26 Weeks: Bump At The Beach


26 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wheeee!! Every Friday feels like a birthday. It’s my turnover day and when I woke up this past week and thought “my baby is 26 weeks!” it was the same exciting feeling as 10.26 is every year.


As I start the 27th week, a few of my apps have put me in the third trimester already. But I think mentally I’m going to count it at 27 weeks – just a few days to go. I really feel like actually having the baby is not too far away…!

I’m feelin’ pretty huge this week – I think I went through a growth spurt!

IMG_1379 IMG_1381

It’s been weird showing my big stomach at the beach, but also it’s pretty liberating. A totally different bikini experience than I’m used to. My stomach may be big, but it’s firm and set in its place, and I feel like people can pretty much tell I’m pregnant. (At least I hope!)


The baby is moving all of the time and all over the place! Remember how I said he did feel a little bit like an alien? That has all changed and now he feels like a baby in there! I feel like I have company with me at all times – in the best way : ) I feel like he’s always trying to communicate with me when he moves and let me know he’s in there.


I’ve started to really be able to notice a difference in the movements – some are obviously little limbs poking out and others are bigger backsides. I have even felt him step on my hand a few times! I feel the movements most clearly on my sides – especially if I lie on my side too. He’s definitely getting stronger in there!


I’m feelin’ really good overall this week. No nausea, energy is good, and my back is better!!! No idea how or why.


My biggest complaint is now HIP muscle pain. I think this might have to do with sleeping with my knee on a pillow – almost like my hip/glute is flexed all night and exhausted in the morning? Last night I slept mostly on my right side and my left hip was really sore all morning. If I switch sides, it’s the other side.

Luckily our doula gave us a fabulous stretch that feels amazing on the hips and glutes. It’s called the side release and Spinning Babies says it’s more for the pelvic floor than the hips, but it gives me amazing instant pain-free hips. We did the stretch around noon today and all of my hip/muscle pain disappeared.

My doula also told me that I should relax my abs more. I don’t spend too much energy holding my core in when I stand, but apparently I hold my abs pretty tight. She encouraged me to “just let it all out” more often and make more space for the baby to move around and things to fall into place. It’s called “making your stomach a hammock for the baby” and it’s also recommended to do this on all fours for the ultimate hammock (esp. just before labor!) It’s kind of strange doing it, but I do think it makes sense to vary my stomach positions throughout the day.

Normal vs. pushing it all out


Another new symptom: tingly feet! It’s like a very brief pins and needles and only lasts a split second, often when I stand up, sit down or hit my feet against something. I don’t think it’s anything blood-related like the vena cava compression – just something funky going on with nerves in my feet, likely from changing structures. Not too bad of a symptom though.

I’ve also noticed I don’t want to eat nearly as much as I used to. I’m rarely interested in seconds and sometimes can’t even finish my dinner. Not because I’m too stuffed, surprisingly, but because I just don’t want to keep eating the same flavor and my mouth gets tired of it. It’s a very odd sensation!

Rolling over at night is also pretty hard, but I’ve discovered if I go under (swing the bump under me in a plank) rather than over it’s a bit easier on my stretching abs. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to go under though!

It was fun having Matt around while I took my photos this week!! He’s usually at work. So I hear…the baby can hear us now!





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42 thoughts on “26 Weeks: Bump At The Beach”

  1. You really look fantastic!! I think both you and Matt are glowing. 🙂 Those are great pictures of the two of you.

    I can’t believe the difference in that picture of you standing normal and then pushing out. Wow!! You look much bigger pushing out.

    That little guy will be here before you know it. 🙂

  2. I showed my mom this blog yesterday. She knows that I’m a big fan of KERF but I told her that you were pregnant and so I showed her your baby-blog too. She was fascinated by your week by week posts. After having 4 children, she said it’s incredible to see how other women’s bodies change.

    You and Matt look very happy. I hope you had a great vacation!

  3. Talk to me about your back. I am in my 23rd week and activity was great up until two days ago. BAM! Major back/butt (scatica?) pain that makes it hard to even walk. I want to cry.

    1. Mine was SI joint and it wasn’t that bad – worse when I stood all day. I’m seeing a chiropractor and that helped a lot

    2. Hi Carolyn! I’m currently almost 35 weeks (wha?!) and I had the same issue you described from about weeks 30 to 32/33ish. It was horrible. I went from being very active and walking my dog a couple miles a day to having trouble getting up from the couch and walking around my house. The pain was the worst when I walked. Like Kath suggested, I had started going to a chiropractor and it took about two weeks but my pain finally went away. Glorious! I also saw an acupuncturist twice but my pain had subsided by then (had made the appointment when I still had it) so I can’t say whether it helped or not but I read that it can. I also went to the pool and swam a few times. This didn’t necessarily help my pain but I wasn’t in pain while in the water and it felt awesome to just float and swim- plus it was one of the few forms of exercise I could still do (along with the recumbent bike). Good luck- I know how you feel and I hope it gets better for you!! 🙂

      1. Katie,
        Let’s be friends. 🙂 It brings me relief just to hear your experience. I have an appointment at the chiropractor on Friday. I am a swimmer so I’m glad to know that didn’t bother you. I haven’t been in the pool since the mysterious “incident” but I’ll try tomorrow.

        What kind of things did the chiro do for you?

  4. I love the pictures of you and Matt! I don’t think you guys could be smiling any bigger. 🙂

    1. Oh god, at first glance I thought that said “I don’t think you guys could be any bigger” and I was like, they’re both pretty slim?!?!??

      And I think you’re feeling better this week because you’re at the beach — the beach makes everything better!

  5. I can tell as the weight shifts- so does my pain. My body usually adjusts okay but I’m pretty sure as the third trimester comes full swing- I’ll be singing a different tune….. It is so crazy to be able to feel the limbs in there, isn’t it. Watching the hand or head make a sweep all the way across my tummy is one crazy sight. I can’t believe that our babies will be in our arms soon! WOW!!!! 🙂

  6. Super interesting point about relaxing your abs – I have two friends who are dancers who had failure to progress (and ended up having Cesareans) …both attributed it to their pelvic floor/abs being too strong, so they were all “locked up” as one of their midwives put it.

  7. isn’t it incredible that you are already 26 weeks? I’m 23 weeks today and I can’t believe it.

    my bump has been growing a lot during the last two weeks I think, just realized that the baby should be a pound by now, so it’s reasonable that I start to show by now.

    looking forward to feel the tingling feet. since we are so close in due date, I love reading your weekly updates so I can anticipate what’s coming next.

  8. you look amazing and you’re just glowing 🙂 haha that’s too funny because I swing my bump “under” when I turn over in bed too. Feels a lot easier than trying to roll over the other way!

  9. I assume you have your glucose test coming up, no? I took mine yesterday and it was as awful as every other pregnancy I’ve had but I had to drink more than ever before (10 oz I think.) Prepare for a day of nausea if you are anything like me but thankfully I passed and don’t have to take the three hour one…

    I’ve been spared any back pains this time around (so far) but I’ve had leg cramps twice in the night. They are so bad that I’m sore the next day. Have you had any of those yet? I had them with my first but not with my twins and I swam much more in that pregnancy – I’m thinking maybe some pool time would help my veins…Have the veins in your legs changed at all with pregnancy? Just curious.

      1. Don’t be too scared, Kath, its different for everyone 😀 For me the drink wasn’t that bad and I experienced no ill effects.

  10. This series of photos are priceless, reflecting all the curiosity and humor and love you guys will soon be sharing with your little boy…your true personalities just shine. These would look great framed as a wall collage. So very sweet and special! 🙂

  11. Thanks for the stretches! I’m only 16 weeks, but already getting that hip pain where I have to keep switching sides.

    I think I remember you saying the classes you wanted to take were too far to get to or something. Are you taking any birthing classes or just sticking with your doula and lots of reading? We can’t decide…

    1. We did a local class one weekend on birth in general (blogged about it last week) and reading+ doula are for natural support

  12. re: showing your stomach at the beach, yes, you totally look pregnant and you look great, but you know what? The worst thing that could happen is that some random stranger on the beach thinks you look fat… and that makes absolutely no difference to your life. It can be hard to think that way in our society, but that thought in itself can be pretty liberating.

  13. You two are so cute and you are going to be awesome parents!

    You weren’t kidding when you said you hit a growth spurt. If anyone doubts you are pregnant now, they are just blind.

    I know they say that the second trimester is the honeymoon period, but for me late second, and the first half of the third were my sweet spot. Hope you have the same great fortune!

  14. The glow you have is amazing! I love the picture of you and Matt at the end. That one should be framed in the baby’s room!

    This is so exciting to watch you go through this!

  15. I tend to sleep on my right side more than my left side. The right side of my back has had some minor discomfort–possibly from the way the baby is positioned when I lay on my side–but it is not bad, and eventually subsides.

    Regarding your tingly feet, I occasionally get a Charley horse in my right foot, but it eventually goes away when I flex my foot.

    I like the last pic. of you & Matt! Too cute!


  16. Congrats on your pregnancy!!! I just turned 26 weeks on may 26th and really look forward to reading through some of your blog posts. I have found the blog world to be extremely helpful in all things pregnancy and baby. You look great by the way 🙂 Leslie

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