27 Weeks: The Final Third


Third trimester is here! Just 13 weeks to go. Sounds like no time at all – until I remember that’s three months +! And that I have the entire summer in front of me : ) But I’m sure it’s going to fly by because it already is! I used to count every day of every week: “17+1, 17+2, 17+3” but now I am sometimes even forgetting what week I am in. A sign time is speeding up.


By far the biggest “news” this week is something I debated writing about, but I feel other women should be prepared to expect this: my boobs are leaking big time!! Well it’s not all that much – I don’t need breast pads or anything – but it happens frequently! I noticed some colostrum weeks ago, but it has gradually increased frequency of release. The weirdest new thing is that I’ve started to be able to predict when it’s happening. My nipples get a tingle/sharp/tightening/almost-needle-like sensation (it’s not all that pleasant) and I’ve peeked down to notice that there are indeed some drops coming out when this happens. Is this let down? So far I’m just so fascinated with it that it’s not a bother – I hope it doesn’t start to really leak too much in the weeks to come! I’m not ready for breast pads yet. A lot of people have commented on the veins in my chest, so I guess it’s not much of a secret that they are going to produce milk someday : )

On the bump front, it’s growing! A new feeling is that I feel as if my lower ribs are sitting on top of a basketball in there.  Sometimes I feel like I have to re-adjust my ribs to take the pressure off. Bending over is getting increasingly hard to do too. I’m scared to bend over too much – what if I crush him!

I think I mentioned before that I have one of the deepest belly buttons in history. I’ve never seen the bottom. Well I THINK I can see the bottom now. I wonder if it will turn into an outie before I’m done growing!? That would be cool! Also that chicken pox scar that started way inside is now not even in my belly button. It’s on my stomach. So things are definitely pushing outward.


The movements are now totally FUN and really exciting at times! They have moved beyond kicks all day long and into the “that was a limb” phase. The other night I was lying on my side and felt a knobby limb come poking out the top. I put my fingers on it and could kind of interact with him. Matt was able to feel it too (Father quote: “That is what I’ve been waiting months to feel!”) Really cool. Little guy is also pretty wild in there at times and sometimes my stomach looks like a ping pong ball going back and forth. A few of the movements have almost hurt they were so strong!


On the symptom front, I think I have just now approached the bladder compression stage. I don’t really have to pee all the time, but on several of my walks I will go right before I leave and have to go again not 5 minutes after I’m out the door. I have to go the whole walk and when I get home – not much even comes out! I guess it’s just getting a bit squished in there.

Ever since our beach trip, my SI joint hasn’t hurt at all. For the short term I’m blaming Body Pump squats and am going to modify those for a while. I’m so thankful that pain is gone. My hip muscle tiredness isn’t too bad either (only some mornings when I first get up).

My biggest complaint right now is probably that sudden movements like sneezes or rolling over in bed can sometimes really hurt my abs/ligaments – almost like a spasm or cramp. This isn’t really new, but they’ve gotten stronger if I move too fast. Probably one of the reasons why pregnant women seem to take so long to change positions! If I move too fast I never know what my body might do….


Loving having a bump !



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49 thoughts on “27 Weeks: The Final Third”

  1. Too funny about your bellybutton. My husband and I call mine the abyss… Haha and at 37 weeks, mine is just starting to go flat. I doubt it will “pop”, so yours might not either! Is it weird that I don’t want it to become an outie because I don’t know if it will come back?

  2. “My nipples get a tingle/sharp/tightening/almost-needle-like sensation (it’s not all that pleasant)” – yep, that would be the feeling of let down! It feels different for everyone, but I think it’s really cool, to know what your body’s up to. I’ll get it when I first start to breastfeed, multiple times throughout breastfeeding (I have multiple letdowns, not all women do), and sometimes even when I hear my baby (or another baby!) cry. I’ve got friends who still get the feeling, randomly, years after they’ve stopped breastfeeding!
    I would go ahead and start wearing breast pads now if you’re already leaking some.
    Congrats on making it to the third trimester!

    1. Yes, to getting the feeling years after breastfeeding is done! Sometimes when I see a particularly cute little baby, my boobs seem to get a mind of their own. LOL!

    2. Yup, that’s a good description of letdown. Even though I was leaky before birth, I didn’t *really* feel it until after my milk came in. The first time I felt it, I thought my son was just sucking *really hard* because it sort of traveled up the milk ducts too.

      Also, funny story, the first time I noticed that I was leaking colostrum, my husband said, “Well, your boobs work.” Ha. Thanks, sweetheart.

  3. Whoa! Does it actually drip out?! Or just seep? I could express colostrum but even after giving birth I’ve never leaked. I think it’s genetic because my mom didn’t either and she had seven kids. I’m super curious about how it works.

    You look so great and TAN! I’m jealous, I think I need to go to the beach. hehe. Although it’s only been a week since I gave birth so a bathing suit isn’t quite my idea of sexy right now.

  4. Aww you look so great and cute pregnant! I’m jealous due too my attempting to get pregnant and I’m now playing the waiting game. Feeling the kicks and move menus is something I look forward too so much, I haven’t reeally had a chance to ever feel any from the outside so im really fascinated to feel it from the inside. And to see the look on my Hubby’s face when he first feels it will be great! It’s hard not to get too excite about the possibility I could be but I’m allowing my self a few moments here and there.

  5. Yep, that’s letdown. And reading about it happening to you made it happen to me, and now I’m at work with a wet shirt 😐
    I didn’t feel my letdown for a long time, so it’s great that you feel it now! (I would seriously look down at realize that my foot was covered in milk, or hear it dripping.) It’s so strange that your milk has come in since you haven’t had a baby on your breast. I suppose that means you’ll be able to feed him right away! The time that it takes a mother’s milk to come in can vary from immediately to many days after birth, which can be pretty stressful. I think it took 5 full days for my milk to come in and I was starting to get nervous. Yay, boobs!

  6. I have four weeks left and still no leakage! It’s crazy how different each pregnancy can is!

    This is my second pregnancy and after I gave birth to my first, I remember closing my eyes for a little while just to relax before the nurse walked in. When she came in, she wanted to talk breastfeeding and immediately pointed out that there were two large wet circles on my gown. My milk was flowing out! I remember her saying “I’ve never seen anything like that before”. I didn’t even notice I was wet, and didn’t even feel it coming down!

    I am hoping this time around it comes down shortly after birth so I can get right to breastfeeding and pumping!

  7. That’s let down. I really hope this means you’ll be in full supply for when the baby comes! I had a similar experience (doesn’t sound like as much you) but never got a very full supply. Breastfeeding was/is very important to me for the connection aspect and Sloane never took well to the breast and I’ve now added the extra stress of pumping to add everything i can to her formula supplement. It takes a lot out of you. I’ll be hoping and praying for you that it’s a plentiful 😉 experience for you and baby.

  8. I am so worried that my breasts won’t produce milk so I bet it is comforting to know that ‘hey, at least I know they work!’ even if it is a minor pain for the moment….. YAY for Matt getting to feel those feelings he has been waiting months for! 🙂 ….My Matt got several huge punches and kicks while we were just laying in bed this morning. I love that! Also, my Matt thinks it is sooooo great that my bellybutton is becoming a thing of the past- however, I am not a fan. It sure is stretching out!

  9. Yep, thats the let down. I never felt the let down while pregnant, but leaked just a little. For me, the let down hurt really bad in the beginning. My first baby had a nursing strike at around 4 weeks and I went to a lactation consultant and found out I had a “forceful letdown” which means it comes out way too fast for her when I let down and my baby was pissed about it. I found out I had to take my baby off during the let down and use a burp cloth to catch everything, then start nursing again after it was down. I had a few friends that had this too. The football hold and holding the baby more upright to drink also helped. Just letting you know – if you are already feeling a strong let down while pregnant, it may happen to you too. The forceful let down got better after a couple months and my baby got older and better able to handle it, so I didn’t have to do that forever. I think I saw you link this website before, but kellymom.com is the best resource!

  10. Sign of a good milk supply for when baby is born! I had a ton of colostrum from mid-pregnancy on…and my milk supply was intense. All good things! 🙂

  11. Yes that is definitely let-down 🙂 You will get more clued into realizing it’s happening once you start nursing and then again, it also becomes so routine you won’t notice it, both ends of the spectrum in a way. But yes, I think you’ll have plenty of milk and nursing will probably get off to an easy start for you 🙂 I’d buy a pump. Sounds like you may need it!

  12. You look fantastic! Ha…I love that you can be open about the leaking boobs! So many weird/strange/crazy things that can happen to your body during pregnancy that are totally normal. 🙂

  13. Sounds like let down to me! I know this will sound weird (okay really weird) but I thoroughly enjoyed the release of hormones when I nursed, so that let down feeling actually felt good to me (at least when I was near my baby!). I’ve just always been such a busy person that I never really relaxed until I had my daughter. Nursing (and the hormones) reminded me that I needed to just sit down and relax. And I did!

  14. That is how let down felt to me! Now you know what to expect once the breast feeding actually begins. I also have a very deep belly button, and it never became an outtie, but just became very shallow at the end.
    You look so small for being 27 weeks! That is great!

  15. That is so good to know about the leaking. I am learning so much from your experience. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Oh, and one thing I didn’t know beforehand (that I wish I did!) is that every time you nurse ( for the first 24? 48? hours or so) it will stimulate contractions to make your uterus shrink back down, and will feel pretty painful (on top of the normal cracked/bleeding nipples, etc.). I never needed any pain meds during my 50+ hour labor, but I did take some OTC strength stuff for that pain – you don’t have the adrenaline, etc. that you have during labor to get through the pain, and it can be kind of rough!

    1. Cracked and bleeding nipples isn’t “normal” and is a sign that something is off (usually the baby’s latch). When a baby is latched-on correctly, there shouldn’t be any sharp pain. Some discomfort is normal since we’re not used to someone sucking on our nipples every hour or two LOL

  17. Don’t worry; you won’t crush him! If you get into a position that he’s unhappy with, he’ll totally let you know. Charlie didn’t like his space infringed upon, and if I’d bend over too far or lean too far forward in my chair, he’d kick me. And hard. Your baby will let you know; I promise! 😀

  18. Maybe your lil’ guy is practicing karate moves 🙂 He might want to take karate lessons 🙂

    I have bladder compression all the time. But that is because I believe I have mild hypoglycemia/low blood sugar. Frequent urination is a symptom of hypoglycemia.


  19. “I’m scared to bend over too much – what if I crush him!”

    I know you’re probably mostly joking, but in case you (or someone else reading this) aren’t – no way, no how! He is incredibly well protected in there. Your uterus alone is an incredibly strong and sturdy muscle protecting him from the outside world, not to mention that nice cushy water balloon he’s hanging out in. 🙂 Bending too far may not be comfortable for YOU, and taking things slowly in case your joints do something unpredictable makes good sense for your own body’s sake, but don’t worry about the baby! He’s just fine in there. 🙂

  20. Just wanted to pass along some encouragements from someone else who labored in a hospital WITH a doula 7 months ago…it was fantastic! My doula studied with Ina May and she was so great through the whole experience. The thing about labor is that it is so personal that no one can tell you how it will go and what you will want or need in the moment. You’ll know and a good doula knows too! I thought I would be moving all around on the birthing ball, getting in the bath, etc. Once I got to the hospital, I didn’t want to even get out of bed and I didn’t care one bit when they put the IV in (I was GBS+). I didn’t want anyone to ask me questions or touch me. I got in the zone. My doula was so great because she understood and when I think about laboring, I think about her sitting by my bed, speaking quietly – not asking questions, just a calming presence next to me. I had a very short labor but during pushing, she knew that I needed something different and became an incredible proactive coach, telling me “you can do this! go for it!” all that to say, here’s to doulas!

    1. I love that you bring up her calming presence beside you. I think just knowing my doula is there will make all the difference in my confidence in myself

      1. That’s how doulas in the USA got their start ya know? Someone was conducting a study and the women had to sit in the room with a clipboard with the laboring mom to take notes and they started realizing that those moms ended up with a lot less interventions and less c-sections. Mind you these women were NOT actively helping the women–they were just a constant presence during their labor and birth. SO cool that another woman just being there can make that much of a difference!

  21. looking forward tom see the leak on myself, it sounds amazingly magical! 🙂

    I’m loving my bump too, in a way that I never imagined! 😉

  22. I never felt let down at all, but I’m guessing that’s what you’re feeling. Seems like a promising sign to feel it and leak a bit now — just means your system is preparing! You look so great — I love seeing new bump pics each week!

  23. Your describing of baby movements made me miss the “limb going ALLLLLL the way across my stomach feeling”! Pregnancy is such a fun experience! I don’t really have let down, but it sounds like that to me! (Note: I also don’t produce much milk – I’ve never leaked while pregnant or in the almost 8 months I’ve been nursing.)

  24. I only breastfed my 3rd and the first time I felt “let down” I thought for sure something was wrong!! He’s now 4 and it’s been 3 years since he weaned himself, but when I get close to my period, I can still sometimes feel the letdown sensation!

  25. Immediately after my son was born at the hospital, the LC came in to see how we were doing. She asked me if I had had any colostrum leakage during my pregnancy and I said, yes, a little bit toward the end. She said that was a good sign and that my milk would probably come in soon. I think it came in not even two days later.

    It sounds like yours could come in just as soon, if not sooner. 🙂 Good luck!

  26. Totally let-down! I still get the feeling sometimes, months after I weaned my little girl, but I never got it while pregnant and not even in the early days of her life. I think it bodes very well for breastfeeding & your milk supply that you are feeling it so early. Yay!

  27. I laughed about the deep belly button comment. I, too, have a very deep belly button. My belly button never popped out with either pregnancy. It just stretched out to nothingness. 😉

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