25 Weeks: Stretch + Grow


25 weeks doesn’t seem that far along to me, but when I think that I’ll be in the 30s in just over a month, it feels like there’s not that much time left! Of course you do spend a lot of time in the 30s, but it still sounds so advanced!

Remember how last week I said I felt like my stomach was still flat? Totally turn around. It’s started to get in the way now, and when I lean against things or look down, I’m not surprised to see a big bump.


In fact, it’s getting HEAVY! When I’m tired, I sometimes pick it up like so:


It’s only going to get heavier and heavier too! I’ve worn a belly band a few times when I got particularly tired, but my chiropractor warned against wearing it too much or the important muscles I do need to hold up my stomach when I’m not wearing it might weaken.

I’ve been feeling lots of movements – a few that actually felt like LIMBS! It was like he was juuuust on the other side of my muscles and pushing his foot right out into my hand. So weird when it feels so small and real! Generally the movements still feel like twitches in there, although sometimes I get a real “humany” one Smile


I’ve felt more tired lately – on and off. And my body literally feels like all the screws in my pelvis are loose! Sometimes I wonder if my pelvis and lower back joints are just going to fall open and I’ll split in two. I think it’s too early for relaxin, so maybe it’s just the weight shifting to the front that is causing all of this. I’m still having SI joint pain – some proactive things I’ve done on that for another focused post. I just don’t think I can do as much physically as I used to.

Right and left!


Matt said that he’s noticed more people looking my way when we’re out and about. Not really staring in a mean way, but just that my stomach is turning heads. I guess people find pregnancy exciting and interesting! I certainly seem to notice all the pregnant women more often now! I have strangers ask me when I’m due all the time now, so I think it’s pretty obvious from the outside – probably even more in real life than photos because roundness is more evident in 3D. Maybe I’m due for a video soon?


I think it’s sooo cute to imagine him in there doing baby things – taking naps, drinking some amniotic fluid, stretching or kicking his feet. I like to think he’s already on a schedule since he’s almost always very active in the evenings. Cuteness!!

26 weeks….here I come!



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43 thoughts on “25 Weeks: Stretch + Grow”

  1. Ha! On a schedule….don’t expect that in month one. They have a pattern just long enough for you to get used to it…then bam! Growth spurt and it all changes.

  2. I just posted about the pain in my pelvis- it is incredibly painful and feels broken- luckily this week it has been a lot better….. I totally get the feeling that with 25 weeks down, there isn’t a whole lot of time left- especially since I know how hard it will be to do certain things…. I just turned 27 weeks today and time has been flying by!

  3. Definitely getting rounder!
    I am always amazed at how much interest strangers show in my pregnancy. They honestly seem so excited, it is kind of nice.
    And at 34 weeks it is amazing how a comment from a stranger that “you can’t even tell you are pregnant from behind!” can totally make your day 🙂

  4. I’m so glad you posted about “picking up” the bump–I’ve been wondering what the bump feels like. I always just thought it would support itself, especially because it’s so hard. Does it feel like having really heavy breasts maybe?

    1. Yeah, good comparison! Not quite as bad though because abs and ligaments help too. But they get tired.

  5. One of those people noticing your belly out and about has probably been me! There are an enormous amount of pregnant women around Cville this time of the year-I’ve counted 25 between going to Fridays and the Market the next morning. Must be something in the air!:)

  6. I tend to look at pregnant ladies in awe! I am always so excited for them. We hope to be able to start trying this winter. I can’t wait!

  7. Cute outfit in today’s pic! Love that tank! I just bought a new maternity sleeveless shirt and 2 pairs of shorts at Old Navy yesterday,which followed an online order of 2 dresses. We are just a few weeks apart- I am almost 24 weeks and am having a boy too! Told myself I need to start buying baby stuff and stop buying maternity clothes. 🙂 it is my 2nd pregnancy so I do have most of the important stuff, but I do have a short list of new things or replacement things to get. Love reading both of your blogs daily!

    1. I haven’t heard of those – cool concept. However, we already have a crib and a bed, so I don’t think we’ll go that route

    2. That’s interesting and funny enough–exactly what we did with our second and third sons. I didn’t realize there was a name for it or all the benefits but it makes sense after watching the video.

  8. I totally think you should do videos! I saw a full progression on YouTube where the girl would turn from side, to front, to side, lifting her shirt to show her belly, and stuff – it was super cute, and each clip was just a few seconds long 🙂

  9. I’m nowhere near starting a family and this blog never fails to be a contagiously feel-good read. Your happiness really jumps out of the screen! Here’s to a healthy happy pregnancy for you and Matt! 🙂

  10. You look great! I love the pic of you holding him up. 🙂

    That’s interesting what your chiropractor said about the maternity band. It makes sense, though.

  11. girlfriend-you look preggers!! really preggers! must be so fun to have people notice. i can’t wait for the same to happen to me 🙂

  12. you look beautiful!! serious question – do babies in utero really drink amniotic fluid? that’s so interesting! i learn something new everyday on your baby blog.

  13. hold up…does this mean babies pee and poop in the womb too? where does the waste go?

    genuinely interested – clearly i don’t know very much! sorry to be a noob.

    1. They do pee and they drink it! They don’t poop though because it’s only liquid that they are drinking in there (the amniotic fluid)

    2. The first poop they have after they’re born is all the amniotic fluid they’ve been sucking in! It’s very black, tarry and sticky. Lol!

  14. I’m so glad you’re going to post something about the SI joint. I’m 32 weeks pregnant and have had some very intense SI joint pain. This is my fourth(!!) pregnancy and the first one I’ve felt this pain. I can’t wait to hear some of your remedies 🙂

  15. Just wait until he kicks your kidney or bladder! Lol! I was always paranoid of his leg or arm getting stuck under my ribs…I’ve heard that happens and it freaks me out!!! I carried very low so I didn’t have to worry about that! Hopefully I carry low this time too 😉

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