27 Weeks: Knocked Up Fitness

While I was at the beach last week I brought along the Knocked Up Fitness Pilates Infused Fitness DVD. The DVD is led by mother-of-three Pilates instructor Erica Ziel. Erica sent me her DVDs to review here on BERF.


As you know, I am not very experienced in Pilates. I’ve done a class here and there – maybe 5 in my lifetime. I blame my lack of participation on an itch to move around, but I do think it’s a very effective method of strengthening. Now that I’ve slowed down a bit with my fitness, Pilates is more appealing. Especially because the equipment required is minimal.

In my expedited vacation workout schedule, I opted to do 3 of the short workouts:

-Warm-up (12 mins)

-Prenatal Fitcamp (8 mins)

-Total Body Pilates (8 mins)


I didn’t have my exercise ball with me at the beach or any weights, but I improvised with the ball and used water bottles for weights.


Overall, I really enjoyed the workout! I felt like I’d be stretched and strengthened during the ~30 minutes I did. In fact, I was only going to do 2 of the workouts and ended up adding one more because they went by so fast.


  • How short the workouts were. In contrast to Expecting More, which I liked because the workouts were so long, this is a great contrast for days when you don’t want to spend an hour weight lifting. Perfect especially for later trimesters when you don’t really know how your energy levels will be : )
  • The workouts move fast – so I never got bored or itchy
  • I liked Erica’s temperament and the studio was really pretty and natural – not 80s aerobics décor
  • You can really do one of these every day because they are short and effective OR you can do more at once and bank them together
  • I felt that new muscles of mine were used, a nice contrast to Body Pump power lifting
  • It was similar to my prenatal yoga class with pelvic tilts/cat cow

Didn’t Love

  • The exercise ball – because I didn’t have mine with me! But I just put a pillow down on the floor, so it wasn’t a huge deal
  • While I found the workout to be effective, I didn’t feel super challenged. But who really is after that late in pregnancy anyways?
  • I just don’t looove Pilates, but I can see how beneficial this type of workout is

Since this was just the Pilates “infused” session, I’m betting the other DVD – THE Pilates workout – is harder! I definitely think these workouts will be good for post-baby home exercise too.

Here is the Amazon page and costs – $19 each or $36 for both. I would recommend getting the fitness one if you don’t love Pilates and the other if you already practice.

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7 thoughts on “27 Weeks: Knocked Up Fitness”

  1. Is it really fair to list the excersice ball in the “didn’t love” section of your review just because you didn’t have one? It clearly says that a ball is needed on the back of the dvd.

    I’d be a little annoyed by that if this were my product that you were reviewing.

    1. My point is that equipment was required, which is a con to any home-DVD to me. You can easily sub a rug for a yoga mat or water bottles/cans of beans for weights, but an exercise ball is pretty specific. I didn’t have one myself until last month when I got it for labor, and those on tight budgets might be sad that the DVD called for one.

      1. Luckily you can find them for about $5-$10 at Wal-Mart, Target or Amazon! Shouldn’t be much of a con, especially considering how many awesome uses they have 🙂

  2. That makes much more sense writing out that way…that you don’t like when equipment is required. The way you wrote it though makes it sound like you were just annoyed that you didn’t have yours with you.

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