29 Weeks: Dream On

29 weeks (3)

This week my age matches the number of weeks I’ve been pregnant! (Well technically I’ve been pregnant for 27 of those weeks since the first two are just back tracked, but who is counting!?) It really feels like I JUST found out I was pregnant, and when I think about the amount of time that has passed, I really find it hard to believe. That said, I still don’t believe it’s JUNE. Feels like March. I feel a bit like I’m living in a dream.

29 weeks (7)

I am absolutely loving the baby movements now. He seems to be the most active at night! After dinner, it’s like he gets a dose of energy and becomes nocturnal. The other night I told Matt to put his hands on either side of my stomach and the baby went CRAZY – bouncing back and forth. It’s kind of hard to believe! I can also feel slight shifts in his weight in there – a little swim from the left side to right – as well as bigger, more dramatic shifts that you can see from the outside and of course the lovely big kicks/nudges he does. I think I am feeling his little backside sometimes when a part of my stomach gets really hard and heavy – it feels like a baby’s bottom! By far my favorite movement, though, is when a limb comes to the surface and I get to play with it! Sometimes these are whole limbs. It makes him seem the most real. Sometimes they even hurt a little – bone is hard! This is where I always feel it:

29 weeks (4)

One day this week I hadn’t felt him move in a while and wondered what he was doing, so I lifted up my bump and put it back down and he lurched!! I think he was sleeping and I woke him up. It was the most direct interaction I’ve had yet.

29 weeks (8)

I’m amazed at how much my bump changes not only morning to night but day to day. After both of my trips, I must have come home with water weight because I felt huge, but then within a few days I felt much smaller. And one day I sucked in and swore I looked like I was back at 16 weeks. Crazy! I think it depends not only on how much water weight I’m carrying but his position as well.

29 weeks (6)


Physically I’ve been feeling great. My back pain is nearly all gone, and even the hip aches have lessened a bit this week. I have yet to experience heartburn or having to pee at night 10x. However, earlier this week and at the end of 28 weeks, insomnia kicked in. I would wake up in the middle of the night totally wired and awake – a few times lasting hours. After talking to my doula about this, she suggested almonds before bed to help control my blood sugar a bit better and keep me from waking up due to hunger. I’ve been snacking on 10-20 almonds after I read in bed for a while and magically, I’m sleeping through the night again. It could have just been a phase, so I’ll have to skip them soon and see if I sleep restlessly again.

[Note if I had taken these at 9pm my stomach would be about 25% bigger!]

29 weeks (1)

This was the first week at yoga I said “I don’t think I’m having any bad symptoms this week!” Knock on wood, things are going great right now physically. Just focusing on all those kicks!

Next week = Big Mama Week!



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18 thoughts on “29 Weeks: Dream On”

  1. It is going soooooo fast! —-I’m now completely freaking out because the baby’s room is nowhere near done! And if the baby comes early- what the heck are we going to do- minor freak out on Saturday; okay it was major (but who is keeping track?!) 😉

  2. Yay for movements – I loved the interactions that began around this time. i used to poke P or have Jon talk to her or play her music. she responded to Jon’s voice and music sooo much.

  3. I’m loving baby’s movement too. last night for the first time I looked at my bump while I was half lie down and my belly just changes its form as the baby moves. It’s sooo crazy!!! Loving it!
    I tried to touch the belly to see if i can somekind of interaction, but so far no such success. What do you do exactly to get him respond?

  4. Such a sweet pregnancy journal entry – the direct interaction with the babe and the proud baby bump photos! Gosh, you wear pregnancy well, Kath! 🙂

  5. Congrats on your pregnancy! I have a 27 month old. It is the most precious time of your life, Kath, enjoy it and your baby! Before our babe was born I kept so busy nesting that I didn’t read baby care books until after she was born. BIG mistake. I reached for Baby 411 and the Sears Books in the early weeks and months and they were helpful at the time but I really wished I would’ve been exposed to/read some “alternative” books. I just read How To Raise A Healthy Child In Spite of Your Doctor by Robert Mendelsohn. Highly recommend this book!! Congrats to your family!

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