23 Months

Mazen turns 23 months old tomorrow.


Can you believe he ever looked like this!? I can hardly remember those days!


Yet his personality has stayed the same. Such a sneaky boy!


And I can often see his spirit in the same facial expressions that he has made since birth. Like this one! That’s the face he makes right before he jumps on me!


Can you tell I’m getting all sentimental that he’s about to turn 2!? When I was pregnant I used to be able to imagine myself the mom of a baby, but I couldn’t see myself as the mom of a little boy. I just didn’t know what it would be like! Now I am in the thick of it, and it gets more fun by the day.


In recent weeks Mazen’s language has come to life. Before he would say a word at a time, but now he really puts emotion into full sentences.

He has started saying “Yeaaaaahhhh” when asked a question (instead of a simple “jes”) He sounds like he’s from Minnesota when he says it!

He says “bye-bye” to things all the time (trucks, cats, trees) and smacks a kiss into the air right after.

There is always lots of commentary about eating and drinking: “Mommy bite? Mommy taste? Mommy drinks coffee! Mommy eats oats! Mazen eats pancakes!”

And recently when I sneezed he said “Bwess you!” <—something KK taught him!


On the fun front, we’ve had a great time playing tent in the mornings. After I get him out of his crib, we go into my room and I make the comforter a tent with my leg and he crawls in and out with Pumpkin the cat for about 10 minutes. It’s loads of fun!


He has developed a fierce independence this month where he wants to buckle his car seat, climb into his high chair and do things his own way. Generally this is going fine with me – he’s pretty good at most things – but we do have battles from time to time.

Here he is looking all proud after climbing up into his car seat himself!


Speaking of climbing, that’s new too. He hasn’t been much of a climber until now and all of a sudden he got the concept. He can climb up onto his high chair WITH the tray on and loves everything climbable at the playground. I wouldn’t let him stand at the top of a steep flight of stairs without me, but he’s getting better at stairs too. He goes up and down the stairs on our back porch all the time.


On the food front things have gotten a little bit better. He still won’t touch berries of any kind! And he is finickier than ever about some foods, but he has also tried a lot more new things lately. Salmon was a food he hadn’t liked for a while and one day I offered him some and he called it “Pink bok bok” (aka pink chicken). He ate his portion and mine that day! He also devoured a can of sardines one day while I held my breath. He doesn’t have to eat blueberries if he likes sardines! The boy also loves ice cream like it’s his job.


Naps are still going well. We had two THREE AND A HALF HOUR NAPS this month!! Dannnnng those were long! Most days it’s 2 to 2.5 hours, sometimes 3. A few times on our travel days he has skipped his nap completely and that has actually gone pretty well. I’m glad to know it’s a bit flexible now.


However, bedtime has been a bit tricky lately. He started doing some more crying when we tried to leave the room along with a few middle-of-the-night wakeups with crying. After a few weeks of rushing in and talking to him, and trying different night light/door open techniques, we determined that nothing was actually wrong – he just wanted our attention and knew if he cried we would come. I talked to some friends and decided to do another round of sleep training. This meant that after lots of books, lots of rocking and singing and a drowsy toddler that when he got in his crib we left the room and stayed out. Guess what – it worked! He still doesn’t like it when we leave, but he settles down in about 2 minutes and talks to Elmo and Big Bird and then falls asleep. The nighttime crying has stopped too.


Speaking of bedtime, M has started to actually sing songs! He knows the words to Twinkle Twinkle, Happy Birthday, Row Row Row Your Boat and the ABCs – and the tune to Jesu Joy of Mans Desiring! He sings with us at bedtime, and it’s very cute.


We are having lots of fun trying new activities together – baking, coloring, playing trains. Karen took M to the fire station while I was in Hershey and as much as he LOVES fire trucks, he was too scared to climb up on the truck!

He looooves the ice cream cones she makes though!


I have debated birthday party themes. His favorites are fire trucks, trains and dinosaurs. I think we’re going with a prehistoric theme and will be having one of these at the party!


11 thoughts on “23 Months”

  1. He sounds so similar to my 2 year old (turned two at end of June) Right around 2 is when he really started putting full sentences together and just when the last month is vocabulary has blossomed so much! He also did the bye bye truck, plane, etc. and then blew a kiss. So funny!

  2. He’s looking so grown up! I love these updates as my daughter is about 6-7 months ahead of him and it’s nice to look back where she was just a few months ago. We experienced just about all of the same things that you did – a bit of a sleep regression, language explosion, and independence. They are so fun at this age, aren’t they?


  3. I’m 12 weeks pregnant with my first, just a few days away from learning the sex of our baby. Mazen is absolutely the most adorable boy I can imagine, and while I used to always see myself with a girl, seeing how much fun he has been for you and Matt makes me equally excited should our baby turn out to be a boy!

  4. He’s getting so big, and even cuter (if that’s possible)! I would love to hear about all the great activities you and Matt do with him – I bet there’s a million cool kid-friendly places in Charlottesville. You mention the playground sometimes, but it would be interesting to read more.

    1. The Discovery Museum, Bend Yoga, the library, Fridays After Five (a kids’ dream), the spray parks, the local pools – lots of things!

  5. They grow up so fast, don’t they?! My daughter is 20 months and I have to say, she’s a bit lazy, lol! She isn’t saying nearly as much as Mazen (my son talked a LOT by this age!), but then again, we speak to her in two languages so it’s also normal for her to be taking her time!

  6. My daughter is about two months older than Mazen and it’s so funny to see that they’re doing the same things right now! Especially the “I do! I do!” independence thing she’s going through, which requires lots of patience on my part to wait until she says “help, mamma!” when she realizes she can’t buckle the bottom buckles of her car seat 🙂

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