22 Weeks: Pop!


I think the time has come – I both look and feel pregnant. During the shower this weekend, both Caitlin’s mom and aunt said “Girl there is no doubt you are pregnant!” and any glimpse I get of myself passing by a mirror takes me by surprise. I think my stomach is actually bigger than it feels! I still think it’s flat, and it is not!


It seemed to come out almost overnight on Saturday. I woke up in the morning and swore it was bigger and rounder. Not only is it protruding more, but it’s wider too! My uterus is firm on the sides of my stomach – an indication that it’s poking out beyond my ribs.


I’m feeling pretty good overall. On and off SI pain (more if I stand, less if I sit) and a little bit of fatigue. Sometimes after a long day I just want to collapse on the couch for a rest, but then something else happens and I’m up doing stuff again!


I noticed over the weekend that my stomach spaces seems to have significantly shrunk. I didn’t eat great over the weekend, so maybe it was just different foods in general that left me feeling this way, but I just feel full really fast. I felt like I was full all day on Sunday but none of my meals were very large. I couldn’t even finish my salmon at dinner – no more space. I sort of want to push down on my stomach when this happens and create more room, which is why I think it’s bump related.


I’ve debated blogging about this, but I’m an oversharer and I think for the sake of other pregnant women’s curiously it should be shared that I have colostrum!!! (If you don’t know what that is, it’s the nutrient-dense, thick milk that comes out before your normal breast milk “comes in” a few days after birth.) Apparently I’ve had it since 16 weeks, but I never noticed anything. One of my mom friends commented that the veins in my chest were SUPER blue and I felt a little engorged, so she told me to…squeeze around. Sure enough something came out! Just a tinnnny bit, but I was totally shocked and totally happy that for once in my life my boobs did something productive!!


Baby movements continue to make me smile all day long. They are getting stronger too. Do you remember those water babies that came out when we were little? Floppy, rubbery dolls filled with water? I feel like I have one of those in me. All of the movements have a bit of bounce to them – like rubber. It’s not like a stick is poking me, but more like a Gumby in there! Matt has felt them once or twice, but for the most part every time I try to get him to feel in a series of bumps, the baby stops moving. Little stinker!

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44 thoughts on “22 Weeks: Pop!”

  1. i love these weekly update posts the best! you’re so funny about your boobs finally doing something productive… as someone who dislikes having bigger ones myself, i totally hear ya, and i can only imagine how big they’ll be when it comes time for me to have a babe!! you look great, very cute 🙂

  2. Your boobs did something productive, that is funny! (And not an over-share).
    You are definitely looking pregnant, and I know what you mean by feeling pregnant too.

    I’m at 31 weeks now I and I feel like I can’t fit anything in my stomach! I have to graze all day instead of eating actual meals. I’ve heard once the baby drops, there is more room for food in there. Hope it happens soon!

  3. My Matt got to feel the baby move for the first time on Saturday and has felt the little one move everyday since then, I think that baby likes the warmth of his hand! 🙂
    ….I told you that these weeks would be full of growing like you wouldn’t believe. I think it finally slowed a tad over the past couple of days but weeks 22-23 (all 14 days) were full of growth! 🙂

  4. I first leaked colostrum over night at 16 weeks as well. It totally shocked me. As for wanting to push down on your bump…I totally get that. Around week 30 I wanted to do it all the time so I could breathe! That went away at about week 36. It still happens when I eat. Like he shoves his butt into my ribs because my stomach is full and displacing him. The curse of a short torso I guess!

  5. That “water baby” analogy is perfect! My little girl is flopping around the same way and as soon as my fiance goes to feel it, shes stops. Now he did get to feel a good one last night and was so excited, but for the most part, it is like she senses a different touch and stops. Lol

  6. I started leaking colostrum early too. I found it really annoying. It was usually most at night or first thing in the morning. At least you know you’ll probably produce good milk!

  7. Oh Kath! You are so cute. I want to rub your belly. My friend just had a baby girl on Friday and I’ll miss rubbing her belly.

  8. Be careful on the …um…feeling around. I have been told any amount of “handling” (there just aren’t polite ways to describe this – sorry!!) later in pregnancy – but before you want baby out here!- can have an effect on labor. (Cause it to start early).
    Docs or doulas or others in the know, correct me if this is an old wives tale or something. Maybe this has been determined to be false!?
    Normal leaking, it happens, but don’t do a lot of “handling” to relieve the pressure until AFTER baby appears! This has been stressed to me as a no-no.

  9. Sunni left Pregtastic, I was hoping someone else would take over, though! You got me hooked!

  10. That is a good way of describing baby movements… It does feel like a water baby is inside of me 🙂

    Kath, do you know of any good Web sites where I can find pertinent information on “real/super foods” that are good for pregnant women to consume for the health of her and and the baby inside? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


    1. My nutrition post 🙂 other than those nutrients, whole food is best. You don’t need acai berries or anything weird

      1. Thanks, Kath 🙂

        For some reason, I do not get responses in my email account from my comments on your Baby KERF, but I get the responses anytime you or someone else responds to my comments on the KERF site. Do you know why that is? I did not even know that you responded to my comment above until I just came to this post to see.


  11. Yup- you definitely have the bump now! You look GREAT, and I’m glad that you are finally matching the “feeling with the look” of being pregnant.
    I agree that “over-sharing” is totally fine. It is your blog after all, and we all have a choice to read it! And chances are if you’re wondering or experiencing something, at least 10 other people are too!

  12. You crack me up re. the productive boob comment!!! 🙂

    You wear that popped belly very well, my friend! 🙂

  13. Kath, I’ve been reaaaaally enjoying your BERF posts! TONS! They are the first blog I jump to when I wake up! (And I’m not a Mom, nor am I expecting yet!)

    I just wanted to say how WONDERFUL I think you look in the stripes! This post and your post from the shower, you look so cute and they are flattering to the bump! I know that doesn’t seem to go along all the ‘stripes’ commentary there is out there, but you look beautiful in them! (and in general of course)

    Thanks for sharing your journey!

  14. We must be due around the same time because I’m 22 weeks too. We are also having a boy.

    I was so excited when I first read you were expecting!

    Totally look for a baby boot camp class in your area! It’s so much fun to do with a baby.

  15. I’m due September 5th! 🙂 This is #6 for me and #5 was 10 days late. So I’m planning on delivering before October. LOL

  16. Awww!! So exciting, Kath!! 🙂 So glad everything is coming along so smoothly!!
    I’m glad you’re enjoying Prenatal Yoga, I bet baby is super happy!

  17. Your bump is so cute!! Feeling the baby move in utero is one of my favorite things about being pregnant!
    Also, your productive boob remark made me laugh. I read it to my husband and he said, “Boobs are useful even when they’re not being productive”. 😉 Silly.

  18. My friend was recently pregnant (had her little boy April 8th!), and she definitely felt that no room in the stomach thing really bad. She’d eat just a tiny amount and feel so overly full, and usually had to get up and stand up just to make more “space” so she wasn’t so uncomfortable. Perhaps her baby just rode really high, but I’m not surprised to hear you’ve been feeling a little of the same.

  19. Oh my goodness! You’re a rock-star mom-to-be for creating this site along with your awesome food blogging goodness! I’m so happy I found this. And that’s so interesting that you’re already producing the colostrum milks. I’m getting a little… “veiny” as well and it makes me want to check things out a bit. Congrats on week 22, that’s so exciting – you’re glowing so beautifully with your lovely bump!

    have a great week 😀

  20. You look great and so does baby! When I was pregnant with my third, I based my eating on the book “What to Eat When You’re Expecting.” Awesome book, even now. But my ‘babies’ are 20 and 21 years old now 🙂

  21. I’ve noticed my veins on my chest are starting to become very noticable with a very deep blue color. Kind of scared me at first, but I knew it was “normal.” As you know, I’m 21 weeks… just a week behind you. Have you just been randomly leaking? I guess it’s a good sign right?!

    And like you, I’m obsessed with feeling the baby move. I look forward to it daily. My husband has felt it a few times. When I start feeling him (yes! We found out last wednesday that we’re expecting a boy!) move, I yell at my husband to hurry up and put his hand on my belly. The baby stops. LOL I’m like really!!?! But this boy has been active! I can’t wait to actually see him move around in my belly.

    1. They haven’t been leaking randomly – only when prompted to 🙂

      And we have had the same thing with movements! Matt always misses the last one. But last night he got one!

    1. I felt him moving early – like 15/16 weeks, but I didn’t get a real kick until 18 weeks, 1 day

  22. Overshare as much as you want! This is your pregnancy blog, and you should write what you wish! I don’t anticipate having kids for a few more years, but is has been such a pleasure to follow your progress. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing — colostrum and all.

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