30 Weeks: BIG MAMA


In my prenatal yoga class, when you reach 30 weeks you’re welcomed into the Big Mama club. When I first started going to yoga, women in the 30+ weeks seemed soooo far away. I cannot believe I’m here.


I’m still waiting for my stomach to really grow. I’m starting to think it’s just something in my genetics or frame that means I’ll look on the smaller side this whole time. Sometimes I think it looks huge, but I have had so many people tell me how small I am for 30 weeks. Just this weekend at the market two women commented. I’m not complaining – I’m glad to sport a smaller bump – it’s just so unexpected!


Similarly and somewhat in contrast, though, I feel like when I was 16-20 weeks I felt like my stomach was huge in real life, but when I looked in the mirror it was not nearly as big as it felt. But now, I barely notice my bump day-to-day and when I look in the mirror or in photos, I’m surprised at how big it really is! I was just telling Caitlin this week that I feel like my stomach is still basically flat – I can see my toes without really even noticing it – but then I came home from an hour at the gym looking in the mirrors and decided that it was bigger than it feels. Hunching over with poor posture is quite hard – my ribs meet that hard muscle (or little baby!) in there and I just can’t.bend.more.


I THINK I have felt both hiccups and Braxton Hicks contractions this week. I’m not entirely sure, but twice I have felt what feels like little thumps about every half second that go on way too long to be a random baby movement. They are way deep down in me, so I really hope that means he’s head down! He’s done a few episodes of crazy movements this week – a few that Matt was able to witness! I sure hope I can catch these on camera sometime!


Until recently, I wondered if I had felt any Braxton Hicks. I’ve heard that even though your uterus starts practicing them pretty early on, some women never notice them. But what I have noticed is that sometimes my uterus is harder than others. Sometimes it’s all soft and mushy and other times it’s much, much firmer. It’s often firm when I’m walking and I’ve wondered if that’s just my abs flexing or if I’m having some kind of contractions. A few times at night I have woken up to a really hard uterus too – perhaps that’s it? I’m still not really sure, but I am glad they are painless and not too frequent. I cannot wait to feel what a REAL contraction is like!!


My back is still doing great. Sleeping is OK. No signs of heartburn, leg cramps or anything else weird. In fact, I probably feel the best I’ve felt my whole pregnancy right now!

A small issue is that I’ve been stretching in weird ways when I wake up and am still half asleep – arching my back and really pushing out my abs, which already feel like they’re going to tear! My abs have cramped a few times and it’s very unpleasant, but I don’t know how to tell my sleeping self not to do this!

But I guess I’m thankful I’m still a sleeping self : )



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41 thoughts on “30 Weeks: BIG MAMA”

  1. I’m a week behind you and about the same size as you – and people keep commenting on how small I am too! At first it upset me because I thought something was wrong, but then I got over it and am enjoying the lil’ baby bump 🙂 My weight gain is on track so that’s all that matters. My best friend gained 65 pounds with her first pregnancy – but you could NOT tell – she looked so small! Every woman is so different and carries differently, I guess!

    1. I was going to say the same thing! When my family/friends/strangers say how small I am I just grit my teeth and smile and want to scream “I’M MEASURING RIGHT ON TRACK!” I think they think they’re giving a compliment, but it just makes me worry that I’m doing it wrong. I need to take your attitude and get over it! 🙂

  2. I am pregnant with #2 now, and I have loved following your picture updates because your belly is the same as mine was for #1. We are built very differently, but I never, even at 40 weeks had a large belly or felt ungainly. I tried to enjoy it…but I really just wanted to look pregnant way before I actually did! I am curious as to whether I will carry differently with this pregnancy. sometimes I wonder if it’s a uterus position in each individual person.

  3. I’ve noticed that you seem to be worried about Baby’s position (head down). You do know that he is moving all around at this point and that he won’t be “in position” until he’s larger?

    1. I think his days of swimming in circles are over…so I’m just hoping he’s favoring head down in his more subtle turns. I think so because I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a kick to the bladder

  4. I remember once i hit 30 weeks was when my pregnancy really started to go super fast! Also, don’t worry about your bump being small, when I was in labor the nurses tried touching my stomach to feel my contractions and since my bump was so tight and small they couldn’t even tell when I was having contractions. My bump was so compacted with the baby it was just permanetly hard and my stomach wouldn’t tighten with the contractions. I think it’s the reason I got to the hospital and I was already 7-8cm dialted and had my baby just a couple hours later! You’re looking great and that little baby will be here before you know it!

  5. That’s one thing I loved about prenatal yoga, you got to see how different pregnant women look, because everyone carries so differently! I have to laugh because at 30 weeks you look like I do after eating too many nachos and having too much beer, and I’m not even pregnant! 🙂 As long as you feel healthy and happy with your body, and your baby is healthy of course, that’s all that matters!

    I found that the Braxton-Hicks contractions got worse/more painful as I went further along. Be glad that they’re painless now! By the end I was experiencing what I lovingly referred to as the “cervical ice pick” style of B-Hs on a daily basis. I hope you don’t end up with those like I did!

  6. It’s true, you are small for 30 weeks. Especially when compared to, say, Emily at 30 weeks. But as long as Baby is measuring 30 weeks, I would not worry too much about it! You look happy and healthy so you must be doing something right! 🙂

  7. I feel huge right now- but I get told all the time how small I am for 32 weeks (today!) but both Matt and I are really noticing how much it is growing– I hit a growth spurt at week 29’ish and it hasn’t slowed down….. You look great, Kath. I’m super glad for you that you are feeling good! It’s babys treat to you for being such a good mom already!

  8. I just had my second and he was breech all the way til 38wks! So yeah, they can turn even if it seems like they won’t.

    You do have a pretty little belly! But the position of your uterus can really affect that. My uterus is tilted towards my back so I didn’t show for quite a while….although I definitely popped out majorly before the end! haha. If you don’t though, you’ll be able to maybe have a more pleasant ending to the pregnancy. The last few weeks can be really uncomfortable!

  9. People always commented on how small I was for being x many weeks pregnant. Every woman is different and carries different and like you some days I felt huge and other days I felt like my bump was super small. I found that my bump grew quite a bit in the last 4 weeks. Anyways, you look great and healthy and that is all that matters! So glad you are feeling good. Use these last 10 weeks to rest and nap when you can, seriously. I didn’t take that advice as serious as I should have before my daughter was born. I now realize how precious both uninterrupted night sleep and naps really are, ha!

  10. This is going to sound really inappropriate, but if you want to know what Braxton Hicks feel like, get your GROOVE on with Matt! Towards the end of my pregnancy, Kevin and I twisted the sheets often because sperm can help labor get started (ahem) – anyway, whenever I .. well you know, then I would immediately experience contractions. They didn’t hurt, but I could feel my uterus tightening for a few seconds – its pretty neat! 😀

  11. You look adorable – definitely one of the ‘glowing’ pregnant women. The involuntary stretching during the night sounds kind of like when I get a charley horse – I always seem to wake up just I’m clenching my calf muscle & feel like I should be able to make myself not do it…but it doesn’t work! 😉

  12. Big or small, you look great! I have a crazy short torso, so I’ve always imagined I’d get pretty big (and my mom did too)… but I guess I won’t know until I’m there!

  13. You look great! The last 10 weeks your stomach will amaze you how much bigger it can get. My oldest was head down until 37 weeks then moved into the breach position. She still does everything her own darn way, so no surprise looking back!

  14. Not to be crude, but I think the size of your breasts help to visually balance out the size of your bump. I wouldn’t be worried, though, because you look really cute, and you can definitely tell there’s a baby in there! Welcome to the Big Mama club!

  15. i feel like you look pretty similar to how i did with my pregnancies. ppl always commented on how small i looked-more with my first than my 2nd but i still got it the 2nd time around. i always felt like i carried high and my doctor told me i was carrying “very internally”. not really sure what that meant but i had average sized babies so i think it was just the way i am built. whatever the reason you look great and seem like such a happy pregnant girl 🙂

  16. Every bump is different 🙂 I had a very small bump the whole time and people always said I looked small and couldn’t believe how far along I actually was. I ended up only gaining 16 pounds but had a 6 lb. 10 oz. baby.

    Yes – that hardness is a contraction (I didn’t know at first either and mine were never painful).

  17. I cannot wait to feel what a REAL contraction is like!! <— and you will, soon enough. My Brax-Hicks were not "harmless" little painless numbers. They were pretty intense and they started happening at a pretty decent rates in my 3rd tri. I went into labor at 38w1d and it was a miracle I lasted that long with all the B-H I was having!

  18. Just curious what your fundal height is? My belly was very small throughout my pregnancy, also–I didn’t start really showing until 27 weeks (I’m also quite short). I had my 28 week ultrasound and baby was measuring on the bigger end of the spectrum, however, by week 34 my fundal measurements stopped increasing, I remained small, and at 36 weeks and 6 days my water broke without contractions. It turns out I had IUGR (interuterine growth restriction) [I think I recall HEABs experiencing the same thing with her pregnancy?!] and my baby stopped growing at 35 weeks and 5 days (we found out once I was admitted to the hospital). She was born healthy, 5 lbs. 4 oz. and now at 16 weeks old is almost 11 lbs. I only bring this up b/c while it was great to have a small baby belly it turns out that there was an underlying issue that unfortunately with IUGR you don’t know about it until it’s a problem. I felt healthy and great throughout my entire pregnancy, felt my girl kicking and moving all of the time, and then without much warning, I was having my baby ahead of schedule.

    I know you are being so healthy and taking care of you and your little guy, but looking back, b/c my belly was quite small I should have gotten more ultrasounds than are typically necessary to track baby’s growth week to week. I don’t mean to scare you at all, but just want to share my experience with a small belly. Best of luck to you these next ten weeks as you continue to grow your son!

  19. When I was about 6 months along, I got really annoyed by all the people telling me how small my bump looked for 6 months. I mentioned this to my OB, and she said, rolling her eyes, “Oh, yeah, people don’t know what 6 months looks like,” meaning, everyone thinks you’re supposed to look really big by then, but really you’re not!

  20. Baby hiccups! Forgot about those, so cute. With my first I was smaller almost all the way through, then grew a lot in my last trimester. I popped out a lot faster the second time, my tummy had already been stretched I guess. Everyone told me how small I looked the first time around, but not the second for sure! I had a ton of Braxton Hicks contractions my second pregnancy, and they don’t hurt but your tummy feels tight and hard. I got them more while walking too. If they happen a lot, try laying down on your left side for a while, that always made them stop for me.

  21. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I don’t think it looks that small! You look gorgeously pregnant, no question! You do seem to be carrying somewhat high, but if you look at pics of pre-pregnancy and compare them to now, your bump certainly looks like a real bump to me!

    All of my friends have also suddenly popped out their last trimester at an almost-alarming rate, so you’re probably going to get bigger, too!

  22. You look so good, Kath! And I didn’t think you looked small until I just went to look at 30w pictures of myself. I’m convinced I had the hugest belly ever.

  23. The baby grows up to 1/2 lb. each week for the last 4 weeks, so your tummy will definitely pop out then!

  24. It’s so interesting to see the difference in the sizes of bellies, one of the lady’s at my work is 7 months pregnant and is huge! I asked here today if she was sure there’s only one baby in there :p she said she’s starting to doubt it. I really find it fascinating, I kind of hope when I’m pregnant I’m more on your end of the scale I’m hoping I won’t have to buy all new scrubs (I’m a care aid at a elderly care facility I’m always wearing scrubs at work). I saw the one baby photo on kerf I’m excited too see more!!

  25. My baby weighed 7.5 pounds when she was born, even though I was so much smaller than all the other pregnant people I was around. At term I looked like the others did at six months. I’m not over weight, but I have broad shoulders, a long waist (torso) and a large ribcage (and I’m only 5’4″ tall). I think there was just lots of room for her to grow without making a big basketball bump in front of me. The good thing is I have very few stretch marks. Enjoy!! You will have a nice healthy baby.

  26. My sister had her second baby about 2 months ago. With her first pregnancy she stayed small. She never looked as far along as she was. She gained about 30 lbs and had a 7 lb baby. With baby number two, she still gained within her recommended 25-35 lbs but her belly looked huge!! She had that whole pregnant woman waddle, can’t see my feet, can’t get off the couch/floor without help issue. And…… baby only weighed 6 lbs 10 oz at birth. lol, She gave up trying to figure it out.

    So along with every woman is different, I guess each pregnancy can be different as well!

  27. With my first I often heard how small I was… interspersed with other random comments like “Is it twins?” Haha, you gotta love it! Everyone carries differently and you look great! Glad you’re feeling well and are (basically) (mostly) (as much as you can be) comfortable!

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