26 Weeks: Goodie Goodie Gumdrops!

I’ve been all food and household on OpenSky for the past two years, but pregnancy opens up a whole new door of products to score in deals. To kick off the addition of baby products to my shop (in the coming weeks….) OpenSky is sponsoring this giveaway of three popular baby registry items:

Aden + Anais Swaddle 4-packs

There are everywhere and so beautiful and simple! [Winner chooses girl, boy, neutral]


Designer Diaper Bags by Jonathan Adler – Changing Pouch

Matching my nursery theme! This pouch is a diaper changer that converts any style of bag into a diaper bag. Or it’s a punch of color for those who went with neutral colors on their diaper bags!


Lawn Countertop Drying Rack by Boon

Do you know I almost bought this for my kitchen to dry little spoons and bowls? If it weren’t so popular in the baby world I probably would have. I love wheat grass as décor, so this is one kitchen “appliance” that will be allowed on my countertop someday : )



There will be TWO winners!

To Enter

1) Those new to OpenSky, enter by signing up here

2) Those already following me, leave a comment on this post to let OpenSky know you’d like to be entered

Giveaway is sponsored by OpenSky and ends at midnight, tomorrow night, 5/30. Winner will be announced at the bottom of this post in the following days.

This contest is now closed – and the winners (randomly picked by OpenSky) are:

#83 Kathryn Summer

#162 Rachel





Car Seat Safety


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187 thoughts on “26 Weeks: Goodie Goodie Gumdrops!”

  1. Those blankets are THE BEST! Would love another set! I am already following you too 🙂

  2. Any of those items would be ideal for our new baby coming this August. I follow you on OpenSky!

  3. I am only 12 wks along, so I haven’t completed a baby registry yet, but those blankets and the lawn would definitely be on my list! I am already following you on Open Sky 🙂

  4. I already follow you on Open Sky! Love my calibowls! Just had a baby girl on 5/15 and could always use more gear… 🙂

  5. I’m already following you on OpenSky. My sister in law, who is due in November, would love these! 🙂

  6. I follow you on OpenSky and would love to win! I actually own all 3 of these items and they’re some of my favorite baby gear for my 3.5 week old daughter. I’d love more Aden + Anais swaddle blankets, as they’re the perfect weight for summer. I’ll likely give the rest to friends and family having babies later this year!

  7. These would make fabulous gifts for my best friend who is expecting! I especially love the blankets.

  8. Hi! I follow you on OpenSky and would love to win! We are trying to for baby #2 and any of these items would be great to have!

  9. I follow you already and I would love love love to have some more of the aden and anais blankets. We use them for everything.

  10. Already following and would love the blankets (and diaper changer) for my first baby coming just a few weeks after you!!!

  11. I just signed up for OpenSky – it’s new to me as well, so thank you for mentioning it! I’ll be 10 weeks tomorrow and am getting more excited each day as I discover awesome new baby items. There’s so much to choose from!

  12. I am 29 weeks pregnant with my first and would absolutely love to add these great products to my stash of baby gear (especially the drying rack – so fun!). I just signed up for Open Sky and am now following you!

  13. I already follow you on Open Sky 🙂

    We LOVE our swaddle blankets and would love to have more! Ours are so well loved that some of the corners have gotten holes from so much swaddling!

  14. I am due August 4th with my first (a little boy!) and would love to win this giveaway – these are all great items that are functional AND cute! I also already follow you on OpenSky. Thanks!

  15. I follow you on Open Sky and have been assured those Aden and Anais blankets are worth mounds of gold!

  16. Love the a&a blankets! We use them for everything and you can never have too many! I also love the peace of mind I get from knowing tbey are breathable! I’ve also been debating purchasing that drying rack!

  17. I follow you on Open Sky and I’m sleeping with my fingers crossed in hopes that I can win these goodies! I’m sure my baby boy (ETA Sept/24) is also crossing his tiny little fingers. 🙂

  18. I do follow you on Open Sky and love what I have ordered in the past. Those blankets are adorable!!

  19. I follow you on Open Sky and I’ve got my fingers crossed in hopes that I can win these! Such a fab giveaway! THANKS!

  20. I follow you. I love the blankets and am crossing my fingers I win. I just had a baby 8 days ago!

  21. I follow you on Open Sky. I would love to have these products- many are on my baby-list!

  22. I follow you on Open Sky already. Any of these would be great to have – my husband and I are trying to conceive our first first now. I love that the bottle dryer can actually sit out on your counter and look cute.

  23. I am due right after you and love some of these products. I am following you on open sky and would love to be entered, YAY!

  24. Hi! I follow you on Open Sky and would love to win these goodies. I’m 34 weeks today so I am kicking into total nesting and stock-up mode to finish preparations for this baby girl!

    Question to the other moms – how many Aden + Anais swaddling blankets would you recommend? I hear they are useful for so much beyond swaddling but I am curious how many would be useful to have on hand without being overkill? I got one package for my shower and was considering a second 4 pack but was torn. (of course, if I win a set that will solve this dilemma! hehe)

    1. I thought 4 was plenty. You’ll be doing laundry so often that you can always have a couple in use. 🙂

  25. Would love any of these items for my baby coming in Nov! Following you on open sky already 🙂

  26. I already follow you on OpenSky and would love to be entered!

  27. LOVE that grass drying rack! Mine is so boooooring! My countertop could use a splash of color 🙂

  28. Already a member of OpenSky and following you. Would love to win these items for my 6 week old!

  29. I’d love to win these items (which all happen to be on my registry) for my October baby! Following you on open sky!

  30. I follow you on Open Sky as well! I am STALKING sales and can’t wait to try the Aden & Anias swaddle blankets. 🙂

  31. I already follow you on Open Sky. I am 14 weeks and haven’t bought a single baby thing yet or registered but love all these items!

  32. Follow you on Open Sky and due with my first about a week or two before you are!

  33. I already follow you, this would be so awesome to win for our little baby boy due this October!

  34. I follow you on Opensky. These are great baby items! I just became a new mom and I would love to win them!

  35. We just opened the baby making flood gates and would love to enter this contest!!! Here’s hoping they’ll be put to use soon 😉

  36. I’d never heard of Open Sky before reading your blogs, but I’m certainly willing to check it out for a shot at my favorite swaddle blankets!

  37. i follow you!

    i would love to win. 23 weeks with my first right now and need all the help i can get 🙂

  38. I just followed you on open sky. I have been reading your blog for awhile. I am due in November and really love reading baby kerf! I would love to win!!!

  39. I follow you on Open Sky! Came across your blog from googling 6 weeks pregnant morning sickness! Ha! Love your blog 🙂

  40. already following on open sky….i would love these for my sister-in-law who just had a baby girl!

  41. I already follow you and wold love the blankets!! I used them while babysitting and they are fantastic. but then realized they are a little costly.I’m 24 weeks :P)

  42. I already follow you on Open Sky and I would love to be entered. I am 31 weeks pregnant, so I would especially love to win! Thanks for the great giveaway and I hope you are enjoying your vacation!

  43. I’m following you now on Open Sky and would love to be entered to win! I am due August 13th with a baby girl!

  44. Ooooh! Fun! I am already a follower of yours on opensky and would love to be entered!

  45. Oh wow, I would love one of these. Have two little ones already but am planning a third in a few years. 🙂

  46. I follow you on OpenSky and would love these, I’m due at the end of November!

  47. Would love to win, and I know exactly which lovely mama-to-be I’d give the goodies to. 🙂

  48. I already follow you on Open Sky. I am 33 weeks pregnant and would love these!!!

  49. that drying rack looks really bad for mold/mildew build up. We have similar drying racks in our lab and its nearly impossible to get the microbes from growing in the “grass” crevices. just fyi.

  50. I would love to be entered into the drawing. Would be great to have these items 🙂

  51. Hi Kath and Baby Kerf!

    I’ve actually been following this blog since my friend sent me the link when I was about 15 weeks pregnant. I was still feeling pretty sick at the time and spent about two hours reading all the back entries and laughing. Turns out you and I are due within a week of each other and are having almost the exact same pregnancy – runner turned walker, morning sickness battle, loving yoga (thanks for the recommendation!), SI Joint pain and I *think* I’m having a boy though we aren’t finding out. It’s been so fun to follow you and your pregnancy adventures on your blog. Keep up the great work!

    I’m also now following you on Open Sky and would love to be entered in the giveaway.

    Thanks again and Good Luck!

  52. I also follow on Open Sky and would love to be entered and win any of the great items!

  53. I love and need all three items! Especially the swaddling blankets – I have yet to bring myself to spend the money on those, but I will need them in 15 weeks! And I already follow you on OpenSky.

  54. I currently follow you on OpenSky and I would love to be entered into this giveaway! I have just under a month left until my due date 🙂

  55. I follow you on Open Sky and I am having a baby in 8 weeks! These items would be great. Thank you for the chance to win!

  56. I follow you on Open Sky…..AND these Aiden & Anais blankets are ANAZING!

  57. Would love to get these! I’m due June 28th 🙂 I’m following you on OpenSky!

  58. My sister is due 4 weeks before you and she’d love any of these!! Thanks, Katherine!

  59. i already follow you on open sky! we are due with our first September 14th – any of these wonderful products would be SO NICE to have in our home!

  60. I have a new great-nephew born yesterday and would love to win one of these products for him! I already follow on OpenSky.

  61. Just started following you. I love the blankets–I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. I’m due October 20.

  62. I alway follow you on open sky, so glad you are adding some baby items, I am due with our first Nov 2!

  63. Hi Kath, I follow you on Open Sky and am expecting my first baby in December! Please enter me!

  64. Would love to try these out! I’m already following you also.

  65. Just followed on open sky. Expecting baby girl in late September and would love some girly stuff (already have a sweet son, but nothing pink)

  66. We are expecting a little girl in September and all 3 of the goodies you mention would definitely come in handy! Somehow I was not following you anymore on OpenSky–just reconnected with you! Thank you for hosting such a great giveaway!

  67. I follow you on Open Sky. These products are great; I especially love the grass ‘drying rack.’

  68. I just signed up for Open Sky and am following you. I would LOVE to win- I am 34 weeks pregnant and these are all things I would love to have!

  69. I follow you and would love to win any of these things for my next child next year!

    I have a few of the A&A blankets for my son and they are absolutely wonderful. Very soft and light for those times when baby needs just a little bit of covering (breezy or sunny days), and perfect for swaddling at night during that couple of months when baby doesn’t need super tight uber-newborn swaddling anymore but isn’t quite ready to go 100% unswaddled yet. They’re also just great to leave stuffed in the diaper bag for random uses.

  70. I am new to Open Sky but look forward to shopping. I am due in October with my first child and would love to win.

  71. Would love to win all these…could use them all with my 3-month old little gal. I follow you on Open Sky!

  72. I follow you on Open Sky… What an awesome giveaway! I’d love to gift these to my brother and his wife, upon the arrival of my first niece in September!

  73. I just added you to my Open Sky account. Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway!

  74. I created an OpenSky account and connected to you on there. I hope that was all I needed to do!

  75. I follow you on opensky and would love to be entered. All three are awesome! Thanks!

  76. Open Sky is such a cool idea. I am all about reading reviews, so when I can browse through “collections” of items that come recommended from bloggers, I’m in heaven!

  77. Follow you on OpenSky!

    35 weeks pregnant, almost there! Have had my eyes on these products but with setting up space for our daughter, have yet to purchase them. Would be nice to win! Good luck to all!

  78. Already on OpenSky, but wasn’t following you. Now I am – I wasn’t sure if I still had to comment to get added to the contest or not!

  79. Awesome giveaway. My best friend is expecting her first child in 2 months. Would love to give her these items. I already follow you and love OpenSky!!!

  80. I thought I commented here…but I don’t see it. I followed you on Open Sky, and would love to win the a+a blankets for my little one due 08.25. (Please delete my other comment if it did go through – I’d hate to be disqualified for my technical error!)

  81. Enter me, please! I am due 7/16, so it’s been fun following you!

  82. Best blankets EVER! Plan to give for every single baby gift/shower from now on. And grandbabies.
    Follow you on Open Sky.

  83. I am due mid-November and have just started to look at all the things I need to register for to get ready. I follow you on Open Sky and can’t wait to look around there for baby things. The blankets and changer look great!

  84. leaving another comment as per request on the double entry! I want to be entered in the giveaway!

  85. I just joined OpenSky. I think I will now be addicted. I have been reading your blog for months and love it.

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