24 Weeks: Fannnntastic


Deal with fan

Yay – another task removed from the to-do list!!!



Fan (1)

My thought process here involved lots of options:

1) Replace fan totally with a light fixture (something like this)

2) Then I decided to keep the fan because of the air flow benefits.

3) Paint the fan a funky color or design

4) But in this post, I thought maybe of just keeping it brown to match the bed.

5) I started to look for replacement shades instead of the dirty metal ones. But most fan shades are not cloth and are dated ceramic (and expensive!)

6) I washed the metal ones with Shaklee and found the rust gunk to come out – good as new.

7) Then I moved the bed, so the matching brown was no longer visual and the fan became even more of an eye sore.

8) I decided the silvery metal would look more modern against white. And the fan would blend into the ceiling better. It’s really a pretty new/modern fan.

9) PAINT THE FAN attempt…

A final before –


I didn’t quite know how the blades would come off, but it ended up being pretty easy. I was THRILLED that the silver horseshoe shaped pieces stayed so I only had to paint the actual blades without any taping!

Fan (9)

Just involved a drill and some strong hands to un-stick the blades

Fan (11)

Dirty brown.

Fan (12)

Paint of choice picked up by Matt at Lowes

Fan (15)

Drop cloth to protect screens [old basement curtains]

Fan (13)

I did my best to mask the spray from my breathing and worked quickly. Coat #1

Fan (16)

Matt ended up doing coat #2 because the spray was more in the air than I liked.

Fan (14)

I did have to do a final coat on the edges in the morning. But luckily because fans are high up I only had to paint one side!

Fan (17)

And in a matter of 24 hours…

Fan (2)

We had a modernization! The metal looks refreshed and the fan blends much better with the ceiling!

Fan (3)

Power on –

Fan (4)

The white blades melt away when the fan is running

Fan (5)

Very very happy with this transformation that ended up costing only a can of spray paint!

Fan (18)

Before + after

Eyesore Fan (1)

Note that I also swapped out the paintings. My grandmother’s Adam + Eve on the far wall

Fan (6)

And animals over the changing table. I think the scales work a bit better.

Fan (7)

I think that takes care of the last of the nursery décor. [At least during the newborn stages.] Now we just have to fill it with baby stuff!


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35 thoughts on “24 Weeks: Fannnntastic”

  1. It looks great! I love how it blends in now and doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb.
    I love that we started the nursery early too because it’s fun to tweak stuff and move stuff around until you get it just how you want it 🙂

  2. YAY! The white turned out great! I’m sure you won’t regret the decision to keep up the fan- now especially! Plus, I hear that we are recommended to keep a fan on the baby while baby sleeps to keep SIDs rates down…… Anyway- very modern and cute! 🙂

  3. I never noticed the fan until this post and wow…..the white looks so much better. Your eyes aren’t immediately drawn up to the brown fan. Good job!! 🙂 I’m glad it went so easy, too.

  4. Due to a very busy past 6 months with work, I had stopped 99.99% of my blog reading, so imagine my surprise to learn that you are pregnant! This is a special delight because I am pregnant with my first child myself (15 weeks)! I look forward to catching up on your posts!

    Fan looks waaaaaaay better, in my opinion! Amazing what a simple can of paint can do! I am currently strugling with whether to go with a white or dark wood scheme myself, due to the fact that our existing furnitue is dark wood. Seems that all the cute baby furniture is white, though!

  5. Great DIY project! I am nine weeks further along than you but I also find myself looking/doing more creative projects around the house and nursery. We are going this week to get our crib and this weekend is our baby shower! So overwhelming to leave things for the end but so far a lot has gotten done. Since there is no crib and stuff, I have everything I have ordered thus far in their boxes still so I am very much looking forward to after the shower where I can unpack it all!

    I am not sure if you ever mentioned anything about a shower (I didn’t start following BERF from day one) but are you planning a shower?

  6. Wow, that’s an amazing transformation considering it was just painting the blades! I spray painted a couple small dressers when I was pregnant and didn’t hear the end of it from my husband and mom. Of course I took precautions but when you want to paint a baby item, you WANT PAINT A BABY ITEM! Lol 🙂

      1. Can I ask you how you registered? I am thinking of registering at multiple stores… How did you register for something on Etsy?

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