23 Weeks: The Magic Inside

From Conception To Birth


Someone shared the above video with me a while back and I just recently re-watched it (twice!) It is the magic of conception to birth shown in some pretty incredible digital images. I think my favorite one, though, is the one of the baby inside of the mother’s body.  It’s the best depiction of what-goes-where I have seen to date:

This is me a few weeks ago [although my belly is not nearly that round, so where is my baby hanging out!?]


And then what’s to come:


There are some really amazing videos on You Tube (including lots of birth videos if you’re interested!!)

And check out this awesome animation too!


Pregnancy is soooo cool and so weird!



Pumping (And I Don’t Mean My Breasts)

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25 thoughts on “23 Weeks: The Magic Inside”

  1. I had a dream about you guys last night! So happy for you both. I think I am reading too much kerf and berf!! You guys are going to make the best parents.

  2. what an amazing video! I loved the delivery part at the end. So beautiful! I’ve always been interested in every little stage of pregnancy and especially doing IVF we got to hear a full report each day…how many eggs fertilized, how the eggs were dividing into cells, which eggs reached “blastocyst” stage and which eggs stopped growing (which was always sad to hear). It was just so incredible to me to hear that much detail about our developing baby. I know when I see my baby for the first time I will be awed by the fact that I saw this baby as a tiny bundle of cells being place inside of me and now it’s our son.

  3. I clicked on that link for the video at the MSI in Chicago – they have an awesome exhibit that I have always loved there. They have fetuses (feti? ha!) from conception to birth that have been preserved to show how big they are and their development. It’s kind of creepy, but I have always loved it!

  4. I think you might have better posture than the lady in the picture shows (she has the same curve at 5 and 9 months), either that or your intestines are more compressed. My best guesses as to why you aren’t as round. But I really think everyone shows differently.

    1. Loved these videos, they gave me so much understanding. I’m 5’2″ and 5.5 months pregnant and look just like the 5 month lady image. Which is reassuring since random people keep telling me how big I am. Um, thanks? Everyone grows and shows differently. I didn’t start showing until I was about 18 weeks and then really popped.

  5. Have you seen the website, One World Birth (http://www.oneworldbirth.net/)? You seem to be really interested in learning about birth and this is a great site for information from the leading sources on birth. Their description of the site: “Whilst we love one off documentaries, we realised that if we spent a year making one about what is happening in birth around the world today, by the time we released it, it would already be out of date! That’s why we came up with the idea of making a “live”, never-ending documentary that would be available online straight away and would keep up with the rapid changes (both good & bad) that are happening daily.”

  6. I think you just have the classic first baby showing thing…it does take a while, like six months for a lot of first time moms. It also just depends on your body shape. I’m showing more now but it’s my second baby. But I’m still wayyyy too small for maternity clothes!

  7. Haha Kath, I had to comment- when I saw weeks the image you posted from the animation (which was insane, btw) and read the quote about feeling gross and not yet pregnant, I thought, “YES! It IS a drag!”

    … because the animation has the instruction “drag” on it. Ha! These were amazing, thanks for sharing!

  8. Everyone carries so different. I’m the opposite–at 22 weeks, I look HUGE and it’s sort of embarrassing. After reading all the negative comments about Jessica Simpson in the media, I’m especially not thrilled about it. I’m exercising, eating normally now that I’m out of first trimester, but I am apparently gestating a sasquatch and there’s not much I can do about that.
    That video was crazy. My poor internal organs!

    1. Don’t feel bad – pregnancy is beautiful! So long as you know you’re healthy, that’s all that matters.

    2. I feel the same way Brie – I am 23 weeks now and look huge. I didn’t fit in my normal pants at 8 weeks! And I’m a small person and I haven’t gained a ton of weight! I definitely look very round and people keep telling me I look huge and/or I’m having a huge baby. Both are not fun things to hear – who wants to give birth to a twelve pound baby??? My doctor says that I’m measuring up normal though so I’m trying not to think what I’m gonna look like in another two months!

  9. I posted this over at another blog earlier today, but would love another perspective on it as well.

    I’m 20 weeks (5 months) pregnant, have always been fit, and my husband and I couldn’t be any more excited about having a little girl.

    I have gained 3 pounds total, and eat a LOT of healthy foods, with an occasional ice cream cone. Here’s the problem – I am getting a lot of very negative comments from family and friends about my lack of weight gain. They imply that I’m starving the baby, being selfish, etc. etc.

    What would you even say to that? So far, I’ve been walking away and telling these people that when they become an MD, they can have an opinion, since mine doesn’t seem overly concerned.

  10. Agreed. Something I found especially weird during my pregnancy was how high my stomach got toward the end. I would hear it growl from literally right below my chest!

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