29 Weeks: The Beauty Of Baby

Faith recently sent me this video that had me totally mesmerized. Not only from the beauty of the bath ritual but because the baby was just so tiny and cute and had me thinking about my own.

I would like a bath like this myself!


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45 thoughts on “29 Weeks: The Beauty Of Baby”

  1. Hahahaha, as lovely as that is, our first bathing of our baby daughter was a rather slippery, nervous affair with her SCREAMING!

  2. Wow! Does she do home visits? Haha! I know nothing about bathing newborns but I would never attempt so much face submerging. I wonder if they were also playing music in the room?

    1. The face submerging scared me too at first, but then I realized the baby didn’t seem to mind – at least its nose was out of the water!

  3. Such a beautiful video! Reminds me of when my kids were tiny. Bath time is sacred, you must be soooooo in the moment. Time really stops and you relish each tiny, clean, pink, inch of your baby. Kath it’s just one of the magical experiences you have to look forward to. Must say I was freaked out when water was getting in the baby’s ear but she or he (didn’t look) wasn’t upset at all. BEAUTIFUL! So happy for you both. Make sure Matt gets to experience it as well, priceless…………..:)

  4. OMG this was simultaneously serene and anxiety invoking! Very lovely how relaxed and comfortable the babies were. This was VERY different from our first few bathing experiences which included shrill crying enough to make me literally sweat. lol

  5. This made me nervous ! Both my babies cried and pooped in their first at home bath. Nothing beautiful about that ! After that I put down 2 folded towels and just did a sponge bath (with diaper on until the last minute) much easier clean up : )

  6. This video had me on the edge of my seat! I felt like the man was always 1 step away from drowning the child! Haha. That may be something actually you may want to look into and educate others about here since you have a large reader base – drowning and prevention. It’s the second leading cause of death in children after motor vehicle accidents and children (babies) can drown in even 1 inch of water!

      1. I didn’t mean to imply that the baby was actually at any risk of drowning. I was just describing my emotions while watching the video you posted. As a side note, how do you become a trained baby bather??

        1. actually newborns can be put under water, as they have a reflex that makes it ok. of course, you would not want to do this for very long, but it is very common in baby swimming and such.

  7. This video made me really nervous with all the head submerging, and it was also nothing like my experience bathing infants. My niece absolutely hates baths (has since day one- and she is now 2 years old) and screams, bucks, arches her back, basically throws a tantrum every time. Many of my friends’ children are the same way. Good luck, I hope your child likes baths, but be prepared that this is NOT the reality for many children and parents.

  8. Beautiful video!
    I can only hope my little one’s first bath is that lovely…20 more weeks and we’ll find out! lol

  9. OMG that was so relaxing! I would love a bath like that too! I am 12 weeks pregnant with my first baby, and I also could not stop thinking about having this experience someday with my little one. Everything about it is so beautiful and amazing:)

  10. Coming from a former swimming lessons instructor, I highly encourage face submersion! When kids become accustomed to keeping their faces out of the water, it gets much harder to teach them how to swim! So many kids just get terrified of putting their faces in to the point they can’t do a life-saving front float, if they ever found themselves in a bad situation.

  11. About the face submerging–all babies are born with what is known as a mammalian diving reflex which causes them to hold their breath when their face is submerged in water. This is why the baby doesn’t seem to mind having his face submerged 🙂

  12. For those here who’s babies hated their baths, try The Tummy Tub instead of the flat tubs we usually use here in the USA where the baby is not only exposed (cold) but also put in a position that they find unsettling (flat on their back). The Tummy Tub mimics the womb and I haven’t used it on a baby yet who didn’t LOVE it and totally “unfold” when placed in it! http://www.TummyTubUsa.com

    1. Oh, man. Now Im even more excited for my next baby to be here. So sweet!!!
      My first two were screaming bathers … I’m thinking of trying that tummy tub to see if it will help this time.

  13. Wow, that was really anxiety inducing for me. This video should have a warning *do not try this at home* unless you are a trained babies bather. I’ve never seen this before.

  14. So funny that people think water in the ears will lead to an ear infection. What do you think the baby was floating in in the womb? Babies don’t come out with ear infections.
    I liked the video, thanks for sharing!

  15. Awwww… the one sucking it’s thumb is so cute! My youngest loved bath time as a baby! I have video of her kicking in the water… she’s still my little water baby at 4! I think get the baby used to water as much as possible… in the face, etc. Makes it much easier for bathing once they get older.

  16. This was so sweet. I was anxious at first until I saw that the babies were cozy. And that post-bath massage looks pretty awesome. 🙂

  17. I have a 7 month old baby so I”m in no way of thinking about having another right now but that video made my uterus ache! Notice she did head molding and baby massage? That’s a lost art here in America. My husband (he’s a chiropractor) did a lot of research into baby massage and head molding. He started it right away and we have one of the happiest babies I’ve ever met! You might want to look into finding a pediatric chiropractor if you have a chance….

  18. I wonder if bath-screamers think the water is too cool? We’ve always been careful with water temperature, but when our twins were tiny we had one of those little rubber duckies with a color-changing temp sensor in it to supposedly make sure the water temp was safe. Well, that duck turned color when the water was barely more than tepid — I would scream too if someone gave me a tepid bath.

    Also, note to first time moms — if you get a little baby tub with a little cloth hammock type thing for when they are tiny tiny babes? Well, keep in mind that if that hammock is suspended just above the water (or slightly submerged), it’s going to get COLD. FAST. I remember the very first pair of baths I gave to our girls on my own — baby A got a warm bath, but her sister got the cooled-off hammock. Whoops! She was NOT happy. But after that I always made sure the water was a tad warmer and both have always loved their baths.

    And something to look forward too — as they get to be 4-5 and you can let them hang out and play a bit without keeping hands on them or hovering too much, the tub is a great place to perk up bad moods, cool off (even in case of fevers), clean up (in case of potential barfing incidents), and overall just let them have fun!

    1. Nope, the water wasn’t too cool, it really wasn’t! She really was just a screamer at most things for a while!

  19. Beautiful video! Although I am confused – the baby seems to be a newborn, which means its umbilical cord stump is still attached. I gave birth 3 weeks ago and was told that you have to give your baby sponge baths until the stump falls off. I have done so for the last few weeks and am looking forward to my daughter’s first “real” bath tomorrow!

  20. Our little one has loved bath time from day 2 (day 1 involved a pink tub and tepid water at the hospital so that wasn’t fun). She loves splashing and bubbles and her floaty toys. I looked forward to bathtime before she was even born and her daddy really gets into it too! I know some mons who dread tub time but for us it has been a pleasant and fun experience!

  21. That is totally amazing. The baby looks so relaxed in the water, which I guess shouldn’t be so surprising considering it’s environment for the past 9ish months. Also love the massage part – my son loved massage as an infant.

  22. Wow I so enjoyed that, I wish I felt that calm when my newborns but they had such fits I just couldnt.

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