30 Weeks: 3D Photos

This week we ventured back to Inner Child Imaging for a 3D ultrasound! [Here’s my recap from our first visit to find out the sex of our baby.] I was a bit concerned about doing this “for recreation” so I asked my doctor about it and she said she would do it – no hesitation. So I felt comfortable with the short extra session.

The biggest difference this time was that I could actually feel all the movements as we watched him move! And my favorite part was being able to put a limb to a movement. Our baby likes my right side a LOT, which I know from his daily movements and position, and this was clear in the U/S as well – he was tucked into a ball on the right side in a deep C shape with his head down and his butt in the air and his legs wiggling just under my right ribs.

In this photo, you can see his head in the upper left corner, followed by his hands, which are crossed in an X, and then his big ole leg in the front of the image. Wrapped in a ball!


This is my favorite of the images – the clearest of his face. Our images aren’t quite as clear as many of the others on the site, but I guess that’s OK – he was not the most cooperative. Everyone is saying that he has my nose! I think it’s cute he’s rubbing his left eye – and those fingers look all pointed. Sleepy boy.


The images are not quite as realistic as I thought they would be – meaning they have a fisheye look to them and all of the body parts aren’t really to scale. Because space is tight too, they have to focus through things, so sometimes we were looking through an arm to try to get to the face – it was tricky to see!

Here’s an elbow touching a knee from the side. Face in the upper left again! I love that he’s sleeping against his left forearm in his little ball shape. Makes me claustrophobic!


I love this image – he is smirking!! But his nose looks huuuuuuge – sort of like a cartoon! I think it’s just the fisheye angle though Smile 


A nice foot from the bottom. We also got a clear shot of the boy parts!


It’s not surprising to me at all that his hands were over his face again – because that’s how he was at 17 weeks! He knows his mom is going to take lots of photos of him : )

                                                                17 v. 30 weeks

No Photos Please! Handsonface

And this one is absolutely hilarious if you imagine that his hands – in the upper right corner are really a little orange cat on his shoulder!! So typical that there’s an orange cat keeping him company like El Tigre and Pumpkin – he is certainly our son!


It was so fun to see him in there live. It find it even more shocking that he’s real seeing him in 3D! It’s hard to imagine that he 3D baby and the one in my stomach are the same. The images are a little weird and spooky, but I can imagine him in real life better. It will be fun to compare him in real life with these images too. It was a fun experience!



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32 thoughts on “30 Weeks: 3D Photos”

  1. awww so adorable! I loved the 3D session. I thought my pictures were a little clearer and not as dark as yours? Maybe it depends on the equipment of the ultrasound place? Either way you can still see he’s a little cutie. I have a hard time still imagining the 3D baby and the one in my stomach being the same too! Not much longer to meet them in real life 🙂

  2. I know nothing about pregnancies and ultrasounds and my question may sound silly but is a 3D ultrasound part of the normal set of u/s?? or, is it an extra?

      1. totally worth it though! So cool!!!

        A friend of mine posted her 3D pics on fb a few weeks before baby was born and the 3D was 100% accurate reflection of her cute baby girl! When I met her for the first time I felt as if I’d met her before, really cool feeling!

  3. Those are great u/s pictures. I love the one of his face with his hand rubbing his eye. So sweet!

    He definitely has your nose and mouth but his eye looks like Matt to me. Cute combination. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see him, too.

  4. You saw your baby before he is born………..so amazing!!!! He is perfect and precious. Enjoy these last weeks of being pregnant. It is a miraculous process.

  5. Thanks for sharing these. I do have a question/suggestion – could you include more of Matt in your berf posts? For example, I would have loved to hear what his thoughts were about the pictures of his son. I’m just curious!

      1. Oh, I know. I just meant it would have been cool if you wrote “Matt thought his nose looked like mine too!” or “Matt and I laughed about the cat on his shoulder” or something.. It seems like something’s missing when he isn’t included in these discussions. But maybe it’s just me! Sorry. I’m really glad everything’s going well with your baby!!

          1. Or someone who is interested in the husband’s point of view? I know I am as well; not just Matt, but any Father-To-Be.

  6. this is just incredible!!! you really do have a face to imagine/talk to/dream about/think about as you continue through the next 10 weeks. I wish you nothing but the best and am ANXIOUSLY waiting for his big arrival.

  7. I love the 3D shots. I went in for an ultrasound around 26 weeks and the tech surprised me with some 3D shots. It was SO cool to see her on the screen but the pictures she printed for me to take home were a little scary…her nose looked huge! The tech assured me that it’s just the 3D picture and she was pressed up against me.

  8. so exciting! those pictures are amazing. that would be really cool to see him move and feel him so clearly at the same time and to see which body parts those are! makes me even more excited to meet our baby girl!!!

  9. Isn’t technology amazing? I can’t believe how far we’ve come. I keep forgetting that when I was born in 1979, my mom didn’t have any of these options, and now we can learn so much!

  10. Glad you could see him – worth it’s weight in gold when you’re 30+ weeks and tired and it’s feeling long but still 10 weeks to go. 3D saves the day. Well, it did mine back in my day 🙂

  11. This is soo amazing! One of my favorite Berf posts yet! It’s so cool to “meet” him – and he totally has your nose 😉

  12. My baby boy looked exactly like his 3d pictures once he was born. I can’t wait for you to meet your angel

  13. I think 3d ultrasounds are a great idea for expectant mothers. No one likes looking at ultrasound pictures more than the mother to be and being able to see even more details of her little one is something I think any mother would want. I will have to look to see if any hospitals in my area offer 3d ultrasounds so I can tell my friend to take his wife there. Thank you for sharing your pictures, he looks like he’s going to be an adorable little one.

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