28 Weeks: Dress Me Up

Maternity clothes are a dream come true. Why aren’t all clothes this comfortable and adjustable!?


I went to Motherhood Maternity this week in search of a dress for my cousin’s wedding this weekend. I pull dresses off the rack with low expectations of them fitting well or making me look like anything other than a person in a cloth sack. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable I felt in the dresses – both mentally and physically. 

You would think that the only difference between maternity dresses and traditional dresses is extra fabric over the stomach. However, what I noticed was that they all had STRETCH in the RIBS. Most of my traditional dresses do still fit over my bump no problem, but they are all tight in the bust/ribs now. Probably from my barrel chest growth! These dresses fit over the head without a zipper yet the belts and elastic fit nicely to give me a waist – whatever kind of waist you can call your ribcage : )

Here are the three dresses I brought home:

Flowers for my cousin’s wedding tomorrow and my Hillsborough shower

2012-06-13 15.54.45

Summertime knit for the rehearsal dinner (and maybe my Cville shower!)

2012-06-13 15.59.22

Black lace with leather belt for miscellaneous occasion – a few “family of 2” date nights?!

2012-06-13 15.44.11

I didn’t buy this one that I felt tugged in the wrong places:

2012-06-13 15.50.15

And I would have bought this if I had wanted to spend more money, but I decided 3 was enough:

2012-06-13 15.52.15

My other to-do on this trip was to get a few nursing items for the first few weeks. I know, I know – wait to buy nursing bras. But I have to have SOMETHING to wear in week 1 and 2 and I know I will not want to go shopping quite yet! I plan to go back sometime in the first month to get a nice supportive official fitted and sized nursing bra or two, but today’s trip was just something to wear so that I am not braless for 2 weeks! (I am someone who almost always wears one…especially if we have company!)

Bras were buy-3-get-one-free so I picked up three of these sleep nursing bras – the kind you just push to the side. I bought mediums and there is room to grow! I hope to wear these for lounging, in the hospital and maybe during labor!


I also bought this stretchy sports-bra style one that clips down. This might be my training bra for going out of the house before it’s time to buy a real supportive one. I was surprised that the S/M fit me – but also, plenty of room to grow!


I tried on a few of Motherhoods build-in-bra tanks, but I found them to be less supportive and not quite big enough on top, so instead I bought two of these tanks:


The top is super stretchy and you just pull it down. I imagine they’ll be good for hospital/lounging at home too. Cute enough I might even wear them this summer!

2012-06-13 16.02.17

I have gone on 3 shopping trips for maternity clothes – one for jeans and a few tops in the first trimester, one for lots of cheap summer clothes (shorts and tops) in the second and this one for dresses and nursing gear in the third. I’m pleased to consider myself done with maternity shopping and have been happy with my wardrobe options. Not sick of anything…yet!

I probably spent about $500 total on clothing. I would have loved to borrow some from a friend, but I never got any offers, and my one experience shopping for second-hand stuff was quite disappointing – I could sense that all of the clothes had been worn over and over and over and were really tired looking and smelly. But sometimes you can hit a jackpot! I do consider these purchases to be “needs” more than “wants” and hopefully I will wear them again if we’re lucky enough to have a baby #2! I better not be in the complete opposite season next time…!

My favorite maternity items are my ribbed tanks from Old Navy – I wear them every single day! Under clothes, to bed, to workout and now that it’s summer – as a stand-alone tank. I love having so many colors to choose from and am glad my favorite item was the most inexpensive.


What was your favorite piece of maternity wear?

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103 thoughts on “28 Weeks: Dress Me Up”

  1. I never had much luck at Motherhood. I found the one by us so…idk…gross. but it looks like you had an amazing time there – those dresses are all so cute!

  2. I loved wearing dresses! I never realized just how comfy dresses were until I got pregnant. I got 4 from Old Navy and Motherhood Maternity and was so glad I splurged- they were great for work and I felt like I was wearing nightgowns all the time! I love your picks- you look wonderful!

  3. Wow. I have bought a pair of jeans, a pair of pants, and some undies. I have been super-lucky that 4 friends have generously donated their maternity clothes to me so that I haven’t had to buy more than that – $500 is way more than we could afford right now! I do agree about the fit of maternity clothes seeming to be just right. Some of my regular tops and things still fit, but they’re too short or (as you said) too tight up top. And I’m naturally busty anyway, so finding shirts that fit is always hard! Maternity clothes are much more forgiving of my now insanely massive bust line.

    I’m super-envious of that first floral dress – it’s just so cute! I might have to talk myself into just one more purchase for myself, even though I don’t really need it… 🙂

  4. I love maternity clothes as well! Nothing is ever tight. It’s great! It’s funny seeing those dresses on your blog because I bought a few of the same ones here in Canada! It’s good to see that those dresses still fit in the third trimester as I’m still in my second but am hoping they will make it until the end! I’m guessing I will have spent around $500 on maternity clothes by the end as well. We are younger then most of our friends so didn’t have any offers for maternity clothes either. I was telling my husband that we will have to keep having fall babies so we can keep re-using all these clothes! 🙂

  5. I’m not a big fan of the Motherhood stuff- it doesn’t fit me quite right- but the striped (stripes!) dress and the black lace one are adorable. My favorite pieces have been my Gap always skinny jeans and a striped tank dress, also Gap. I think most days my belly is covered in stripes between a few dresses, sweaters, tanks, and tees! I’m not shying away from bold prints or colors.

    I’ve found sizing up in some regular items has worked for me. I picked up 3 inexpensive ($17.95/ea) tank dresses from H&M that I wear belted above the bump to give me some shape (other than round). Accessories have been key to making things more exciting. Secondhand clothes shopping IS pretty disappointing. I’m amazed at the wear on the items offered since I know how selective the stores I go to are with their non-maternity clothes. I think I’ve only picked up two tees.

  6. Cute dresses! I wore that same type of stretchy sports bra for the first few weeks post partum and it worked great until I got fitted for “real” bras a bit later. Looks like you are set to go!! It’s so exciting to get to the stage you are at, not too much longer til you get to meet your little one 🙂

  7. I was a big fan of wearing the Target nursing tank tops. They were much more comfortable than the cheapo nursing bras I had.
    I’m actually starting to wear them as undershirts with a built in bra around the house now at 30 weeks pregnant as my regular bras are getting a little uncomfortable. They just ride up on the belly a bit now.

    1. I love those tanks too. Also, they allow me to wear whatever I want for a shirt over the top and if I lift my shirt to nurse, my stomach, in its stretchmarked glory, is covered. Around the house I usually just wear the tank without additional layering unless we have company.

  8. I LOVE the ‘Basics maternity bras’ that snap down in the front from target. They are SO comfy and stretchy! I also like the target maternity tanks as well (they snap down in the front). I bought a lot of maternity clothes from Target as well! I did one big shopping trip at motherhood maternity as well and got a nice pair of jeans and a couple dresses/tops. Hoping to wear these clothes during my next pregnancy, if it is winter time!

    All of the dresses you bought are super cute, but I think I like the last one the best (the black one that you didn’t buy)!

    1. Oh I see – you mean the brown one (hard to see in the light). It was just a little too loose, but I did like it!

      1. Your right, it is brown now that I look closer! I like all the dresses, but I especially liked the Brown one 😉

        I bought a flower one similar to the first dress and loved it! The good thing about maternity dresses is that (sometimes) they still look good once the bump is gone and you can still wear them!

      2. The brown is my favorite too, but the others are very cute! I especially like the striped one. A v-neck IS very flattering to us “bustier” women 🙂

  9. I was pregnant all last summer & my favorites were tanks from Target, a stretchy knee length skirt & maxi dresses (non maternity). I still have the dresses & since they aren’t maternity I can wear them again this summer. Anything w/o a waistband was a necessity for me in the last few weeks.

    Oh and I have the opposite issue w/nursing wear. The slide-over bras wouldn’t work since I’m so small up top, they just kept sliding back! I pretty much live in nursing tanks.

  10. I have those sleep bras – love them! I was a 34C before getting pregnant and then was a large 34 D or even DD after having my daughter in January of this year (we are nursing and still going strong!). I found that the large fit better for me in the early days of when my milk came in and in the first 2 months but once my supply evened out the Medium fit much better. I think you are a bit larger than me, so just wanted to share my experience incase you wanted to exchange 1 or 2 of them for the large. 🙂 Remember the return policy is 30 days (I think!)

  11. cute stuff!! you are so good about not going crazy buying tons of things…. i am a freak about clothes and have a feeling i will be wanting to buy a bunch of cute new things when i have a baby… especially if i am ever pregnant over the summer when clothes are just so much brighter and cuter… i should probably start a little savings account now 😉

  12. Aw, I think that last one was the most flattering on you by FAR! You and I have similar body shapes and scoop necks just don’t work at all, makes us look wider on top than we are. If you have time, you should go back and get that one and return one of the others 😉

    I also lived in ON tanks during pregnancy. So comfy and nice and long.

  13. I spent quite a lot on maternity clothes but I have an office job so I had to dress up. I’m wearing that black stretchy neck shirt right now! Great for nursing. I still wear all of my nursing tanks regularly so I say those are my favorite. Also I found 1 nice pair of maternity jeans that I still wear sometimes even though my baby is 4.5 months 🙂

  14. I am wearing that same striped Motherhood dress as I type this! It is a favourite for sure for work and on the weekends. I had good luck with the Value Village maternity racks early on and was able to get some dresses and tops (also Motherhood brand) and two pairs of identical, perfect, old navy full-pannel skinny jeans. That plus a few maxi dresses (so comfortable and pretty) have completed my wardrobe at this point. When it gets cold again I may need to grab a few extra things, but since I’m due in October at least I won’t need full snow gear!

  15. I’m jealous of the choice of bras you seem to have there! I’ve not had a concerted hunt for nursing bras yet, but I have checked them out when shopping for other things and the choice was abysmal (I’m in the UK). I’m hoping pregnant friends over here will be able to point me in the right direction.

    (Oh, and I really like the black lace dress.. you look lovely in it!)

  16. I love the striped dress! 🙂 They all look super cute!!!! You’ll be glowing- that is for sure!
    I LOVE my Old Navy ribbed tanks too! I wear them every day (almost) -even wearing one now. They are long enough when everything else isn’t. I had to buy some for workout gear too. LOVE THEM!

  17. I have the problem that you want to avoid-opposite season pregnanciy this time! It is pain. Last time, i found out we were expecting in early fall and needed to buy 2nd tri winter clothes and then a few warm weather pieces when i was almost due. This time i needed a larger size clothes this spring and ended up just getting a few capris, 1 dress, 2 skirts, and many matenity shirts with the side rouching, which wasn’t all over 2 years ago like it is now. Now I just hit 3rd tri (TODAY!) and i am needing “real” stuff-shorts, dresses, and more tanks.
    Last time, I loved the Liz Lange maternity ribbed tanks. I got a handful on clearance and they were great for working out, lounging, and especially post-partum since they are suuuuuper stretchy. Currently, a teacher on summer break with a 2 year old, so I live in them around the house and for exercising. Of my “new stuff”‘ I totally dig anything with the side touching for growing the growing belly (Old Navy and I have been best buds) and basic, short, cotton dresses-also from ON! Summer maternity are WAY CUTER than winter and I have to resist getting more since I teach and am off and really could live in tanks. I told myself “nothing new, unless it’s for a specific occasion.”

  18. I have to say that right now, it’s my jeans with the full belly band and my plain white tank (which I wear under the other, less supportive and tent-like tops). Working from home, I don’t have much occasion to dress up, but I plan on getting a nice dress or two later in the summer. It’s always hot in the desert.

  19. One good thing is that maternity clothes re-sell very well! I also spent a pretty good chunk on nice maternity clothes that latest through two pregnancies, and now that we are done with having kids, I have started to sell them on eBay and consignment sales and have made a decent amount back.

    You got some cute stuff! I don’t know about anyone else, but i hate nursing bras. Both times, I’ve ended up just wearing regular bras and pulling them up to nurse.

  20. I looooooved my black lace dress from Motherhood, I wrote it to my shower! You look beautiful, Kath!

    1. Oops! Wore it, not wrote it! It was so beautiful, all lace with a cute black satin ribbon that tied in the middle…love!

  21. You should have bought the last dress! Super flattering!
    The ribbed old navy tanks were my fav maternity purchase. Sadly there were less color options since I did most of my shopping in the winter. I still wear the tanks postpartum as they are stretchy enough for nursing. The last two weeks I have been away from home and nursing in public a lot. It’s not the clip down that has a learning curve, it’s the underwire/ whatever top i am wearing combo. I didn’t purchase any clothing that was labelled “nursing” but I have found my favorite tshirts from target ( the 10 dollar boyfriend tees with a v-neck) to be awesome. Easy to pull up or down.
    I will be interested to see how you find breatfeeding. I have large breasts ( started out as a ddd) and every time I nurse in public I find myself wishing i am about 4 cup sizes smaller!

  22. I had a few hand-me-down tops that I liked but I mostly wore skirts. A lot of the skirts I already had were elastic waist so I didn’t have to buy too many. I was due in August also so I was bigger in the hotter months.

  23. Im 35 weeks pregnant with twins (measuring 46!) and the Old Navy tanks are the only shirt that fits over my belly! I love them and wish I would have ordered more. I’m also living in maxi skirts and dresses (most not maternity) from old navy and target. At this point not a lot fits and all I am looking for is comfort! I also agree that the last dress was super flattering on you! Good luck with the next few weeks!!!

  24. Great finds! My one piece of advice is to purchase at least 2 post partum underwear from Motherhood Maternity. They are your true grannie panties if I have ever seen any, but they are SO helpful for the few weeks after delivery. Seriously. . . they make you feel so snug and help your uterus contract back down quickly. A friend (who has 3 kids and wore them every time) recommended these to me and it is by FAR my most helpful purchase. I guess the only reason you would not want them is if you had a C-Section and then would avoid anything tight. I kept the tag on mine until I was discharged and home just to make sure I needed them.

      1. The hospital gave me stretchy disposable undies (Wish I had asked for more!!), but I bought some soft cotton ones from Target and really liked them! Definitely want some granny panties, and nothing fancy/expensive because they will probably get a little messed up…

      2. I wore the mesh ones in the hospital, but bought cheap briefs from Walmart in a size larger than I normally wear. They were amazing in the weeks after birth to accommodate huge maxi pads.

        1. Big, cheap! underwear are a must. Even with those massive pads I still stained mah huge parachute panties!
          I also like the last dress … it looks great on your top! (you crack me up with your legs always spread so far apart! 😀 )
          How have you found Motherhood’s quality to be?

          1. Okay are you all serious??? First you have to go through labour and then you essentially get to have a super heavy period? I clearly knew absolutely nothing about pregnancy and giving birth. I not trying to be facetious or rude, I’m truly in awe and terror. Sounds beautiful and terrifying and, at times, kind of unpleasant.

            Y’all are amazing. Seriously. Not sure I can ever do this, but all you mothers and all you go through are just such strong, amazing human beings. And I know, I know … pregnancy/childbirth is natural. But still – wow.

        2. the hospital mesh panties are awesome! but yes, I bought a package of a size or two bigger really cheap and was very thankful that I didn’t care about destroying them!

      3. The hospital will give you huge mesh panties – they are big enough for an ice pack and huge pad (if you need both) but honestly they are not that sturdy and tight. The ones at MM are more like regular underwear but higher and tighter!! Worth every penny. I wore them for 2 weeks post partum along with a larger maxi pad. Best maternity purchase.

  25. I have both the sleeping bras and that “training” bra and absolutely love both! The sleeping ones are not very supportive and if I only nurse on one side I look a little lopsided and people can definitely tell. The other one is so comfortable – its my everyday bra!

  26. You look so great. Money was tight when I was pregnant plus it was mostly winter, so I spent my time in a lot of Hubby’s hoodies, etc, lol. I look back and wish I had felt cuter during pregnancy because I’m sure it would have helped the transition (seeing my body change). Anyways, like you I always have to wear a bra and two times I broke down and bought some. Especially towards the end, it made a huge difference in comfort though so I totally support your decision. Ha, support, get it? :p

  27. I totally agree with you about maternity clothes – I wish regular clothes were as comfy and fit as nicely. Those dresses are all super cute. I also have thos motherhood maternity nursing tanks with the elastic top that you can just pull down – I am currently living in them (at home with a 2 month old right now!). And don’t worry about waiting to buy nursing stuff. . . especially bras are good to buy and wear before the baby comes.

  28. Kath, you might exchange those 3 bras for a size large. You already have large breasts but once your milk comes in you will not believe in a hundred years how gigantic they will become. I was a 34C before pregnancy and went up to a G in nursing bras!! My boob was bigger than my baby’s head! And I second the recommendation to get some cheap Hanes briefs aka granny panties. Especially you how you like to feel that support around your tummy by wearing double shirts – you’ll really enjoy the added layer. Yes, the hospital gives you a pair, but only one pair, and they are made of a weird mesh material.

  29. I agree with the others who said that the dress you didn’t buy (the brown v-neck) is definitely the most flattering. It looks like it fits you perfectly. If you haven’t taken the tags off of the others, I might buy that one and return the striped one! Glad you found a few things you liked!

  30. I really like all the dresses you purchased, especially the striped one!

    I have a select few pieces of maternity clothes. They can be expensive, and if I can just buy bigger clothes in the non-maternity woman’s sections on the sales racks, I do that to save money.

    I will say that I love the maternity jeans and shorts I bought. I love the elastic band on my tummy!


  31. Hey Kath, I have a strong rec for a nursing bra that was rec’d to me by about 20 women (but first a story about Nordstrom and how great they are). I got my nursing bras at about 34 weeks at Nordstrom where they “fitted me” and told me I’d go from a 32D (pre-preg) to a 34C (at the time) to a 34DD/EE while nursing (their guesstimate). They told me if I saved the receipt if the bras were not the proper size at the time, even after wearing/trying I could return them. I found after lots of trial and error the ABSOLUTE best bra ever for the first few months of nursing is the Bravado Silk Seamless Bra (I took a size Medium). Not sure if you ever read FeedingtheSoil.com but she is likeminded and also found this to be an amazing bra and worth the splurge. Once my milk supply regulated at about 4-5 months I switched to the Bravado Allure with underwire bc no underwire was CRAZY with giant boobs. Now at 11 months of nursing exclusively my boobs are slowly shrinking again as we wean and I still love the Bravado bras. I used 2 for the WHOLE time and they are still in excellent shape. The bonus is they have removable pads in them that you can wash and often I didn’t require an extra nursing pad even at the beginning. Also, I swore by the Motherhood shoulder down tank you love/wearing in the stripes. I wore my black one home from the hospital. You’re looking cuter every post! Hope you have some amazing nights in your pretty dresses. IMHO you’ve been very conservative and prudent with your purchases. My husband would rather I shop more like you, as he is a “need based” person and I am a “want” impulse person. Hopefully our son will slant in his direction.

    1. I would like to second the Bravado bras! I nursed and pumped at work until my son was a year old and I wore one of my two Bravado Silk Seamless Bras every day. I had 2 “back ups” from Target that I wore on laundry day. Just saw that you can purchase Bravado bras at gap online now.

  32. I really like your dress choices, especially the flowered! I also really like the one you didn’t get…ha! I wish I liked wearing dresses – they’re cute, but I hate wearing them. I just like having on pants or shorts. I’m 30 & haven’t worn a dress since I was a senior in high school 😉

  33. Such cute dresses! I love my maternity jeans – I might not ever go back to my regular pants. 🙂 I am a few weeks ahead of you – 33 weeks – and have started to grow out of some of my maternity items. I had a Gap maternity black linen top that I LOVED but have recently gotten too big for. I can’t really tell the material in the black lace dress from the photo but it doesn’t look like it has much give in it. It might not be a problem for you but just wanted to share in my experience that the few maternity items I bought that didn’t have much give to them don’t fit anymore. So if the black dress you bought doesn’t have much give to it and you are wanting to wear it to the end you might consider exchanging it for the brown one (which was super flattering on you – love the v-neck) so you have some room to grow. The black linen top from Gap will be great for after I deliver though so I’ll be able to get some more wear out it.

  34. I absolutely hated those sleep bras. My boobs fell out of them whether I was standing or sleeping. I couldn’t wait to throw them in the trash! I would recommend loose sports bras and you just pull the boob out. I have Champion ones from Target in every color and literally wear them all day and night. I haven’t been without a bra since I delivered! It’s annoying. I also did not like nursing tanks, not enough support. And I loved my Old Navy ribbed tanks. Still wearing them to sleep.

  35. Love all the dresses you bought! I have to agree with a few others though, I really love the last one on you that you didn’t buy! I guess you have to draw the line somewhere though lol
    My favorite maternity clothes are just any of my pants with the panels. They are so comfy! Maternity clothes are so much easier to shop for because your belly is supposed to stick out haha
    I have a maxi dress that is going to be so comfy and cool this summer too 🙂
    I also bought one of those sleep bras and they will definitely come in handy for lounging/sleeping at home. I usually always have a bra on too so it’s perfect.

  36. I loved wearing maternity clothes! I was lucky enough to have friends and co-workers give me their hand-me-downs, and now that my sister is pregnant, I can just hand them along to her! 🙂 It’s like being part of a wonderful pregnant lady community, the passing along of maternity clothes.

    I found that dresses were KEY during the heat of the summer, I couldn’t stand having even the elastic of pants against by belly by the end. And you’ll probably need one or two more things in the last month or few weeks of pregnancy – you’ll be amazed at just how huge your belly will be!

    And I agree with the other posters – the brown dress is by far the most flattering and expensive looking dress! It’s beautiful. You should always wear v-necks – it looks amazing on you! All the rest look like they are kind of uncomfortable – I like the pattern on the floral dress but it looks a little off at the top, like it’s too tight around the arm holes?

  37. I have the motherhood sports bra type nursing bra. I wore that thing all the time when I was breastfeeding. it was GREAT!

    I also bought those nursing tanks. I agree about the built in bra ones, they just aren’t supportive enough.

    Also, maybe this is a TMI tip, but my nipples were always really sensitive while breastfeeding, so I always had a thick bra plus cloth (the organic cotton ones are awesome) nursing pads on 24/7. It would be painful and uncomfortable for me to even think about having a shirt on without a bra!!

  38. I’m glad you put your total spent…I spent around the same, plus a bit more for swimsuits and new underwear, and I’ve felt soooo guilty about spending so much money on myself! But I should be done for now, as well. I’ve got tons of dresses and skirts (3rd trimester in Texas requires breezy options), some basic as well as some fancier tops, 2 pairs of jeans and lots of shorts. Totally required spending! But I’m with you, I really hope Baby #2 (if that happens) isn’t a winter pregnancy!

  39. Maternity clothing can be expensive but not really any more so than regular clothing if you price shop for it a bit…and you clearly did great! To outfit yourself for your entire pregnancy for $500 is awesome. To buy an entire wardrobe to wear for almost a year on under $500 even in normal clothes can be tricky…so you did great!

  40. I love all the dresses you picked out, especially the one for the wedding!! I would want to have bras on hand too, I’m very much the same always wearing something, and I like to be prepared, I would get stressed out waiting too long! Love your new tanks too, they look so comfy! I’m sure you’ll get a lot of wear out of all of your new clothes!

  41. Cuuuuute dresses! I was happy not to be pregnant in the summer because of the heat, but I think dressing would have been easier– dresses and tank tops, all the way! As it was, my favorite maternity piece ended up being a super-pricey pair of jeans that I got at a Pea in the Pod– they were $$$, but totally worth it, because I literally wore them six days out of every week I was pregnant, it seemed. They helped me to still feel “cute” even in the final weeks…which tends to get harder and harder!!

  42. I work in an office and while I was able to get lots of cheaper weekend wear (and thankfully borrow a lot of other stuff) I still felt the need to add some ‘fresh’ items to the rotation. I used minefornine.com for the first time this month and it is AWESOME. Super easy, the clothes are really nice and come totally clean and not super worn out (I got three things and two still had the new tags on them) and you just ship them back after a month. It’s about $20 to $30 for each item for the month so I’m only getting 2 to 3 at a time for three months but it’s nice to have a new item to look forward to. You can wear it every week because it will be gone in four. Plus you can get bigger sizes as you grow. Also may help with the seasonal thing for the next time around. HIGHLY recommended!


  43. Just my two cents, but those sleep time nursing tops that slide over are kinda not great in the long run. They got too loose for me after a while and the nursing pads so I wouldn’t leak all over the place didn’t stay in them well at night so I still woke up in puddles. I ended up sleeping in nursing tank tops the majority of the time since they had more support for the pads.

    1. So funny–I just got done writing that I LOVED the “sleep bras” and never even used a real one for the 8 + years I nursed my three sons. Different strokes I guess 🙂

  44. I searched for solid color crew neck maternity tees and could not find affordable ones anywhere! I finally ordered several from Gap, not from their maternity line, but their “tall” sizes. They were plenty long and fit perfectly over my big belly but still had a nice shape in the shoulders and bust. I wore them constantly and continue to wear them after delivery. Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

  45. Might I suggest Bravado nursing bras? I am rather large chested and bought these during my pregnancy. They are nice because they base your size on traditional bra sizes but then there is a range (i.e. a medium might be 32B-36C…I’m just making this up I have no idea what their sizes are) so there is room to stretch and grow or even shrink as I hear happens later in nursing. They are really ugly but super comfy! I also bought one tank from them and I found that to be the most supportive tank yet!

    1. Wait wait wait really!?!? WHERE DID YOU GET THEM!! Mine are burning holes in the soles and I am desperate for a new pair because they are the most versatile and comfortable summer shoes ever, but I can’t find any like them or any notation of the brand!

      1. I saw similar sandals at DSW this past weekend! Of course, I can’t find them on their website. But if you have a DSW near by, check them out!

  46. I haven’t spent any money buying clothes new at retail stores. Your “one” try to buy second hand clothes may have been a bummer, but it takes lots of tries to hit the jackpot.

    I have bought Coach purses, Ann Taylor suits, and even a one year old sectional sofa with a pull out queen size bed for $100.

  47. Re: the sandals: You’re not going to believe this, but I found them on the clearance rack at a Marshall’s last week—for only $20. They are unbelievably comfortable! This pair was the only one left. Another customer told me she was so jealous that I found them in my size because she has a pair that are falling apart too—-and she loves them too!
    On the sole of the shoe, it says, “Italian Shoemaker” (made in Italy). That’s all! There is no number on the shoe or anything.
    I find that the shoes that are at Marshall’s are usually past season (and sometimes past several seasons), so I’m not sure you can find them at a regular shoe store. But if you have a Marshall’s and TJ Maxx near you, definitely check there! Good luck!

  48. What size do you wear? I don’t think they have anymore at this store, but I’m headed there now and will keep my eye out for you. If I find a pair in your size, I could ship them to you.

  49. Kath you are always cute! No matter what you wear! I like the black one and the last one with the V neck… adorable!! XOXO

  50. Whyyyyyy does every single maternity dress come with a belt or bow over the belly?? That totally irks me! My friend and I shopped for weeks for one without anything over the belly and it was literally impossible to find. Argh. More real fashion designers need to branch out into the maternity market!

  51. I love the dresses you got! I was never able to buy anything from Motherhood because even when pregnant I was barely an A cup and nothing fit me in the chest!

    I wore Old Navy tanks and some from Target too. My absolute favorite maternity piece of clothing were my yoga pants from Old Navy, I actually wore them to work everyday 🙂

  52. That last one was the most flattering, and so pretty! i would go back and exchange one of the others

  53. All your picks are super cute and look pretty on you…I also like the last black one a lot as it looks comfy and flattering and super versatile. Good job!

  54. I LIVED in those “sleep bras”. I never actually bought or wore “real” ones because those were so comfy and easy. I did have a friend give me a regular one but trying to futz with the eye hooks on the straps with a screaming and hungry baby was enough to make me toss it out! Nothing easier than just lifting the sleep ones up or pulling it to the side! (as a side note–I was not extremely well endowed–probably a B before getting pregnant and a small D or a large C while nursing and the sleep bras supported me just fine).

  55. cute dresses!! i know you probably don’t want to hear this but my favorite is the last one. it looks so cute on you!

    i only purchased 4 maternity items total: a stretchy black tank from target, a stretchy white tank from target, a pair of maternity denim cutoffs, and a pair of maternity sevens jeans. the jeans were well worth the money and probably my absolute favorite purchase but i honestly loved all of the things i purchased because they help me to pull outfits together using lots of non-maternity clothes. and of course, jeans and shorts were absolute necessities on one point or another. the tanks were just plain comfy and great for layering.

    i got a few cheap nursing tanks from target after my son was born and loved them. they were cheap and great for layering so even if you wore a “normal” shirt, your belly wouldn’t show when you were lifting the shirt up. oh, and nursing bras are so comfy. you will love them. ha!

  56. I am 7 months post partum and still wear those sleeping bras at night and while lounging around the house. I don’t pump during the night anymore, and my boobs need the support at night. They grow overnight! Best money I spent!

  57. Nice to know YOU had a fun time buying maternity clothes…I HATED every piece of maternity clothing I put on (beside the fact that they are ridiculously overpriced!) I just bought “regular” clothes one size larger…thank goodness that worked for me!

  58. That’s super early to buy nursing bras. Those probably won’t fit you in the next few months. I bought mine before I gave birth too, (rookie mistake!) and they totally didn’t fit. It’s amazing how much you grow in a short period of time!

  59. Love your new dresses! 😀
    Good haul of maternity clothes! Those sleep/nurse bras will be the best things you buy! I also bought some, 5 pair i think, and I wore them while pregnant, and after, and still to this day, my bubba is 6 months old, I wear them every night to bed. Love a little support, even whilst sleeping!
    I wore one during labour too. I was ADAMANT I wouldnt do it naked Lol!! 😀 And i didnt!
    Hahaha and I also used to love how comfy maternity clothes were… I absolutely LOVE how a big beautiful pregnant belly looks fab in anything you put on!

  60. I have to agree with the others, the brown dress is adorable on you. I think the black lace one seems too right and mis-shapen. But as usual you do look very cute!

  61. Hi Kath,

    Having not read through the comments above someone may have already stated this, but you will likely find you will still be able to (and want to) wear some of your maternity clothes post baby. Obviously they will fit differently, but so will your pre-pregnancy wardrobe, and the maternity clothing will make for a comfortable, baby friendly alternative until you are able to get back into your other clothes. It’s been just over 3 months for me since I had my daughter and I’m wearing a mixture of clothes from both stages of my life. Frustrating at times, but handy!

  62. DEFINITELY wear the sleep bra during labor! Super comfy and convenient for those first nursing sessions. I also recommend the Target nursing tanks as well as the nursing bras- they are comfortable and cute! (sshh- I haven’t nursed in about 4 months and I am wearing one of my Target nursing bras right now.) For post-baby, grab a few of the Target short sleeve V-necks (non-maternity) in 1 or 2 sizes larger than you usually wear. I found them super easy to just pull down, and while they’re a little too big for daily wear now I still wear them to work out or as pajamas. I wish I could still wear my maternity pants- they were so comfortable!

  63. I never bought a single item of maternity wear my first pregnancy except the belly band. I was pregnant through the summer and just wore summer dresses to the max (I’m not a big gainer during pregnancy).

    The second time around I decided to buy jeans and that was a nightmare! Hated the ones I ended up with too and never wore them. A friend gave me dresses though and I lived on those and the ones I already had.

    You look SO cute!

  64. You are adorable!

    I loved Motherhood Maternity… really affordable. Favorite piece of maternity wear were Tibetan Butterfly Pants (at home). They were airy and light, but expanded all the way until I gave birth with their drawstring…

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