small baby and not my first. He weighted 8 pounds and was fine. Actually healthier than my first baby. And he never slowed down either. Walked at 10 months. Rode a bike with no training wheels at 4, not with my permission naturally. It was his brothers bike. The pictures are fantastic. You know we didn’t get any of those cool things back then.

  28. I really thing that often, ultrasounds have a lot to answer for in terms of stressing mothers out…That sonographer should NEVER have said “this baby is breech”…..way to make a mum anxious unneccessarily! Babies flip all other the place. One of mine was breech on palpation at 35wks and no-one was worried, plenty of time to turn, and sure enough she did. Best obstetrical practice is swinging back in favour of trial of vag delivery for breech babies these days anyway, so I wouldve had a good crack!

  29. Ahhhh…your baby boy’s adorableness is already obvious! What amazingly clear shots! I’m sure he’ll do some flipping without downward dog encouragement, but the strategy made me crack up nonetheless 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend, Kath!

  30. actually, my best friend’s baby was born with 8 toes, 4 on each foot. the first thing the dr. said to her husband was “did you see the deformity?” not “congratulations” or “here is your son.” classy.

  31. I had the “big” ultrasound today and was surprised that most of it was transvaginal! Apparently baby spinach is still hanging out low and near the pelvis, so the tech could barely see anything through my stomach. I thought I was free and clear of the wand too!
    I think your little man looks like Matt too – crazy how much you can see already!

  32. Dont worry about the whole breech thing. My daughter was up until 3 days before I had her. When she flipped it was the most amazing sight and sensation ever. I made my husband watch my belly while it was going on, it literally felt like I had an alien inside of me, and 24 years later I still remember every detail.

  33. We can’t wait to see him either! 🙂 Soooo cool! That must be such a crazy/awesome/exciting experience to see those ultrasounds. You seem so chill though, as do most moms. I feel like I’d be a mess of anxiety and nerves and what-ifs. Do you feel that way?

  34. I experienced the same thing you did with the fainting during the ultrasound. It’s a scary feeling when it starts to happen but once you can change positions it goes away.

    I love those u/s pics! Great pictures and I’m so happy that he’s 100% healthy. 🙂

    My first son was born by c/s because they did a routine internal u/s the day before he was due and thought that it felt awfully soft instead of harder like what a head would feel like. When they did the vaginal u/s they discovered that he was lying transverse (across) my belly. They offered us the option of trying to manipulate him and turn him with their hands from the outside but that also brought with it other risks such as the umbilical cord wrapping around him, etc.

    Maybe he’ll be born on my daughter’s b-day (August 23rd). 🙂

  35. I got that yucky faint feeling twice in my second pregnancy…once when I went to get a “prenatal” massage where the lady didn’t know what she was doing and kept trying to get me to lay flat on my back at 26 weeks, and once when I was having an ultrasound and they had me flat on my back at 30-something weeks. I’m glad you got some great pictures, and that you didn’t end up actually passing out!

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