28 Weeks: Two Kicks At The Same Time


[Title a play on Office Space – heh heh!]

I’ve started to notice that some of my kicks are felt at both ends of my torso – suggesting that maybe he’s pushing on one side with his feet and his head is bouncing on the other end! He is getting LONG! It can’t be foot and foot, so it has to be two other kinds of body part! I get most of my kicks on the right side, just under my ribs, so hopefully that means he’s still head down-ish. I also had SO much fun playing with his foot in the middle of the night this week. I’d poke it and it would squirm and we must have done that 10 times! I just love feeling the body parts : )

One unexpected change this week: I’m getting wider! Not so much in pure weight gain way, but a structural way. I think the width of my uterus is going beyond my ribs and I feel like a barrel! Some women look pregnant from the back and others you can’t tell at all, but my guess is I’m going to get wider before this is all over. A slightly unpleasant side effect of this widening (I think my hips are wider too!) is that some of my clothes don’t fit as well as they used to – particularly my favorite first trimester maternity low-band jeans. And a few of my athletic shorts. I wonder if the widening has to do with the horrible chest pain I had in the middle of the night on my trip to Seattle this week?

Excerpt of the event:

I woke up this morning, tried to roll over and was paralyzed by a sharp, tearing, popping nerve-like pain in my upper abs – just under my ribcage. I’m telling you, when pregnant you just never know what your body is going to do next! The pain was gone in an instant and the spot is just slightly sore now. After some 5:30am research, I think it’s either muscle or nerve stretching/compression related to having a small torso, going through a growth spurt (my belly button looks weird overnight!), possible ab separation (which is apparently very common) and standing too much yesterday.


I have also noticed a new level of inability to bend over. Trying to reach my carry on bag on my flights this week was hard, and tying my shoes is even harder!! I’ve started tying them on the sides – since it’s hard to reach without holding my breath otherwise. Lastly, I normally get dressed standing up (one foot in shorts, other foot in shorts) but I’ve noticed that even this is becoming a challenge. I think it’s a combination of bendability and center of gravity shift. Sitting down to put on my clothes is annoying, but it’s probably my best option from here on out (don’t want to be falling over and getting stuck in my shorts!)


I’ve developed the lovely habit of rubbing my belly. I now know why women do this – it’s because I think the baby can feel it! I want him to know I’m there, and rubbing him makes me smile. I don’t really know if he can feel me or not (probably only when I poke him!) but I like to think he is comforted by the rubs.


Similar to the rubbing, sometimes I like to just hug my belly! It really feels like I’m hugging him. This is hard to describe, but for so long I felt like the baby was just a floating organ in me – part of me. I now feel like he is his own person and he’s just sitting on the other side of this human wall. If only skin were clear we could start playing together! I really want to know what he does in there all day long. I like to pretend he has a schedule “First I’m going to take a nap, and then at 9pm, I’m going to wake up and do my stretching exercises, and then perhaps an amniotic fluid snack!”


Both Matt and I agreed that we are mentally picturing him like he is ready to come out. Obviously we want him to stay in for another 12 weeks, but we picture him as a real little baby, just waiting on the other side rather than a tiny wrinkled 28-week old (although I hear his fat is filling in now!). I can’t even imagine how much bigger I’m going to get before he is really a full-term little baby!

[Note how much more my stomach sticks out when I put my hands behind me and my posture changes!]


My biggest downs this week are still lots of glut muscle ache, mostly at night, and mostly in my home bed! Perhaps the mattress is too squishy here. It’s not sharp painful like my back was, but more of a dull bothersome tired ache that needs immediate stretching. Like a headache that won’t go away. My SI joint is feeling great – perhaps from the vacation! And that tearing, muscle pain – my doctor said was my upper abs separating and totally normal and my doula says is my fascia pinching a nerve. I’m more inclined to believe it’s fascia since it was an electric nerve zing and not so much a muscle pain. She told me to stretch my chest open frequently and not to hunch over – which is what I had done the entire flight the day before the nighttime pain happened – as that tends to make it worse.

30 weeks is just around the corner….and I can’t even believe it.

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39 thoughts on “28 Weeks: Two Kicks At The Same Time”

  1. Can’t imagine the baby being ready to come out now! He needs fat, his lungs need surfactant, his eyes need more time inside…

    So cool about the double sided kicks! I remember when my sister’s baby was like that.

          1. I’ve read, and my uncle who is a doctor confirmed, that babies can survive being born at 23+ weeks gestation. It’s not ideal by any standards, but with new technologies and medical advancements, it’s possible. But of course, let’s hope he stays in a bit longer since that is best for baby.

  2. i love this blog. 🙂 Makes me so happy.
    you are so cute with your round belly… i bet he can feel the rubs. 😉


  3. A post title that’s a play on one of my favorite lines from “Office Space” – Kath, you rock. Can’t wait to see pics of the little bundle of joy!

  4. I can’t believe how I can feel the baby move in my ribs and down by my pelvis AT THE SAME TIME!! At my sonogram about a week ago the tech showed me how the baby was positioned and I can’t believe how big and long he/she is getting! All balled up in there already! ….Wasn’t it only yesterday when the books were comparing my baby to the size of a poppy seed!! 🙂

  5. Its funny…. I wasn’t pregnant that long afo…but as I sit here nursing my almost 6 week old…I barely can believe he was ever on the inside!

  6. That little guy has no idea how much he’s going to be loved. 🙂

    I think that is so sweet that you are already playing with him and hugging him.

    Your belly is definitely growing. Do you have any trouble turning over in bed yet? I remember how difficult it was to put on shoes and even shave my legs. (haha)

    Enjoy this time!

  7. I think it’s so funny how when I was pregnant, my little girl’s bum was always sticking out, right in front of my belly, so I would rub it and it comforted me (and her, I think!). Well ever since she was a baby, she would still curl up with her tummy down, sort of in a fetal position and stick her booty out! So I’ll rub her back and she still really likes it. And of course, thinking of her in my tummy, all the times we’ve been through already, and up to that moment makes me practically want to cry tears of happiness. I imagine one day you and BabyKERF will be playing the same little games you play now, only on the outside! 🙂

  8. Question for moms out there – I was also noticing a widening as my body gets ready for labor (I’m 36 weeks). Has anyone used those Belly Bandits or Shrinx hip postpartum wraps that supposedly help your abs and hips go back to their previous width? They look uncomfortable and are expensive so I wouldn’t bother unless people really found they did the trick! Any advice/feedback on that topic from moms would be appreciated!

      1. Don’t know about other ladies, but I have had 4 pregnancies (3 singles and last one twins) and never had any problems getting my abs back to “almost” normal state. So no, I don’t think they are necessary at all, especially if you are physically active. (I do work out 5 days a week, including plenty of core work).

        1. I used a belly band with my second kid. I’m not really sure they helped that much, and they get annoying in the stage where you are sweating all night. Plus you really have to buy two – on bigger one for after the baby is born and one smaller one for after you lose all the water weight quickly. I was never able to get my hip width down to where it was before I had my first kid, my hips just opened up and never went back. But my abs seem to be *almost* the same pre-pregnant, just a little piece on the lower abs that I don’t think will ever go away. Lots and lots of planks needed for that, no belly band can help you with that.

          So I really don’t think the belly bands are all that worth it. It may have helped a little bit, but doesn’t get you a flat stomach without the exercise and diet.

          1. I used the belly bandit with my second child to help shrink my uterus back to normal size, I’ve always been active and didn’t gain much weight with either pregnancy so shrinking my waist line wasn’t really an issue. In my situation I was very glad I had the bandit, my son was 10 days past his due date and was 21in and 8lbs.9oz which led to a difficult birth that ended in a C-Section. The one thing NO ONE told me was how PAINFUL breast feeding was going to be after his birth! (I remember grasping the hospital bed in pain while breastfeeding!) it takes longer for your uterus to shrink back to size and is very painful during breastfeeding. Whenever I wore the bandit it helped so much to support that it eased my pain and I was able to move around better and breastfeed without discomfort. I don’t think it’s necessary but each birth and aftermath is different!

    1. About 4 days after giving birth, I went to put on my maternity jeans and even though I had already lost about 20 pounds, they wouldn’t get past my thighs! I was shocked and my mother explained that the hips get even bigger from passing a baby– duh, made total sense but freaked me out! I used the Medela Postpartum Support Belt from babiesrus (it was around $20) and it made my hips to even smaller than before I was pregnant! I guess you only have the hormone relaxin for about 8 weeks after delivery, so I wore it for 8 weeks.

  9. It is funny how women grow in different ways and at different rates. I was about 37-38 weeks before I had problems tying my shoes, getting dressed, and aches and pains. I hope your next several weeks go well for you!

  10. You will get a lot bigger! I was surprised I just kept growing near the end! It was most uncomfortable the last six weeks than any other period of the whole pregnancy. I have heard the Belly shrink things don’t work. You’ll go back down in time without doing anything special.

  11. And remember when you were wondering if you’d start showing and when your bump was going to be visible? Ahhh, yes. 🙂 Widening, lengthening, stretching….that’s the name of the game when it comes to pregnancy. You look great Kath & love the coral color on you.

  12. I used to watch women touch/rub/hug their bellies before I was pregnant and wonder why they did it. Then around this time I noticed that without really paying attention, I would just do it! It was almost like an instinct I didn’t know existed. I don’t think I was hugging my little P, I think to me it was just this feeling, this inability to wrap my head around the fact that I was GROWING someone. This whole magic feeling around it, wanting to touch it and know that it’s real. Crazy, I know 😉

  13. A physiotherapist can be a great source of info on how to deal with your glute and hip pain. I am a physio and one of my coworkers treated me, it was really helpful.

  14. Love the shirt!!

    PS – I know someone that, during their pregnancy, kept feeling 2 kicks at the same time on opposite sides of her stomach. She thought she had super baby in there bouncing all over the place, but later found out she was having TWINS!! Could it be?!?!

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