30 Weeks: Swingin’ Through The Weeks

We are now the proud owners of a Fisher Price Zen baby swing! I bought it used from my friend Holly for $80.


I chose this one because of its green + brown colors, its ability to swing 2 directions, the AC adaptor and the fact that the base comes off to carry baby around.


The swing is one of the pieces of baby “equipment” I was somewhat dreading bringing into the home (along with vibrating seats, jumpers, and big plastic things) but babies seem to love them and moms swear by them, so I would like to have one in the event that mine does too. Also, mom’s got to put the baby down sometimes!

I’m sure this is not the location where our swing will reside permanently, but I’m letting it sit there for a few days to get used to it. I actually think it blends in quite well!


Bocker loved it!! Let’s hope our baby does too!



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34 thoughts on “30 Weeks: Swingin’ Through The Weeks”

  1. Have the same swing and I love it… so does our baby! She slept in it all the time for the first few weeks! The removable base is a lifesaver and so easy to move around the house. Our swing is usually in our living room but the seat/base gets moved into our bedroom for when I need to take a shower or something. I hope you love it!

  2. That’s a really nice swing! I like that it can swing in two directions because some babies prefer one over the other.

    I think it blends in nicely with your furniture. I didn’t even see it at first in the picture. 🙂

  3. Great that you found a gently used version of almost exactly what you were looking for — and it does blend into the room really well 🙂

    We didn’t get a swing for our little guy, but IF we have a second, we’ll probably go for one. Definitely prefer plug-in to battery, though I was hoping to find a wind-up.

  4. Your swing actually does blend in with your nice colors! It was a life saver in our house with both our daughters. Certainly a piece of baby gear worth having. And you can sell it when you are done with it too : )

  5. That is the exact swing we have, and I registered for it 2 years ago with my son for those same exact reasons-color, plugs in to wall and “swings both ways” 😉
    We were VERY satisfied with it and so was Jack :). Happy swinging to Baby KERF!

  6. Great purchase in my opinion! All three of mine loved to swing. It’s great for when you are trying to prepare dinner etc and just need a place for baby to sit for 15 or 20 minutes!

  7. We had a hand-me down swing that was an older style (it only moved back and forth). Within a few week’s of our son’s birth, we picked up a newer version at our local resale store that did side to side. It was a lifesaver!!! There will be many times when you want to put the baby down for a few minutes and when they are little, the rocking motion is so soothing. My guy just turned one on Friday, but when he grew out of it, we packed it up so that we will have one for our eventual next baby. Definitely worth the money. And the color scheme on the one you bought is great!

  8. I hope the baby likes it! None of ours liked the swing; by the time we had the third baby we just gave it to another mom in hopes that her baby would enjoy it.

  9. I’m kind of confused- what do you mean by “the base comes off to carry the baby around”? Do you mean that you will carry the baby around the house IN the base? Or that you can use the base in various parts of the house without having to carry the whole stand around?

    1. It comes off so it’s like a stationary seat – like a bouncy seat (that doesn’t bounce). So it’s kind of a two-in-one seat and swing.

  10. I like the spot where you have it; when baby needs some chill time and to relax, that would be a nice cozy corner to do it in.

    $80 is a nice price but the BEST part of all…you didn’t have to assemble it! Swings are SO unwieldy to assemble. Worth its weight in gold to have it already assembled.

  11. i was just like you…dreading the baby equipment all over the house. but when you have only had 5 hours of sleep and your baby decides he loves the swing. you will love it all too. and the bouncy seat ended up being the only way i could get a shower. i think the colors on this one are great. and it blends in nicely. i always stayed away from the loud looking baby stuff unless it was free. if it was free, i could put up with it 😉

  12. Great purchase!! We couldn’t live without a baby swing in our house! Good call on the adapter….there is nothing worse than running out of batteries!!

  13. LOVe that swing. We borrowed ours from my friend and it was really similar to this one. btw your living room is GORGEOUS! and it does blend in super well.

  14. Good call getting one with an AC adaptor. We spent a lot on batteries the first couple of years, and a swing will eat up a lot if they like it.

  15. It blends in perfectly! 🙂

    And honestly, once your little boy is a toddler – and especially if you and Matt have any more children, since their ability to create havoc seems to multiply far beyond their actual numbers, heh – your house is probably going to look like it’s part working toy factory. No matter how much you try to contain the explosion of stuff, kids make their presence felt! Fortunately, any visitor with kids knows that and doesn’t blink an eye when they find toy cars stuffed down the couch cushions and half-eaten food set down on any handy surface by distracted toddlers!

  16. That’s great! We’re looking for one very similar to that, and hoping to get it used off of Craigslist. It just doesn’t seem right to pay full price for something that they’re only going to use for such a short time!

  17. In terms of a permanent location, wouldn’t that be wherever the baby wants to be? Want baby in kitchen, swing in kitchen. Want baby in bedroom, swing in bedroom.

    …or do you just me its location when it is not in use?

    1. Well the swing has a pretty huge footprint, so I don’t think I’ll be moving it around that much. It will probably reside whereever I end up spending the most time – likely in the basement/family room which might become baby central – but I don’t really know yet! Right now I live upstairs. In the winter I live downstairs.

  18. Wow, love this swing. Simply can’t wait to review BERF when we are planning for a baby. Your posts are awesome and so informative. We just got married on 6.2

  19. What are your thoughts on this swing now? I found the same one on a swap page for $50 in great condition! Do u still rec it? Pros/cons?? Love the colors!!

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