24 Weeks: Color Blind?

When I first started thinking about what kind of items I wanted for our baby, everything was totally neutral and beige.

The Snugabunny Swing


Snugabunny Sleeper


Black/grey carseat


A silver diaper bag


But this is a good reason to create a registry early. When I looked at all of the items together, they just looked sooooo boring. I have a tendency to love neutrals because they go with anything and I don’t get tired of them. Grey is my current favorite color aside from my long-standing love for green! I was (and still am) afraid of my household turning into a circus of colors that felt overwhelming and mismatched, so I played it safe. Too safe.

Since this realization, I’ve been browsing all kinds of modern mom sites and researching some of the newer products out there. I’m still disappointed that there isn’t even more variety out there since there is such a huge market for baby stuff.

I love the modern look of this swing, but I think it’s TOO modern for our house (I want the colors though!)


So I’ve decided on the well-reviewed Zen swing instead. I don’t loooove the colors, but it’s one of the better reviewed swings out there and color choices are very limited. (If I could find a travel size swing that had an AC adaptor and a nice color palette, I’d be sold!)


I love that the base comes off so I won’t need a separate portable seat for carrying the baby room-to-room with me.


Love this collection of bibs from Babies R Us


I’ve changed the tune of the rock n play sleeper to this orange + green one, that I think is a bit more playful for a little boy (gotta love the bear bonus!)


Love this high chair – matches our dining room shade! (And folds up teeny tiny when not in use)


Instead of a safe neutral, I chose this gorgeous Hooter Hider to review in the future from the Bebeaulait.com collection!


I changed the carseat to this green beauty:


Our crib is still a neutral color, but as far as cribs go, it’s on the bolder side of the spectrum.


And to match my nursery theme, I chose this diaper bag, which I love!


Greens, oranges, yellows, greys.

Modern mom in the making.

I would love some suggestions of cool, modern-looking brightly colored baby items that you guys have come across!




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80 thoughts on “24 Weeks: Color Blind?”

  1. The Rock and Play sleeper saved my life with both of my kids! Love the colors! That high chair looks good too! I hated my high chair that was so big and had so many nooks it was hard to clean. We actually have a little high chair attached to our table now which is another good option! All this looks great! Baby stuff is so much fun!

  2. We have that exact Zen swing and our little girl (who is just 2 weeks old) LOVES it. It is so nice being able to just remove the actual swing base and carry from room to room. Clara loves napping in this swing and the sounds/motions are great. I think you will be really happy with your choice.

    Love all the new colors you selected. So fun!

  3. From my experience babies love colorful things! I love the bright greens, yellows, and oranges of the new items you’ve put on your registry. You might even have gotten bored looking at those neutral ones at the beginning of your post after awhile. Also, babies are messy, and it’s hard to keep beige/colorless things from looking dirty all the time.

  4. Honestly, I didn’t find that swings went through too many batteries actually, if that helps you rethink anything (my babies weren’t in them overnight or anything though). If anything I would just borrow a swing, I only used them for a couple months, and just don’t like baby stuff cluttering up the house/storage areas. I do really really love the infant to toddler rocker by Fisher Price though, better than any bouncy seat cause the weight limit is so high and usable for so long, thats always my one recommendation for baby gear: http://www.fisher-price.com/fp.aspx?st=30&e=search&N=0&Ntk=Products&Ntx=mode+matchallany&type=keyword&Ntt=infant+to+toddler+rocker&searchbutton.x=0&searchbutton.y=0&searchbutton=Go&Nty=1&autoselect=false

    1. I totally agree with borrowing a swing. We bought one with our first child and only used a handful of times because he hated it. We let several friends borrow it and are officially done with it now – our youngest is 6 months and we don’t use it anymore.

      I also like the idea of that infant to toddler rocker. We have a true bouncy seat from our first born. Both of children have hit the weight limit by six months. Plus they are sort of shallow so our little boy has figured out how to push himself out of it with his feet.

  5. Nice picks! I also changed from the Snugabunny Rock n Play to the yellow and green one. I liked its brightness, and I also thought maybe the fleece would be too warm for a summer baby.
    I also changed my mind from the purple Bob Revolution to the orange. LOVE it!
    I’m glad I picked a few brighter and neutral colors, because everything people seem to give me is PINK!

  6. green = a favorite here too 🙂 i love a mix of neutrals AND brights! that swing looks cool – we’re still swingless over here and doing okay, but there are times when i think one could come in handy. if we had more rooms i would get one!!

    i have the same carseat!! and, love the bebe au lait. i have used mine a bunch already!

  7. I registered for the same swing! I love how the base comes off so you can bring the baby with you. We’re having a girl, but we’re still opting for neutrals or bright colors like green and orange…just in case we’re lucky and the next one is a boy. I’m avoiding pink like the plague because I can’t stand baby pink.

  8. Have to second the motion to borrow the swing- I borrowed ours and was so glad I did. My little girl loved it for like…2 weeks, then hated it and promptly outgrew it. So glad we didn’t spend the $150+ on it and we don’t have to store it! Love the Rock N’ Play. So good for babies with upset tummies.

    1. My son hated his swing! I’m so glad we didn’t buy one. We got a hand-me-down swing from a friend. Now I need to find someone else to pass the swing along to.

      My niece also hated her swing and it was $$$.

  9. Love all the green! Super mod, and love the diaper bag, too.

    Bumbo makes a green chair — it’s the best for learning to sit and, when she was too small for the high chair but starting solids, we got the tray and would just feed her in there (that’s how they do/did it at her school in the infant room anyway).

    And for another fun toy for when baby is older — check out bilibo — we have the set of 6 minis for stacking/putting stuff in and two big one for sitting, playing, building. http://www.amazon.com/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=bilibo+toy&tag=googhydr-20&index=toys-and-games&hvadid=3172986029&hvpos=1t2&hvexid=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=27398892973633176&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=b&ref=pd_sl_51ujnv5ipm_b

  10. Reading this made me go back and look at our registry because I had a feeling if I looked at everything in the big picture, it was awfully boring. And yep, I was right. Our lovely colors include shades of grey, black and the real stand-out: navy. What a yawn. The poor girl! Maybe I’ll take a cue from you and liven up the color scheme a little more!

  11. That Rock n Play is the BEST. I’m jealous that they have so many color options now – they didn’t just a year ago! I have the same diaper bag (well, different colors) and love it. Same carseat too – great choice!

  12. The first swing you have up there is a lifesaver. I never thought about it being boring. We put colored blankets on him when he’s in it. I would recommend it! He is currently sleeping in it now and we get a great 2-3 hour morning nap in it daily. We also have the matching bouncer. And I have the Chicco carseat in red. I like the green too.

  13. That snugabunny swing is the bane of my existence– I bought it, thinking that Lila would love it (it seems like ALL babies do!!), and she absolutely has not taken to it. I keep putting her in it, thinking that one day she’ll like it, but so far, no dice.

    Love all the bright colors you’ve got going on– you’re right; so much of baby stuff is soft neutrals and pastels, but the bright colors are what get them going!

  14. I didn’t really care about matching , especially since the bouncer, swing, bassinet, and car seat were all hand-me-downs…aka free! Babies love bright colors, so I kept that in mind. I am way more picky about my diaper bag…I would stick with the gray…. Because it matches every thing you could wear!

  15. I hear you! I’ve always been averse to having a house full of baby looking stuff. Love the modern pieces you chose! Keep the pics coming – I’m bookmarking these links for the future 🙂

  16. I had the Snugabug swing and it was FANTASTIC! The best part is that it swings either front to back or side to side. This is important because one of my kids liked front to back and another liked side to side. I liked that I could switch things and accomodate the baby (because when they are crying non stop, you will do ANYTHING to make it stop). It is neutral, yes, but if you have more than one child (and I am assuming from your writing that you and hubs want a whole brood full) it will continue to not bother you (plus dark colors fade). Good luck 🙂

  17. You might want to give more consideration to the Mamaroo. It’s not really a swing in the traditional sense. I resisted buying it for two reasons: 1) It didn’t go with our house, and 2) It’s really expensive. We went through two swings, both of which he hated, before we broke down and bought the Mamaroo. The fact that it WORKED, and worked amazingly well, made it worth every penny and worth the mismatch. It’s got five different motions and variable speeds, but it doesn’t swing at all. It moves like you do, like the baby is used to feeling from being inside. It has nature sounds, heartbeat sounds, and you can plug in your iPod and play baby’s favorite music of the moment too. I really do think it’s an amazing invention, and I wish we would have bought it in the first place instead of two swings that we didn’t use.

      1. I was going to say the same about the Mamaroo. I’ve only heard amazing things about them. We are getting one this time around instead of the Fisher Price swing. (We went through two lamb swings with our twins…they worked great until they both broke. Also thought about the zen.) I totally get wanting to coordinate everything, but when it comes down to it, if it works you won’t care one bit that it doesn’t go with your house. Some days my house looks like a circus exploded in here, but as long as my kids are happy and having fun I can deal with it. 🙂

    1. That just sounds so weird to me! having a swing to imitate exactly what mom does..

      It might be a cultural thing, I’m not sure, but here in New Zealand, hardly anyone I know with babies, has these kinds of things. Seems theres a lot of products out there designed with keeping baby out of mom or dads arms as much as possible.

  18. I have the same yellow rock n play sleeper. It’s been a lifesaver. My son has acid reflux and needs to sleep at an incline. This is perfect for him. One warning: The backing is much to hard for their little heads. I put a blanket in between the fabric and the backing to make it softer. My son got a bit of a flat spot from sleeping in it in the beginning.

    The high chair looks nice and I love that it folds to such a small size but I’d go with something sturdier. Something with a thick wide base (what our pediatrician recommended). Kids move around so much in those things. Plus, the amazon reviews would be enough to scare me off.

  19. Love the diaper bag!! What brand is it?? I’m going shopping in Seattle next month and hope to find one I love while I’m there!
    Also loving the high chair (I’m a sucker for green also!)

  20. It’s funny, I think the Hooter Hider is much more obvious/noticeable/attention getting than BF’ing without it, just because it’s such a long, wide piece of material with that strap around the neck, and it’s like a big sign that say “BABY NURSING!”, lol. This isn’t me dogging on Hooter Hiders or people who choose to use them, I understand some people aren’t comfortable nursing in public like that, it’s just unfortunate that something that is supposed to make BF’ing surreptitious instead draws so much attention to it.

    1. I don’t care at all if people know I’m nursing – but I don’t really want my boob exposed to the public 🙂

      1. I love my hooter hider! Although, I have to say, at 9 months, her head is big enough that you can’t see a darn thing anyway!

      2. Check out the Motherwear site–they have AWESOME nursing clothes–even cute dresses–and they are very high quality and last forever (oh and that don’t look too matronly LOL). I agree about the Hooter Hider–my first two sons hated it and would try to rip it off. If you have good nursing tops, there’s very little chance of anyone seeing your boob–especially since his head will be covering it 🙂

  21. I really like your new color choices – the old choices were nice too. We got what we thought were nutral colors since we didn’t know the sex of our baby but once HE was born I realized that everything we got leaned more towards “boy” colors. Maybe I knew without knowing! FYI – don’t waste your money on a hooter hider. You can do the same thing with a swaddling blanket – just tie two of the ends together to make an arm hole.

  22. I also didn’t want a bunch of whacky colors around the house. I went w the neutrals and my baby hates her snugabunny bouncy chair bc those little birds are not fun to look at! Grandma got her a bright primary colored one and she loves it. They deff like the bright colors.

    I will say the snugabunny rock n play has the most head padding, I’ve heard babies can get flat heads from the other varieties without the extra head support. Rock and play sleeper is the besttt.

    I found my daughter didn’t like the swing at first (she preferred being held/worn or rock n play) I think it was too stimulating for her. But now at 2+ months she loves it. So give it time if u think baby kerf doesn’t like swing at first!

    1. Was about to post the same thing! I checked it out on Amazon, because my first thoughts in looking at the picture were 1) wow, that looks flimsy and 2) doesn’t seem very supportive. When something on Amazon has more 1 star reviews than 5, and is $169 to boot, it might be worth a re-think – yes, a lot of highchairs aren’t that aesthetically pleasing, but they work and offer great support for the baby (many are cheaper, too – gosh, how I wish I’d never spent more than necessary on baby stuff!!)

    2. Yeah, not sure if you’ve already registered for the high chair…but something to consider is it’s “in use” 3+ times per day once baby/toddler is eating with the family, so fold-up might not be that important. Just depends on you! I have the Boon Flair and really liked it!

  23. Just a word of caution on the Rock N Play, I was going to buy one for my newborn last June, but I knew 2 people personally that used the Rock N Play and their children developed a flat spot on their head from the metal bar under the fabric. Both children had to wear helmets as a result. If you look at the reviews of the product, most are from people who have used the product for a short period of time. Read the reviews with one star, it definitely got me to change my mind!

  24. You will love the SkipHop bag – I’ve bought that with my second daughter and still use it today now that she’s a toddler. I love that pattern you got – they didn’t have that one two years ago. And my husband doesn’t mind carrying it around because it is not some totally girly looking bag.

  25. I loved our swing. Our our child loved the swing. Which meant I loved it too! All the other chairs and bouncy things were never as popular as the swing. There were times I think the ONLY place she slept (other than on my chest in my arms) was in her swing!

  26. I am not much for bright colors, which is why most of the walls in our house are still the eggshell color they were painted when we bought the house–it was a brand new house when we purchased it. I am more for bright, fun colors now than I used to be. I would love to start painting, but do not want to start to dislike the colors over time. I will figure it out eventually, though.

    We REALLY need to change the color of paint in our daughter’s room, because it is a teal/blue color that I have not liked ever since my husband finished painting it before she was born. I have lived with the color for almost four years, and want to change it to a more neutral color. Thank goodness for the fuchsia-like curtains in her room to show that it is somewhat girly 🙂

    Hooter Hider… Hysterical name (LOL)


  27. The rock n play is a lifesaver!! We are using them to transition our 3 month old twin boys to sleep in their cribs and this item has been great 🙂

  28. That’s too funny because I thought the same thing…I didn’t want anything TOO babyish or tacky! I forgot about WHO the items are actually made for…babies! What baby wants to sit all day long in a beige swing with boring beige and white coloured animals dangling above them?! My friends ALL swore by the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders vibrating chair (which is VERY bright and does not “match” anything in my house! lol!) I reluctantly gave in and exchanged the beige one I registered for with that one…best decision ever! 😉

  29. From experience — you don’t really want a high chair that folds up. The idea sounds good until you are holding a baby in one hand and food in the other. Babies usually eat 3 – 9x a day so there’s very few days you’ll fold it up! Must haves on a high chair are a washable surface – some tops are bulky and I have struggled to fit in the sink or over the garbage can, the chair pad should also be washable and removable, and if there’s a foot rest, the larger the better since it also catches food. Also, hooter hider is a total waste of $30. I had one and I think I used it for about 20 seconds before I flashed someone. Way too much coordination! (you need to look down, make sure you’re covered on the side, etc.) If I bothered covering, an Aden + Anais muslin blanket has been ideal. I think we stopped needing to nurse in public around 6 mos.

      1. We have the Joovy brand jogging stroller. We love it! If you’re looking at jogging strollers, it’s cheaper than the BOB brand and it’s front wheel can be fixed or swivel. It’s also really roomy for the kid. Our kids are tall so I did a lot of research trying to find an affordable one that would grow with us. My three year old is 45 inches tall and he still fits (barely). 🙂

  30. I’d avoid a fabric high chair at all costs, as well as anything with a lot of deep seams or nooks and crannies. They’re so difficult to keep clean.

  31. OMG! We own that swing and I never realized that it came off the base like that! Awesome, thanks! It was one of the last things I put on my registry on a complete whim 2years ago when I was pregnant with my son. I loved that it could swing front ways and then be moved to swing side to side. It was one of the first ones out there to ” swing both ways” (pardon my pun!)
    I have a gray Skip Hop diaper bag and we own the Chicco gray cubes carseat too! I am an neutral girl through and through. I say you have excellent taste!

  32. My best friend had that high chair in white for her last 2 (of 4) kids, she loved it 🙂 but it did get a lot of foody bits stuck in the upholstery which was pretty gross. It didn’t seem that easy to clean the nooks & crannys.

  33. I totally understand wanting to buy things, register for things, but I find the need for new things to be too much. There are so many hand me downs and craigslist find, and if you really worry that your baby gear might not match I think you are worrying about the wrong things.

    That being said — I lived for a swing that went side to side and front to back (my daughter liked different things depending on the day)

    The Stokke Tripp Trapp was worth the investment (I did have a hand me down tray when she was younger), she still sits in at at four.

    1. Not to be alarmist, but about the Rock ‘n Play Sleeper…I know it has been a lifesaver for a lot of moms (and if it had worked for them, I’d have loved it for both of my two)–but please read the reviews on amazon @ possible plagiocephaly. I know tons and tons of people have used it without any ill-effects, but there were enough reviews that referred to that complication that I decided against it, as tempting as it was to try it with a baby who would only nap in our laps for the first four months. Of course, it’s also possible that they’ve changed the design since then due to these concerns–my baby just turned one. Good luck finalizing your choices!

  34. You are going to LOVE the skip hop diaper bag. It holds up soooo well. Mine looks new and it’s 2 years old. I am trying to find a way to use it as a ‘normal everyday’ bag since my ‘baby’ is 2 years old….but I still think it looks too much like a diaper bag to use just for myself;-)

  35. We the Skip Hop diaper bag but in brown (since my husband is usually the one that carries it) and it’s perfect! Good choice. Even with two children (a 2 1/2 year old and a 5 month old) it still works for us with plenty of room to spare. Plus I like wearing it across my chest when I actually do carry it because then I don’t have a bag slipping off my shoulder.

  36. I LOVE my travel sized swing. I had a normal one with my first and replaced it with a travel sized for my second and it was so much better. It also had a really deep seat which was important! The normal ones take up way more room that it appears.

      1. Here is the link
        I had one of the swing/bouncer combo with my first and it didnt last. I bought this one as soon as my second came home from the hospital and it was the best money ive spent! She loved it and the seat is SO much deeper than any other swing ive seen. It allowed me to lay her in it if she was sleeping and not have to buckle her when she was tiny and not mobile. Theres not way she could buck out or fall out and I swear I am the most paraniod parent!

  37. I have Inglesina Club Highchair in Orange.
    Love the way it looks, the price is reasonable, it’s very easy to clean. Baby bjorn babysitter balance seat it’s great too.

  38. Hey, Kath. I am loving reading your blog updates. I have a 15-month-old son, and my husband and I did a lot of the same color swaps as you. We love neutrals as well (very earthy-type people). Well, I think this would especially work for you as an active mom who lives in a “walking” city, I got this Peanut Shell sling that you can use on a newborn through toddler. My son is 24 pounds and 33 inches tall and it works great for me to support him on my hip for extended periods of time. It’s extremely easy to use and very comfortable.


    You can find it other places as well. Best money we ever spent!

  39. honestly, all of those things (swing, boucey seat, bassinet, etc) are only used for 6 months at best (however they are worth their weight in gold when you need them!). i borrowed alot of those things for that reason. i have a 4 year old and a 9 month old. your nursery colors are so nice! good luck!

  40. Hey Kath,

    I know a few other people brought this to your attention but just wanted to add some weight to it…the Rock ‘N Play is garnering a reputation for contributing to flat heads. You can google it for more info. I’m sure some of the babies were left in their RNPs too long, but other people have said their babies really weren’t in the RNP for very long and still developed flat spots.

    Also, some of your other commenters said that high chair got bad reviews. My first thought when I saw it was sweet, that’s awesome…but I wonder how sturdy it is. I just wanted to share with you what we use. We got the ANTILOP high chair from Ikea in white (modern, clean-looking) and it is totally awesome. We’ve had it for six months now. You buy the chair and the tray separately, but the total is under $30. It’s very sturdy because the legs splay outward. It’s very light (I carry it with one hand when we take it to friends’ houses), and you can remove the legs to transport it more easily, although I have a RAV4 so I just lay it in the back of my car in one piece if we’re traveling locally and aren’t packing other luggage. My son seems to love it and it’s super easy to wipe down because there’s no upholstery. I did a ton of research on high chairs before I got this and have been completely thrilled with it. GL!

  41. My in-laws bought us a lovely yet very bland diaper bag with all the bells ands whistles. My mom took one look at it and said “No way, too dull!”, and promptly got me a bright red, girly bag that I still love and use to this day for over night travel (i love all the pockets!). It worked out because we wound up having two diaper bags, dads dull bag was always ready for when I worked during the weekend and the guys went out. 🙂

  42. We have the Snugabunny swing and bouncer seat and we, and our daughter, love them! The bouncer seat is hands down the best gift we received, and Ada (11 weeks old today!) loves to sit in it first thing in the morning and kick and stretch while she looks outside. I put her in it on the kitchen island when I’m cooking and it even goes outside with us so Ada can dine alfresco 🙂 It has music and vibrations and is really a great piece of baby equipment. Your picks look lovely and I’m sure are just as great, but I wanted to give you a real-life review of those products because they are wonderful.

    Also, I’m not sure if the Zen swing has an AC adapter? I know when I was researching swings the snugabunny was almost the only one that did not require batteries and would plug right into the wall, which is really fantastic when you’re using it every day.

  43. So funny, we registered for the first 3 items:) In our defense, we are not finding out the gender of our baby so we’re liking the neutrals.

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